by Walter Last


Autosuggestion is one of the most effective tools for changing our belief systems, and reprogram our body and mind. It can be practiced in various forms. At the level of normal consciousness we can use affirmations. More effective are suggestions given in an altered state of consciousness and then we call it self-hypnosis. We may also use suggestions during sleep. Finally, suggestions may be given in the form of inner pictures and even motion pictures and then we call it visualization, guided imagery or reverie.

Reprogramming is much more effective if we have a strong positive feeling or emotional outpouring at the same time. However, before positive affirmations can become effective, we must first free ourselves from fears and the emotional content of negative memories. Otherwise these continue to cause distress and block the free flow of energies. The best method that I could find so far is the Emotional Freedom Technique.

Emotional Freedom Technique

The EFT technique, mainly developed by Gary Craig, is very effective to overcome negative emotions and disturbing memories and their harmful effects on body and mind. You may be able to eliminate most of these disturbing problems within minutes yourself. I know that sounds unbelievable. Such claims are usually only made by people who want to sell you something.

The basic principle of this method is to combine consciousness with energy flows. The fundamental discovery of this therapy is stated as: "The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption of the body’s energy system." It is claimed that single aspect problems, such as fear of public speaking, of heights, of snakes or spiders, can often be overcome within minutes. Also many physical problems seem to yield to the same formula. This is not entirely surprising as most physical problems have an emotional component. However, in addition we can expect a direct beneficial effect on the physical body by balancing the energy system, especially if this is combined with conscious awareness.

You may select a health problem or a memory that still evokes a negative emotion when you think of it or feel into it. Gary Craig used the following formula: "Even though I have this ___________, I deeply and completely love and accept myself." For instance, if you have been negatively affected by the diagnosis of cancer, then you may say: "Even though I have this fear of cancer, I deeply and completely love and accept myself." You may also try variations such as: “Despite my fear of cancer, I fully expect to overcome it.” Therefore, you first state the problem that you want to overcome and then your expected goal or solution.

However, the more specific you can be in selecting this statement, the more effective it will be. Your fear of cancer may be a composite of multiple aspects, such as the fear of dying, a fear of pain or suffering, a fear of having to leave your family behind, perhaps just fear of the unknown, the emotional impact of the original diagnosis, apprehension of financial hardship, of becoming incapacitated and a burden on your family and many others. You need to address each of these different aspects separately and say, for instance, "In spite of my fear of dying ..." or "Although I am shocked by my cancer diagnosis ..."

In order to make the selected affirmation effective, you tap on selected acupuncture points. This temporarily normalizes the energy flow of the tapped meridian. Each time, while saying your affirmation you tap each selected point about 7 times. Do this firmly with the tips of the index and middle fingers of either hand on one side of the body or better still, use all slightly curled fingers on both sides of the body. These meridian points are:

1. At the top of the head

2. At the inner end of each eyebrow

3. On the bony ridge at the outside of the eyes

4. On the bone under the eyes

5. Between the bottom of the nose and the top of the upper lip

6. Midway between the point of the chin and the lower lip

7. Where the breastbone, collarbone and first rib meet

8. On the side of the body level with the nipple of a men or the bra strap

9. On the inside of each wrist.

At the beginning of the procedure and again after a series of tapping assess the emotional intensity of the stressful memory or fear by imagining the corresponding situation. Assign to it a number from 0 to 10 whereby you do not feel any emotional content at 0 but it is overwhelming at 10. If the intensity has lessened but not returned to 0, repeat it with an adjusted affirmation. Now you may say, for instance: "Although I still have some of this fear of cancer, I deeply and completely love and accept myself." Later you may adjust this still further and say:  "Even though I still have some of this remaining fear of cancer …."


If your negative memory is not easily put into words, then you may just imagine a movie scene lasting for several seconds and repeat this when tapping each point. This may be suitable in abuse situation with many different aspects to address. In addition to performing the tapping on yourself, you may also work on a friend or relative. If you do not get results, then you may need to re-formulate your affirmation to address a different aspect of the problem, or make your affirmation more specific.

With some problems, especially of a physical nature, it may help to repeat the procedure many times during the day for an extended period. To overcome a strong addiction, such as for drugs or smoking, it may need to be repeated every half waking hour for several days.

Some individuals may also be blocked by what has been called "Energy Toxins". These may be due to electromagnetic pollution, chemical sensitivity, food allergy and especially medical drugs. If no progress can be made with different affirmations, then try to perform it in a different and preferably unpolluted place. If this does not help, clean yourself thoroughly in a bath or shower but without any soap and then test before putting any cloths on. Stand on a tiled or hardwood floor instead of a carpet. If that does not help either you may need to go on an elimination diet as described elsewhere.

The most common energy toxins are often the foods that we love most, in addition to perfume, herbs and spices, wheat, corn, sugar, coffee, tea, caffeine, alcohol, nicotine and dairy products. You may also try muscle testing to find the source of your problem.

