by Walter Last

This section deals mainly with the non-physical energies, variously called life-force, bio-energy, prana, chi, ki, orgone energy, od, and many other names. It is this energy level that we most easily see as the innermost aura around living objects or that we sometimes feel as various sensations such as heat or tingling in our body, especially when transferring energy as with 'laying on of hands' or Reiki. It is also the energy that fuels our sexuality and that we feel most strongly during orgasm.

This energy circulates in our acupuncture system and its vortexes form our chakra system. It is not only at the base of most paranormal or psychic phenomena, but is also the healing agent of many natural therapies. Homeopathy can only be understood as a bio-energy phenomenon that is why it is so fiercely rejected by conventional medicine. While bio-energy is still unknown to orthodox science, it is an everyday experience of many sensitive individuals.

Bio-energies are part of the vast range of etheric energy. Just as electromagnetic energies have a wide range of wavelengths or frequencies, so also have the etheric energies. On one side of their spectrum they border on the electromagnetic spectrum while on the other side they merge into the emotional energies. Furthermore, as visible light is part of the electromagnetic spectrum, so the bio-energy that we use as life force in our body is part of the etheric spectrum.

A relatively easy way to learn feeling bio-energy is to shake the body and especially the arms and hands rapidly for about a minute together with deep and fast breathing and then stop suddenly. Remain completely still with the arms slightly raised in front of your abdomen or chest as if holding a large beach ball. Concentrate on the sensation in your hands and arms.

For an excellent site on the orgone energy research of Wilhelm Reich as well as links to other bio-energy sites see the Public Orgonomic Research Exchange (PORE) at or see the writings of Wilhelm Reich. In 1957 the FDA burned six tons of his books, and he died in a federal jail for his bio-energy work.

In addition to food and air, we need a balanced intake of electromagnetic energies. These include sunlight, colors, the Earth's magnetic field and the electric field between the ionosphere and the ground.


Electricity - Minimize Pollution

Strong electromagnetic fields of about 50 to 60 cycles per second (hertz, or Hz) are harmful to us. These fields exist around power lines, power tools, electric stoves, heaters, boilers, freezers and television sets when in use, extending several feet or yards around the appliance. Stay away from them if possible.

Try to minimize electromagnetic pollution, especially while sleeping when the pineal gland is most susceptible and sleep in the dark or at least cover your eyes to produce the immune-stimulating hormone melatonin. Switch off al power points and unplug all electric leads with 2-prong plugs in the bedroom before going to sleep, watch that there are no live electric wires inside the wall near the head and try to sleep with the head in a northerly direction or otherwise towards the east.

Some dowsers claim to have discovered harmful earth rays from fault lines and underground streams under the beds of most cancer victims. Try to find someone who is able to check the location of your bed for harmful underground radiation, even if you sleep on an upper floor.

For more information on electromagnetic pollution and how you can protect yourself see the article Electromagnetic Pollution.

The DC Field of the Earth

We live in a natural DC field. The surface of the Earth has a negative electric charge and the ionosphere a positive charge of about 50,000 volts. (However, the electric currents involved are extremely small.) Near the surface, the voltage differs greatly. It is highest on mountains and in dry conditions where it can reach 1000 volts per meter, while in low-lying and moist conditions it falls to below 50 volts. Populations with exceptionally long life spans always seem to live in the mountains, such as in the Andes, the Himalayas and the Caucasus.

In buildings with roofs of metal or steel-reinforced concrete, the field is near zero. There may even be counter-fields caused by the static electricity of plastic materials and synthetic carpets. Even worse are houses that have metal walls as well; whether they are of corrugated iron, coating or insulation material with aluminum, wire mesh or reinforced concrete. Getting fresh air through open windows will improve the condition to some extent.

In a high-DC field our wellbeing and mental abilities are increased, while in a low field we easily become fatigued and our concentration suffers. Electrodes that produce a field of 1000-2000 volts inside offices and houses have been used with good results in Germany. If you are living in a conventional modern house, it would be preferable to have at least the bedroom or sleeping place free of shielding metals or possibly sleep in summer on the veranda. This is especially important someone with a serious chronic disease. Another effect of the DC field is a possible imbalance in the ion distribution in our body when habitually wearing shoes with rubber soles. Walking barefoot, especially on fresh or moist grass, on the other hand, allows our inner polarity to readjust itself.

The Earth's Magnetic Field

The magnetic field of the Earth is about 0.5 gauss. It has been much higher in the past and is presently still decreasing. Generally, life forms are bigger, more vital and longer living in a stronger magnetic field. Most people will find it best to sleep with the head in a northerly direction, while an easterly direction is sometimes beneficial; facing towards the west, however, is often weakening. In the southern hemisphere try also sleeping with the head to the south. Experiment to find your best direction.


On the level of energies, sunlight is our primary source of life and provides a combination of bio-energy and electromagnetic energies. Light to moderate sun exposure is beneficial. Except in winter do not sunbathe during the hours around midday. Preferably expose your whole body as often as possible for a few minutes to the early morning or late afternoon sun. This may be in the garden, on the veranda or even inside a room with an open window. In addition, it is beneficial to sit lightly clothed in the half-shade as for instance under a tree. We absorb the bio-energies of the sunlight through our clothing.

While short exposure to the sun is invigorating, long sunbathing is exhausting. In addition, long sunbathing ages the skin and may cause skin cancer, especially at the beach. It may also cause an overactivity of the parathyroid glands. Vitamin supplements can protect us from these dangers. In addition to PABA and other B vitamins we need plenty of antioxidants, bioflavonoids and carotenoids as sun protection. Except for zinc cream or a solution of PABA, I am not in favor of using sunscreen lotions; instead use suitable clothing for protection as required. Sunscreens contain unbiological chemicals, and it has been reported that most commercial sunscreens kill skin cells and so may inflict long-term skin damage.

