by Walter Last

Part 2 deals mainly with the biological and spiritual implications of a united theory of science and spirituality.


The polarity forces within a given level of space-density are known to us as electric and magnetic forces at the physical level or as male and female sexuality at the etheric/biological level. At the emotional/astral level we encounter polarities as like and dislike or good and bad, and at the mental level we are confronted with right or wrong. Strong polarity forces across adjacent space-densities are the keys to all creation and procreation.

In sexual procreation the sperm has either a male or female polarity charge while the ovum is neutral. Near the end of copulation an etheric pulson with a sexual charge is detached from each partner, which attaches itself to the ovum. Depending on health, age and biorhythmic condition one pulson field will usually be larger than the other field, and this creates a sexual charge in the combined etheric fields. If the female partner is bio-energetically stronger, then the ovum field becomes female, and male sperm will be attracted. This induces the formation of a male embryo and vice versa if the male partner has been bio-energetically stronger.

In this way a selection of the sex of the baby may be attempted according to the biorhythm curves of both partners. This mechanism also makes it understandable why in times of war, when males are generally more strongly stressed, more male babies are born, while more female babies are born in peaceful times.

So far the parents have contributed everything necessary for the development of the embryo, and this should be sufficient for sexually propagating plants and primitive animals. However, in higher animals and humans the polarity of the embryonic field is so strong that it attracts one or more additional fields at lower space-densities. Animals have an additional astral field with information about instincts and emotions, while humans have a further mental field and other more or less developed fields. These additional fields exist as individualized souls for humans and as group souls in animals. In a wider sense we may regard the twin-pulson of an atom or of a biological body or a star as its soul.

The core of the astral field binds the shell of the embryonic field and that results in an unstable intermediate condition. As the astral field continues to manifest, the pressure on the core of the embryonic field gradually increases until finally it is expelled together with the embryo itself. In particle physics a similar process leads either to the disintegration of a neutron into a proton, an electron and a neutrino or, under suitable conditions, to the formation of a hydrogen atom. In astronomy the equivalent is the formation of a planet around a star or of a moon around a planet. It all involves the same energetic processes at different space-densities.

An atom is equivalent in its energy structure to a young animal or child, while a sexually mature adult has a sexual charge like an ion has an electric charge. Promiscuous relationships are equivalent to ionic bonds between molecules and monogamous relationships like covalent bonds, group relationships and, at lower density levels, companies and corporations are equivalent to complex molecules and cells. These are all governed by the same basic rules. What I want to show here is that the same basic laws exist on all levels, from the highest to the lowest, or 'as above, so below'.

While primary bodies manifest and materialize more or less as spheres, biological bodies as we know can adopt a wide range of shapes specific to different species. The reason for this is due to the etheric blueprint. An etheric blueprint field surrounds even viable plant seeds. The polarity patterns within this field direct the development and shape of the growing plant.

Many psychics can see these fields but they can also be objectively demonstrated with Kirlian photography and measurements of the electric potential in and around a fertilized egg. Some simple multi-celled organisms can even be ground up to individual cells and then quickly move together again to reform the original body. This is reminiscent of a magnet attracting iron filings and is due to polarity charges. Therefore, the molecules and cells of a growing body just fill in a pre-existing etheric form.

Male – Female Pattern

Males and females have opposite core and shell polarities similar to those for matter and antimatter as shown in Fig. 7. Genuine homosexuality might be due to the wrong polarity of the etheric field, although more often it may be the result of a misdirected emotional development during childhood. Right or left-handed individuals may have reversed vortex structures.

Fig. 7: Hydrogen atom (left) and Anti-hydrogen atom (right)

H : high pressure field at particle level; L : low pressure field at particle level HA : high pressure field at atomic level; LA : low pressure field at atomic level; + : positive charge; - : negative charge

In humans we can observe four main density levels, the etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual. The physical is a condensation of the etheric and not a separate major level. The alternating polarities of these four density levels can be seen in the typical male and female. The male energies are most strongly manifested or positive at the etheric and mental levels but less expressed at the emotional and the spiritual levels. The opposite applies to female energies, which are more strongly manifested or positive at the emotional and spiritual levels than at the mental and etheric levels.

In the terminology of the Pulson Theory we may say that we are manifested within the LP super-field of the planet. This causes the mental and etheric male HP fields as well as the emotional and spiritual female HP fields to expand, while the male emotional and spiritual levels as well as the female etheric and mental levels are LP fields and contract.

This model also shows why most spiritual masters use a male body. To become a high initiate it is essential to develop a higher mental body and that is easier with a male rather than a female polarity distribution. In addition, it is much more difficult for females to control their stronger emotional body with a weaker mental body.

