By Walter Last

Healthy living is the solid base for any health improvement. It includes all the habits that should become part of our daily lives. Our future wellbeing or diseases will arise from how we think, feel and live habitually, not from any occasional transgressions of the rules of healthy living.

The most important general principle of healthy living is to live in harmony with the forces of nature - to live naturally. This concept encompasses our environment, housing, clothing, workplace, exercise and nutrition, the water we drink and the air we breathe.

In the following section we will investigate various aspects of healthy living. It is important to realize that the concepts of healthy living often overlap with specific healing methods; for example, positive thinking, nutrition, reflexology and exercises may all be used for normal healthy living as well as for healing yourself. Therefore, keep in mind that the separation between healthy living and healing methods is rather fluid and somewhat artificial.

At present, most of us live in such an artificial and unnatural environment that it is not possible to remain healthy by simply living in the commonly accepted way. Instead, we must become aware of the multitude of negative influences in our environment created by modern technology and try to minimize their harmful effects on us.


Under this heading we may group clothing, housing and workplace as well as the city or rural environment in which we live.


Clothes are our 'second skin' and their material and color have a direct influence on our emotions and wellbeing. This applies especially to garments that are worn directly on the skin. Except for occasional short-term use, avoid any underwear, including pantyhose and stockings, made of nylon or other synthetic material. Nylon seems to be worse than polyester. The only acceptable human-made fiber may be rayon, which is based on cellulose.

Generally minimize wearing a bra, synthetic clothing and even some of the newer heavily chemicalised wool or cotton material. One study found that women who always wear a bra had forty times more breast cancer than women who used a bra only sometimes. A tight bra blocks the lymph circulation in the breasts and is much worse than a loose-fitting bra.

You may use muscle testing to discover whether a certain material or color is suitable for you. Generally, select colors that balance your emotional state: wear bright colors when you are low in energy and blue when you are nervous and irritable. Avoid murky and dull grey colors, and be careful with black.

Shoes should preferably be of natural materials and with leather sole in order to allow static electricity to flow off the body and into the ground. This is prevented by rubber and synthetic soles and by nylon socks and stockings. Walking barefoot at least for several minutes each day on moist grass or wet sand will greatly help overcome this problem.


Select building materials that do not block the natural electric, magnetic and life-force fields of the Earth. Basically, this excludes sheet metals and any steel or wire-mesh concrete reinforcements that form a cage-like structure ('Faraday cage'). This leaves stone, brick, wood and fibrocement acceptable for building.

Unfortunately, chemically treated wood emits an unfavorable vibration pattern; it is not good for inside walls. If you are living under a metal-covered roof or aluminum-coated insulating material, it is preferable to sleep under a part of the roof that is covered with a non-metal, such as tiles, shingles, corrugated fibrocement, fiberglass, exterior plywood or tar-paper.

Generally, do not use tinted glass for large windows, because this may result in unwanted color therapy. Water pipes should preferably be of galvanized iron or ceramic, new copper, lead and plastic pipes may leach undesirable concentrations of heavy metals into the water.

Use natural fibers for your interior decorations, avoiding synthetic carpets, curtains, and so on. Their harmful radiation and tendency to accumulate static electricity tend to reduce our wellbeing. These synthetic materials, as well as television sets, also lower the amount of beneficial negative ions in the air. Leaving windows open helps to minimize this harmful effect.

Avoid cooking and heating inside with gas or kerosene except if the combustion gases are efficiently being removed. Many people are allergic to these. Make your home a low-pollution sanctuary. Wood stoves or solar heating are preferable wherever feasible.

The only good mattresses are futons that are filled with natural fibers, such as kapok, wool, horsehair or cotton. I regard latex or natural rubber as the best but also most expensive choice. A cheaper alternative is straw or hay from a pesticide-free source. Do not use an innerspring mattress. They commonly direct confused spiral force fields into the body. You can test this by moving a compass across the surface of the mattress and watch the needle wildly jumping in opposite directions.

Synthetic foam rubber mattresses are not good either but if used, then wrap them in clear polythene with only a small opening at the bottom or use a commercial anti-allergen mattress protector. Use only natural blankets and sheets on top of the mattress. Even sheepskin is chemically treated and can cause problems. Plastic mattresses emit toxic gases that appear to be a major factor in crib/cot death. There was no reported crib death among the tens of thousands of New Zealand babies who slept on wrapped mattresses since 1995.

Furthermore, do not use steel-framed beds, steel-spring frames and move the bed if there are metal beams or live wires in the wall behind the bed. Featherbeds are acceptable but sometimes seem to contribute to arthritic problems due to a build-up of static electricity between the feathers. Try to sleep with the head in a northerly direction or otherwise towards the east. Our brain waves are slowest when the head points towards magnetic north. However, some individuals in the southern hemisphere sleep also well with the head towards the south. During cold nights consider covering your head to minimize heat.