Research shows that there is a strong negative correlation between available sunlight and breast cancer death rates, that is living in a sunny area is associated with lower cancer rates. Even skin cancer is inhibited by regular low-level sun exposure; only sunburn is a strong skin cancer promoter. It has been stated that trends in the epidemiological literature suggest that approximately 30,000 U.S. cancer deaths yearly could be averted by the widespread public use of regular mild sun exposure. A study on electricity workers showed that those with the most sun exposure had the lowest rates of skin cancer and melanoma and vice versa. Other studies show a strong link between long-term exposure to fluorescent lighting and melanoma. Melanoma often occurs on areas of the skin that had not been exposed to sunlight.

Sensitive individuals, especially with low blood pressure and lack of energy, usually tending towards food allergies and chemical sensitivities, should expose themselves to the full sunlight only for very short periods; preferable is semi-shade as under a tree. Insensitive individuals, on the other hand, with insensitive skin and often high blood pressure, benefit from a longer exposure that tends to sensitize them.

In addition to the skin, the eyes are important entrance points for sun-energy. J. N. OTT (Health and Light, Pocket Books) demonstrated with his research how important it is for us to get the full spectrum of the sunlight into our eyes. This is not the case if we sit behind windows or wear glasses. These filter out essential frequencies of the ultra-violet part of the spectrum.

Deficiency of this ultraviolet radiation caused by our living behind glass is a contributing factor in the development of degenerative diseases such as arthritis, cancer and leukemia, eye diseases, hyperactivity and sexual problems. These harmful effects are reinforced if the glass is inappropriately tinted, in this way blocking out a part of the visible spectrum as well.

OTT demonstrated that the primary effect of light entering our eyes is on the endocrine glands of the brain. He also showed that colored lights have a strong influence on the ratio of male to female offspring when breeding animals. Especially bad are most kinds of fluorescent lighting, more so if they have a pink hue. Even more harmful is light from the color screens of television sets and monitors. This effect is due to the artificial composition of these colors and in addition to any radiation dangers.

However, if one has sensitive eyes, one should continue to wear sunglasses if the light is very strong and glaring and only gradually reduce their use when the eyes improve. The best sunglasses, if required, are of a special composition of gray so that they reduce the intensity of all colors to the same degree. Most plastics, by the way, do not screen out the ultraviolet rays, in this way one obtains the full sunlight by living behind clear plastic windows. However, a disadvantage of this is that one can get sunburned behind plastic windows.

Lack of sunlight in winter or if we are bedridden makes us susceptible to depression. One can cure this so-called seasonal affective disorder by looking into a bright light in the morning, preferably sunlight or otherwise with the full daylight spectrum.

Sunlight is also required to convert cholesterol into vitamin D. Multiple sclerosis is inversely related to the amount of sunshine in the region, the closer to the equator, the lower the incidence of it. This is similar to the rate of cancer that also declines the closer we get to the equator. Another important aspect of sunlight is our indirect intake of it in the form of sun-drenched fruits and vegetables. Such foods absorb bio-energy as well as light frequencies from the sun, but these beneficial energies are gradually lost if these foods are stored in the dark. In this case it is beneficial to expose them again to sunshine for a short period before eating.

Colored Light

Exposing ourselves to light of a certain color has a definite effect on our emotions as well as on our physical body. The most balanced color is green and looking over green meadows and at the green of trees has a balancing effect on body and mind.

Blue and red, on the other hand, are the main opposites that may be used adjust the body if it is severely out of balance. Red and especially orange are used for stimulation when we are fatigued and need strength. Too much of it, however, will make us nervous and irritable. Blue, of course, is sedating, even more so than green, not only for the mind but also for the body if there is pain, fever or inflammation.

There are many different ways in which we can treat ourselves with colors. The most natural way is to look at distinctive colors in our surroundings. In addition to looking at meadows and trees for their balancing green, we can look for long periods at the blue sky to gain peace and quiet. For stimulation, on the other hand, we may focus on a red rose or any other red flower bathed in the sunshine.

Another possibility is to paint or wallpaper our room in appropriate colors and to pay attention to the colors of carpets and curtains. Then we may select suitab1e colors for our clothing. Usually we express through the colors of our dress our inner feeling at the time, for instance dressing in black or gray if we are depressed, thereby reinforcing the- negative mood. However, if we want to improve our emotional condition, we should select the opposite color to our negative feeling. To ward off depression, for instance, we should wear pink or another bright and stimulating color.

Furthermore, we may use differently colored light bulbs or colored lampshades or we may use colored cellophane. However, most one-sided color exposure should be only temporary for as long as it has a beneficial effect on our condition. Too much blue, for instance, can push a susceptible individual from being peaceful to becoming depressed.

Generally, it is best to use a mixture of colors inside the house and for our clothing with possibly one dominant color that balances our basic condition.


Bio-energy is the basis of all biological manifestations. It is also called prana, ki or chi, od, orgone, ether, bio-plasma or simply life-force. Our main intake of this life energy is through the chakra system, breathing, food, sunshine and energy transfer from other people. In the air it is commonly called prana or orgone, while within our body we usually refer to it as bio-energy, for the Chinese it is also the chi that circulates in the acupuncture meridians.

Bio-energy generally appears as a bluish-gray haze; its movement is slow and wavelike; it can be accumulated and conducted by organic material and water, and it can be separated into two opposites with a bluish and a red-yellow color.

