by Walter Last

Water has the ability to attract and accumulate bio-energy. It also stores an energy memory of harmful or helpful vibrations to which it was exposed in the past. This is the basis of homeopathy. Our chlorinated tap water is polluted with non-biological chemicals and negative energy imprints. It is also devoid of bio-energy and so may be regarded as being badly polluted as well as 'dead'.

Contaminated water may be filtered, distilled or treated with reverse osmosis but it remains dead unless it is then energized to make it a 'living' water that can improve our health. While polluted and dead tap water can contribute to the deterioration of our health, living water is one of the greatest healers.

Ideally, healthy, living water should have the following properties:

•  Purity – being free of unhealthy chemical and biological contamination as well as negative vibrations or frequencies

•  Minerals - it should be well mineralised with calcium, magnesium and trace minerals

•  Low Surface Tension due to the small cluster size of water molecules, becoming ‘microwater’

•  Antioxidant Activity – it should have an abundance of negative hydrogen measurable as a negative oxidation-reduction potential (ORP)

•  Vibrations – carrying positive, health-promoting vibrations

•  Bio-Energy – being strongly charged with life-force.

All of these health-giving properties are naturally present in sunlit, cascading mountain streams. While it is easy to produce water meeting several of these requirements, there are some problems getting all of them in the same water. A main problem is the present lack of reliable measuring devices for bio-energy and the quality and strength of vibrations.

Purity is easiest to achieve with readily available filters, distillers and reverse osmosis. I have no strong preference for any particular method as long as you feel assured that your purified water is free of chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals, pesticides and microbes.

However, most of these methods, in addition to the nasties, take also the beneficial minerals out, which I recommend to put back into the water afterwards. This requires more expensive systems and causes high operating costs. Instead I recommend using a much cheaper filter that only removes pollutants and leaves beneficial minerals in the water (e.g. KDF/GAC in-line or bench top filters - see Resources in Australia).

Minerals in our drinking and cooking water supply a sizable part of our overall mineral intake. In living water minerals are largely present in an energized form such as colloids and stabilised within small clusters of water molecules. I know of individuals who became badly de-mineralised from drinking distilled water over a long period. Also reverse osmosis water and rainwater (except if stored in concrete tanks) are commonly very low in minerals.

Using water low in minerals can be beneficial as a temporary measure for ‘calcified’ individuals with high blood pressure, those who might otherwise use chelation therapy, but it is detrimental for anyone with low blood pressure. Overall the most important bulk mineral commonly supplied with our drinking water is magnesium. There are various studies showing the beneficial effect of high magnesium levels on the rates of common diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease as well as bone and dental disorders.

Therefore, to re-mineralise your purified water you may just add a teaspoonful of (hydrated) magnesium chloride to about 10 litres of water. Alternatively, you may add a spoonful of sea-mineral liquid or ‘Bitterns’, that is the brine left over after salt has crystallised out of the seawater. In addition to being very high in magnesium it also contains all trace minerals. Alternatively, you may just add a reasonable amount of commercially available colloidal minerals.

Low Surface Tension is a common by-product of energising water. Water contains organised clusters of water molecules, also called liquid crystals, surrounded by large numbers of randomly moving single water molecules. In normal water these clusters are larger and there are fewer of them. Energized or living water contains many more liquid crystals and of a smaller average size, forming cage-like structures of about 6 molecules. Due to this effect energized water may also be called ‘microwater’.

The smaller clustering causes a lowering of the surface tension of the water. It makes the water ‘wetter’ and more easily absorbed. It also becomes more like the water in fresh fruit and vegetables and within our cells. Colloidal minerals and fat-soluble nutrients can become suspended within the water cages and more easily absorbed during digestion. Also various bio-chemicals reduce surface tension, such as lecithin, detergents, soaps and saponins.

Antioxidant Activity

The principle of antioxidant activity is the availability of electrons to neutralise any so-called free radicals with oxidising qualities that may damage biological systems. Living water tends to contain highly reactive loosely bound electrons that react much faster than organic antioxidants to neutralise free radicals. Most of this antioxidant activity is assumed to come from an abundance of negative hydrogen, which is also present in fresh fruits and vegetables.

