The Rejuvenation Program

This is all about rejuvenation through spiritual healing, and working with energies and emotions. The main goal is to open the heart centre to reach the next level in our evolution of consciousness.

Free Download: This program is available as a 740 KB pdf file in A4 format or as a 660 KB pdf file in A5 e-book format. 

Here is what someone with experience in this area wrote about it:

"Hi Walter,
I read your new book several times. It is quite simply a masterpiece. How you were able to condense so much information from so many different traditions into simple layman’s terms was brilliant. I wonder where you got some of the ancient wisdom you have gathered.

As far as a read, it is extremely assessable and reader friendly. I think the fact that you took so many esoteric teachings and simplified them into practical tools is the books greatest achievement.

 I love how you incorporate all levels of human expression into your mission. I loved it all and found it to be like a holy text that can be read again and again. Though it was all educational, inspirational, and entertaining, the best part for me was Chapter 4. I really appreciated your enlightened view on sacred love. 

It is a timely book for certain and I truly hope the world not only embraces it, but applies the wisdom it offers.

Wishing you the highest possible life condition,
Rundy - a mind on fire".

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