Part 4: Our Energy Structure

by Walter Last

This is the fourth in a series of articles based on the Book EXISTENCE – CONSCIOUSNESS by Gabor Paul Sztelek (1).

What are Matter and Energy?

This is a difficult subject to write about because even in conventional physics there are different opinions if photons are energy, matter, or both. It is even more difficult to distinguish between matter and energy at other levels of existence. There are no commonly accepted definitions for “higher” or “subtle” energies and matter. Therefore, it is not useful to say that a particle, such as the UM, is either matter or energy; instead, it is matter that carries energy.

However, it is useful to distinguish between matter bodies and energy bodies. A body is a more or less permanent arrangement of particles. A matter body is more compact than an energy body and has a fixed structure that changes only gradually. An example is our astral body, which is an exact replica of our physical body. In contrast, an energy body, such as the astral aura, is highly rarefied; it has fewer particles and these rapidly change their positions. At the level at which they are manifested, matter bodies appear as solid objects while energy bodies are like clouds that may interpenetrate a matter body or exist free-floating.

Other levels of existence are often called “higher dimensions”, but this is not appropriate either. It would be better to call them “dimensional levels” or better “density levels”. We may start with the assumption that the level of the Unmanifested Infinite (UI) has the highest level of consciousness with the lowest density of matter, while the matter of our physical world has the highest density with the lowest consciousness.

This concept of different densities invites the question “density of what?” What actually is that substance that is compressed so that it forms uniform matter particles or UM of different densities? The only thing that existed in the beginning was the consciousness of the UI, forming the one time variable space. Therefore, we must assume that this UI consciousness is a form of energy and became the basic building material of all energy and matter.

The awakening Godhead created further space variables (similar to dimensions or density levels) by manipulating the energy of the UI with Its creative will. Stepwise increased densification of this energy by vortex action led to the formation of UM, gradually filling “empty” space, and in successive steps worked its way down to the etheric/physical density level. Matter and energy are two sides of a coin. Matter is consciousness of the UI compressed into UM, and energy is densified consciousness of the UI used to compress, spin, move and aggregate the UM.

To sum up, we may say that in addition to three dimensions of space and one of time we also have an additional fifth dimension, which we will call “space density”. With this, objects may be at the same time in the same space without meeting each other, provided they are at sufficiently different levels of space density or vibrational frequency. However, there is still a way in which they do interact across density and vibrational levels, and that is through polarity forces. This is how our physical body arises from the blueprint of a mental body arriving at conception in a soul capsule.

The Soul Capsule

At the time of a new incarnation, a soul capsule is being formed and sent to the embryo, containing a unit or seed of the soul. The soul unit in the capsule is like a huge molecule, initially about 1 micron in size, which during a lifetime can grow to several microns or even millimetres, and very rarely even centimetres. It is embedded in mind matter, surrounded by a mental or consciousness aura, and protected by an etheric body. This soul unit carries the program for the impending incarnation and relevant acquired learning from previous incarnations.

Fig. 1: The Soul Capsule

At conception the soul capsule attaches to the head of the embryo and remains there for the whole lifetime. The soul-seed becomes implanted as the Ego in the back of the scalp, above the nape and between both cerebral hemispheres. An additional device in the soul capsule and attached to the Ego is an akasha disk. This records everything that happens internally and externally to the body during an incarnation, and provides the necessary information for judgement.

At physical death, the spirit of the deceased person is set free in its astral body. After forty days it is then expected to deliver the capsule with soul unit, akasha and mental/ether body to the planet of judgement. After this, the astral body will eventually decay and leave its own akashic memory in the akasha layer of the planet where gifted psychics then can read it.

The Chakras

Our reality appears to be divided into seven main levels with varying densities of matter and energy. Each of these main density levels is again divided into seven sub-levels and possibly even further. Different cosmological systems use different names and descriptions for these levels, also called planes or spheres. It is useful to link the seven postulated density levels to the seven main chakras or energy vortices in the human body.

Each chakra operates at the prevailing density of one of these planes to assimilate its energies for distribution and use in our energy and matter bodies. However, each of these seven chakras is also a composite of seven chakras of decreasing densities nested into each other. These different chakra levels become progressively active during our spiritual evolution. As with the seven planes, also the chakras may have different names in different systems.