While you may experiment with these instructions and already achieve good results, I suggest that you visit Gary Craig’s website http://www.emofree.com/. From here you can get a lot of useful information, plenty of case histories, a free instruction manual and much more. In addition, you may visit http://www.emotionalrelief.org/ for descriptions of similar techniques. Also Dr Mercola has a good EFT protocol for beginners on http://www.mercola.com/forms/eftcourse.htm.

As an extension of this method, I suggest that after freeing yourself of negative memories, you may also experiment with positive affirmations, especially for improving body conditions. While you may start out formulating your phrase as given above and say: "Even though I still have some remaining weakness in my immune system, I deeply and completely love and accept myself", you may eventually rephrase it to: "Every day in every way my immune system is stronger and stronger". In the same way you may augment any other positive affirmations.  


Look through your list of beliefs that you want to change and select one or two that have the most immediate importance. Often this will be a health problem or an emotional difficulty. Then work out a short statement to describe your goal. With breathing problems, for instance, you may state: "My breath flows free and easy at all times". Write it down at least ten times and then read it aloud as often as you wrote it. Do this several times daily.

While making each statement, try to feel it at the same time; in our example feel your breath flowing freely. In addition, be aware of your inner reaction to the affirmation. Does it sound convincing or is there a phony ring to it? Ask your inner self to participate in formulating the affirmation so that it leaves a good feeling when you use it. Initially you may perhaps state: "I am happy, healthy and fit" but something inside you nay instead suggest: "You are happy, healthy and fit" or "We are happy, healthy and fit". Try out such variations and different formulations of the same problem and then select the one that feels best.

Another good general affirmation was used extensively by Emile Coue, the originator of autosuggestion therapy: "With every day in every way I am better and better." Note the rhythm and poetic sound of this suggestion. In this way the right half of our brain, which requires artistic stimulation, can accept a verbal suggestion which it otherwise might ignore. The right brain is intimately linked to our subconscious mind.

Making the message acceptable to the right brain is the key to success reprogramming. I also like to say: "My days are filled with love and joy." You may say this right after the Coue affirmation, feel the joy and love while you say it. Another way in which this may be done is by singing our affirmation or saying it in rhythm or rhyme or with suitable music. Most effective appears to be Baroque music with about sixty beats per minute, preferably featuring string instruments will as recommended by S. Ostrander & L. Schroeder in Superlearning, Sphere Books. You may also experiment by using different colors in writing down your affirmations, or incorporate the written affirmation in a painting, or even express your affirmation as a painting. Preferably work only on one important problem at a time, be it for days or weeks or months, until you have made sufficient progress. You may, however, use a general formula, like the one by Coue, in addition to an affirmation for a specific problem.

Affirmations are statements of goals or intentions that you imprint on the mental level with the aim of getting them accepted by the inner self. When this is achieved, when the Inner self believes your statement, it is as good as done. As with prayer, the key to success is your faith that your request has already been granted at the spiritual level and just takes some time to become manifest in your existence.


Instead of clothing a suggestion in an artistic dress in order to make it acceptable to the right side of the brain, we may achieve a similar result by switching off the analytical left side of our brain. This can be done by entering a state of deep relaxation or meditation. We are naturally in this state just before falling asleep or when awakening. In this condition the alpha brain waves dominate. Experiment with the various relaxation and meditation methods described in this book. When fully relaxed or in an altered state of consciousness, repeat mentally or just slightly audible an affirmation which you have selected beforehand.

In addition it is recommended that you mentally wander through your body and give a positive suggestion to each organ and system. At the same time, try to feel a strengthening flow of energy into each part. You may start with the head and say mentally or aloud: "Brain healthy and balanced, hair natural color, eyes strong, scalp relaxed, forehead relaxed, neck muscles relaxed" and so forth, working your way down to the toes. Then you may mention the various systems and functions, such as "nervous system strong and balanced, glandular system healthy and balanced, digestive system strong and efficient".

Mention also the blood circulation, the immune system, reproductive system and the lymph circulation. Repeat each suggestion several times or for about half a minute. Concentrate for a longer period on problem areas. Tell your body to cleanse itself of toxins and metabolic residues. Feel the toxic energies leaving your body through the feet and with the breath. Do not think while giving these suggestions. Let them casually drift into your mind and hold them leisurely for a while. Keep your attention on feeling the various body parts or the effects of any other suggestions. You are in the correct state of mind if you startle at an unexpected outside noise.

Before opening the eyes after awakening or when finishing your meditation or a relaxation exercise, give yourself a positive suggestion. You may say: "When I count to five my eyes will open and I feel refreshed, energized and joyful." Then count slowly and try to feel the sensation of being refreshed, energetic and joyful. In addition, give yourself helpful suggestions for a restful sleep or for solving specific problems just before falling asleep.

