Part 3: The Path of the Soul

by Walter Last

This is the third in a series of articles based on the Book EXISTENCE – CONSCIOUSNESS by Gabor Paul Sztelek (1).

What is a Soul?

A human soul is a programmed energy field created by a God. Human souls are created in large numbers by the Creating Gods to populate or re-populate their worlds. The energy for these souls comes from the energy store of the creating God, in our case God Jehovah. The level of this energy is above the mental range. Therefore souls incarnate with a seven times variable space structure.

Souls are created in different varieties with different characteristics, called colours, flavours and mental characteristics. They keep these same characteristics through all their compulsory incarnations. Soul colours are not related to the skin colours of incarnations but rather to some inherent characteristics of the soul. I envision the creation of souls somewhat like the making of soap bubbles whereby different additions can also change the quality and appearance of the bubbles.

A further aspect is the creation of Duals or Twin Souls. A dual can assist its other half with important social work, they can also work together on an important invention or the dual can function as a guide or let its incarnated body be used by its twin soul. The Godhead did not create identical twin souls but instead matched very closely all the characteristics of both souls. In contrast, God Jehovah just breaks newly created souls in half to make identical duals.

At the time of creation, energy flows out of the creator to form and shape matter. In a slow evolution, this energy then becomes enriched with information gained from countless experiences as it slowly flows back through successive levels of energy to its creator. This enrichment with information is greatly enhanced at the level of souls which eventually develop the ability to cooperate consciously with their creator. They grow in knowledge and understanding with successive incarnations into the world of physical matter.

For each newly developed race the creator selects specific soul qualities with the aim of ensuring the development of a successful society that will acquire a high degree of desirable information. This is a learning process for the creator, and sometimes races or their cultures need to be replaced with better functioning ones. While the creator is mainly concerned with cultural and genetic aspects, it is the responsibility of the evolved soul to work towards the desired development of its incarnations.

In addition to corrective judgements after each incarnation there is also a final one after the completion of the many compulsory incarnations. Here the soul is judged if it has reached the required level of development to continue advancing freely in the universe without the need for further incarnations. If it has not reached this goal it will be reabsorbed into its creator. These souls are called end-beings.

Here is an analogy comparing the evolution of a soul to a computer program. A new soul is like a new computer, devoid of personal information. Both are hardware with programs to acquire and use information. As an example a writer may have bought a new computer to write a book for publication. He/she works diligently for years to fill the computer with appropriate information. At the time of reckoning the publisher decides if the manuscript is good enough to go on living as a published book or if it will be rejected.

This compares to the new soul which through successive incarnations gradually becomes filled with personal information. With this it grows in consciousness. The useful information from each incarnation forms a collection of “higher soul aggregates”. These eventually manifest as the operating consciousness of the soul and grow into the “High Self”. Souls that at the end of their compulsory incarnations have not evolved to the required level of consciousness will now be rejected and reabsorbed back into the Creator. Souls that have successfully formed a High Self go on living and are now free to explore the whole universe.    

Other Energy Fields

The widest definition of the term “Soul” is as being a structured energy field that can combine smaller units into a functioning entity. This makes the energy field of an atomic particle as the smallest soul. However, while there has been a book written about the soul of the atom, normally we reserve the term “soul” for human and higher entities and use “energy field” for lesser entities.

Such souls or energy fields can be manifested and materialised, or they may be un-manifested or de-materialised. Biologically produced molecules, for instance, appear to have an energy field that can be separated from its physical units. With this it becomes physically non-existent, but still keeps its biological activity. This is the basis of homoeopathy and the memory of water. However, non-biologically produced molecules lack this biological energy field and lose their biological effect after decomposition.

The energy fields of biological molecules and cells are the “life-force” used in natural healing systems. Each entity has a differently programmed energy field to ensure the manifestation of its unique characteristics.

Animal souls are already as complicated as human souls. However, animal souls cannot become human souls to evolve higher. Instead animal souls that have successfully completed their compulsory incarnations are reabsorbed into their Creator and then human souls can be created from their raised energy potential. In the following the term “Soul” will only be used to describe the human type of soul.


The rules of incarnation may be different for different races. Each Creating God can vary these within an overall framework developed by the Godhead. An important rule is that there must be 5145 compulsory incarnations before the final judgement. The reason for this specific number has not been stated, I assume that it is related to numerology.

Another stipulation is the provision of free will for human incarnations. However, free will is greatly restricted by a program given to each incarnation and also by the conditions of their society. “Free Will” means the ability to make a free choice between several possibilities that are offered to the incarnated personality; it does not mean being able to do just anything one wants.  