The various colours commonly described for our chakras are those at the bio-level. At other levels, there are different colours. The energies absorbed by the chakras then enter our various bodies through energy channels, such as the acupuncture meridians and the nadis in the astral body.

Fig. 2: Chakra Spin Directions at the Bio-Level or Organ-Projected Aura

The Seven Planes

The Etheric Plane has the highest density. The Root Chakra is our first chakra at the base of the spine. It channels and distributes etheric energy. Physical matter forms the lowest etheric sub-plane. The physical body is an exact replica of the less dense etheric body which interpenetrates and surrounds it and holds it together. Etheric energy is released by atoms when electrons move from a more energetic to a less energetic state. This happens in physics by emitting photons or in our metabolism by stepwise moving food electrons from labile high-energy bonds into the stable low-energy bonds of carbon dioxide and water.

Less dense is the Life-Force Level, also called Vital or Bio-Plane or Organ Projected Aura. It gives the property of life to otherwise inanimate objects and is the basis of biology. Energy blueprints at the mental or astral level use polarised life-force to build animated structures of physical matter by combining molecules at the etheric level into biological units such as cells, microbes, plants or animals. This level contains an energetic template for our etheric body. Our second chakra, the Sacral Chakra, at the lower abdomen governs our vitality and sexuality. Sexual energy is concentrated life-force or bioenergy. We obtain most of our bioenergy during sleep, from breathing (Prana), sunshine, and from fresh raw food. This is what keeps the body healthy.

The third or Solar Plexus Chakra operates at the level of lower emotions, which is the Astral Level. This is the level at which not only most people operate but also the lower spirit world. Our emotions are a form of energy and can build structures, just like etheric energy, bioenergy or mental energy, only at different levels. Structures at the astral level can form a matrix for using vital energy to manifest etheric structures. For better or worse, emotional energy can have strong effects on our bio-level. When we are in love our vitality is high and we feel invincible, but if emotionally depressed we are totally drained of vitality. The astral body is constructed during our lifetime from our emotions and is a replica of the physical body.

The Heart Chakra at the fourth level is associated with our higher emotions. It may be called the Buddhic Plane as it focuses on Compassion and Unconditional Love. This is the level that most of us now need to work on for our spiritual evolution.

Fifth in line is the Throat Chakra which operates at the mental level where our mental body is manifested. It is composed of mental matter or thought forms. From here, the incoming soul starts manifesting the physical body according to the mental blueprint provided in the soul capsule.

FIG. 3: Our Higher Bodies and Auras

The Brow Chakra combines the mental level with the higher emotions at the Buddhic Plane. Finally we have the Crown Chakra which is our main energy lifeline and connection to our source.

We have three matter bodies: the physical/etheric body, the astral body and the mental body. Each body is composed of the density matter at its level of manifestation. At the next higher level of each of these bodies there is a very flexible energy layer which seems to coordinate the manifestation of the body below it. Figure 3 shows our different matter bodies and energy layers which to some are visible as auras. While bodies consist of long-term matter structures, auras are like constantly changing clouds of energy.

Of special interest is the Consciousness Aura which maintains our connection with the higher soul aggregates left behind in one of the spheres and with the All in general. This layer also protects someone who is unconscious. While the brain is switched off, the mind is still connected and active. This can later cause problems with what is called “engrams” or “tracks”: unintended mental implants of spoken information in the presence of the unconscious person. Generally only deep hypnosis will remove these. During our spiritual evolution we acquire still more aura layers with greater abilities than those shown here.

Polarised Energy and Matter

Normally matter and energies exist in a neutral state. Think, for instance, of hydrogen molecules or water. These are electrically neutral. If outside energy is applied to separate their electric charges, then we get a highly energetic condition that can perform work. The same is true for matter and energies on all levels of existence.

The primary energy polarisation occured when the Godhead decided to use energy of the UI to split into yin and yang or an active and a passive pole. The energy flow between these poles made it possible to create UM and assemble them at successively lower density levels. With each densification the energy of the original UI became less conscious. At the physical level the consciousness of particles is restricted to doing what they are programmed to do, while higher levels of consciousness allow an increasingly greater freedom to make choices.

