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Sexuality and the various benefits resulting from non-orgasmic sex can only be understood in the context of bio-energy or life-force, also called prana, chi, ki, orgone, or od. We may see it as the innermost aura around living objects or feel it as heat or tingling in our body, especially when transferring energy as with 'laying on of hands' or Reiki, and most strongly during orgasm.

This energy circulates in our acupuncture meridian system and its vortexes form our chakra system. It is at the base of paranormal or psychic phenomena, and is also the healing agent of many natural therapies. While bio-energy is still unknown to orthodox science (except in astrophysics where it is called dark energy), it is an everyday experience of many sensitive individuals. Sexual energy is highest in virgin teenagers, where related electrical activity can lead to static and interference with electric and electronic equipment.

As living organisms we are a dynamic bio-energy system. Our health and energy rely on a strong flow of bio-energy into the chakra system. From there the energy flows through the acupuncture system into all the organs and tissues, and any surplus flows out to form the etheric aura around the body.

The sex chakra is our strongest bio-energy generator. In addition to providing a moderate stream of energy into the base chakra and then up the spine into the brain, it also keeps the production of our sex hormones going. If this energy generator becomes weak, then we lack vitality and may be close to a disease or to old age.

The problem now is this: if we let this energy generator deteriorate through poor nutrition or by blocking the flow of sexual energy, then our overall energy level deteriorates. If, on the other hand, we frequently use it with orgasmic sex, then we lose an inappropriate amount of bio-energy, again resulting in a low energy level, in addition to the negative effects of strong hormone fluctuations.

The logical solution is sufficient use or stimulation of our sexual energy but without discharging it and without creating an energy blockage. Ideally we produce a high amount of sexual energy and then channel it into the chakra and acupuncture system to keep us young and healthy. This model lets us understand the frequent claims of practitioners of Tao and Karezza methods of love-making as to the amazing health and rejuvenating effects that have been experienced.

Sex Perfection

Rudolf von Urban, a psychiatrist and psychologist, was originally associated with Sigmund Freud but, like Wilhelm Reich, later immigrated to the United States. In 1952 he published Sex Perfection (Rider & Co) in which he relates experiences and insights that led him to the conclusion that there is a bio-energetic potential difference between sexually charged males and females which requires about half an hour to be exchanged and reach an equilibrium.
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Knowing that his colleagues would not take kindly to facts that contradict their theories, he waited for 30 years before publishing his discoveries. In addition to Karezza he also related the following observations which we need to consider when formulating a theory of sexual energy.

The Arabian Couple: The first account is of a former patient, a medical doctor, and his young Arabian bride. After caressing naked for about an hour without sexual contact in a dark room, he saw the body of his wife surrounded by a greenish-blue hazy light. Moving his palm close to her breast a visible and audible electric spark jumped from the breast to the palm, causing some pain. Von Reichenbach, a distinguished scientist, had previously described similar phenomena without being taken seriously by mainstream scientists.

Following von Urban’s suggestions the couple made a series of experiments with the following results: when they caressed for an hour and then had orgasmic intercourse lasting for less than 27 minutes, sparks still moved between them. However, if intercourse after caressing lasted 27 minutes or longer, no more sparks would fly. Furthermore, if they started intercourse immediately without caressing, the woman would not emit a visible radiation, and no sparks would develop regardless of the length of the intercourse.

In addition, caressing followed by orgasmic intercourse lasting less than 27 minutes induced in both a strong desire to have more sex. But if they acted on this with another brief intercourse, they both developed health problems afterwards, such as headaches, asthma and heart-palpitations. Also after caressing and intercourse of short duration the sparks between them became stronger. Urban interpreted these events as showing that a short intercourse eliminated the tension in the sexual organs but increased tension in the rest of their bodies.

The sparks also were stronger a day before the start of her menstrual period, again indicating increased body tension. Von Urban wrote that intercourse for periods of less than 27 minutes increased the distance at which the sparks would jump to more than one inch, indicating that the tension in their bodies became stronger with each (orgasmic) intercourse of short duration.

These sparks, which may only be observed in individuals with strong sexual energy, show that the skin is highly charged with bio-energy. This is pleasurable and desirable as part of sexual foreplay but then it needs to be discharged as part of a prolonged sexual union. If, instead, the skin remains charged up because the following union is too short, then the individual becomes tense and may in time develop stress-related symptoms and diseases.

So, to summarize, orgasmic intercourse for half an hour or more, with or without initial caressing, did not produce any sparks and therefore appears to eliminate all tension. Intercourse for half an hour or more was followed by a pleasant relaxation of the whole body with increased love and happiness of the couple and no desire for another sexual connection for 5 or more days. If the intercourse lasted for an hour this contentment lasted for one week, and after a 2-hour intercourse it lasted for two weeks. This was true even when there was an early ejaculation but they remained sexually connected with a non-erect penis. Later von Urban found these observations confirmed by reports of other couples.

South Sea Islanders: Von Urban also describes the sexual practices of some Melanesian societies as confirming the experiences of the Arabian couple. Foreplay with kissing and caressing takes at least half an hour, but a man never touches the clitoris. Then they connect with their sexual organs and lie motionless together for at least another half hour before starting movements, and after orgasm they remain sexually connected for a long time. On nights when they did not have sex they slept skin to skin but without any kissing or caressing. They had intercourse not more than about every five days, and sexual problems seemed to be unknown in these societies. They made fun of what they regarded as the immature sexual practices of Westerners.