None of the souls created by Jehovah specifically for Homo sapience has yet completed the compulsory 5145 incarnations. However, there are also many higher souls now in Homo sapiens bodies who were originally created by the Godhead or by one of the Brothers of Jehovah. They may have already completed most or all of their compulsory incarnations in another empire and are here to assist in the evolution of Homo sapiens. An example of this are the Phaetonian survivors mentioned in Part 1.

A young soul incarnates with all its available energy, and only its inherent characteristics and the essence of its experiences from previous incarnations are kept back at a sealed safe place. Initially the time, parents and social conditions for the incarnation are chosen by more experienced helpers. After sufficient experience the soul is allowed to do that itself with its higher parts. On the other end of the spectrum we have a highly evolved soul which only uses a small part of its energy for an incarnation and continues with its other activities as usual. An incarnation and its soul usually have opposite interests – the incarnation wants an interesting, but easy and pleasant life, while the soul wants to evolve by experiencing good and bad times and learning to make “good” decisions.

The soul, together with the program for the new life, arrives in a soul capsule which becomes attached to the head of the embryo. Now the incarnated soul becomes a living soul and gradually develops a personality. All the memory of the recent life is stored in the soul capsule which after death is used at judgement. The astral body is a mirror image of the physical body and of the deceased personality together with its memories and emotions. It remains as a spirit in its sphere according to its spiritual development until at reincarnation it decays and dissolves in the aura of Earth.

At its judgement the incarnation program of the soul is adjusted to help it manifesting a new personality to overcome previous weaknesses or problems. Therefore, the soul has many incarnations or lives, but the personality lives only once. After each incarnation any useful information is uploaded from the soul capsule and gradually forms a collection of higher soul aggregates. Out of this arises in time the High Self as the leading consciousness of the soul.


Forty days after shedding its biological body a spirit is required to present itself at a special place for judgement, the black planet. Jehovah has created and trained special entities, commonly called angels, for this task. Judgement should not be considered as punishment but rather as the basis for the evolution of souls. It shows the souls how to move towards higher levels. This place of judgement is a distant planet with low energy to induce the spirits to move on quickly.

Some spirits may choose not to present for judgment because of severe misdeeds for which they do not want to accept the expected punishment. Jehovah cuts off their normal energy supply so that they cannot evolve any higher. To keep on existing these spirits need to suck energy from incarnated living souls, generally those with damaged brain functions such as with schizophrenia or epilepsy, but they may also cause such conditions by draining energy from individuals with weak emotional control or those involved with black magic, also mediums channelling such spirits are endangered. Such a disobeying spirit is called a Satan. In time these satans will fade away, although Jehovah may rehabilitate a repenting satan. In most cases the soul of a satan will eventually be reabsorbed into Jehovah.

Other disobeying spirits are called Demons. A demon has been at the judgement planet but then left it and returned to Earth without going to or remaining at the third sphere and prepare for a new incarnation. Jehovah treats the demons like the satans by cutting off their natural energy supply.

This is the system that operates for Homo sapiens. The Homoludens had a different system. They did not need to go to a place of judgement, their judgement happened immediately during their lifetime. After death their spirits did not leave Earth but remained within its sphere and in close contact with its tribe. The tribe in turn fully accepted the advice of its spirit elders.

This different afterlife system lets us understand a mystery reported by the anthropologist Bronislaw Malinowski. In 1929 he published an account of his two-year stay with the Trobriand Islanders near the East Coast of New Guinea. Children there had complete freedom in their sexual activities. Teenagers had unrestricted penetrative sex. However, there was one important social convention: pregnancies must only occur in marriage. These islanders actually did not know that sex had anything to do with getting babies. Everyone believed that babies were a gift of the Gods given about nine months after the wedding because it always happened that way. Without any other precautions or protection than this belief, babies out of wedlock were unknown.

As these tribal spirits always reincarnated in their own tribe, they apparently had set up this convention between themselves of incarnating only after marriage. Jehovah said that without an incarnating soul an embryo will not remain alive. This method of unprotected sex without producing babies would not have worked with the Homo sapiens type of afterlife. They also followed spirit instructions with a sequence of sexual activity designed to maintain strong and healthy sexual energy, starting with a long time of kissing and caressing, then connecting sexually and remaining motionless for another half hour before starting movements, and after orgasm they remained sexually connected for a long time. If they did not follow this sequence then their spirit ancestors would get angry.

The Spheres

The Homo sapiens system of soul evolution takes place in six spheres of influence within our solar system. The first sphere is Earth itself where the incarnations take place. The second sphere is the distant planet of judgment, and the third sphere is in the region of Jupiter where the less evolved spirits reside after judgement. This applies to the great majority of spirits incarnating on Earth. For a long time most Homo sapiens spirits return to this sphere after subsequent judgements. Jesus is the leader of these three spheres, although he is not directly involved in the process of judgement.

