by Walter Last

Learn the Principles of Healthy Living & Holistic Healing.

This is the Hub of my work on Health and Healing with links to relevant articles and books. To improve your health or overcome a specific disease I recommend using a systematic approach with the Health Improvement Program. This is more fully explained in Towards Radiant Health (e-book or print-book). The following is the first chapter of this book.

This is a condensed guide explaining the basic steps for improving and maintaining your health. It demonstrates the principles for avoiding or overcoming acquired diseases, and living a healthy, fulfilled life, regardless of age. This is actually our natural birthright. We just need to return or advance to a more natural lifestyle where healing can take place.

The key paradigm for moving towards radiant health is ‘natural living and holistic healing’. This is based on lifestyle and healing methods that lead us towards attaining harmony with our biological, social, and spiritual nature. ‘Holistic healing’ means improving all levels and aspects of our being while moving towards achieving greater harmony in our day-to-day life. 

By following these outlined methods and guidelines towards rebuilding your health, you are certain to improve, whatever the name of your disease. Rather than fighting a disease, focus all your resources on improving your health. Your disease is then likely to disappear on its own, and you will have a very good chance of remaining healthy and fit right into old age.


These days most of humanity lives in rather unnatural conditions surrounded by a minefield of technological and chemical health hazards. Even worse is the fact that we are largely unaware of the nature of these problems. Therefore, we need to become aware of the main health hazards in our environment, and learn to avoid or minimize them.

If in doubt, try to envisage which condition or course of action is more natural and in harmony with our human nature. The main biological influences on our health are environmental factors, nutrition and exercise. Our health is also significantly influenced by our beliefs and emotions. In addition there are numerous other natural healing methods to help us in our quest.

Real health – the perfect functioning of all parts of body and mind – is so rare that most people do not recognize it and mistake the temporary absence of disease symptoms for health. Formerly, people suffered mainly from violent but short and often fatal infectious diseases; now they are afflicted with chronic degenerative diseases for a lifetime.

The main factors causing our health degeneration are as follows:

•  Unnatural nutrition: excessive food refining and processing, lack of ‘living food’; deficiencies of vitamins, minerals and enzymes,
    incorrect food combining, GM foods, microwave cooking.

•  Pollution: pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, medical drugs, food additives, synthetics, air and water pollution, amalgam fillings,
    fluoridation, vaccinations, microwaves, electromagnetic radiation.

•  Lack of physical activity: sedentary lifestyle, TV, computer, office work, driving instead of walking.

•  Harmful emotions and attitudes: resentment, anxiety,  fear, worry, discontent, greed, envy, and lack of positive emotions as well
   as spiritual or humanistic goals.

•  Inherited genes of poor and deteriorating quality.

•  Antibiotics and other drugs causing fungal problems that devastate the immune system and become the basis for most other

As a result of these negative factors, we inherit or develop an inefficient digestive system, weak immune functions, and problems with various organs. We become susceptible to infections or hospitalization for which we get antibiotics. These damage our protective intestinal bacteria, causing overgrowth with Candida, mycoplasmas and other fungi. The fungal form of Candida invades the intestinal wall, causing Leaky Gut Syndrome.

Now disabling microbial toxins and protein fragments enter the blood, greatly weakening the immune system, causing allergies and allowing a wide range of parasites, bacteria and viruses to invade the body. This, in turn, leads to autoimmune diseases, cancer and a wide range of emotional problems such as anxiety, autism, depression, hyperactivity, obsessive-compulsive disorders as well as mental diseases, see Candida toxins.

Furthermore, Candida, especially in combination with mercury toxicity and iodine deficiency, tends to cause thyroid and parathyroid problems. This results in chronic fatigue, muscle pain, arthritis, osteoporosis and soft tissue calcifications, often leading to kidney failure and high or low blood pressure.  

In addition there is also a steady stream of research articles showing that a basic underlying cause of chronic diseases is an accumulation of cellular waste products, mainly protein debris and oxidized fats in addition to chemical toxins. Preventing and removing such waste must therefore be a main aspect of a holistic health program.

Understanding Autoimmune Diseases and Cancer

The mechanism of fungal and mycoplasma overgrowth lets us understand the true nature of autoimmune diseases. During the acute initial stage of a bacterial infection the immune system eliminates most of the invading microbes but some of them manage to survive by hiding inside the cells of a vulnerable organ or gland. There they remain, possibly in their mycoplasma form or as spores, until the vitality of the immune system sufficiently declines, commonly due to antibiotic-induced Candida.

