Part 2: Our History and Future

by Walter Last

This is the second part of a series of articles based on the Book EXISTENCE – CONSCIOUSNESS by Gabor Paul Sztelek. (1)

For millions of years before Jehovah became a God there had been already many human civilisations on Earth, some with very large bodies, created by His Brothers. Intelligent beings able to think in abstract terms have lived intermittently on the dry surface for 32 million years. Otherwise not much has been revealed about these ancient times. Destruction usually was due to the impact of large cosmic objects.

God Jehovah had the ambition to create something very, very good. All initiative, all life in His coming Empire should start from here. Earth should become the centre of His worlds. He regrets very much that He was not able to achieve this ambition, and by now He has no influence over the flow of these events.

The first creations of God Jehovah were the Homoludens. They came into being 650,000 years ago but turned out to be only interested in food and survival; they did nothing to improve their living conditions and think ahead. The original creation was not able to have abstract thoughts. Later on, God Jehovah improved this aspect, but could not make them sufficiently interested in acquiring knowledge.

At that time He was not allowed to leave Earth to create on other planets. Therefore, after about 100,000 years, reluctantly and with a heavy heart, He decided to destroy the Homoludens culture to make space for a new race better suited for cosmic evolution. The remnants of these Homoludens are known to us as people who live close to nature, such as the original South Sea Islanders, Amazonian tribes and Eskimos. Presently almost all of the original Homoludens have acquired Homo sapiens characteristics through interbreeding. In the beginning this was not easy because both races have very differently structured energy bodies so that conception did not necessarily lead to birth.

The Cultures of Homo sapiens

The first Homo sapiens, created about 550.000 years ago, were a Negroid type. They were not black then, but rather brown. Initially they evolved from a single tribe and in time spread out all over the planet, and through adaptation to climatic and other factors gradually the different races developed. They worshipped the sun as their source of life. They regarded animals as their equals and hunted them with respect, but they also ate their dead. Near the end of their culture they were able to communicate with about 300 words, aided by heavy gesticulation. Their existence ended 375,000 years ago in the first of six cosmic impact catastrophes which each time nearly totally wiped out the existing Homo sapiens population. 

The second culture also worshipped the sun, but the cannibalism largely disappeared. Now hierarchies began to develop based on cleverness, strength and expertise. Communities lived in tribal and family structures. They were not fearful of natural forces, but rather observed them rationally and developed successful survival strategies. Their communication abilities reached those of present-day nomads. They used wood, stone, tile, bone, skin, hair and feathers, were able to glue things together with juices from plants and animals, used sewing and nailing, and even built houses on stilts in moors. They were wiped out by an impact catastrophe 290,000 years ago.

The third culture lived largely in a state of fear. This was partly due to memories of the catastrophic period, and partly to frequent periodical natural disasters. One followed another. An impact catastrophe 230,000 years ago ended this difficult period.

The fourth culture led to the flowering of Homo sapiens, to the period of the “God-Men”. This was the time of Lemuria. The densest population then was on the American continent and the island of Atlantis. They developed highly refined cultural standards with large parts of the population reaching advanced mental abilities. This made it possible to maintain a continuous connection with the inhabitants of other planets. Their science had all the knowledge that is now revealed in The Book, and they applied it correctly. They were able to use (cold fusion) atomic energy for peaceful purposes.

They followed the teachings of God Jehovah, but instead of developing religions, their picture of the world was based on knowledge and understanding. They knew the road of the soul and the laws of its return. There was no need to travel in spaceships as many could travel in their souls or astral bodies to other inhabited planets and bring back the knowledge of their cultures. Their societies were relatively war-less but had a very strict order regime. They were typically based on kingdoms and confederations formed by these. This period ended with a series of cosmic catastrophes 115,000 years ago.

The fifth culture existed only for 40,000 years because 74.000 years ago living conditions collapsed again on Earth. During this period sun worship and spirit cults with polytheistic beliefs formed the world-view. The focus of life was on survival.

The sixth culture lived at a relatively low level of agricultural farming and animal husbandry, also at times nomadic. It was characterised by many alien visitors. It started 60,000 years ago with giant humans created by the fourth Creating Son. They repeatedly came from the Aries constellation and had here only a rest stop for about one hundred years before travelling on. They tried to cultivate maize, hemp and sweet potato, but could not increase their size towards what they had in their home culture. They did not want to rule and left the local people alone.

There were also visitors from the Pleiades. They are similar in appearance to the Homo sapiens. Usually they spent only one to two years here on their way to other places. The Earth population generally reacted with hostility towards them, so they tried to hide in isolated places.

The third typical visiting group were creations of the Third Creating Son. They were more violent, but possessed all kinds of incomprehensible wondrous powers which impressed the locals. The sixth culture was destroyed 51,000 years ago.    