 In the third sphere the spirits can recover from the usually stressful time of incarnation and may also gain some insights into their performance on Earth. This can strengthen their and their soul’s resolve to do better the next time, but it is not possible at this stage to advance any further in soul development without a biological body.

They are like an actor at rehearsal, it helps but the real test comes with the next incarnation. In the meantime they can build themselves homes at the astral level, live as they like to live and be surrounded by friends. This is generally a peaceful time and lasts until full emotional recovery when a longing for a new incarnation develops. Spirits can be temporarily called back to Earth by mediums or family events, but that is generally not desirable.

More highly evolved spirits advance after judgement to a higher sphere, the fourth, fifth or sixth. These higher spheres are beyond Jupiter. I associate these spheres with the main energy or chakra level at which these spirits and their souls operate. Those in the third sphere function mainly at the level of our basic emotions related to the solar plexus chakra. At the fourth sphere the heart chakra is activated with unconditional love; the fifth sphere relates to the power of creation in the throat chakra, and the sixth sphere to the brow chakra with intuition and higher sensory perceptions.

In addition to being separated in space, the spheres are also separated in the density of their energy and matter. The higher the sphere, the higher vibrating but less dense is the energy. Therefore spirits in different spheres do not normally meet, and even when they do meet in the same space they may need to adjust their density and vibration rates temporarily to be able to interact with each other. Within limits, spirits from higher spheres perceive those in the lower spheres but lower spirits cannot perceive the higher ones.

Finally, those who reached the seventh sphere operate fully with their crown chakra and, having completed their compulsory incarnations, are free to roam the whole universe as highly evolved souls. Souls in the higher spheres operate under the guidance of their High Selves and form the “White Spirit World”. I regard this system of moving upwards through the spheres as the underlying basis for the New Age Ascension Teachings.


Between incarnations the spirit commonly remains in its sphere. When the time for a new incarnation draws closer the spirit is set free to decay in the aura of Earth and a new soul capsule is issued forth for the next incarnation. The soul capsule contains the program for the new incarnation, including the problems that need to be corrected and how to correct them, the type of parents and social conditions to be selected, as well as major diseases and accidents, and also the length of the new life.

All this is also coordinated with the incarnation of other souls who may interact for karmic reasons, become partners or form soul families for concerted action on important projects. While young souls tend to fluctuate a lot between incarnating in male or female bodies, later-on sex preferences develop, and during the last incarnations there develops a tendency towards more male energy characteristics, even if incarnated in a female body. Induced deliveries cause problems with the judgement program or the intended personality characteristics of the incarnation, because this changes the astrological birth data.

Reincarnations tend to happen in the same area as the previous life and with similar personal characteristics. A soul who was previously incarnated in Europe prefers to be born again in Europe in the same language group, but later may settle in the US or Australia. Then the next incarnation is likely to be in that new country. Also someone who was previously a poet, a writer, a scientist or a musician tends to keep these qualities even if now a different profession is chosen. Plato had much to say about souls. A quote attributed to him states: "The soul returns to earth in a body similar to its last one and has similar talents and inclinations." An instructive photo assembly of the reincarnation of a soul group is shown at  

Each incarnation is given a spirit guide, in Christian terminology called a guardian angel, to help with the implementation of the soul program and also to protect the incarnation from harmful happenings that could lead it away from its program. The spirit guide is generally at the same stage of development as the incarnation it looks after, but it has a much wider and less obstructed view of how to proceed.

Advanced souls who incarnate with the aim of initiating specific projects for the benefit of society as a whole tend to have many guides aiding with different aspects of the project, and these guides may also change over time.   

The Examined Life

The phrase "The unexamined life is not worth living" is attributed to the Greek philosopher Socrates and was repeated by his disciple Plato. Present philosophers cannot understand the true meaning of this statement because they have different belief systems than Socrates. It only makes sense if we have a reincarnating soul and if it is important to examine a life while still in the body rather than after death.

The reason for this is that only while we are in a biological body can we learn a lesson and take corrective action so that we do not need to have to repeat it all again in the next life. Think of the soul as an actor who can advance to the next level only if he gets the performance right on stage. While he is on stage he may notice a mistake and improvise a correction, but if he notices the mistake only afterwards, he may practice off-stage as much as he wants but eventually has to return to the stage to do it right this time.

For us this means all the mistakes that we notice now we can correct, even by asking someone who has already died for forgiveness for some wrong that we did to that person. But if we do not notice then there remain karmic ties for which we may need another incarnation at this level instead of being able to incarnate at a higher level.

Therefore, it is important for our spiritual progress to clear the deck by examining our life and correct what we can correct, learn from our mistakes and failures, apologize to those who we wronged, and forgive those who we believe wronged us. Then we are free to go to the next level when we are ready. For these reasons Jehovah encourages us to examine our life and review our activities every day at bedtime.

