Part 1: Introduction

by Walter Last

This is the first part of a series of articles based on the Book EXISTENCE – CONSCIOUSNESS by Gabor Paul Sztelek. (1)

For more than 50 years I have been trying to understand how the two components of our reality – our physical world and its spiritual-energetic overlay work and relate to each other. From personal experience I know that such overlay exists. Therefore I do not have the luxury of denying it as done by most scientists. I also have enough scientific curiosity so that I cannot be content with the commonly practised religious worship.

When I read the new revelations in the book “EXISTENCE – CONSCIOUSNESS” by Gabor Paul Sztelek I was amazed by the wealth of scientifically verifiable information about our matter world and the details about its relationship to the spiritual-energetic overlay and psychic phenomena. I have never seen anything coming remotely close to it, although in a somewhat obtuse form there is also much interesting information in ancient Hindu and Chinese scriptures.

The information in this book has been offered to humanity as a new revelation from the highest levels of universal consciousness. For the serious investigator of truth it may be highly rewarding to examine this information more closely

About Channelling

Because of the fundamental importance of channelling in obtaining this information I want to start by explaining my attitude towards channelling. I regard channelling as communication received by a medium from a high spiritual entity. This means that channelling is automatically dismissed as non-existent or fraudulent by modern science. I grew up as an atheist fully agreeing with this scientific view. At age 32 I was prompted to investigate whether there is a God, and if so, which religion is right. I did not find the right religion, but came to the understanding that existence is a top-down initiated bottom-up evolution.

This concept may be explained with the building of a house. It starts with someone wanting a new house and having the will to carry it through. An architect is consulted to produce a blueprint according to the imagination of the prospective house-owner. Then a builder is employed and the necessary building material arrives as ordered. All this is a top-down process. The bottom up evolution begins when the building material is placed into the proper position so that gradually a house rises up from the ground.

In philosophy and science the basic question is whether consciousness is a by-product of matter or if matter is a by-product of consciousness. If consciousness is primary, then existence is a top-down process, but if matter is primary then it is bottom-up. The primacy of matter in modern science means that it only sees the bottom-up process by looking exclusively at the building material. In our house-building example science assumes that the building material automatically arrives, floats into the correct position and knows when to stop growing the house.

If we accept that a lot of preliminary unseen planning and energy are needed to build a house, then we may also be able to accept that there is a lot of unseen planning and energy in building a Universe. Following this line of thinking I have no difficulty accepting that there is a vast overlay of consciousness and unseen energies above our physical world of which we are not aware. Further, consciousness is generally tied to specific structures which I prefer to call entities. With this, an atom is an entity and so is a human or a spirit, an angel, a soul or a god.

Coming back to channelling, I accept that there are individualised levels of consciousness that are vastly superior to human consciousness, and also that units or entities on different levels of consciousness can communicate with each other.

However, this opens up the question of how trustworthy such communication is. My own view is that most of such communication at present is not trustworthy and potentially harmful. This applies especially to the common spirit communications. To receive communication from a higher source the medium needs to have a pure mind. Even then the communication can be distorted by the beliefs of the medium. Therefore it is often preferable that the medium is asleep in a trance state to prevent any personal interfering beliefs. Further, even communication from a high source to a pure medium can be distorted by negative forces. This is possible because such communication reaches over vast distances.

We can understand this with a comparison to the Internet. Common spirit communication is like getting messages from your local computer network while getting a message from a high entity is like getting downloads from the Internet which can be distorted by malware and viruses. This risk can be minimised by frequently checking that the communication is still from the true entity.

When channelling “The Book” Gabor Paul was aware of these problems. He used hypnosis to put a high-quality medium (originally an atheist) in deep theta state trance and he frequently checked with control questions that the communication continued to be from the intended source. This combines with the high quality of testable scientific information to give me confidence in the validity of this revelation.

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(1) THE BOOK: “EXISTENCE – CONSCIOUSNESS” by Gabor Paul Sztelek  ( was self-published in 2010, but printed and partly marketed by Mikro-M Bt, Budapest, Hungary. It is bilingual, on one side in the original Hungarian and on the opposite side translated into English. The translation is sometimes difficult to understand. Most of the revelation was received in the 1990’s by channelling through a trance-medium. There are 544 pages in each language. Search the internet to order the title.

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