Our physical body is permeated with bio-energy: part of this energy circulates through the acupuncture meridians while the surplus radiates out, forming an etheric field, or the inner aura, and protecting us from harmful environmental radiation or microbes. Within the body, the bio-energy forms a blueprint that guides the growth and maintenance of all body structure. It is the 'glue' that holds the cells together, and it is also the 'energy of organization'. Clairvoyant psychics see that in deep sleep our bio-energy body our etheric body tends to float in a horizontal position over the physical body in order to become recharged with etheric energy.

Acupuncture-points are like transformers or inflow points of bio-energy from the meridians into the tissue structure. If this flow along a meridian and into the muscles is blocked, a limb becomes lifeless and paralyzed, even if the blood circulation and nerve impulses are intact. We can direct and modify this stream of bio-energy with our mind in order to heal ourselves. Generally, we may increase our inner reservoir of bio-energy by living in an area with a high environmental potential of bio-energy. We can find this where there is plenty of sunshine, abundant vegetation, especially trees, and an elevated position - ideally a tree-clad hilltop or mountain plateau in the subtropics. The air is low in bio-energy on rainy days and at night.


In 1973 researchers at the University of Los Angeles succeeded in replicating a Russian experiment in which the cut off part of a leaf was still faintly visible with Kirlian (high-frequency) photography. This may be regarded as the first visible scientific proof of the existence of an aura around living objects. Before that Professor Harold Saxton Burr had measured the electric fields around living things and shown that these 'L-fields' (short for 'Life-Fields) pre-exist and guide the development of the related entity. He wrote the book Fields of Life (Ballantine).

Fig. 1: Kirlian Photograph of a leaf after part of the right side has been cut off.
(The faint outline of the whole leaf is still visible at the missing part).

Bio-Energy in Healing

I believe very much in prana, bio-energy or life-energy as a major factor in healing despite the denial of its existence by orthodox medicine. Chances of recovery are greatly increased by being regularly exposed to high concentrations of prana.

Wilhelm Reich in his book The Cancer Biopathy describes his research into the effect of prana on cancer development and treatment. He shows how cancer cells originate from body cells that are deficient in prana and how cancer cells are destroyed by blood cells that are highly charged with prana.

Prana is high in green surroundings and especially tree-clad hilltops and mountains. It is high in the air on sunny days but low on dull days or at night. It is exceptionally concentrated in rainwater collected after a heavy shower on a sunny day. Use such highly charged rainwater for washing and drinking. In polluted areas purify it with a jug-type carbon filter before ingestion. In addition, fresh rainwater and especially from thunderstorms, has a beneficial negative electric charge, but this is discharged and lost if the rainwater comes in contact with a metal.

Prana is much enriched in cascading sunlit streams and even in artificial sunlit cascades. Water can also be improved by exposing it to sunlight before use. Fresh fruit and vegetables stored in the dark and especially in a refrigerator become much healthier if exposed to sunlight before eating.

Revitalizing may be the most important task with chronic diseases and especially with cancer and for rejuvenation. Healthy blood charged with bio-energy readily destroys cancer cells and disease germs. Methods to vitalize are the use of fresh raw juices, walking barefoot on dewy grass, deep breathing exercises, meditation, energy healing and cultivation, also devices such as magnets, cones and pyramids.

Freshly cut grass emits a strong radiation of bio-energy. In a similar way, a 'hay cure' was formerly used with good results as a folk remedy for many diseases. The patient was immersed for hours in freshly cut hay or sometimes in fresh leaves. Kirlian photography shows that cut leaves and grasses lose most of their prana within a few hours. This outpouring energy can be used to radiate a tumor or a weak organ with a strong charge of prana by keeping a pack of freshly cut grass over the area in contact with the skin. The pack should be renewed every few hours.

Morning dew on fresh grass is another source of highly concentrated prana. Walk on it barefoot for 10-20 minutes, rub the dew with your hands onto your bare skin all over the body or if warm enough even roll with bare skin in the dewy grass. When walking barefoot on green grass psychics can see an expansion of the aura.

It is equally important to conserve our bio-energy by living in or visiting surroundings high in bio-energy, generally those in sunny locations and with luxurious plant growth, but also in the mountains or at the seashore. Some individuals claim to have lived on prana in the mountains but that would not normally be possible in a city. Males lose much bio-energy through ejaculation and should minimize such loss in case of cancer, AIDS and other debilitating diseases. Instead they may try Karezza-type (caressing with slow movements) lovemaking.

Basically there are 5 main sources of bio-energy:

•  the recharging of our etheric body during deep sleep;

•  through ingesting fresh raw food, juices and charged water;

•  breathing prana-rich air;

•  through meditation and guided imagery;

•  stepped-down energy entering directly through the chakra system, especially the crown chakra.

A high body charge of prana, visible to psychics as a strong and clear aura, is a main requirement for overcoming chronic diseases. Therefore, improve your changes of recovery by exposing yourself to high concentrations of prana in any or several of these indicated ways. If you have the opportunity, visit also known ancient or natural power spots or high-energy areas.

However, there is also bad, negative and potentially dangerous bio-energy. This is associated with diseased and polluted conditions, also with radioactivity. It appears that healthy bio-energy is moving or spinning at a certain frequency. When bio-energy stagnates, as with energy blocks in our body, it becomes more dense and with a slower vibration or spin. This negative energy not only acts to maintain a diseased state, it may also be absorbed by an unsuspecting healer and then cause health problems in his or her body.

Flowing water is a great cleanser and may be used in different way to remove negative energy. In addition to recharging our energies, walking on green grass, especially when moist, is a great cleanser. It helps to draw out stagnant bio-energy and static electricity and may balance our internal ion distribution.