The Great Catastrophes

In addition to six global catastrophes there were also more localised catastrophes for which an exact number cannot be given. After global catastrophes the surface was not habitable for years and sometimes for decades.

The main problems were due to mountain-sized rocks crashing through the crust of the Earth and splashing smouldering magma sky-high. This then fell back, causing fire-storms and burning up everything on the surface. For those who found shelter in caves and bunkers there were only insects, moles and roots to eat that were scraped out from the soil until new vegetation could form. For a long time radiation on the surface was too strong to endure permanently.

There was no material on the surface from which new tools could be made; only tools already stored underground were available. The few survivors started plundering attacks against neighbouring bunkers, and in the end only some isolated couples remained, because wherever there were three the hostility did not stop until there were only two. From these isolated couples Homo sapiens in time regenerated again. One benefit of these catastrophes was a renewal and invigoration of our genetic stock, because only the fittest could survive.  

In more favourable cases the impacts caused tsunamis that washed away mainly the cultural layer, while fauna and flora could recover much faster. These events commonly brought a change in climate and a pole reversal. The last great catastrophe was caused by several collisions and ended 51,000 years ago. This time frame corresponds to the discovery of a 52,000 year old cypress forest submerged off the Alabama coast in the Gulf of Mexico (

At one time Earth had 13 billion inhabitants but only about 70,000 survived. The Cro-Magnon and Neanderthal races became extinct during such catastrophes. The biblical flood 19,400 years ago was the latest partial catastrophe caused by a cosmic object. Afterwards there was a renewal in Mesopotamia called in the Bible the Garden of Eden.

The Next Catastrophe

During past decades God Jehovah worked hard to prevent a third world war with nuclear weapons. That could have caused a major wipe-out of our population. Avoiding nuclear destruction was not easy because He cannot interfere with our free will. So far it worked but there is an even greater threat looming.

Cosmic impacts can be expected to occur between 2034 and 2038 with the highest probability for 2037. They are expected to be multiple, different sized impacts. This corresponds to a prediction of Nostradamus that Earth will be stung by the tail of a comet. Presumably these massive rocks will enter the gravity field of the Earth after a close fly-by of the comet. While mentioning the biblical flood in one of his readings, Edgar Cayce said that the next time Earth will not be destroyed again by water but rather by fire.

The best defence would be for our scientists to develop an energy shield similar to that on Mirrorland, but this is very unlikely to happen. A more feasible possibility is trying to deflect the comet with rockets, but the outcome is very uncertain.

A main problem is that even relatively moderate impacts can make the surface uninhabitable for a long time if several nuclear power plants or storage facilities of atomic weapons and toxic chemicals are being destroyed. A main problem for us, according to Jehovah, is the type of leaders that we choose. It would be much better to have a progressive kind of world government that is genuinely concerned about the wellbeing of its citizens.

According to The Book, Jesus incarnated near the end of the last century in a female body in Hungary with the specific aim of minimising the damage caused by these expected impacts, so that we are not forced again to live underground for a long time. However, the outcome is highly uncertain, and even the Godhead does not know what will come out of this. The prediction is that this century will decide the future of Homo sapiens. 

The Soul of Jesus

The soul of Jesus was created by the Godhead 3.5 billion years ago, at the same time as the Jehovah soul. It was later given to God Jehovah as an assistant and is now being trained to take over the empire of Jehovah when His time comes to regenerate. Even now Jesus is the spiritual leader of Earth, and when God Jehovah temporarily withdraws from here to create a new world, Jesus has already full control.

However, the Jesus soul has not yet completed the compulsory number of biological incarnations. Due to the bad experience in his previous life Jesus was very reluctant to incarnate again this time, but realised in the end that it was necessary. When a very advanced soul incarnates it uses only a small part of its energy for this purpose and can continue to function as usual with its higher spiritual activities.

There are some conflicting views between Jesus and Jehovah. The latter wants Jesus to keep frequently incarnating to learn more about the human condition while Jesus believes that he already knows everything that he needs to know about humans.

Another difference is how best to lead humanity towards higher levels of intelligence. Jehovah takes an approach like a keen gardener who wants to create a beautiful garden yielding an abundance of produce. For this He removes weeds and also plants that do not live up to His expectations. He developed a system of more or less severe judgments after each incarnation as a condition for continued existence of the soul.

Jesus, on the other hand, believes that a better approach is to treat everyone, saint and sinner, with an abundance of love. As a gardener he would try to heal a diseased plant rather than pull it out. In essence, Jehovah believes that evil is caused by ignorance while Jesus believes that it is caused by lack of love. Perhaps both are right.