Then they come out again into the blood, but this time camouflaged by being clothed in the biological markers of the cells in which they have been hiding. Eventually the immune system looks through the deception and starts attacking these imposters. Unfortunately, genuine body cells with the same markers get attacked as well. This then leads to an autoimmune attack of the organ or gland in which the invaders had been hiding.

To stop such attacks the blood needs to be cleaned of all pathogenic microbes. This then also stops the autoimmune attack. Any surviving invaders may hide again as spores in suitable host cells. Such spores may even be transmitted to the offspring (Pleomorphic Microbes).

Cancer may start with a primary infection similar to that described for autoimmune diseases, or from microbes arising in tissue with accumulated protein waste. Now the body limits the infestation by encapsulating it. This is similar to trees forming bark tumours when stung by certain wasps. As long as the blood is reasonably clean, a tumour is just a tumour, not malignant and not a cancer.

However, if the immune system constantly battles against Candida then a stressful event, such as an emotional trauma and especially fear from a diagnosis of cancer, lets the blood become overrun with microbes. Cancer-causing microbes produce growth hormones which cause the tumour to expand. Now the tumour is malignant but still contained. This situation may persist for many years with the tumour slowly growing, shrinking, or becoming dormant for long periods, depending on the vitality of the body and the strength of the immune system.

Eventually, with a worsening microbial presence in the blood, some tumours may form distant metastases. But the trend in modern medicine is to remove even small tumours. This now allows more dangerous microbes from the tumour to spill into the blood, and dormant micro-metastases already present to spring into life years earlier than they would otherwise have done (Cancer Surgery).

However, even these metastases do not normally kill. Tumours only kill directly if they press on vital structures, or indirectly if they are attacked and release large amounts of toxins. Instead, most cancer patients die from cachexia - severe weight-loss and muscle wasting. The cause of this is progressive anaemia from the destruction of most erythrocytes (= red blood cells) by fungal-type microbes in the blood. This is the main cause of death from cancer. Keeping the blood free of microbes is a simple way of preventing death from cancer. For treatment see Overcoming Cancer.


We can only reverse the relentless deterioration of our health by removing the causative negative factors, and replacing them with positive steps and habits. This means practicing natural living such as good nutrition, proper breathing, physical activity, improved emotional and mental attitudes. In addition we use specific healing methods, uppermost of which are the removal of pathogenic microbes, wastes and toxins from the body.

Before you search the Internet for specific remedies to cure your health problem, try to get the basics right, then many diseases may simply disappear while others will greatly improve. This then makes it easier to use specific therapies for complete healing of any remaining symptoms. In addition, this program is also a recipe to regenerate and rejuvenate a disabled or aging body.

The Health Improvement Program (HIP) includes the following steps:

1.   Nutrition: Adopt a high-quality diet

2.   Intestinal Sanitation: Clean out & sanitize your intestines

3.   Antimicrobial Therapy: Eliminate harmful microbes

4.   Cleansing: Remove metabolic wastes and toxins

5.   Healthy Living and reducing all kinds of pollution  

6.   Energy Healing: remove energy blockages and recharge yourself

7.   Mind Tools: replace negative beliefs and emotions with positive ones

8.   Healing groups: Form or join a health or healing group

The following is an overview of the necessary steps with links to more detailed Internet articles. The following chapters provide this information in a condensed form. Initially focus on one step at a time, but with each additional step also continue practicing what you have previously learned.      

1. Improve your nutrition: Maximise unprocessed and raw food, and minimize chemicalized, refined and problem food as in Food Groups and Dietsalkalise the body; use food suitable for your body type and condition, and pay attention to food combining - see General Diet Rules; discover and break addictions and allergies; use suitable supplements.

Diet rules are designed to guide us towards healthier eating habits. There are different schools of nutrition, which do not always agree on the same principles, and sometimes even contradict each other, just as in politics, religion and other areas of human endeavour. My diet rules are based on the principles of the earlier 'nature cure' movement, modified by clinical nutrition research and my own experiences.

The less ideal the diet and the more polluted the body, the more are specific remedies, supplements and other therapies needed to overcome chronic diseases. Conversely, on an ideal diet, combined with antimicrobial therapy and cleansing, specific interventions can be kept to a minimum.

Improving our diet usually requires a considerable shift in eating habits and re-education of our taste buds. It also takes considerably more time and energy for food preparation. This is not easy. Therefore, it is best to make changes gradually, first moving towards a high-quality diet, and then experimenting with periods on mainly fresh raw foods for maximum healing, rejuvenation and maintenance of optimal health into old age.