While this led to the present situation of advanced teachers using more often a male body, the naturally stronger spiritual level in females can be seen in the predominance of females in spiritual workshops or classes. However, on the spiritual path the polarization of all fields gradually decreases as the different energy levels become more androgynic or equalized between male and female qualities. This means, for instance, men become more emotionally receptive and expressive and women find it easier to develop a higher or stronger mental body.


A thought is a manifested twin-pulson at the mental density level. Some psychics describe a thought-form as having a shape that reflects the content of the thought and a color that indicates its emotional involvement. The vortices of the mental field produce thought pulsons between the two hemispheres of the brain. This is the same process as described earlier for sunspot activity. Any unused thought pulsons are quickly reabsorbed into the primary mental vortices.

When we think about something, then thought pulsons combine to twin-pulsons and express a specific content by the shape of their field, their density and pulsation frequency. If the thought is sufficiently strong, it may affect the electrical properties of nerve cells and either induce a biological action or become imprinted as a memory.

Within a polar mental environment, that is when a decision between opposite ideas or possibilities is involved, the twin-pulson of a thought may be split into its opposite components, similar to the split of a photon into an electron and a positron. These then compensate their polarity towards higher space-densities by clothing themselves with emotional substance. Alternatively, a strong feeling may arise from the emotional body and attract a compensating thought field. Furthermore, a strong memory may be stored as a combined emotional and thought field.


Karma is the principle ‘as you sow so you will reap’. In the framework of the Pulson Theory we may understand the mechanism behind it in the following way.

If a thought is sufficiently powerful, it may deform not only the emotional level but also the etheric level and lead to verbal or physical action. It may also remain on the mental-emotional level where it can be directed like a missile to a recipient. These emotional thought-forms may be friendly or hostile. If the emotional-mental field of the recipient has a polarity that can attract and bind the incoming field, then it may incorporate it into its own field, otherwise it may bounce off and go somewhere else or return back to the sender. Emotional energies of large population groups with strongly negative qualities such as hatred may also accumulate like clouds in the atmosphere of the planet. By forming etheric vortices they may cause violent weather patterns.

In the case of a complex idea with a longer gestation period, the energy process will be as described for the development and birth of a biological embryo. In order to become manifest at the physical level, an idea, just like a thought, must be sufficiently powerful to polarize the emotional and etheric levels. In any case, the manifested or expelled mental-emotional charge leaves a polarity deficit in the corresponding fields of the sender. In time, this uncompensated charge will attract an opposite charge of the same space-density from the outside. With this, we attract to us the karma that we created, good or bad, according to the polarity distributions in our mental and emotional bodies.


An incarnating soul carries in its emotional and mental fields the uncompensated deformations and polarities left behind from previous incarnations. By distorting the etheric field, they become built into the body structure as physical abnormalities or weaknesses. However, these abnormalities seem to be mainly a feature of the etheric body as a reported case of multiple personalities shows.

In this case the body had diabetes with one personality but not with another. I interpret this to mean that an entity can attach itself to a biological body similar to ‘plugging in’ and when it unplugs itself, another entity can plug in with a different etheric body. Any functional disabilities in the different etheric bodies will be transmitted to the biological body.

Major karmic memories may remain dormant until specific density levels become polarized during a lifetime and then attract a compensating karmic event. For those who can perceive these density levels, this provides an objective basis for predictions about the future. While mental polarity pattern permit to foresee the nature of a future event, the timing of it is commonly much less clear.


There is a stream of creation and a stream of evolution. The stream of creation or involution is the descent of consciousness and energy into regions of increasing space-density involving the processes of manifestation and pre-materialization. This was the earliest stage of our galaxy before it had a material presence. With the start of materialization at the highest levels of space-density, the return journey leads along the path of evolution back to the origin. The whole round trip is basically a descent of consciousness into matter and then back to the creator.

As humans we are the highest life form with a biological body. With this, we are also the only biological form on Earth that has the ability to work actively towards the goal of raising our consciousness in order to return to our Source. However, this possibility is realized and used only in the final stages of our human evolution.

Basically this evolution is towards decreasing levels of space-density on all levels of our being. These include the etheric body, the emotional body and the mental body. Working consciously towards this goal is called the spiritual path. It involves purifying and gaining control over these three lower bodies by eliminating negative habits, emotions and thoughts and actively promoting positive ones instead.

By developing spiritual knowledge and living according to our highest ideals, we build a higher mental body at much lower levels of space-density than our existing mental body. The same happens with our emotional body. By habitually focusing on feelings of lowest space-densities, such as the spiritual qualities of compassion, tolerance, devotion, selfless actions and spiritual love, we gradually develop a higher emotional body.

