Your body always tries to fulfill your expectations, or your inner fears.
Therefore, have great expectations. . . expect to be how you want to be.

Most individuals come to this site in search of a specific remedy to cure their problems. However, holistic healing does not work this way. If you do not first establish a solid foundation for good health, then a magic bullet may only give temporary relief, and other health problems keep cropping up. Therefore, the guiding principle of this website is to first get the basics right and then further improve and maintain health through a natural lifestyle. With this approach you can expect most health problems to disappear without specific remedies. The remaining, more deep-seated problems can then be more easily diagnosed and treated with specific methods.

Here are the basic conditions that you need to work on first:

1.  Intestinal sanitation – clean out the gastro-intestinal tract, remove old waste accumulations and pathogenic microbes, and
     replace them with pro-biotic lacto-bacteria

2.  A short cleansing period to reduce the levels of toxic waste accumulated in the body

3.  Test your food for allergies and sensitivities

4.  Make sure that you have good water for drinking and cooking

5.  Check whether your body is too acid or too alkaline and start correcting any imbalance

6.  Sanitize your living and working conditions, especially in regard to electro-pollution

7.  Adopt a healthy diet that is suitable for your blood group or metabolic type

8.  Take steps to eliminate pathogenic microbes and parasites from your body

9.  Check for and try to correct any obvious nutritional deficiencies

Preferably combine the first three steps as described in The Basic Cleanse. Then work on steps 4 to 7.
You can do that to any degree and in any order that suits you. However, I suggest that you go through these steps fairly quickly, attend to the main problems, and then work your way through them a second time more slowly and thoroughly. For step 4 see the article on Living Water, for step 5 see The Acid – Alkaline Balance, for step 6 see Healthy Living and Electromagnetic Pollution, and for step 7 start with the High-Quality Diet in Healing Foods.

Most of us have some active or low-level chronic infections, or dormant pockets of microbes or parasites. For several weeks or months, perhaps once a year, make a concentrated effort to eliminate pathogenic microbes and parasites from your body. The Basic Cleanse is designed to eliminate these from the gastro-intestinal tract, but there may be others in the blood, the lymph system, in the jawbone, liver or urinary tract. Preferably combine an electronic blood purifier or zapper with suitable herbal remedies. I like using pau d’arco or taheebo in high concentration (see Purple Lapacho at, in addition to wormwood (one teaspoon of powder per day, wash down with liquid). You may also use colloidal silver and oxygen therapy. With virus infections also high-level vitamin C and L-lysine are effective (see under [I] in Infections & Inflammations in Specific Health Problems).
During anti-microbial therapies supplement with pro-biotic acidophilus.

Nutritional deficiencies are more difficult to discover, but most will disappear on their own after working through steps 1 to 8, and adopting a High-Quality Diet in addition to using food concentrates, such as spirulina or chlorella, bee-pollen, ground linseed, lecithin, kelp and cod liver oil. For remaining problems check the list of Deficiency Symptoms. Any major remaining deficiencies tend to be due to low gastric acid levels and malabsorption. To correct these see Intestinal Sanitation in Healing Foods and Malabsorption in Part 2 of Specific Health Problems.

If you want to improve your health still further, or if you have a difficult and unresponsive disease condition, increase the raw food content of your diet to about 90%. In addition, work on your emotions and attitudes, especially use guided energy imagery and the Emotional Freedom Technique described in Mind Tools. Your body always tries to fulfill your inner fears or expectations. Therefore, have great expectations; expect to be how you want to be. During the course of your health improvement program you are likely to encounter cleansing or healing reactions. Get an understanding of this topic by reading the article on The Healing Crisis.

Disclaimer: The aim of this web site is to provide information on using natural healing methods to aid in the treatment of illness and health improvement.
The author cannot accept any legal responsibility for any problem arising from experimenting with these methods. For any serious disease,
or if you are unsure about a particular course of action, seek the help of a competent health professional.

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