While consciousness slowly expands again, it flows back towards the level of the UI, becoming enriched with experience. It does this by building suitable structures, mainly bodies, at succesively higher levels of consciousness. This process requires polarity forces, because neutral particles do not attract each other to combine and build complicated structures. The Godhead is free to create any amount of neutral UM and energy, but it can produce polarity forces only as opposite pairs. In the end, when the universe closes down again, there must not be a single unpaired charge left over.

Therefore, the Godhead and the six Creating Gods cannot create only “good” worlds where everything is like paradise, instead they can only produce neutral worlds that split into equal amounts of positive and negative, or good and bad, whatever that means. It is then up to the creations or creatures to overcome severe conditions by moving to higher levels of consciousness where polarities are more tolerable.

When consciousness has worked out its polarity issues on one level, it begins to flow upwards into the adjoining level. At the same time a consciously orchestrated “polarity charge” is applied from above the new level. This causes it to open up by becoming polarised and forming opposites. These opposites now interact more or less violently to reach a high point after which activity subsides again. The level or, more commonly, the sublevel or sub-sublevel now closes while the next higher level opens up, and so forth. This is the general principle how consciousness expands from its densest level of physical matter to flow back to the Divine Level.

Our main Polarities

The main polarisation at the physical-etheric level is the split of electromagnetic forces between positive and negative electricity or between opposite magnetic poles. In addition, there are many other splits such as hot and cold or acid and alkaline. By using our mind we can use this level to build our body and our world. This level is no longer a problem for our consciousness, although it can still cause trouble at the bio-level if we are careless.

At the bio-level the main split is between male and female energies. This split started to open up in the plant kingdom and became dominant in the animal world and in humans. It is not only important for propagation but also for our internal energy structure. Baron von Reichenbach has experimentally shown that the right side of our body accumulates a male-type or yang charge of bioenergy, visible to some psychics in the dark as a blue hue, while the left side accumulates a female-type or yin charge with a yellow-red hue. We apparently need this charge for our body to function normally.

The balance between male and female energies is not only important for the production of sex hormones, but also for the balance between both sides of or brain. The right half of the brain is the more artistic and emotionally responsive part. It controls the left side of the body, and vice versa. Too much male energy can mean weakness in the left side of the body and difficulty feeling tender emotions, while too much female energy can cause problems with rational thinking and the right side of the body. Males can be high in female energy and females high in male energy.

Another example of an energy split is our natural cycle of alternating nostril breathing These cycles tend to last for 3 to 6 hours. The nostrils seem to act like magnets, splitting the bioenergy in the air, commonly called prana, into its two polar components. The right nostril thus produces yang prana and the left nostril yin prana. Normally, after passing the nostrils, both charges combine again to neutral prana, but with alternate nostril breathing separate charges accumulate at different sides of the body. We can deliberately increase our male or female polarity by temporarily inhaling only through one nostril. While an increased body charge creates a higher action potential, the downside can be overstimulation and increased restlessness. For meditation or relaxation the energy charge can be reduced by folding both hands together as in prayer.

The main polarity split at the astral-emotional level is between selfish and selfless, which tends to translate into good and bad. Successively selfish-selfless conflicts will open up, personally as well as at the level of society, and confront us with opposite choices. By making the right choices we gradually move through the astral sub-levels towards the Buddhic plane where the split is between unconditional love and compassion – being strongly affected by the suffering of others and trying to help at all cost. On a society level this process guides us through many sublevels from tribal consciousness or savage warfare to a cooperative and peaceful world community.

Mind and Brain

The brain is basically just a physical/etheric organ and operates with chemical processes. It maintains a short-term memory, while the long-term memory storage is in the akashic aura in form of magnetic signals. A copy of this long-term memory is also in “disks” attached to the soul seed or ego. In addition to the memory aquired during this life, the long-term memory of both akashic records also contains the downloaded memories of all previous and in-between lives. These can be accessed in deep hypnosis or read by high-grade psychics.

The sensory organs of the physical body are mainly connected to the left brain. In addition it also regulates the rational thinking, instinctive actions, reproductive organs, pregnancy, and what is heard and seen through experience, interactions and learning. The generated impulses are then shared with the right hemisphere and go into memory storage.