At the same time, we refrain from negative or fear-based thoughts and feelings. This has the effect that thoughts and feelings with the highest space-densities are eliminated from our present emotional and mental bodies. Therefore, we extend our mental and emotional bodies towards lower levels of space-density and withdraw them from the densest levels. The combined effect of this is a shift of our center of consciousness, of our ' I AM', towards lower space-densities or higher levels of consciousness.

This is actually the general principle of the evolution of consciousness on all levels. The ' I AM' of a field of energy builds itself ever changing bodies through which its center of consciousness can gradually flow towards levels of lower space density and higher consciousness.


All that exists comes originally from the level of Divine consciousness. Through pulson actions it gradually descended to regions of ever increasing space-density. Therefore, everything that exists is basically more or less compressed consciousness. This makes it possible for lower levels of consciousness, such as material substance or cells within our body, to respond intelligently to our mental and emotional levels.

However, the energy fields created during the manifestation phase of pulsons and twin-pulsons are basically short-lived and, therefore, without a long-lasting center of consciousness or ' I AM'. This comes into existence only when a twin-pulson becomes deformed and its energy field is able to stabilize itself by building a body.

Without any changes within its field of manifestation, consciousness would be dormant. Active consciousness or awareness is created when part of the polarity of its field is bound or released by micro-fields or by a super-field of opposite polarity. Each such energy change within a twin-pulson field is experienced by it as a spark of consciousness. A basic level of consciousness originates from the ongoing oscillations of the twin-vortices of I AM fields. The turbulence between them produces a constant stream of micro-pulsons, which in turn cause the polarity changes essential for conscious awareness.

However, in order to grow or flow towards higher levels of consciousness there need to be interactions with outside influences. This is not a problem, as no field of consciousness exists in isolation. There is a constant exchange of units of energy between fields at the same level as well as polarity changes induced by neighboring levels.

Consciousness is not the same as awareness. While the consciousness of an I AM includes all energy changes within its field, awareness only involves those changes that come to the attention of the individualized field, commonly non-repetitive changes or those which involve a specific focus.

The existing multitude of interacting I AM fields creates an uninterrupted stream of consciousness from the levels of highest space-density to the pure Divine consciousness of the pre-created condition. Technically speaking, this flow of consciousness back to its origin proceeds through the building of forms of ever decreasing space-density.

Commonly this process involves a field of consciousness building itself a body not only from the matter of its own level, but also an additional body or vehicle at the next lower level. In the case of humans, for instance, the mental I AM uses thought forms to build a structured mental field or Self, the middle self, at its own level and through polarity interactions in addition an emotional body. The emotional I AM of the lower self builds itself in addition an etheric body. Each individualized higher level of consciousness guides its next lower level of consciousness to evolve towards its own lower space–density. The combined effect of all these individual streams of consciousness flowing towards lower space-densities produces the universal evolution of consciousness.

Therefore, an I AM guides the development of its bodily vehicle in such a way that the consciousness of the vehicle gradually becomes transmuted into the consciousness of the guiding field, while the guiding field itself is equally being coerced towards its next higher level of consciousness.

With this we may say that the crest of consciousness gradually flows from the physical world of minerals into and through the plant world in the form of life-force. This is then transmuted into emotional consciousness in animals and becomes mental consciousness in humans and spiritual consciousness in super-humans.

From the point of view of a manifested twin-pulson we may say that, in the widest sense, it is a soul that uses micro-pulsons as matter to form its body, while its super-pulson is its guiding spirit. The interaction of spirit, soul and body produces a flow of consciousness, which is the tool for transforming matter into spirit. In other words: the processes of manifestation and materialization allow spirit to play with itself in order to experience being conscious.

From our present individualized perspective we all seem to be separate from each other, with a separate consciousness in each one of us. However, imagine our bodies as the end points of different waterspouts all coming from the same big cloud. In this way the higher we move in spiritual consciousness, the more we are all one.


Each energy change within a manifested pulson field is experienced as a spark of consciousness. The rate of production of such sparks is experienced as time. With this, time is a byproduct of consciousness.

We may distinguish between different perceptions of time. The individual time of a self is linked to the oscillation rate of its attached twin-pulsons. Our planet, for instance, has a reversal of its magnetic poles about every hundred thousand years. That is the oscillation rate of its twin-vortices and, therefore, its individual time. In humans we may see their biorhythm cycles as indicators of the individual times of their different energy levels.

Subjective time is our conscious awareness of the rate of change. For instance, if we walk somewhere for the first time, the road will appear much longer than when we walk repeatedly along the same road. This is due to the much greater rate of sense information when we do something new or for the first time. For the same reason time appears to slow down in dangerous situations or in children as compared to the elderly.