Vivaxis Energies

Vivaxis is a term coined by Frances Nixon for etheric energy beams that link us to specific locations. The most important one of these is our birth vivaxis, linking us to key energy points near the place of our birth in a two-way circuit. Perhaps migrating birds and insects find their distant destinations by being able to sense and follow these vivaxis beams. This would also explain how dogs sometimes cover hundreds of miles of unknown territory to unexpectedly turn up at their owner's house. In addition, there are Earth beams circling our planet. These contain the frequencies of all the elements necessary for life and are related to our individual energy fields by our vivaxis energies.

Health problems may arise if our energy absorption from these essential energy beams is disturbed. This may happen as a general planetary condition after nuclear testing or, on a more individual scale, if we live in dwellings encased by metal (for example, aluminum coating or insulation, steel-reinforced concrete, wire mesh). Furthermore, our internal energy receptors may become disturbed after exposure to X-rays or other strong electromagnetic radiation, by wrongly applied strong magnets, prolonged mental stress, by marijuana, vibrating tools, infrasonic waves, environmental imbalances, pesticides as well as toxic chemicals in various drugs, foods and cosmetics.

Foreign vivaxes to which we may become linked can be created by hypnotism, strong magnets, electrical acupuncture treatment and pulse-wave machines, accidentally received electric shocks, and even contact healing and reflexology and acupressure, especially if a therapist exerts strong pressure, on bilateral points. Some of these foreign vivaxes can disturb our natural-force flows before they gradually disappear. On a certain energy level we seem to remain linked to everyone whom we ever touched.


For increasing or maintaining our health and vitality it is advisable to work directly with our life-force, cultivating it as the Chinese masters say. There are two main aspects to this energy cultivation. First we learn to accumulate bio-energy or prana and then we practice circulating it through our body. Our main energy intake and distribution system is the chakra system. Chakras are comparable to major power stations while the acupuncture meridians may be seen as the main power transmission lines.


Fig. 2: The Main Chakras

Chakras are vortex-like energy centers. Commonly seven major chakras are mentioned, six of which are rooted in the spine and one at the top of the head. We receive a main intake of chakra energies through the crown chakra from where it flows from one chakra to the other, being modified, used and condensed, and finally flows through the acupuncture meridians which, in turn, nourish the internal organs and muscles.

A health problem in a certain area of the body is usually associated with a disturbed function of the chakra governing this region. Normalizing and harmonizing our chakra functions is important for the healing of specific aspects as well as for increasing our available energy in general and for becoming whole and balanced.

Functioning like a prism, the chakra system separates the incoming white etheric light into the seven etheric rainbow colors. Each color is of special importance for the glands and organs situated near the corresponding chakra. During meditation and relaxation exercises you may visualize these glands and organs bathed in their designated chakra colors.

The characteristics of the seven main chakras can be seen from the following table. In addition, there are many more secondary chakras, important are especially the spleen chakra, one over the thymus gland and for energy transfer also those in the palms of the hands. Furthermore, each of the higher or finer energy bodies, such as the emotional or astral and the mental body have their own chakra system with different colors and other characteristics.

The corresponding chakras in the different bodies are interconnected. The more we spiritually develop, the greater becomes the exchange of energy between the different bodies, generally the energy flowing from the finer to the denser bodies. An excellent set of books on energy healing, energy bodies and the chakra systems are Hands of Light and Light Emerging by Barbara Ann Brennan (Bantam).

The Main Chakras or Energy Centers

Name / Location
Sanskrit Name
Associated Gland
Etheric Colour
Spinal Location
& Energy Aspect
Sacral 4
Will to live, survival, vitality, grounding, Earth energies
Lumbar 1
Sexual energy, physical creativity, acceptance or distortion of self
Solar Plexus
Dorsal 8
Emotionally relating to others and society, power distortions, feeling safe
Dorsal 1
Spiritual feelings: universal love, compassion
Cervical 3
Communication, creating with words and sounds, expressing our truth
Forehead or brow
Cervical 1
Higher mentality, visualization, self-acceptance. intuition, co-creation
Spirituality, connection to Higher Self and Divinity

You may experiment with two complementary methods of increasing your energy store. In one you imagine energy entering through the crown chakra while in the other you imagine that you retain the prana that you inhale with the air. With some practice you may even combine both exercises and do them at the same time. The main rule in all of this is that energy flow follows our awareness and intentions.

Chakra Exercises

Sit or lie in a relaxed position and focus on one chakra at each session. Start with the crown chakra or crown center. Keep your awareness centered at the top of your head until you feel a light pressure, warmth, tingling or other sensation developing in that area. Whatever you can feel, intensify it. However, it is preferable to replace any feeling of pressure with a feeling of warmth as soon as that can be done in order to avoid an uncomfortable pressure from building up.

You may also imagine a stream of white light entering the top of the head or you may visualize an energy vortex in this position. It spins clockwise in the northern hemisphere and anti-clockwise in the southern hemisphere. You may combine all or several of these imaginations and use whatever is most suitable to develop a feeling awareness of this chakra.

Repeat focusing on the same chakra in subsequent sessions until you can easily feel its presence. Then move to the forehead chakra. In addition to trying to feel a light pressure or warmth, it is helpful to close your eyes and focus them as if looking at the inside of the center between your brows. You may also imagine the white light flowing into the top of your head where it turns violet and then continues to flow into the forehead center and illuminates it with an indigo color.

With the throat chakra you may use similar imagery but finally making it a blue color. In addition you may feel the warmth of your outgoing breath first in your nose and then transfer this feeling to the throat. Intensify the warmth and combine it with the blue in a pulsating rhythm.