Such antioxidant-rich water is now commonly produced with water ionisers as electrolysed reduced water (ERW). Alternatively, you may buy capsules of Microhydrin (Royal Body Care). This is a powder containing an abundance of negative hydrogen stabilised with colloidal silica. By dissolving a capsule in water it acquires a high antioxidant or reducing quality.

Furthermore, as we age our body structures lose elasticity; everything becomes more rigid. On a biochemical level this increasing rigidity is due to cross-linking of structural bio-chemicals, which in turn is due to a loss of electrons. Providing the body with an abundance of highly reactive electrons can be expected to slow cross-linking reactions and, with this, the aging process.

In an experiment with mice prone to auto-immune disease a group of mice getting tap water lived an average of 235 days, while another group on electrolysed reduced water lived for 287 days and a third group on strongly reduced water for 346 days.

Finally, all biochemical energy in our body is produced by transferring electrons from food molecules onto inhaled oxygen. Having more available electrons may help us to produce more energy. This may be the reason why some individuals feel more energetic on alkaline ionised or reduced water.

A water ioniser basically consists of a cell or container with two electrodes, which are separated by a membrane to minimise mixing of the water. The electrodes commonly consist of titanium, usually plated with platinum for better resistance to corrosion. When a current is applied, one electrode becomes positive, the anode, while the cathode becomes negative and releases electrons.

Positively charged ions, such as calcium and magnesium, accumulate on the side of the cathode. They form hydroxides and make this fraction of the water alkaline. Negative ions, such as chloride and fluoride move to the anode and, in combination with positive hydrogen ions, make this part of the water more acid. At the same time, an abundance of electrons in the alkaline water leads to the formation of hydrogen gas and negative hydrogen ions, while oxygen and active oxidising species are formed in the acid water.

In through-flow ionisers the amount of reducing activity in the alkaline water depends mainly on the mineral content of the water, the flow rate and the current flow or ioniser setting. With batch ionisers it depends on the voltage of the power source, the size of the electrodes and distance from each other, the mineral content of the water and the duration of ionising.

Higher mineral concentrations are desirable as they require shorter ionising times and produce greater pH and lower ORP changes. It is advisable to use water low in calcium, otherwise the cathode soon becomes coated with calcium deposits during long ionising periods and loses its effectiveness or frequently needs to be cleaned. While the pH can be very high in alkalinity, it is in fact very weak because the mineral density of ionised water is rather low and is easily neutralised.

The negative charge of the alkaline water declines quickly with exposure to light and air and in contact with blank metal and soft plastics. However, in closed brown glass bottles filled to the top or in a cupboard it can keep for days and sometimes weeks.

Batch ionisers in Australia are much cheaper than through-flow ionisers and usually produce more strongly reduced water, aim for an ORP between –500 and –800 mV. You may ask a distributor of water ionisers or a local water treatment or testing company to check the mineral level of your water and possibly the ORP of your alkaline water. For more details on producing ionised water with a high reducing potential see Chasing the High ORP.


This is a rather loose term based on the observation that water seems to retain a memory of various influences to which it has been exposed. These retained memories in turn may influence the user of the water. While this principle has been demonstrated in scientific experiments, scientists doing so have generally been persecuted (e.g. Benveniste). The same happened with homeopathy in general despite double-blind studies showing it to be valid.

There is also a close connection between vibrations and energy: we may regard ‘vibrations’ as an energy imprint on the water. Retained vibrations may be due to chemical, mechanical, electrical or magnetic influences or even to feelings, emotions and possibly even thoughts.

A method to assess the purity or degree of contamination of water was developed by researchers in biodynamics, applying principles suggested by Rudolf Steiner. If a drop of water is added to a concentrated mineral solution such as copper sulfate, it changes its crystallisation pattern. The purer or more beneficial the water, the more harmonious is the crystallisation pattern and vice versa. Polluted water causes confused crystallisation pattern.

Even more spectacular is the work of Masaru Emoto. In his book The Message from Water and on the website:, he shows in countless pictures how the crystallisation pattern of freezing water changes when exposed to human thoughts and feelings. Some of these he did just by typing a positive word, such as ‘love’ or a negative one on a piece of paper and sticking it on a glass of water. The positive word induced a beautiful and symmetrical crystallisation pattern, while the negative word resulted in chaotic or confused crystallisation.