How to Live Well

God Jehovah wants His creatures, you and me, to experience the highs and lows, the good times and the bad times, trying to find the best solution for all encountered problems, developing and maintaining faith that in the end all will be well. He realised early on that we are basically lazy. Therefore, if we have an easy and pleasant life, we just enjoy it and do not make much of an effort to advance spiritually and grow at the soul level. This led Him to make our life difficult so that we are forced to look for answers, for a way out.

The easy response of believers commonly has been religious activity. This can lead in the right direction of helping others as the examples of Mother Teresa and Francis of Assisi have shown, but this is rare. Mostly religious activity remains confined to pious worship or may spark interfaith conflicts, and that is not something that God Jehovah wants or needs.

Instead, “advancing spiritually” means investigating, experimenting, inventing, getting knowledge through experience, growing in understanding of how things really work, and finding the purpose of our life. Our most important activity is to help each other. We have intentionally been constructed weak and in need of assistance from each other so that we are forced to cooperate and build complex societies. Helping each other and following the path of “Service to Others” also helps us to ascend into the higher spheres.

Because our society is still so ignorant that it cannot spiritually evolve under its own initiative, everything must be regulated and enforced with a heavy hand to lead us in the right direction. For instance, we have a predetermined lifespan and we can only choose whether we want to remain reasonably healthy and active or with pain and restricted activity. On the other hand some societies are so advanced that they can negotiate with their creator the length of life and other conditions. Jehovah said that even presently on Earth there are some incarnations whose opinions he values and respects.

However, for us there is not much benefit in getting a longer lifespan without improving our lifestyle so that we can be healthy until the end. A long life without health can be very difficult. Presently the useful lifespan for most individuals is much too short to accumulate wisdom or make much spiritual progress. Therefore Jehovah encourages us to improve our lifestyle so that He can sensibly lengthen our lives and enable us to progress faster.

When Things Do Not Go Well

Despite encountering great difficulties Jehovah wants us to keep our bodies to the end, to the predetermined time. However, we also have free will which allows us to commit suicide when the going gets tough. He discourages this, and suicide attracts a penalty during judgement.

You may be wondering what happens to the predetermined length of life during global catastrophes or in case of fatal accidents involving groups of individuals. Global catastrophes will override the allotted length of lives, and souls that have underperformed may be absorbed back into the creator. Other souls will continue to exist in their respective spheres until incarnations are again possible.

In regard to groups of people dying simultaneously consider an experience related by the late great American psychic Edgar Cayce. He routinely saw colourful auras around people. Once he entered a department store lift but immediately backed out again, because he sensed that something was very wrong. The lift crashed and all were dead.

Cayce realised what had been wrong. None of the occupants had an aura. For those who know that auras exist, this can mean only one thing: it was no accident that these people died together. The guiding consciousness of every single occupant had decided beforehand to dispose of the body in this seemingly accidental way. I am convinced that if Edgar Cayce had remained in the lift, he would have been the only miraculous survivor, and without any serious injury.-

Computer Avatars

You may get a better understanding of the evolution of souls by comparing them to a computer game. Imagine that the creator of a game operates a super-screen on which a multitude of individual keyboard operators can display their avatars. The aim for each keyboard operator is to develop an avatar that can learn and evolve by interacting with other avatars on the big screen.-

In the evening the game stops, and in the morning the keyboard operator can put an improved avatar on the big screen. After same time the avatar will learn to improve itself by correcting its behavior. When certain specified goals in the abilities of the avatar have been reached it has successfully completed the game and gets a reward. -

You probably guessed it already: In real life the creator of the game is the Creating God, the keyboard operator is your soul, and you are the avatar.


Our relationship with our soul is that of a child with its parents. It is our most important relationship, and we should treasure it above all others. To make the right choices in our life we can try to find out introspectively in which direction our soul wants us to move. If we then realise that certain actions commonly lead to problems or failure, we may then in future try other directions. Also we will frequently encounter other situations where we need to make choices. If someone else is involved then the right choice desired by our soul is usually one which tries to be helpful. If the choice involves only ourselves then the right choice is generally what helps us to overcome some negative habits or otherwise advance spiritually.

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(1) THE BOOK: “EXISTENCE – CONSCIOUSNESS” by Gabor Paul Sztelek  ( was self-published in 2010, but printed and partly marketed by Mikro-M Bt, Budapest, Hungary. It is bilingual, on one side in the original Hungarian and on the opposite side translated into English. The translation is sometimes difficult to understand. Most of this revelation was received in the 1990’s by channelling through a trance-medium. There are 544 pages in each language. It can be ordered from; see for an overview.

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