The soul of Jesus resides on a small planet in our solar system about double the distance away from the sun than Pluto. When Paul sent the astral body of his medium to Mirrorland Jesus always accompanied her in a temporarily manifested astral body to guide and protect her. The soul of God Jehovah, on the other hand, resides much further away on a planet outside the boundaries of our solar system. His basic form manifested at the mental level is similar to the human body with two arms and two legs. This is the most suitable form in the Universe for the development of a soul.

Jesus said that he often has great difficulties hearing the prayers of humans who do not properly focus their minds on their requests. This is not because of the distance involved but rather because most individuals presently have not been trained to focus their mind as with meditation and yoga techniques. Perhaps this may be improved by focusing the mind during prayer on a picture that one believes is showing the image of Jesus.    

The Biblical Jesus

The Aramaic name of the incarnated Jesus soul was Joshua or Jeshua. Jesus said that he was born at midnight on the third of February in the year 3 AD. This conflicts with the account of the Catholic Church which claims that he was born two years, two month and three days earlier on the first day of the year 1 CE. It also means that at his crucifixion he was only 31 years old and not 33 as generally believed.

 In His lonely years before becoming a God, Jehovah developed a strong desire to have a son in whom He could plant all His love. Therefore He took the opportunity to create a new body for Jesus by projecting the necessary energy structures into Mary at the time of conception. This was not unusual. He said that He has genetic and energy-projected children on all of His created planets that have human populations, and there are also more on Earth itself. For instance the Buddha, Mother Theresa and others were also made His children. However, Jesus is different from all the others partly because of the advanced state of his soul but mainly by being the designated heir of God Jehovah.

Jesus was 198 cm or nearly 2 m tall. God Jehovah is always greatly concerned with improving the genetic quality of His human creations. Therefore He endowed Jesus with strong genes and expected that Jesus would have many children and grandchildren in this incarnation. God Jehovah intended to establish a gene bank from the descendants of Jesus so that after future catastrophes a strong and intellectually advanced culture could be rapidly re-established, which is already possible on other advanced planets. It was not to be, and God Jehovah blames ignorance and power-hungry arrogance of the then Jewish leaders for this. The lifespan provided for Jesus was 87 years, and only at the end of a long and successful life was a crucifixion envisaged.

However, Jesus also said that in his biblical incarnation he was not interested in procreative sex. This explains various Gnostic Gospels, especially the Gospel of Philip, revealing that Jesus taught how to convert sexual energy into spiritual energy ( The other problem was that during his trial Jesus felt betrayed by the Jewish leaders and the hostility of their followers which greatly drained his energy. At this stage he was no longer interested in continuing to live; instead he wanted to end it all as soon as possible.

Afterwards God Jehovah restored his body. Jesus had a choice to get a new body or keep the old one, he chose the old one. That was probably not a good choice because in the following 44 years that he travelled all over the civilised world in the company of his Father he had much pain because his knees had been smashed during crucifixion. He also suffered from feeling cold all the time due to lack of energy, and when levitating over oceans his Father had to carry him. The body of Jesus can still be found in an Indian monastery.


The establishment of Islam is a somewhat twisted story. Muhammad is an old soul created by the Godhead together with the soul of Allah. Both had a very close bond. Allah was the asked for companion whom Jehovah received before He became a God. They did not get on well with each other. They were too alike in their ambitions. Allah challenged Jehovah’s leadership, so that Jehovah pleaded with the Godhead to remove Allah again. Eventually Allah was made the leader of a different inhabited planet but his highly evolved soul still remained mostly in our solar system.

Because of their close relationship, Muhammad received the thought and idea signals emitted by Allah into the All but like Jesus, Muhammad was also a soul given to God Jehovah as a helper. Muhammad had incarnated with the aim of uniting the Arab culture by delivering the Koran. To fulfil this program God Jehovah dictated the Koran to Muhammad in harmony with the customs of contemporary Arab culture and the transmissions of Allah.  

Other Religious Developments

God Jehovah said that in our seventh culture, as in most previous cultures, the masses could not be led by intellectual ideas, but only through their emotions, and in this regard religious emotions were superior to other mass emotions. It was a great intellectual advance when ancient religious cults of sun worship, bull cults and other fertility cults were gradually replaced by the abstract idea of an invisible supreme God.

The many layers of our culture are determined by our widespread religions. Each religion can only give a slice of the whole because our ability to understand had greatly suffered in the last catastrophe. Presently this is made much worse by the materialism spread by the mass media through all aspects of our culture. Now the time has come that for those who are ready for it, knowledge of the reality should become transferable again through the generations.

Before dictating the Koran, God Jehovah had already chosen the ancient Israelites for a revelation because at the time they were intellectually well advanced and seemed suitable to spread the new knowledge widely. By later dispersing the Jews all over the world He also hoped that they would upgrade the genetic stock of other societies. This did not happen because the Jews remained a closely knit race and avoided contact with outsiders. With this their genetics deteriorated through continued inbreeding, and their religious concepts calcified.