With the heart chakra also try another method: imagine that your breath moves in and out the chest through the middle of your chest bone. You can try this imaginary breathing through skin and bone also with any of the other chakras, it just is easiest to learn at the heart center.

In this way also learn to feel the lower chakras, the solar plexus, the pubic and the base chakra. Imagine the base chakra as an energy vortex that points to the base of the spine. With this, the crown vortex and the base vortex are like an hourglass that is separated by the length of the spine. All the other chakra vortexes are perpendicular to the spine. For further information on chakras and energy work see The Love Cure. Actually the best and safest way of developing the chakra system is by living appropriately in all life situations with a strong flow of positive feelings related to the various energy centers.

Storing Prana

To accumulate and store prana from the air, imagine that the inhaled breath consists of two parts, the physical air molecules as well as the prana. During inhalation the lungs automatically separate the prana from the air molecules. You only exhale the 'empty' air while the prana flows to where you lead it with your conscious attention. The body uses the abdomen with its high water content as a storage reservoir of excess bio-energy.

To energize the abdomen, you imagine and try to feel the breath energy moving directly into the abdomen during inhalation. When exhaling you imagine that you press the energy down so that it becomes compressed at the bottom of the abdomen. With each successive breath more compressed energy accumulates until the target area feels sufficiently energized. You may feel this as warmth, tingling, pressure or any other sensation.

If you can visualize colors, you may also try to see the energy being stored as a golden-yellow fluid that gradually fills the whole abdomen. Initially you may also see it filling the whole abdomen like a gas with a very faint color that becomes more intense with each breath. However, it is not enough just to visualize, it is essential also feeling the energy.

Another important consideration is the actual prana content of the air that you breathe. You gain the most energy when the air is high in prana, such as outdoors in natural surroundings on a sunny day. However, most of the time you will be doing this exercise in far less than ideal conditions. Nevertheless, do persevere with it while trying to maximize the prana in your inhaled air by opening windows, exercising on a sunny day and minimizing negative elements, such as electromagnetic forces and synthetics in your room.

In contrast to accumulating prana through breathing, there is no such restriction when taking in energy through the top of the head, as this comes from another dimensional level. But as both energies have different frequencies and complement each other, it is beneficial to work with both methods.

Circulating the Energy

A Chinese exercise to increase our energy and wellbeing is circulating life-force energy in what is called the microcosmic orbit. Start with accumulating energy either through the crown center or by condensing breath energy and lead it into the abdomen.

When you have a good feeling sensation of the energy in the abdomen, imagine this sensation flowing into the pubic center. Intensify the sensation until you can feel the pubic chakra quite well and then let the energy flow into the perineum and the base of the spine. Feel the energy there in any way you can, in addition you may envision it having a red color in this area.

Now imagine a valve opening at the tailbone and with each inhalation you lift part of the energy to a point in the spine behind the pubic center. When you can feel it well, be it as pressure, warmth, tingling or any other sensations, lift the energy with your breath to a point behind the solar plexus center. If you find that you can lift the energy better during exhalations or by paying no attention to the breath at all, which is fine as well, experiment and use the method that works best for you.

As you continue to lift the energy to the back of the heart center and then to the back of the neck you imagine that your spine is a straight hollow tube through which the energy flows following your intentions. Next concentrate the energy at the back of the head and finally at the top of the head. Reinforce it with the energy entering the top of the head and then lead it down into the forehead center. It helps during the whole exercise but especially at this time to touch the roof of the mouth with the tip of the tongue. This makes it easier for the energy to flow further down into the blue throat center and then into the heart center.

To complete the exercise, lead the energy further down into the natural storage area for excess energy behind the navel. Imagine that it flows towards the center of a spiral where it is condensed and stored as a ball of energy in the abdomen, ready for future use. When needed, this energy may be reactivated with your intention and used for healing yourself or others by directing it with your mind where you want it to go. It may also be used for tasks with high-energy requirement and is the same energy that masters of the martial arts aim to cultivate and use.

In addition to circulating the energy in this 'microcosmic orbit' you may sometimes include the extremities in a so-called 'macrocosmic orbit'. After circulating several times in the microcosmic orbit stop at the perineum and divert the energy down the back of the legs. Pause at the back of the knees and try to feel the two smaller energy vortexes there. Then continue guiding the energy down the back of the calves and around the outer ankles. Feel another set of minor chakras in the center of the soles of your feet and finally lead the energy up again along the insides of the legs. Circle around the knees and back to the perineum to continue the microcosmic orbit.

At the top of the back divide the energy again and lead it under the armpits and down the inside of the arms. Focus for a moment on the inside of the elbows, then go to the middle of the palms and feel another pair of minor chakras there. Let the energy flow out the tips of the fingers and then move up the outside of the arms to reconnect with the microcosmic orbit where you left it.

When you can readily feel the circulating energy and the various centers on its path, you may sometimes use a short-form to quickly energize and center yourself. Imagine the energy entering the top of the head and rapidly jumping down from one center to the next to the base of the spine. Then with one inhalation lift the energy to the top of the head and with the next exhalation drop it again down to the base.

