Part 5: The Law of the Universe

by Walter Last

This is the fifth of a series of articles based on the Book EXISTENCE – CONSCIOUSNESS by Gabor Paul Sztelek (1).

In the Beginning

In the Beginning the Supreme Consciousness, in The Book called Father God, decided to create something of which He did not already know the result. Therefore, He gave His higher creations some degree of free will. However, to channel the development in the desired direction, He also provided some guidelines for use of this free will. We know these guidelines as the Ten Commandments.

The six Creator Gods are also creatures of Father God. Therefore, they too are subject to these commandments. They must obey them personally and use them as guidelines in their own creations. However, the Creator Gods are free to adjust these laws to suit local conditions as long as they continue to reflect the meaning and objectives of the original commandments. The degree to which they are being followed is reflected in the judgement after each life. 

These commandments may be reformulated from time to time so that they are suited for the customs and intellect of the society for which they are given. The Ten Commandments in the Bible were given to the Jews by God Jehovah 19,000 years ago because at the time they looked most promising for understanding these concepts and spreading them to other societies. The version offered in the following was restated by Him for inclusion in The Book. It consists of ten short statements followed by some explanatory examples for each commandment.

Summary of the Ten Commandments

1.    Abide by The Law as made by Father God!

2.    Do not kill and do not destroy!

3.    Do not cause harm to any of my creatures!

4.    Have love in you towards every living being!

5.    Cause happiness so that all benefit!

6.    Respect your parents with all of their qualities!

7.    Keep your body healthy and do not cut off your life!

8.    Do not long for the goods of others; create yourself!

9.    Do not bear false witness and do not slander!

10.  Live an active life and endeavour to acquire knowledge!

Please Note: God Jehovah did not create our animals. Therefore, where He mentions not to harm any of His creatures that would not include animals, but phrases such as “not harming any lives” are ambiguous.

1. Abide by the Law...

All my creatures should abide by The Law as given by Father God, which I keep operating, I who am and who creates.

May you be aware of that inborn consciousness and be open to accept my will with which I lead my own. Many shut themselves off from my thought impulses, but the Law applies to them just as much as to those who turn to me with open minds and searching desire. 

At the judgement the difference between both groups will be that those who carelessly acted badly shall be born next time with more debt than the one who in his soul listened to my voice and completed his assignments. Resulting from these factors will your lives become hell or heaven. The Law also applies to those who turn against me.

2. Do not kill and do not destroy...

Even Father God will not stop the lives of those who have already been given life.

Life should be supported at all times. When the soul has accumulated enough learning, then every living being has sufficient knowledge to act according to The Law.

The cause of all bad deeds is only ignorant stupidity. One who is sufficiently intelligent does not kill or destroy anymore.

All my creations should go about their ways so that they do not extinguish any lives, but instead help the weak and those who need help, and also protect from evil himself and those who depend on him.

Abusing, torturing the weak, the impotent and defenceless and those who depend on you, and in this way ruining their inner structure, is a cosmic crime worse than killing, and for many earthly lives it will make the perpetrator’s future a real hell.

Respect the Creator and the created beings equally!

3. Do not cause harm to any of my creatures...

Do not do to others whatever you would not like to experience yourself, but rather treat them as you would like to be treated yourself. Before acting, carefully weigh up the consequences, and at the end of the day evaluate the effects of your actions.

You will also have to answer for actions of those who are in your care, but for your own actions you will be judged more severely.

Use your free will to choose your leader so that you do not cause harm when following his instructions.

4. Have love in you towards every living being...

All humans are different since the creation of souls. I love you equally while differentiating between personalities. You should love each other in the same way.

I created it all this way so that others with their differences should exist. All that exists is a part of Father God, and so are you. All that exists has an equal right to live. Synchronise your life with all existing parts of the All.

Help the living by guiding them with love, and not by solving their tasks for them. Everyone received their abilities in order to use them.

5. Cause happiness so that all benefit...

Cause happiness for the ones that love you, so that all benefit. Find happiness with those who offer themselves to you in love, but against their will you cannot possess anyone.

Abusing and especially torturing impotent or defenceless creatures of mine is one of the greatest misdemeanours and will result in cosmic punishment.

Do not fornicate with animals!

Lewd or obscene behaviour is something you must not do!

I forbid sex between parents and children, between brothers and sisters, and between cousins, because the fruit of such unions is against life in totality! Know that there are also human races that are genetically incompatible with each other. Choose your partner accordingly.

