by Walter Last

I have been fond of urine therapy for many years but except as a homoeopathic remedy, I have rarely mentioned it to patients as our social conditioning invariably prompted a strong negative reaction.

The many and varied case histories described by John Armstrong in his 'The Water of Life' are certainly impressive. However, this book was first published fifty years ago, Armstrong did not have any academic qualifications and without the strong support of other therapists, there were not many convincing reasons for patients to try this method.

This has changed dramatically in recent years with the publication of the several more books on urine therapy. Very good are the self-published books by Martin Lara at http://users.erols.com/martinlara, 'The Miracle of Urine Therapy' by Dr Beatrice Bartnett and especially 'Your Own Perfect Medicine' by Martha Christy.

Martha Christy's Experience

Martha Christy cured herself of a host of incapacitating illnesses, including intestinal inflammation or Crohn's disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, thyroid disorder, severe chronic kidney infections, food and chemical allergies and severe endometriosis.

The conventional approach with drugs and six operations did not help and probably intensified her problems. Natural therapies worked for a while, but a difficult pregnancy disabled her again and this time even the natural therapy she tried was not good enough, including $US 15,000 spent in an alternative cancer clinic in Mexico for bleeding pelvic tumours.

Most of the time she had to stay in bed until one day she was introduced to urine therapy and before long, all her health troubles were over.

Instead of just writing another 'How I Did It' book, she went to university libraries and hired a research firm to search the scientific and medical literature for publications on the use of urine and products derived from it.

She was amazed by what she found. There were not just hundreds but rather thousands of published articles. There are probably more articles published about urea, the main ingredient of urine, than about any other organic substance. Mrs Christy devoted a large part of her book to explaining and summarising this scientific and medical evidence and also provided detailed references of published papers.

In addition, she lists many testimonials of individuals as to the effectiveness of urine therapy in overcoming AIDS, Candida, Cancer, Colitis, Depression, Diabetes, Immune deficiency, Multiple Sclerosis and other diseases.

Scientific Evidence

The most amazing aspect of urine therapy is its effectiveness in such a wide range of different diseases.

There are several reasons for this. For one, urine contains antibodies and immune stimulating factors against all viruses, harmful bacteria or fungi that we may harbour in our body. The researchers stated that even minute amounts of antibodies, sometimes so low that they cannot be detected with conventional methods, are effective in preventing and treating diseases.

There are reports investigating and describing the curative effects of urine therapy on a wide range of infectious, fungal and viral infections, such as hepatitis, poliomyelitis and AIDS. Urine is especially effective against allergies, autoimmune diseases and other disorders of the immune system.

To switch off an allergic reaction one must put a few drops of urine under the tongue, collected during the reaction, or the urine may be homoeopathically diluted and some of it kept in the mouth for a few minutes.

When drinking urine routinely, allergic reactions may not occur at all, thus doing away with the need to identify which substance one has been reacting to.

Curing Cancer 'Child's Play'!

Cancer, too, responds very well to urine therapy. Very effective appears to be the urine fast employed by Armstrong.

His first cancer patient was a nurse who had herself cared for over fifty cancer patients. She knew that any cancer pain is mild as compared to that experienced from the regrowth commonly occurring after medical intervention.

Usually visible tumours such as with breast cancer disappeared within three weeks, but sometimes even in one week. Armstrong called curing cancer 'child's play' except if patients had already received chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

I also know personally of several cases of cancer cures exclusively or mainly due to urine therapy; sometimes the addition of urine therapy to a natural cancer program appeared to be responsible for the successful outcome. Martin Lara has an interesting breast cancer cure with urine injections on his site: http://users.erols.com/martinlara.

Most of the scientific cancer reports concentrate on urine extracts of anti-cancer agents. One such extract is called H-11, another HUD, others Retine, DHEA hormone or Anti-neoplaston.

While good results were reported with all of these, it is very expensive to treat patients in this way and the treatment would be even more effective and much cheaper if all of these cancer-fighting ingredients of urine were used together by ingesting whole urine.

Surprisingly, uric acid is not just the villain causing gout; it is also a proven anti-cancer agent and rejuvenating factor. However, the crown of the cancer-fighting urine ingredients may actually belong to urea, the most common chemical in urine.

Benefits of Urea

Only recently has it been discovered that the concentration of urea in the blood has a key role in regulating at least 7 major pathways. Urea levels are low with cancer and many other diseases. The frequency of cancer and especially of multiple tumours and metastases increases greatly if urea levels are low.