Continue to circulate it in this way until you feel energized. You may, of course, switch the breathing cycle and lift the energy up the spine during exhalation if that suits you better. In a similar way may you sometimes lead the energy very rapidly around the macrocosmic with one long exhalation down the legs or arms and with the following slow inhalation back up again. In all this energy work imagine and feel the energy moving below the surface of the skin. For detailed instructions on daily practices to accumulate prana and use it for healing see the books by Mantak Chia such as Awaken Healing Light of the Tao (Healing Tao Books) or visit

Energizing the Body

In another method, you imagine your spine to be a hollow tube. While inhaling you imagine the prana flowing up the tube to the top and during the subsequent exhalation you let the energy again drop down the spinal tube to the base. Until you are well advanced in energy works do not more than ten such breathing cycles at any one time. With all energy exercises involving the spine try to keep it straight, either sitting up straight (but relaxed) or lying stretched out on the back. However you may practice these exercises anywhere, anytime, such as when driving or waiting somewhere or walking or doing housework, the more the better.

Another recommended way of cultivating the inner energies is through slow movements while focusing on the sensations that the awakened energy flows may produce. This is done with exercises such as Tai Chi. See also for free books and instructions. However, you may not need to learn the structured Tai Chi sequence and just experiment with your own slow improvised movements.

Widespread, especially in China, is the practice of Qigong. You draw energy into the body with a combination of breathing, movements and guided imagery. This is especially effective if done in an energized outside area such as standing barefoot on grass, in a park, at the beach or in the mountains. There are many books and websites giving instructions in Qigong.

A relatively easy way of learning to feel bio-energy is to shake the body and especially the arms and hands rapidly for about a minute. At the same time breathe deep and fast and then suddenly stop. Remain completely still with the arms slightly raised in front of your abdomen or chest as if holding a large beach ball. Concentrate on the sensation in your hands and arms. Then start slowly moving your arms and your body. Try to intensify whatever energy sensation you feel. When you can feel the energy strongly, you may mentally lead it to an area of the body where you have a particular health problem. Alternatively you may radiate the energy out of the palms of your hands to where you want to energize yourself. It is good to do this as a regular daily exercise.

Finally, you may directly energize a weak or diseased organ or part of the body by feeling or breathing into it. If you keep your attention focused on a particular area of your body, then you may feel it becoming warm and possibly tingling after some time. You may then use imagery to intensify the warmth or tingling. Also imagine that your breath or the prana from your breath flows into this area and accelerates its healing.

Even without a specific problem, you may focus on one organ after another and in this way energize the whole body. Once you can easily feel the warmth in a chosen target area, you may develop a sequence by energizing first the chakras, starting with the crown chakra, then circulate the energy a few times, and finally energize individual organs or areas of the body. Also during your daily activities try to remain aware of the energies in various parts of your body.

For further information on chakras and energy work see 'The Love Cure'. Actually the best and safest way to develop the chakra system is by living appropriately in all life situations with a strong flow of a variety of positive feelings. Most healthy individuals have their 3 lower chakras reasonably well developed. Therefore we need to concentrate mainly on developing the 4 higher chakras. The quality of our chakra system shows our position on the larger scale of spiritual evolution.


Various shapes like pyramids and cones have been shown to concentrate prana. Some healers have patients stay in pyramids with good results. I also experimented with Reichian orgone accumulators, small pyramids and cones. In one instance I connected a wire screen placed over the tumor area of a patient to the top of a 60cm high pyramid. After only one treatment the patient developed a high fever during the night, which is excellent for destroying tumors. In another experiment the energy radiated from a cone over a short distance produced a strong reddening of the skin as from sunburn, showing that these energies are real. One of my patients had melanoma metastases recurring after an earlier operation. These disappeared within two weeks mainly from frequent packs of fresh grass.

On tumors and areas of infection and inflammation you may use an energy suction tube to draw off excess energy. Place one end of a metal tube, about 60 to 150 cm long, in a bucket of cold water or another large volume of water. Lightly press the upper end against the area of overactivity and keep it in this position for 10 to 30 minutes without holding the tube with the hands. Do this daily until the condition is normalized.

Bio-energy can be generated not only by certain shapes, such as pyramids and cones, and materials such as crystals and precious metals, but also by metals and non-metals arranged in alternating layers. This is the principle of the orgone accumulator invented by Wilhelm Reich. He built large boxes for patients to sit in or smaller boxes, called shooters, from which the energy was directed through a flexible hollow pipe to the body of the patient.

My understanding of the principle of energy accumulation is as follows. Our planet is enveloped in a deep layer of prana (bio-energy) generated by the sun. This prana envelope has been observed to move from West to East most of the time. When this prana flow encounters a suitable material shape, it forms a vortex around and within this obstruction, similar to flowing water or air forming vortexes under similar conditions. This increases the prana concentration within the structure. In Reichian orgone accumulators the prana flow is being condensed by the specific arrangement of the materials.

When charging drinking water, be aware that prana does not appear to flow or radiate through glass. Therefore it is preferable to keep the water in high-quality plastic containers for charging with bio-energy, be it exposure to sunlight or keeping it in a pyramid, or radiating it with a Chi-generator or other commercial energy device. With sun-exposure you may, of course, keep the water in an open or plastic-covered ceramic bowel.

Pyramid Energy

In pyramids the energy moves as a vortex, entering at the base and flowing out at the apex. Therefore, apex energy is used to charge and stimulate while an area below a pyramid (shaped as a mirror pyramid) sedates. Inside the effect appears to be slightly sedating at the base and stimulating higher up.

Pyramids commonly are small-scale replicas of the Great pyramid of Giza. One of the four sides should face magnetic north. The measurements are height 1 unit, base 1.5708 units and sides 1.4945 units (measured along the midline, not along the edges). The sides form an angle of 51º 51' to the base. However, newer research seems to indicate that many different pyramid-like and cone-like shapes have the potential to accumulate energies, even, for instance a three-sided pyramid.

