An Important Message from Walter Last
regarding Consultations & Emailing.

Despite asking on my website to refrain from sending me e-mail questions, they still keep coming.
I do not do personal consultations, and I do not like leaving questions unanswered.
Most questions are about remedies or health problems and diseases.
It is generally assumed that different conditions need different treatment.

While this is partly true, you also need to understand that there is basically only one disease, which is ill-health,
and that good health can more or less be restored by improving the basic functions of the body.
This then also eliminates most diseases.

So, to make it unnecessary asking all these questions which do not help much anyway,
I ask you to read and implement my updated article READ THIS FIRST.

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For all other enquiries contact:


Postal Address: 11 Roycroft Street, Bowral, 2576, NSW, Australia

Mobile/Cell: +61 419 761 020


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The author cannot accept any legal responsibility for any problem arising from experimenting with these methods. For any serious disease,
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