The deciding factor for choosing a partner should be the enhancement of each other’s knowledge, emotional togetherness, and bodily compatibility.

6. Respect your parents with all their good and bad qualities...

While still a soul and choosing your parents, you were aware of their qualities, their strengths and faults. You cannot now blame them for who they are, they are just helping you to manifest your earthly program. Your original choice was right, only you cannot see this from within the limitations of your body.

The genetically rooted skills that you acquired from your parents, modified by those of your partner, will be passed on to your children who in turn have chosen you for the realisation of their life program.

You can expect to get back from your children what you have provided for your parents.

7. Keep your body healthy and do not cut off your life...

Look after your biological body and nourish it as well as your soul. Too much fasting and mortification of the body can be as bad as overeating, impair your intellectual abilities and deny you the resources to carry out your life program.

Only in harmony can you progress well. To safeguard your health, rest on every seventh day!

Consider the body given to you as a resource that should produce fruit. He who is destroying his health with drugs is like the prodigal son who is burning up his father’s house.

Walk the road chosen by you to the end. This is the greatest good that can be done by any of my creations.

On the day of reckoning, those who commit suicide will face all the consequences, and after that bear the fate that they deserve.

8. Do not long for the goods of others; create yourself...

You also must overcome the desire to obtain the property of others, be they material goods or intellectual values, animals or plants. As long as you only value material wealth, that is what you will get, but you will get so much trouble from it that in time your soul will want to free itself from the burden of possessions so that it can turn towards Me and will be able to serve Me.

Open up your mind and consciousness so that they can lead you to live for others in happy activity! Get to know for whom material wealth is the only joy and treat him accordingly. Know to whom you can open your loving heart, to the one who is rich in love and willing to support the burden of others!

Act for the benefit of everybody, and respect what they have created with honest work! Be tolerant with others and strict with yourself! Act always for peace and for life!

9. Do not bear false witness and do not slander!...

At judgement and in the following lives you will suffer the consequences of the effects that your uttered word caused. Even if the intentions are not followed by actions, even then they will be weighted.

You should not slander, malign, revile, denigrate or smear anyone or use damaging false statements, perjury, evil suggestions, or representing someone unfavourably. 

10. Live an active life and endeavour to acquire knowledge...

I have created you so that by getting to know everything you should perfect yourself in ways that are pleasing for you and correspond to your soul’s state of development. Do your deeds for everybody! Work for the benefit of the All and do not expect anything in return.

Give to those in need with love, and do not get yourself busy with acquiring! Take care of those entrusted to you!

Get to know the reality of the All and learn to distinguish it from falseness. Open up your conscious mind to receive messages of the divine will.

Doing nothing is not much better than non-existence.

You received life on Earth so that your soul should learn everything and thus arrive complete at the final judgement day. Alive is only one who can accommodate and utilise the flood of the Holy Spirit, and alive only as much as he is acting for the good of the All.

A life spent in pursuit of false values, and without showing positive results, will cause a severe judgement for the soul. Lacking cognition, not even in his next life will he be able to distinguish between good and bad things or false and right goals, and that will cause many avoidable lifetimes of suffering.

I emitted you from myself to learn, to experience, to progress, that is what I am expecting of you.

Up to whatever level reachable for you in this lifetime:

Learn and endeavour to know!

Attend to the worries of those who depend on you!

Act for maintaining the order of the All!

Learn to heal, and heal the sick!

Teach reality to the ignorant!

Open your conscious mind to the word of God so that you can serve Father God!

Keep your mind alert in self-examination and to interpret signs, so that you do not get lost in the darkness.

Pay attention to the fuller meaning of the Commandments, rather than just to the wording, and adjusted or varied according to local customs; by this I judge everyone, regardless of the individual’s creed or education.

The Ten Commandments, which I made to be written in The Book, are equally true and valid for every creation of mine so that they should live and act accordingly. They correspond to the will of Father God.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

(1) THE BOOK: “EXISTENCE – CONSCIOUSNESS” by Gabor Paul Sztelek  ( was self-published in 2010, but printed and partly marketed by Mikro-M Bt, Budapest, Hungary. It is bilingual, on one side in the original Hungarian and on the opposite side translated into English. The translation is sometimes difficult to understand. Most of this revelation was received in the 1990’s by channelling through a trance-medium. There are 544 pages in each language. It can be ordered from; for an overview see

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