Avoid metal in its construction, especially sheet metal or wire mesh (except for copper or precious metal sheeting at the apex). Walls do not appear to be essential. However, a pyramid-shaped capstone at the apex and a bottom plate will increase the energy generation considerably. The capstone may be in form of copper sheeting of the top 10 % of the pyramid or of a small copper pyramid as the apex. Also keep unnecessary metal (e.g. watches) out of the pyramid when using it and place the pyramid away from strong electrical fields. One side of the pyramid should point towards magnetic north.

For easy shifting and storage you may build 2 sides of an open frame and hook them together at the base with 2 base-length pieces of timber. In addition or instead of a pyramid big enough to sit in, you may build one or two small cardboard pyramids. You may then place the apex of one pyramid under your bed or (wooden) chair, pointing to the base of the spine or any part of the body that you want to strengthen, while the other pyramid may be placed with the base over a diseased area or over the head.

However, the most convenient and effective way may be to have a pyramid outside in a dry, sunny location and lead the energy inside the house through an insulated electric wire coming through the apex. At the end of this you may attach a wire screen covered with a pillowcase and sit on it or keep your feet on it or place it where the body needs healing. The energy generated by the pyramid varies according to the strength of the energy field in the environment. It is generally high in sunshine, elevated positions, green surroundings and low at night, during the rain and inside modern houses.

The pyramid shape concentrates bio-energy. This can be used for healing or recharging, by sitting or lying inside a pyramid. The strongest force is one-third up from the base, the position of the King's Chamber. There appears to be an energy vortex spiraling upwards to the top (apex) and another one from the apex downwards, but spiraling in the opposite direction. Both energy streams seem to have stimulating properties, but on different levels. A sedating energy field is created in an imaginary, inverted pyramid below the base of the physical pyramid.

Generally, work with pyramid energies is still in the experimental stage and you should approach these energies carefully and with self-observation. Start experimenting with small pyramids before building a big one. For treatment inside the pyramid, the direction in which the head points when lying down seems to be important and the best position may differ for each person, time and condition. Become sensitive, and experiment.


Cones seem to have properties similar to those of pyramids. You may experiment with a metal cone or a cardboard cone covered on both sides with aluminum foil. The cone may be 30 to 60 cm high, and the wide end is best sealed. The most important requirement is a right angle formed by the sides at the apex. If the angle is wider, the energy of the cone will be focused, as with a lens, while a more acute angle seems to disperse it. A beam of energy with apparently stimulating properties comes out of the tip of the cone and may be projected over a long distance. The energy may be led off the apex by a wire as described for the pyramid. A stronger force is generated if the cone is more than three feet above the ground.

Covering the head with an open cone or a pyramid-shaped hat may be done to use the sedating force below these forms during meditation or to increase psychic awareness. Perhaps this is the reason why sorcerers and magicians are often depicted with cone-shaped hats. However, when trying to use cones for health improvement it is preferable to use galvanized iron rather than aluminum, due to a possibly detrimental health effect of aluminum-conducted energies.

Orgone Accumulator

Orgone is the term for bio-energy coined by Wilhelm Reich. The accumulator consists of alternating layers of metal and non-metal (for example, natural fiber. Commonly 3 alternating layers each of metal and non-metal are used, originally sheet iron and wood, but now more commonly steel wool and sheep wool or other fiber. The outermost layer must be a non-metal and the innermost layer a metal. The basic principle is that the organic or non-metal layer tends to attract and hold the bio-energy, while the metal layer radiates or reflects it. This causes the energy to drift from the outside of the box towards the center.

As an objective measurement of the higher energy charge inside the accumulator there is a higher temperature inside the box as compared to the outside. But it does not even have to be a box; one may just wrap alternating layers of a metal and a non-metal. This is the called a power pack. The easiest and cheapest way is to wrap alternating layers of aluminum foil with paper or plastic foil. However, various healers came to the conclusion that the energy generated with aluminum is not beneficial for our health and that it is best to use iron as a metal, either as galvanized iron or steel wool. Also copper, brass and zinc are good.

If a person is to sit inside, the inside wall should be reasonably close to the body, but not touching it. A window and air vent may be put in the door. Treatment may be 30-60 minutes daily. Reich reported good success with cancer treatment. As with pyramids, the energy may be conducted out of the accumulator and used externally on a person or for experimenting. The charge within the accumulator varies according to the bio-energy content of the surroundings. It is high on sunny days and low at night and on rainy or cloudy days. For more information and interesting articles on orgone energy see the books of Wilhelm Reich.

CAUTION: Orgone accumulators can be 'poisoned' by radioactivity and may then cause headache, nausea and possibly diseases. Do not use if radioactive clouds from atomic tests are suspected. Do not take a wristwatch inside or close to an accumulator. Earth the accumulator with a steel pipe connected to a stream, underground water or a bucket full of water that may be renewed from time to time. Disconnect the earthing when using the accumulator. According to some orgone research sources the orgone energy in cities presently is so polluted that it is not safe and advisable to use orgone accumulators in these conditions. Preferably use it outside city areas in a less polluted and more natural environment.

Bion Packs

Wilhelm Reich also experimented with other ways of generating orgone energy that are not susceptible to poisoning. He found that strong orgone energy could be liberated from beach sand (silica?). After heating some sand to incandescence in the flame of a Bunsen burner he plunged it into water. Within minutes he could observe under the microscope the blue orgone ‘bions’ (individualized units of bio-energy). When bion-water was kept in a culture medium for several weeks, the water and the darkroom became highly charged and filled with the characteristic bluish glow of orgone energy (Wilhelm Reich: The Cancer Biopathy).

While working in this room in winter and without being exposed to the sun, Reich developed a deep tan all over his body and felt ‘extremely vigorous’. He also used bion solutions experimentally to treat various disease symptoms. When bion solutions were injected into experimental animals they killed or immobilized pathogenic bacteria and cancer cells.