Our mind is the main operating tool of our consciousness. It is connected to the right brain. Joined to the mind are the short-term memory, the long-term akasha memory, the sentiment, the sensory functions, the mental and astral aura layers, and the consciousness in general.
When we receive new information, the mind looks for relevant previous memories in the akashic aura and compares them with the new information in the left hemisphere to see what is new or different and how to make sense of it. This may also be tinged with emotional impulses from the sentimental aura. The created result may then be a thought which converts the decision induced by desire into action. The mind can also take a relevant memory out of akashic storage, and through the right brain feed it back into the left hemisphere.

Some psychics say that they can talk with animals or plants. This may happen when the sensory or perception aura of an individual is sufficiently close to an animal or plant so that their auras overlap. Then the same signals are in both auras, and the mind can now translate these signals into impressions, feelings, intuitions, thoughts or audible words, depending on the sensitivity and ability of the individual.

With acoustic communication the content is better understood with the left ear and left brain, but the tone of the voice is better perceived with the right brain and ear. In this case the mind seeks in the memory store primarily by tone and only secondarily by content.

The frontal lobe is the guiding unit for our functional activities. It can also be used as a voluntary radiating and receiving organ. This is what is called the third eye. It is an astral structure on the skin of the forehead which can be used to transfer thoughts to others or to notice the attention from others. Similar sensitive areas are also on the skin at the back of the neck and the palms.

Our Cosmic Energy Supply

Our nutritional energy intake is only a small part of the energy that we really need, especially for moving the body around. Most of this vital energy is supplied during sleep from the cosmos. The main energy that recharges and sustains us is the Jomaidon radiation produced by the Holy Spirit. It flows into our system through an energy channel at the top of the head called the Bindu. This is a chakra-type structure very close to the crown chakra which links the ego, the mental body and the physical body.

Fig. 4: Our Cosmic Energy Supply

The bindu channels the Jomaidon energy into the acupuncture system, starting with the stomach meridian. Once a day the crest of this energy circulates around all meridians. The meridian system is used by the mental body to direct this life-giving energy through the acupuncture points into the cells of the physical-biological body.

While still in the meridians of the mental body and before entering the biological body, the Jomaidon energy reacts with Yang Energy uniformly radiated throughout the universe by the Creative Power of the Godhead. Yang energy can be absorbed through all seven main chakras. The Jomaidon is a matter particle or unsaturated electron with 6 nuclear UM and 2 shell UM, while yang energy consists only of 4 UM. Therefore the reaction of Jomaidon and yang energy creates a saturated or resting electron. This is very stable and low in energy. As a result of the transformation of highly energetic Jomaidon particles into low-energy resting electrons, large amounts of bioenergy are released into the biological body. The newly created saturated electron can also be directly used for cellular reactions. This, then, is the main energy that sustains our life.

The reaction between Jomaidon and yang energy is catalysed and regulated by Yin Energy. It contains information as digitally encoded UM particles and is generated by the Creating God. Excess yin energy is stored in meridian-like vessels, called Ren and Du, at the front and back of the mental body. The Soma in Fig. 4 has been described as the crown chakras mental body which draws in yin and yang energy.

In addition to the meridian system, we also have the Nadis in the astral body. Any unused bioenergy in the physical/biological body is collected in astral channels or nadis. This is done with capillary roots immersed in the extra cellular liquid of the biological body. The astral equivalent of the heart then pumps this energy into the three main nadis at the back, outside of the physical body, but still within the astral body.

Fig. 5: Nadis in the Astral Body

Starting from the root chakra, Ida is the ascending nadi at the left of the spine. It has cooling feminine energy and is related to the left side of the body, the right side of the brain, and to the moon. Pingala descends along the right side of the spine from the top to the root chakra, carrying warm masculine energy. It is related to the sun, and connected to the right side of the body and the left side of the brain. Sushumna is the middle channel leading “Kundalini” energy upwards to support mind activity. The strength of the human willpower depends on this energy.

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(1) THE BOOK: “EXISTENCE – CONSCIOUSNESS” by Gabor Paul Sztelek ( was self-published in 2010, but printed and partly marketed by Mikro-M Bt, Budapest, Hungary. It is bilingual, on one side in the original Hungarian and on the opposite side translated into English. The translation is sometimes difficult to understand. Most of this revelation was received in the 1990’s by channelling through a trance-medium. There are 544 pages in each language.

The Book can be ordered from; see for an overview. This article series is my summarised interpretation of relevant information in this book. The images in this article, Fig. 1 to 5, are also from this book.

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