As our biological body contains large amounts of water (e.g. blood, lymph fluid, cells) you may now appreciate what any negative thoughts and feelings are doing to your health. In a similar way we can improve water before ingestion by blessing it with thoughts and feelings of love, joy and peace. We may also hold it for a moment in front of the heart center while doing this.

For special healing effects you may expose water to light in coloured glass or plastic containers or cover the container with coloured cellophane. For cancer therapy green treated water has an overall healing and balancing effect. Yellow and orange are energizing, blue is sedating and anti-inflammatory.

When charging drinking water, be aware that prana does not appear to flow or radiate through glass. Therefore it is preferable to keep the water in high-quality plastic containers for charging with bio-energy, be it exposure to sunlight or keeping it in a pyramid, or radiating it with another commercial energy device. With sun-exposure you may, of course, keep the water in an open or plastic-covered ceramic bowel.

Another possibility is to expose water overnight to a strong magnet. Water exposed to south-pole energy is most suitable with pain, cancer and infectious or inflammatory conditions. North pole water may be used to energize weak muscles and the digestive system, provided there is no inflammation or infection. You may also combine suitable magnet and colour treatment.

Various energized waters are commercially available. You may energize water by keeping it on top of a purple plate or a tachyon cell or exposing it to Prill beads or use Nikken Living Waters. While I expect these methods to improve any ‘dead’ water, I also believe that the energies and vibrations of uncontaminated natural ground, bore or spring water are even more beneficial for us.

You may also keep water in a pyramid or immerse a suitable crystal or precious stone or pure gold or silver in it, possibly while exposed to sunlight and/or moonlight. You may even attach a magnet, crystal, purple plate or tachyon product to the water pipe to improve your shower or bath water or for filling a waterbed.

'Grander' water imparts natural rock vibrations in combination with a vortex formation. A device can be fitted to a tap and then produces running energized water, although the water may need to be chemically decontaminated beforehand. A similar system is a Vortex Energiser in the shape of a spiralling copper device through which the water flows. Another good system is the Wellness Filter in which the water appears to acquire beneficial vibrations by flowing through layers of crushed rocks.

Finally, you may use homeopathic potentising. Water and any active substance dissolved in it, becomes energized by shaking it with a strong downward thrust (see also Homeopathy in this chapter). You may just use any uncontaminated water and shake it in a half-filled bottle or jar forty to one hundred times, the more the better. If possible do the shaking outdoors and best on a dry, sunny day. Instead of potentising just water with its naturally dissolved ingredients, you may add a small amount of a live (unheated) substance that you believe may be good for you. Commonly used are herbal remedies, colloidal minerals, natural vitamins, fresh vegetable juice or just a squashed leaf or a spoonful of urine to stimulate the immune system.


Bio-energy or life force energy is known under many different names, such as Chi, Ki, Od, Orgone or Prana. Our body has a certain potential of bio-energy and any food or drink that we ingest will be adjusted to this level. If we eat fresh raw food, we gain some additional bio-energy. If we eat pre-cooked or processed food and drink 'dead' water, then our body loses bio-energy by charging the ingested food or drink from its own energy store.

In a similar way we lose bio-energy whenever we urinate or have a hair cut. This may be one of the reasons why urine therapy is beneficial. Instead of the usual 'dead' water that drains our energy we drink highly energized urine. Therefore, it is beneficial to energise water or low-energy food before ingesting it.

Rainwater is energized, especially during thunderstorms and as showers on sunny days. However, the maximum benefit is gained if the rainwater is collected and used without touching metal. It appears that good quality rainwater has a beneficial negative electric charge (negative hydrogen ions) that is instantly neutralised by contact with metals. Therefore I recommend keeping energized water away from contact with blank metal. This may also be preferable for fresh raw food and especially when making fresh juices. I expect water from the Great Artesian Basin in Australia, commercially available as Dinosaur Water, to be highly charged (depending on method of bottling) but have not yet tested it.