However, do not rely too much on 'expert' advice, ultimately it is best learning to trust your intuition and your body to tell you what it needs. At different times you may need different foods.

2. Intestinal Sanitation consists of two parts: thoroughly cleaning out  your gastro-intestinal tract, and in particular the bowels or large intestines, and removing any overgrowth of harmful microbes and parasites, and restoring again a healthy intestinal flora.

The main tools for this are flushes, colonics, laxative food, and possibly using hydrochloric acid supplements to improve digestion of proteins and absorption of minerals. A good way to eliminate harmful microbes and re-establish a healthy gut flora is flushing with psyllium hulls, garlic and sodium bicarbonate followed with probiotics (Intestinal Sanitation). 

3. Eliminate harmful microbes and parasites with antimicrobial remedies as outlined in The Ultimate Cleanse. For more details see Overcoming Candida; also try an electronic zapper to clean the blood.

Antimicrobial therapy in combination with intestinal sanitation is commonly the most important step for overcoming chronic health problems. Because of the widespread use of antibiotics, fungi and related microbes such as Candida and mycoplasmas are now at the core of most of our modern diseases, devastating our immune system and generating powerful toxins.

Without an effective antimicrobial program all other therapies and supplements tend to give only limited results. After an intense initial phase, continue for a long time with a low-key maintenance program. Whenever microbial problems resurface, or routinely once a year, repeat an intensive antimicrobial program. To give you an understanding why it can be so very difficult to overcome chronic infections have a look at biofilms.

4. Remove metabolic wastes: Cleansing is needed to move further towards optimal health. Gradually our cells, tissues and blood vessels become more and more clogged up with waste products and toxins, thereby making our metabolism, blood circulation and body functions ever more inefficient.

Periodic raw food diets are excellent to remove these wastes. To properly cleanse we need to take in less energy from food than we need for our daily activity, then the body is forced to start digesting not only these waste residues but even cysts, tumours and other unhealthy tissue.

In addition, to cleansing liver and gallbladder we clean our blood vessels to improve the blood circulation. Chronic inflammations due to microbial infestations as well as wastes and toxins lead to hypercoagulation of the blood with excessive blood clotting.

This means fibrin structures combine with lipids and calcium to narrow blood vessels, block capillaries, and restrict blood flow to the brain, heart and other organs. These blockages can gradually be removed with organic acids (e.g. lemon), garlic, and especially fibrinolytic enzymes such as Nattokinase and Serrapeptase.

As we get older calcifications tend to increase. Combined with hypercoagulation this causes increasing stiffness, rigidity, cramps, muscle pain, chronic fatigue, hypertension, loss of memory, deep vein thrombosis, heart attacks, strokes, and generally declining body functions. Helpful are increased intake of boron, magnesium and organic acids as from lemon juice or vinegar, as well as special sodium thiosulphate therapy. See Fasting and Cleansing for details.

5. Create natural living conditions for yourself and your family by minimising synthetics and plastics, pollution and harmful radiation in your home, see Electromagnetic Pollution. Sanitise your teeth by removing mercury amalgam fillings and root-canal filled teeth, see Dental Problems. Cultivate mild sun exposure, walking barefoot, being in natural surroundings, see Healthy Living. Strengthen the body with regular exercises such as yoga, tensing and stretching or suitable outdoors activity, see Exercises.

6. Learn to work with energies and overcome specific problems with reflexology, acupressure, massage, ear acupuncture, magnet and meridian therapy - see the relevant articles in Healing the Body.

A main aim is to facilitate a free flow of energy in the acupuncture meridians. From an energy point of view most of our health problems are due to blockages in these energy flows, commonly associated with muscle tension, calcification and emotional as well as tissue scars. Stagnating energy flows cause inflammation and weakness, and lead to deterioration of associated organs and glands. For information on non-physical energies see Bio-Energies. Many of our health problems are caused by blockages of our sexual energies. For an overview see Sexuality and for more details the 6 part series Healing with Sexual Energy.

7. Emotional and Mind Improvement: Practice relaxation exercises, and learn meditation and especially guided imagery; learn expressing your negative emotions appropriately, and also to generate positive feelings and emotions; love yourself as well as your neighbour; adopt a positive or spiritual philosophy of life. Find a worthy goal or ideal and strive to manifest it, see Mind Tools.

8. Healing groups: Form or join a health or healing group to support and heal each other. The main purpose of a healing group would be to help each other with the Health Improvement Program. In addition a healing group can act as an extended family with an unlimited possibility of support functions such as with child minding, childbirth, sickness, bereavement, unemployment, or building activity. There may be common fruit and vegetable production, a food co-op, communal library and leisure facilities, and shared expensive healing appliances.