He also made bion packs by several times boiling beach sand or clay for 15 minutes (no microwave) and then freezing it. You may fill some heavy fabric, such as a sock, with sand like a sausage. Tie the open end and boil it for 15 minutes. Then wrap the ‘sausage’ in additional wax paper or plastic and freeze it solid. When using a pack for the first time, alternate the boiling and freezing several times. Before placing it over a diseased part of the body, let it sufficiently cool and drain off excess water.

It is preferable to use the pack as warm as possible. Therefore use additional cloth insulation, which may gradually be removed as the pack cools. It continues radiating to some degree after cooling off. Therefore there is no time limit for how long you can keep it on; although I assume that it is more beneficial when it is warm or hot. The pack can be re-activated on subsequent days simply by boiling it again. Let the pack dry out when not in use and preferably expose it to the sun for several hours between each application.


Orgonite is the newest and most promising concept for generating bio-energy. It is a mixture of about equal parts of metal particles and a solidified organic component, such as polyester resin or beeswax. This is a further development of the methods of Wilhelm Reich as it not only accumulates but also generates or better regenerates orgone energy. Tests have shown that orgonite does not become poisoned but rather has the ability to convert the ‘deadly orgone’ or ‘Dor’ that is produced by radioactivity and nuclear plants into healthy bluish orgone energy.

You can easily build an orgone generator yourself by following the instructions for the “HHG” on You can use different versions of it to improve the life force energy inside your house, to charge your water with life force or to treat the body directly.

While aluminum embedded in polyester or epoxy resin is more convenient to use for outdoor applications, for inside the house and bodywork I recommend instead using other metals, such as copper and brass with the metal particles embedded preferably in beeswax or alternatively stearin (stearic acid) or paraffin wax. It is also possible to make ceramic orgonite by mixing clay, especially polymer clay, with metal particles before firing. Crystals, precious stones, magnets and various spirals are often added to enhance the power or healing vibrations of the orgonite.

Metal pipes, especially copper, crystals, magnets, spirals and specific shapes, such as cones and pyramids are used to point the outflow of the orgone energy in a specific direction.

Crystals, Gems and Metals

Crystals and precious stones may be worn for their beneficial radiation. Crystals should be naturally grown, not manufactured. The best effects are achieved if worn directly on the skin. To regenerate the healing power of a gem, one may keep it in a silk bag when it is not worn. Use muscle testing, the pendulum or other psychic means to assess which crystal, stone or metal suits you, where to wear it and for how long. Alternatively, make your selection according to the rules of color therapy.

Some recommendations of Edgar Cayce, the famous American Psychic, were as follows:

•  Attunement to healing: amethyst, bloodstone, chrysolite, pearl

•  Attunement to infinity: diamond, lapis lazuli, ruby

•  Greater stamina: agate and amethyst

•  Meditation and psychic abilities: lapis linguis

•  Strengthening mucus membranes: carbon steel close to groin

•  Strengthening: lapis lazuli, bloodstone, moonstone, pearl, topaz

    For further information consult the book Gems and Stones by Edgar Cayce and many others.

Gems have also been used for healing in the form of powders and irradiated solutions. Gem therapy, as this healing method is known, is still very much at an experimental stage. For experimentation with solutions you may use the following guidelines.

Select a suitable gem or precious metal by muscle testing or by psychic means (write the name of the gem to be tested on a slip of paper and hold it near the navel while simultaneously concentrating mentally on this name). Try to obtain the gem or metal that is most strengthening. Immerse it in a shallow bowl of unpolluted water and expose this to sun and moonlight for about five days. The bowl may be covered with clear plastic but not with glass. Then pour the solution into a bottle.

Take a sip once a day for up to six months. Use close self-observation and/or muscle testing and stop if any unwanted symptoms arise. If in doubt, it may be safer to take a 3X or 6X homeopathic dilution of the irradiated water, especially in the case of precious metals. If you lack in energy, experiment with a ruby. Edgar Cayce recommended alternating the radiation of gold and silver. Gold improves the circulation and silver the nervous system. Together, according to Edgar Cayce, they may 'almost double the present life-span'. Use pure gold and silver (preferably at least 99% pure).

Commercial Energy Devices

Commercial 'Chi Generators' usually combine the principle of the power pack or orgonite with magnetic or electromagnetic pulses. Other commonly used products are Purple Plates, Tachyon Products and copper coils.

'Purple Plates' are claimed to have the atomic structure of aluminum plates rearranged so that one side emits beneficial bio-energy. A large plate can be kept under the bed or mattress to help shield the body from harmful earth rays and provide beneficial energies in addition. Also food and drink can be energized by keeping these on the plate for some time before ingestion.

Tachyon products are claimed to be permanently energized. For specific health problems you may keep a Tachyon product as close as possible to the site of the complaint, such as pain or a tumor, also try wristbands and headbands. Wristbands may improve the blood circulation as with cold hands and feet. The available energy cells may be taped over the problem area or kept in a pouch. For specific complaints select the color of tachyon cells according to the rules of color therapy. You may also use them to stimulate the chakras during meditation with cells of the appropriate color.

Some feel good wearing Tachyon products day and night while others need to take them off overnight to get a good sleep. Generally I recommend combining both - Tachyon products and purple plates - using Tachyon products mainly on the body and the relatively cheap large purple plates to energize food and drink and to keep under the bed or mattress.

Copper coils may be used to energize drinking water or protect against harmful earth radiation and electropollution. From my experience with these energy products I am satisfied that they generally do work.

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