The speed and direction of the stream of consciousness of the originating super-pulson of the system determine objective time. For us as humans this is mainly linked to the conditions of our planet as well as to our solar system and our galaxy. In a still wider sense we may link objective time to the rate of oscillation of the universe.

During the phase of manifestation and pre-materialization the stream of consciousness, and with this time, has the opposite direction as during materialization and demanifestation.

This may cause distortions of time in a manifesting vortex with strong uncompensated polarities. Our normal time goes forward, while in a manifesting vortex it goes backwards. Therefore, depending on the strength of the vortex this may slow down our time or stop time altogether.

However, spiritual masters tell us that time, as we know it exists only in the materialized universe. In the higher spiritual regions time as such becomes meaningless as everything is ‘eternal now’. This means, for the spirit there is no past or future. We can understand this concept from our definition of consciousness.

What we experience as the progression of time can be understood as a change of focus of the guiding consciousness on different events. All events happen now, but on different levels or fabrics of space-density. With our limited human awareness, we experience the focusing on different events as the progression of time. However, the guiding consciousness of our life-stream can experience all events simultaneously or focus selectively on any event at any level or quality of space-density.

This concept implies that some quality of space-density changes with time or from event to event. Time may be associated with a rapid change in the fabric of our space. Therefore, a ‘past’ event does not simply disappear. Each event, each heartbeat that we had as a child or as a different personality in a past or future lifetime coexists in the eternal now on different fabrics of space-density. This concept of time makes it possible for us to understand the phenomenon described in psychic research as the 'Akashic record'. It is said to be a permanent record of everything that ever happened since the beginning of time, not only of events that can be registered by our sense organs but of every thought, feeling and vibration. Some psychics, such as the late Edgar Cayce, regard this as an important source of their information about the past.

As individualized personalities attached to a biological body we are fixed in our relative positions in the changing fabric of space-density like swimmers in a fast-flowing river. However, by raising our consciousness, we can detach part of it and send it as a scout to another world existing in a different space-density fabric and witness what happens there. This means that at a certain level of consciousness it is possible to visit and experience a selected ‘past’ and possibly even a ‘future’ lifetime. To some degree, that can be done in regression therapy and astral projections. However, with our normal consciousness we cannot actually relive yesterday because it is already at a different quality of space-density than today, it exists in a different world. This change in the quality or fabric of space-density may also be seen as an additional dimension.

According to this model, it would appear that not only the past, but also the future are already fixed, as many instances of accurate prophecy, and even recent scientific research seem to demonstrate. Robert Morris at the Koestler Parapsychology Unit at the University of Edinburgh did experiments were subjects tried through distant psycho-kinesis to manipulate the output of a random number generator. The results were positive regardless of distance and time. This means a subject could be at the other side of the world and successfully manipulate the number generator several days before or even after the numbers were actually selected.

But then again, spiritual masters assure us that the future is not solidly fixed. With this we have the contradictory situation that everything supposedly happens at the same time, but the future is not fixed. In reality, of course, there can be no contradiction and the answer may be that time is very different than what we perceive it to be. You may be able to resolve this contradiction either intuitively or through creative thinking as part of an illumination experience.

It may help you to understand the concept of an eternal now with the following simplification. Imagine a super-conscious entity at the center of a globe watching a multitude of movies being displayed all around. Each movie shows the travels of an individual stream of consciousness through eternity. However, instead of seeing just one picture of each stream at a time, each frame of each movie is being displayed simultaneously.

With this, the observing consciousness is able to watch all the individual frames of all the movies at the same time. Furthermore, each movie is not fixed, but changes all the time according to different decisions made by the actors.

Therefore, we may say if a higher consciousness can travel instantaneously back and forth between past and future events or perceive them simultaneously, then time does not really exist for that particular consciousness.

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COMPENSATED POLARITY - polarity of a pulson field after binding micro-pulsons of the opposite polarity, e.g. after
pre-materialisation or materialisation.

DEFORMATION - expansion or contraction of a pulson field due to the polarity of the super-field in which it is manifested or to the forces within a pulson vortex.

HP FIELD - high pressure field caused by a centripetal pulson vortex.

LP FIELD - low pressure field caused by a centrifugal pulson vortex.

MANIFESTATION - phase of field formation of a pulson vortex.

MIDDLE-FIELD - neutral space between the opposite polarities of shell and core of a materialising body.

POLARITY - degree of uncompensated high or low pressure within a pulson field, e.g. the electric charge of an atomic particle.

PULSON - energy vortex rapidly alternating between a centripetal and a centrifugal condition

SPACE-DENSITY - level of density of a field, e.g. compression or space-density progressively increases from mental to emotional, cellular, molecular, atomic and particle fields.

TWIN-PULSON - two pulson vortices of opposite polarity joined in the shape of an hourglass.

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