The simplest energising method is to expose uncontaminated water to sunshine for several hours or days. However, a stronger charge can be achieved more quickly if the water is exposed to a source of bio-energy, such as sunshine, while it is in turbulent motion leading to vortex formations. A high mineral content, especially colloidal silica, appears to help in retaining a high charge.

As prana does not appear to flow or radiate through glass it is preferable to keep the water in high-quality plastic containers for charging with bio-energy from outside sources.

Rudolf Steiner introduced the vortex principle for use in biodynamic agricultural preparations. Vortex energies can be absorbed into the water by first creating a deep vortex in one direction and then immediately reversing direction until another deep vortex has formed. Stir for several minutes with a wooden handle or any suitable flat piece of wood or possibly plastic to create alternating vortexes. Use a large glass or ceramic container or just a plastic bucket about half-filled with uncontaminated water. Electrical vortex machines are available from biodynamic sources for longer charging times.

Charging the water with vortex energy will be more successful when the air is high in bio-energy or orgone energy (a term coined by Wilhelm Reich) as when outside on a sunny afternoon in natural surroundings. The energy is low during the night, on rainy days, in wet surroundings and inside modern houses.

Another possibility suggested by Rudolf Steiner is the use of flow forms to simulate the action of mountain streams. From a reservoir the water cascades through several levels of spiral formations, preferably while exposed to the sun.

You may also extract energy from volcanic rock dust or silica beach sand. Add a spoonful of rock dust to one or several litres of uncontaminated water and use the biodynamic vortex method before letting it settle overnight or longer. You may use the water while it is still milky from the suspended colloidal minerals. Most of the residue settles at the bottom and may eventually be used to fertilize plants. A stronger effect may be achieved by highly heating the rock dust, preferably until it glows red, and then plunging it into water (in an enamel pot).

In addition to clay, charcoal, earth and rock dust, Wilhelm Reich used a similar method with silica beach sand that gave especially strong effects. After heating some sand to incandescence in the flame of a Bunsen burner he plunged it into water. Within minutes he could observe under the microscope the blue orgone ‘bions’ (individualised units of bio-energy). When bion-water was kept in a culture medium for several weeks, the water and the darkroom became highly charged and filled with the characteristic bluish glow of orgone energy (Wilhelm Reich: The Cancer Biopathy).

While working in this room in winter and without being exposed to the sun, Reich developed a deep tan all over his body and felt ‘extremely vigorous’. When bion solutions were injected into experimental animals they killed or immobilized pathogenic bacteria and cancer cells. Alternating several times boiling the sand for 15 minutes (no microwave) and then freezing it is another method of liberating trapped orgone energy to energise water.

Our most common source of energized water is the water content of fresh raw fruit and vegetables. I expect the energy content of organic produce to be much higher than that of commercial produce. Furthermore, most commercial fruit juices are made by adding dead water to dried fruit residue. There is very little life energy in this. This is one of the reasons why fresh juices are so beneficial. One more reason to eat your fruit and vegetables fresh, raw and organic as much as conveniently possible.

Preferably do not store energized water in the refrigerator or near strong electric appliances. If you use this water for cooking then I believe the beneficial energies will be lost by heating to more than 70°C. Best use energized water for drinking, to dilute juices, for enemas and rubbing into the skin. Preferably avoid contacting any energized water with metal. However, if you store drinking water for a longer time add some colloidal silver or hydrogen peroxide to keep it free of moulds and other microbes or possibly put a piece of clean copper or a silver coin at the bottom of the container.

For more information on orgone or bio-energy see Bio-Energies and, or However, recently an important improvement of the original orgone accumulator developed by Wilhelm Reich has become available. This is based on “orgonite”, a mixture of about equal parts of metal particles and resin. This generates orgone energy instead of just accumulating it and it cannot be poisoned like conventional accumulators. You can easily build an orgone generator yourself by following the instructions for the “HHG” on

You can use different versions of it to improve the life force energy inside your house, to charge your water with life force or to treat the body directly. When producing reduced water with a batch ioniser I recommend treating the water while it is ionising. This appears to produce more strongly energized water, similar to using vortex technology.

Another good possibility is to lead the alkaline water from a water ionizer tangentially into a funnel so that it forms a vortex while flowing past a strong magnet into the storage bottle.

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