The Neurotic Woman: A beautiful young woman was terrified of men, but after falling in love with a medical assistant of von Urban eventually agreed to marry him on the condition that he would not try to have sex with her. After six weeks, they finally spend their first night together, naked but without any sexual contact. After about half an hour of lying together both experienced an indescribable delight and rapture that lasted the whole night.

However, after 7 hours they had to separate or they would get a feeling of suffocation unless they had a shower, and then they could continue lying blissfully together. During the day they felt exceptionally happy, relaxed and energetic. For 14 years they practiced this celestial type of love-making until they tried conventional sex and lost it. As with the Arabian couple, their experiences were enhanced by having a shower before lying together.

Von Urban’s Six Rules of Perfect Sex

Preparation: A day chosen for making love should be filled with mutual kindness and affection. A period of love play with kissing and caressing should precede the sex act. Clitoral stimulation should be avoided. Woman who are used to clitoral orgasms should gradually, within a few weeks or months, be helped to refocus on vaginal stimulation.

Comment: Von Urban believed that clitoral stimulation increases tension and makes deep relaxation of the whole body more difficult, and if one is used to clitoral stimulation it also may make it more difficult to achieve deep vaginal orgasm. The main goal for von Urban was not creating strong excitement and coming quickly to an orgasm but rather having a loving and strongly bonding connection with a partner. This does not mean that everyone needs to do it this way, von Urban just believed that it gave the best long-term results in regard to health and relationships.

Position: The partners should adopt a position that allows them to remain fully relaxed during a long intercourse. Preferred is the Scissor Position: the woman lies on her back with knees drawn to the chest, while the male lies on his left side crosswise to her, so that his penis touches the entrance of the vagina. She now drops her legs and he places his right leg between her legs. With this, her left leg is between his legs while her right calf rests on his torso. Sides may be reversed.

The man places the tip of the penis at the opened entrance of the vagina. Now all kissing and caressing should cease and both lovers focus on the energy streams between their sexual organs. It does not matter if the penis is soft or erect. After half an hour and full exchange of sexual energy the penis usually becomes erect and may now enter provided that the vagina is naturally moist. The use of oil is discouraged as it slows the exchange of energy (but this should not be a problem with long connections), and condoms must be avoided (except possibly temporarily for the purpose of ejaculation) because they block the exchange of bio-energy and lead to increased body tension. These recommendations are for couples in long-term relationships, for casual encounters use safe sex practices.

Duration: After the man has learned to control his ejaculation, the 30 minutes outside the vagina are no longer required. For a long connection of one to three hours the couple remains mainly motionless or with slow movements. If ejaculation occurs prematurely, the soft penis should remain inside until at least half an hour since entering. If unwanted pregnancy needs to be avoided then withdraw shortly for ejaculation, urination and washing, and then connect again the penis to the inner lips.

Concentration: During the whole sex act from preparation to finish the couple should focus on each other and what they are doing, become aware of the sensations where they are touching and the energy flows within and between them.

Relaxation: It is essential to relax not only physically by choosing a suitable position, but also mentally and emotionally. Any kind of worry, guilt or preoccupation with work or family problems prevents relaxation and full exchange of bio-energy. Try to overcome such problems by dealing with them at other times, and use relaxation exercises and meditation to switch off when you want to. Another problem is that a woman may suppress her sex drive because of previous abuse or disappointment, and may resist subconsciously. This can usually be overcome with much tenderness, love and patience of her partner.

Frequency: While this may depend mainly on the desire of the partners, von Urban observed that generally after a 30 minute intercourse with proper preparation couples are happy with a five day interval, after one hour intercourse with one-week, and after two hours with two-week intervals. He regards a sufficient interval as important to fully recharge the body batteries with bio-energy.


Von Urban’s observations seem to show that the undesirable effects of conventional orgasmic sex may be mainly due to unreleased body tensions rather than hormonal changes per se, although hormonal changes may be a result of bio-energetic changes. The increased contentment and happiness after von Urban’s Perfect Sex appears to be the same as after Karezza, and would be due to the combination of persistently raised oxytocin levels and increased relaxation.

The rest period of five days to two weeks between orgasmic events may mean that prolactin rises and testosterone receptor levels fall as after conventional orgasm, but that the duration of the changes depends on the degree to which the body tensions have been neutralized. If there is a prolonged reduction or fluctuation of dopamine levels as after conventional sex, it may be offset by increased oxytocin so that overall there is no negative emotional effect. My personal view is that high oxytocin levels will probably stabilize dopamine levels.

It is not clear if after Karezza there is a 5 to 14 day period of decreased desire for sexual union as after Perfect Sex. Some authors, such as Stockham seem to say so and advocate a waiting period of two weeks or longer between Karezza encounters, while some modern couples may connect daily but often just lie peacefully together or in a meditative state or just snuggle up for comfort. Any period of decreased desire may be much less pronounced with Karezza and mainly due to contentment of being in a bio-energetic equilibrium rather than to an unfavorable hormonal effect.

I suggest that for full heart-centered Karezza sessions a rest period of several days may be appropriate similar as for Perfect Sex to fully charge our sexual batteries, but that for meditation or comfort short daily connections are also fine.
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