Urea is not just a waste product or the end state of the protein metabolism as commonly assumed. Biochemical research has shown that urea, both from internal sources or externally supplied, is used by the body as a raw material to synthesise amino acids and proteins.

This is especially important for patients with kidney failure. These deteriorate quickly on a diet containing normal amounts of protein, but do much better if the diet is extremely low in protein, below 20g per day.

Another research report states that patients with kidney failure on very low protein intake show progressive clinical improvement when receiving added urea, which then becomes the main source of nitrogen for protein synthesis. Urea may thus be the main reason why urine therapy and especially urine fasts are so successful with kidney failure

I believe that it is the best and sometimes the only successful therapy. One of my patients with kidney failure continued to deteriorate on a fast of fresh vegetable juices, but was cured when fasting on urine for 2 weeks.

Another helpful factor is the role of urea as the best natural diuretic and far better than synthetic ones. This is not only important for those with deem or fluid retention because of kidney or heart weakness but especially with fluid pressure on the brain or spinal cord or in the eye with glaucoma.

With this, additional urea is important with brain tumours, stroke, meningitis and other inflammations of the brain and spinal cord. One report cites the case of a massive brain tumour reappearing 3 months after surgical removal of another brain tumour. The patient received 256ml of 30% urea. After 2 hours the tumour had completely disappeared.

When applied externally, urea has a very beneficial effect on wound healing, including infected wounds, burns and ulcerating tumours. The urea crystals may be directly packed into the wound or a strong or saturated solution may be applied. In this way, urea removes the foul odour often associated with an ulcerating tumour or other dead or putrefying tissue.

Urea Pioneer

The use of urea in cancer treatment was pioneered by E V Danopoulos, a Professor of Internal Medicine in Athens. Urea was notably effective with liver cancer and in preventing the development of metastases or secondary tumours. He used 45g of urea daily in 6 divided doses for 40 days and then 20g in 3 doses for 2 years. 45g correspond to 6 rounded teaspoons, while 20g are about 3 teaspoonfuls. The results were published in The Lancet in 1974.

But as it happens so often with discoverers of cheap cancer cures, Danopoulos lost his position after this publication and was forced to retire. Other research has shown that the effectiveness of urine in killing microbes depends largely on its concentration of urea and is better, the higher it is in urea.

Other Beneficial Ingredients

Another important reason for the effectiveness of urine is its content of countless hormones, enzymes, vitamins, trace minerals and other valuable biochemical. Some companies make a fortune by extracting some of these substances from collected urine on a large scale. The fact is that urine is not a waste product full of harmful substances as is commonly believed, but instead a treasure-trove of just the right bio-chemicals that we need for our condition.

The main function of the kidneys is to regulate the concentration of all these countless bio-chemicals in our blood. Any unwanted surplus is as harmful as any deficiency. However, any hormone or enzyme removed as surplus at one time may be in short supply a few hours later.

Furthermore, with advancing age, our hormone and enzyme production declines to sub-optimal levels while the kidneys become less and less efficient in retaining needed ingredients.

Therefore, it greatly helps, especially with chronic degenerative diseases and advancing age to recycle these valuable hormones and enzymes.

Urine Rejuvenates

Urine ingestion is frequently praised as possibly the best rejuvenation therapy known to us. It certainly rejuvenates the hair and the skin. The youthful appearance of many Buddhist monks is ascribed to their routine urine ingestion.

It seems that historically all cultures have used urine for medicinal purposes. It is praised in ancient Egyptian papyri, was used in ancient Rome, in China, India, America as well as European countries. The Journal of the American Medical Association states that in 'primitive medicine' there is scarcely a disease that has not been treated with the external or internal use of urine.

A 5000-year old Sanskrit text describes in a religious context in 107 verses the virtues of urine. In one verse Lord Shiva, the great destroyer and re-generator, says that he who drinks urine sweetened with honey is cleared of any ailment within 6 months. He attains brilliant brainpower and his voice becomes melodious.

One well-known urine ingredient is melatonin, the hormone of the pineal gland. It regulates our body rhythms linked to the dark-light cycle. It is produced in the night and mostly expelled with the morning urine. However it is now highly valued as protecting us from cancer and ageing. Melatonin sales in California are said to top aspirin sales. But why pay much money for just one beneficial ingredient when there are thousands for free?