Children, and even adults with their consent, may be given helpful suggestions during their sleep. Start by telling them to continue sleeping, that all is well and that you love them. Then repeat the special message about ten times in very simple words. With children this frequently may involve bedwetting, behavioral problems or school activity. For yourself you may also use tape-recorded messages that automatically switch on and off.

Guided Imagery

For many problems guided imager is the most powerful autosuggestion method. Visualisation or mental imagery is an effective form of guided imagery. After entering a state of deep relaxation, visualize your goal or the desired solution to your problem, hold the picture in a vivid form for as long as possible. Try to feel it at the same time. Visualising a solution is like providing a mould or shape while feeling supplies the necessary energy to manifest the imagined condition.

Alternatively, you may produce a mental movie, also called guided reverie. Even if not producing a moving scene, visualization is usually more effective if you do not try to hold on to a still picture, but rather make it in some way dynamic as with changes or fluctuations in color, size, intensity of feeling or by breathing into it. Picture various scenes eventually leading to the desired solution. See yourself as you would like to be, with natural hair color, smooth skin, ideal weight, joyfully dancing, overflowing with energy while running up a hill, and so forth. For improving and toning your body, visualize and feel each organ and gland in turn, see it in a healthy shape and color; you may refresh your memory from an anatomical atlas beforehand. In addition, picture streams of healing energies circulating through the body, use yellow or orange colors for toning, green for balancing and blue for sedation.

Try to visualize your health problem. For instance, if there is a tumor inside your body, visualize it as a black or gray mass. Then do breathing exercises: with each inhalation see your body being flooded with a golden-yellow energy. See how this energy gradually dissolves and washes away the dark tumor mass. With each breath it becomes somewhat smaller. The dissolved mass is then expelled with the outgoing breath. Make this exercise last 15 minutes or longer until the tumor has completely disappeared before your inner eye. If you finish much sooner then start again dissolving the full-sized tumor. Repeat this exercise daily or even twice daily in serious conditions, best in combination with prayer and meditation.

As an additional exercise, see your immune cells charging into the growth and destroying the cancer cells. Invent a picture with a strong emotional impact. You may, for instance, see your immune cells as white mice nibbling away at a cheese, which represents the tumor, or you may see them as star-war spaceships shooting down ugly enemy space ships, which symbolize individual cancer cells.

For different conditions invent your own visualizations. For cataracts, for instance, see a gray film over your eyes slowly disappearing. If there is a severe pain, see it as a fireball that is gradually extinguished by a flood of deep blue, water-like energy, drawn in with the breath. For a paralyzed body part see an orange or fiery red stream of energy enter the limb with each breath, causing it to become more and more hot, tingling and gently moving with each renewed burst of energy.

The following exercise may show you the power of imagination. Sit relaxed, turn your head without moving the shoulders as far as possible to each side and note how far you can see the wall behind your back from each side. Perform a short relaxation exercise and then imagine that your head turns effortlessly almost 180 degrees to each side so that you can see the whole wall at your back. Repeat this imaginary turning of the head several times to each side but without moving the head physically. Finally, open your eyes and actually turn your head to each side and note how far you can now see behind your back.

Use your imagination to create a mental picture suitable for your specific problems. There is no limit to what you can achieve.

Body Talk

Guided imagery is even more effective if you combine it with talking to your body. Imagine that the body has many different layers or levels of consciousness. Your mind usually works at the mental level while your subconscious mind is in charge of the emotional level. Below that is the life-force level and that is where your body-self operates. However, I have reasons to assume that each organ in our body and even each cell has its own distinct consciousness. You were already enlisting the cooperation of all these individual consciousnesses with your guided imagery. Now imagine that you can talk to them as well and that they are willing and eager to comply with your wishes. When in a relaxed state and either combined with other imagery or separately talk to any organ that you want to improve.

First talk to the body self that is in charge of all the different organs and body parts. You may give it a name, as for instance your unused middle name and talk to it as you would to a child with a problem. Tell it repeatedly what you want it to do, such as shrinking a tumour, putting on weight, strengthening the immune system, removing toxins and so forth. Give it enthusiastic encouragement and convince it that it is able to do it. If, for instance, you have a breast tumour then ask it to heal the breast and to support the breast in its efforts to heal itself.

Then in the same way talk to the affected breast. Tell it what you want it to do. Tell it that it is strong enough to heal the tumour and heal any lesions. Ask it to turn to the body self for help. Assure your breast that you love it and promise frequently to send it love energy and any other support that it may need. Then do not forget to do as you said. Tell you body self as well as your breast to let you know what you can do better to support them and in a relaxed state listen for an answer. A helpful idea may unexpectedly cross your mind.

Talk audibly to your body and frequently repeat talking to it, art least once a day. After the initial contact you do not always need to be in a relaxed state but can talk whenever you feel like it. You may find it very effective talking in front of a mirror. You may also directly talk to your army of immune cells, giving it a pep talk as their commander in chief or ask the red blood cells to carry more oxygen or the lymph fluid to remove waste products more efficiently.

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