In the meantime a more successful development was the rise of Buddhism. This was the achievement of an advanced soul who continues to incarnate very frequently with the aim of helping his followers. Even in his present body he incarnated in Tibet. The Hindu/Indian religious traditions appear to be a restoration of the earlier knowledge from previous cultures delivered by advanced yogi. The Greek, Roman and other pantheons are just legends and not based on reality. God Jehovah said for an important religious or intellectual concept to take root and survive it needs to be manifested for some time in our matter-based four-dimensional reality as is the case with Buddhism.

Besides the Jews there was a related ancient race, the Magyars. They had many tribes widely spread out from Africa to Finland and, of course, occupy the present Hungary. They freely spread their genetic stock and so do not have a problem with inbreeding. They also have high intellectual achievements as demonstrated by an extraordinary number of important inventors as well as leading nuclear and theoretical physicists and Nobel laureates.

This makes the Hungarians highly suitable to deliver the new message of God Jehovah to the world as this is not about believing and worshipping, but about acquiring and applying the knowledge of how the Universe works, and also what we need to do to help our soul on its long journey. Therefore it is not surprising that God Jehovah released His new revelations through a Hungarian source, and Jesus incarnated in Hungary as Anna.    

 Alien Visitors

 Presently 21 alien races live more or less permanently on our planet. Some are frequent visitors for a limited time while others are from planets that have been destroyed and they have nowhere to go. Most of these do not need oxygen for energy production, and therefore were able to establish bases undersea or even inside the crust of the Earth.

The most frequent visiting races are creations of God Jelenek, the Third Son. There are two races of Greys, both are mainly transiting, but the 1.2 m tall humanoid form also maintains a colony at the coastal shelf of the ocean. The 1.5 m tall greyish-green race comes here only for the purpose of observation.

A race created by God Jelim, the Fourth Son, looks like European men with olive-brown skin, or a little bluish, and round black eyes. They have a loving disposition towards Earth, and also lived here permanently millions of years ago. Originally they were from Sagittarius but their solar system perished, and now they have nowhere else to go. They have spaceships but rarely use them.

Another race looks similar, somewhat more like Nordic types and with angular shaped eyes. They are somewhat more violent and selfish, but not aware of it themselves. They come from the Pleiades with four inhabited planets. Both of these races maintain settlements in the crust of the Earth and the bottom of the sea.

Humanoids created by God Jolamda, the Second Son, live here permanently under the sea because their home planet was destroyed. They are only 50 cm tall, very hard and with claw-like fingers. They only rarely have contact with Earth humans.

The creations of God Jele, the first son, are 3-4 m tall but on Earth they disguise themselves by materialising different bodies shaped at will. In addition there are many visitors from all the different empires who travel here in their soul and materialise bodies from local matter.

A main problem of some visiting races is their increasing inability to procreate so that they are faced with extinction. Some resort to cloning but that only increases the problem down the track. They are intrigued by our strong procreative abilities and study us to find our secret so that they may regenerate themselves. This can lead to abductions and sexual interference.

The following advice was given by God Jehovah in regard to alien visitors who try to interfere with us. When sensing a very strange feeling or situation, especially when not being able to move, strongly focus on God Jehovah. Suck away the energy from the alien visitor(s), accumulate it inside yourself, and then hurl it back at the visitor(s) with the mental order that they should flee from here because this is God Jehovah’s domain. The ability to do this may be acquired by practising spiritual yoga or using the mind to work with energies. -#06381f


You may ask why a new revelation was given specifically at this time. My understanding is that there was always a need to replace earlier religion-based revelations by one based on scientific understanding, including the nature of the soul and of our energy bodies. Such advanced revelation was simply not possible until now; it would not have been understood. Even now few will be able to understand all of it, but the intellectual ability is now sufficiently advanced that large parts of it can be understood with sufficient effort.

However, there is another compelling reason. In light of the expected next catastrophe it is highly desirable to have this knowledge available to as many advanced souls as possible. Should it come to a near wipe-out then such advanced souls can incarnate with this important knowledge and help the newly developing culture to progress much faster. Further, a sufficiently positive response in the near future may also lessen any expected catastrophe and give us more breathing space afterwards.

One last thought: I also understand that the timing and nature of this revelation is not a spur of the moment event, but rather has been planned and prepared for thousands of years.


(1) THE BOOK: “EXISTENCE – CONSCIOUSNESS” by Gabor Paul Sztelek  ( was self-published in 2010, but printed and partly marketed by Mikro-M Bt, Budapest, Hungary. It is bilingual, on one side in the original Hungarian and on the opposite side translated into English. The translation is sometimes difficult to understand. Most of this revelation was received in the 1990’s by channelling through a trance-medium. There are 544 pages in each language. It can be ordered from; see for an overview.

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