Problems may arise from ingesting large amounts of urine if one takes medicinal or recreational drugs as these drugs may be recycled and cause an overdose. The same may happen if one ingests other toxic substances. However, harmful substances are not necessarily reabsorbed and may just cause diarrhoea instead.

How to Use Urine

There are various ways to use urine but generally it is advisable to start with small amounts. This is not only to get accustomed to the taste of it, but also to slow down any healing reactions. These occur commonly with methods that genuinely improve our health.

Reactions may manifest as diarrhoea, vomiting, nausea, skin problems or a temporary flare-up of old health problems prior to their final elimination.

Start with a few drops or a teaspoonful. These may be swallowed immediately and you may wash it down with some water or juice or eat a piece of fruit. However, with allergies and immune disorders it is more effective to leave the diluted urine under the tongue for a few minutes.

An allergic reaction can best be stopped or neutralised by collecting the urine when the symptoms are worst, however in practice you try to use it as soon as you notice the first symptoms.

Some researchers suggest that the proper dose can be found by slowly putting single drops under the tongue until the taste and temperature of a drop can no longer be distinguished. This is then the neutralising dose. Each subsequent day you may double the previous dose or the number of times you take them per day until you reach your target amount or the dose that you are comfortable with.

A suggested amount for general health improvement and rejuvenation are 2 or 3 cupfuls daily. More may be temporarily used to overcome serious diseases, especially AIDS and other viral, bacterial or fungal infections, cancer and kidney diseases. Drink only on an empty stomach well before meals as a large amount or strong urine after a meal may cause digestive upset. You may also need to take half a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate one or more times daily before meals to minimise allergy problems due to overacidity.

In these cases ingest about one litre, the more the better, while for a limited period, say several weeks, try to drink all or most of your urine, except in the evening so that you do not have to get up at night. However, that may only be suitable during a cleansing period.

My favourite way to flush the kidneys is to drink 1 to 2 litres of urine before breakfast. Start drinking all the urine when you first wake up, lets say around 5 o'clock. Then you may urinate again and drink another lot about 6.30 and then again at 8 o'clock. Either drink sufficient in the evening so that the first morning urine is not too concentrated or otherwise dilute strong urine with sufficient water. If the urine is cloudy, as it easily happens during a healing reaction, you may use only a small amount. If the body is reasonably clean, then the urine does not taste offensive and reflects the aromas of the previous meal. The second morning urine, especially after drinking a fair amount of liquids after rising, is usually very mild and better to get accustomed to then the first morning urine.

Martin Lara (http://users.erols.com/martinlara) describes injecting 1 ml of fresh urine once or several times into a muscle, e.g. thigh or buttock. This is especially recommended for cancer, strong viral infections and other serious diseases, it also helped to eliminate asthma.

The Urine Fast

The most powerful form of urine therapy is a urine fast which combines two of the most effective natural healing methods, urine therapy and fasting. This is the method routinely used by John Armstrong and described in his book The Water of Life. Armstrong had amazing results with this method and I also found it very effective. A main advantage of a urine fast over a water fast is a greatly increased amount of energy so that the fast can be continued for a much longer period. I believe that it is also more effective than a fast or cleanse on vegetable juices.

During the urine fast you drink all of your freshly voided urine and initially some added water to bring the daily volume to about 5 litres. However, I suggest to gradually increase the ingested amount to full intake already before starting the fast while gradually reducing the food intake to just a few pieces of fruit or vegetable salad and fresh vegetable juices.

It is possible that this combination, a small amount of fresh fruit or vegetables and juices together with ingesting almost all of your urine is already sufficient to cure your problem. If after a week or two you feel that you do not make enough progress, you may then proceed with a strict urine fast for 1-4 weeks.

You end the fast by using again only a small amount of fresh raw fruit or vegetables for another week or two, gradually increasing the amount and variety of fresh food.

As with all fasts or cleanses, it is important to keep the bowels moving daily. Initially I suggest using a tablespoon of Epsom salts together with a crushed clove of garlic for several mornings or evenings when starting with a greatly restricted food intake.

This will help to avoid or minimise unpleasant cleansing symptoms, such as weakness, pain or nausea. However, in many cases the ingested urine will already over-stimulate the bowels with liquid discharges and then no further action is needed.

Ingest only your own freshly voided urine. Normally urine is light yellow, clear and sterile, especially if collected mid-stream, but during reactions it may become offensive and cloudy. When ingesting a large part of your urine you should check to make sure that it is not too acid. The morning urine normally is slightly acid, but during the day it should be slightly alkaline.