A member of the group may participate in a healing workshop, and then pass on the experience to the group. The group may also invite natural therapists, and other health professionals and healers, for demonstrations, lectures, and teaching of specific methods. For further ideas see Healing Social Relationships.

By adopting this program, better health is possible for almost everyone. The key to success is in your mind! True healing simply means learning and applying the laws of nature.


When using holistic healing methods you need to understand the principle of the healing crisis, otherwise you may undo all the good you have done by getting frightened and take drugs to stop further health improvement.

We do not follow a straight line of either health improvement or health deterioration. Periods of illness interspersed with times of relative well-being occur on the downhill road to chronic degenerative diseases and death. Similarly, we also have ups and downs on the uphill road to superior health. Travelling downhill is easy, we do not need to work for it, but improving our health requires consistent effort.

Contrary to the lengthy periods of ill health on the downhill road, the dips on the uphill road are often short and sharp. They are called 'healing crisis' although I prefer the less dramatic name 'healing reaction', or simply 'reaction'. After each successful reaction we advance to a higher level of health than before. The road to better health follows a definite pattern.

The old system of Nature Cure called it…

Hering's law of cure: "All cure starts from within outwards, from the head down and in reverse order as the symptoms have appeared."

This means that in every real healing the sequence of our health deterioration will automatically be retraced: old, long-forgotten disease symptoms may suddenly flare up again in the form of a healing crisis. You may understand this principle by comparing our health changes with walking along a winding mountain path. When you eventually turn back you  encounter all the previous features again, this time just in reverse order.

In addition, the emotional side of our health problems is important. Each disease, accident or surgical intervention contains a strong emotional component that may be re-experienced during a reaction; otherwise the healing remains incomplete and the problem may present itself again at a later time for healing at a deeper level.

This also means that the body selects the kind of healing crisis that is most appropriate at the time, taking into consideration its needs and abilities to have a certain area healed or improved. We can consciously influence this choice by working on a particular problem.

In the beginning our healing reactions will be mainly on the physical or biological level, but more and more we will experience the release of emotional blocks and changes in consciousness. For more information see the Healing Crisis.

Patterns of Healing

At some stage on the road towards health the body will feel strong enough to renew the fight for healing a diseased organ and this can result in inflammation and pain. Also a limb that had been paralysed during an earlier disease may temporarily be so afflicted again. When we are on the road to disease we need to alkalise the body to control chronic inflammations but on the road to health healing inflammations are needed to improve a diseased organ.

Other common healing reactions are boils and mucus discharge in what appears to be a cold, or skin rashes - a skin reaction over a stiff or painful joint may lead to functional improvement. If one supports the body during this period with rest, cleansing diets and so forth, then it will eventually acquire better health than before the flare-up.

However, if drugs or even natural remedies are used to suppress the healing symptoms, then the inflamed organ will return to its sub-acute, chronic condition and wait for another opportunity to heal itself. Nevertheless, sometimes a reaction may be too severe or continue for too long, or happen at an inconvenient time. Then you can tune it down by heavily alkalizing the body, and using mainly cooked food in addition to other anti-inflammatory measures.

Listen to Your Body

You may actually learn much about yourself, your body, your health problems and your emotional reactions by patiently observing the healing process instead of rushing to “fix” it. What you should do rather, is live as healthily as possible, cleanse the body and be optimistic about it all. Such healing crises may appear from time to time separated by weeks, months or even years, bringing us ever closer to our goal of radiant health.

Various problems may suddenly develop during health improvement. Formerly, the body was insensitive to commonly used harmful foods or drugs, but now there may be an immediate and forceful reaction. Foods that you habitually used before cleansing may suddenly cause a gastro-intestinal upset, making you feel sick and miserable for days. However, such reactions do not need to happen if you first test for food allergies or use a low-allergy diet.

Your body now trusts that you will not hurt it again as before. But if you do, your body is very offended and lets you (the mind) know about it in no uncertain terms. This is the language of the body.

If you learn to listen, your body will first tell you about its needs in a subtle way - an intestinal rumbling, an itch, a slight muscle weakness or a passing pain - before using more drastic measures. Eventually it will let you know its needs by intuition, by likes and dislikes, and you will rediscover your lost body instincts. Then you become independent of expert advice and just do what your body ‘tells’ you to be right.

While one can often gain quick relief from distressing symptoms, rebuilding a strong and healthy body is a slow process and can take a very long time. It needs much experimenting, self-observation and solid determination to carry through for many years with the HIP program.

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