Furthermore, sleep in total darkness or alternatively cover your eyes during sleep. Cancer protective melatonin is released in normal amounts only when we sleep in darkness. Profoundly blind women have up to 70% less breast cancer than women with normal sight, profoundly blind men have less cancer of the colon, lungs, prostate, skin and stomach. However, simple vision impairment does not reduce cancer rates, only if there is no sensitivity to light at all.

If you live in a modern house, try to sanitize it by minimizing the use of synthetic items that release chemicals, as for instance formaldehyde from glued material such as many carpets, chipboard or plywood. Avoid solvents and smelling household cleaners and disinfectants, tobacco smoke, mothballs and insect sprays. If the outside air is reasonably clean, good ventilation helps to minimize the problem.

Minimize electro-pollutants

Try to minimize electromagnetic pollution, especially while sleeping when the pineal gland is most susceptible. Unplug all electric leads close to the bed before going to sleep, watch that there are no live electric wires inside the wall near the head. Do not habitually remain within a few meters of a working electric appliance.

Minimize wearing sunglasses, watching television, using video games, radiation from computer monitors and even electric typewriters and hand-held electric tools. Television sets still have quite a strong radiation even when switched off. Avoid or minimize fluorescent lighting, except for stabilized (non-flickering) full-spectrum daylight fluorescent lights, available from special outlets.

Actually, AC electric fields do not diminish when an appliance is switched off, only AC magnetic fields disappear. I have been rather surprised by the strong electric fields I have found in bedrooms. Fields should be nearly zero at the bed-site or at least under 1 V/m but often they are over 5 or 10 V/m. Therefore place the bed and especially the head as far as possible away from power points and wires inside the wall with a minimum distance of one meter.

The safest possibility is to disconnect the fuse for the bedroom (commonly including all power points in the house) overnight. Alternatively have a separate fuse switch or plug installed for the bedroom only. When living or sleeping in a multi-story building, find out where the electrical wiring and especially any lamps are located under the floor and minimize exposure to these locations.

Some dowsers claim to have discovered harmful earth rays from fault lines and underground streams under the beds of most cancer victims. Try to find someone who is able to check the location of your bed for harmful underground radiation, even if you sleep on an upper floor. Such geopathic disturbances can also be detected with a scientific instrument that indicates the degree of distortion of the local geomagnetic field.

If you developed a serious disease in your present house and bed position and you cannot have your bed checked, then just move it to a different location. In addition you may use a shielding device under the bed: place wire netting under the whole area of the bed and connect this to an electric earth, or cover the area under the bed with an inch of quartz sand. You may be able to check the bed yourself with a short wave radio - the reception deteriorates over a fault line. Crossings of fault lines are especially dangerous.



Microwave cooking, frying; aluminum & stainless steel cooking ware.

Wheat, gluten, cow's milk products, salt, sweet food, soy products except if traditionally fermented such as miso; margarine, cooking oils, chemical additives, artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, soft drinks & commercial fruit juices;

Starches mixed with food high in protein or acids; smoking, habitual use of alcohol, drugs; pre-cooked or re-heated meals.

Chlorinated & fluoridated water.

Metal beds, innerspring mattresses, sleeping near live electric wiring or appliances; fluorescent lighting; synthetic clothing, especially close to the skin; mercury amalgam tooth fillings, root canal filled or otherwise dead teeth, metals inside the mouth; digital watches, metal armbands or necklaces or metal-framed glasses.


Raw, fresh & organic food; sprouted seeds (except alfalfa for sensitive individuals); fresh vegetable juices preferably using low R.P.M. non-centrifugal juicer; fermenting with acidophilus & bifido-bacteria, e.g. goats' milk or rice milk yoghurt, sourdough baking; freshly ground linseed; extra virgin olive oil; unheated coconut fat; sprout or soak seeds & nuts before eating or cooking; cooking in glass, ceramic or enameled utensils; eating soon after cooking.

Supplement with organic minerals, e.g. kelp; volcanic rock dust (strong energies); increase magnesium intake and trace minerals; lecithin with meals, hydrochloric acid supplement if fingernails are soft, alkaliser (alkaline ionized water, bicarbonate of soda, magnesium oxide or carbonate) with signs of overacidity; bitter herb teas, pollen, ginseng; pawpaw, and spirulina.

Explore and use energy devices such as crystals, magnets, orgone or chi generators, energize cooked or stored food, drink and water; water may also be energized with sunshine, volcanic rock dust or vortexes, explore ionized alkaline water.

Sleep with head towards N, NE or E, preferably on natural fiber mattress (best latex, also cotton, coconut fiber, kapok, straw, hay) or air mattress, water in waterbeds should be energized; pull electric plugs close to bed for sleeping.

Outdoor activity, exposure to mild sunlight without sunglasses or sun-screen; press tender points on feet & body, squat for bowel movements, exercise, meditate.

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