You can buy litmus or pH paper from a chemist. Litmus paper is red when dipped into an acid solution and blue when alkaline, neutral or pH 7 is in between both colours. With pH paper you get a colour chart to compare. If the urine remains acid during the day, which usually happens with allergies and a weak sugar metabolism or if eating much fruit, then take 1/2 teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate once or several times daily in water, but not within 3 hours after meals, until the urine remains alkaline during the day.

However, those with cancer should use potassium bicarbonate (from a chemist) instead of sodium bicarbonate. If the body is too acid, sometimes the emotions become overly sensitive with a tendency to inflammations, mouth ulcers and strong skin reactions.

With cancer, oedema and infectious diseases the effectiveness of urine therapy can be increased by taking daily 1-6 teaspoons of urea (e.g. in water or juices) in divided doses; you may take 3-6 teaspoons when only a small amount of urine is ingested and progressively less with larger urine intakes, leaving it off completely when nearly half or more of the daily urine is ingested.

Homoeopathic Urine

A final possibility is to use urine in homoeopathic form. The simplest way to prepare it is as follows:

To one teaspoon of non-chlorinated water add one drop of fresh urine. Shake it vigorously in a small bottle about 50 times with a sharp downward stroke. One drop of this mixture is then added to another teaspoon of water, shaken again and then the whole procedure repeated a third time. Place 3 drops under the tongue several times daily. When it is used up, wait a few days and then prepare a new homoeopathic remedy. In order to find the most effective potency add one more step to each subsequent preparation of the remedy, that is dilute it a fourth, a fifth and a sixth time and so forth. Start with such higher dilutions, say sixth potency, especially if a remedy is made from fluid such as pus derived from a diseased part of the body.

An alternative method is even simpler and recommended as an introduction to urine therapy and at times when cupfuls of urine are not tolerated.

To 1 tablespoon of morning urine add 4 or 9 tablespoons of non-chlorinated water. Shake 50 times with a sharp downward stroke, and take a spoonful several times during the day; keep in the mouth for a minute before swallowing.

Martin Lara (http://users.erols.com/martinlara) developed a ‘universal remedy’ supposedly effective against all microbes. Dilute 2 drops of urine with 1 tablespoon of non-chlorinated water. During an infection keep one drop of this under the tongue every 2 hours.

Homoeopathically energised remedies should not be exposed to strong magnetic or electromagnetic fields. Keep this urine remedy only lightly covered in a cool place but not in an electric refrigerator, and make up fresh daily.

Social Considerations

The main problem when starting urine therapy is our social conditioning. You may overcome that by reading and contemplating about the expected health benefits.

The taste of urine is not normally offensive, except if the body is rather polluted or when fasting or with strongly concentrated urine. Therefore, dilute strong urine, start with a small and gradually increasing amounts or have a day on fruit before starting to ingest urine. Minimise salt and strong spices in the diet when on urine therapy.

An easy way to drink urine or any other unpleasant fluid for beginners is by breathing only through the mouth and possibly pinching the nose until the mouth has been rinsed with water or juice or a piece of fruit may be eaten.

External Use

For skin problems such as burns, wounds, gangrene, psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, fungus problems ageing skin as well as over inner tumours, inflammations and diseased organs a urine or urea pack or a combination of both is very effective: keep the affected area covered with a folded cloth well moistened with urine or concentrated urea solution, put another cloth or plastic sheet on top, renew several times daily.

Urine becomes more alkaline when standing for a few hours and is then more effective than fresh urine for external applications. However it also smells much more and fresh urine seems to be adequate in my experience. With gangrene, dead flesh, skin infections and open cancer and ulcer sores it is even more effective to saturate the applied urine with urea, that also removes offensive odours. With weeping or suppurating wounds, especially if associated with foul odour, it is also very beneficial to cover the area with dry urea crystals.

Urine can be concentrated by leaving it for several hours in a flat dish in the sun or a warm place. This has been recommended by Armstrong for friction rubs to rejuvenate ageing skin. Armstrong also recommended urine packs over tumour sites or diseased organs in addition to rubbing the body daily for two hours with small amounts of urine.

The main problem with urine packs is the offensive odour. You may try to prevent it by sealing the pack with a good tape, such as duct tape. You may completely seal it and keep the pack moist by injecting fresh urine several times a day with a syringe.


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