by Walter Last

Very effective in cancer and AIDS therapy as well as with most acute and chronic infections is professional ozone therapy - usually ozonising about 200ml of blood withdrawn from the patient and then re-infusing it. This method is widely used in Germany and Mexican cancer clinics but illegal in most other western countries. The same applies to hydrogen peroxide infusions.

Therefore, hydrogen peroxide or so-called stabilised oxygen are commonly used instead. The latter is an unstable oxygenated chlorine compound that easily gives off oxygen. The usual amount is 10 drops in juice several times daily, but start with much less and increase gradually. You may combine taking hydrogen peroxide on rising and at bedtime with stabilised oxygen before meals. This is suitable for those who have difficulty to 'stomach' much hydrogen peroxide but otherwise I regard hydrogen peroxide not only as the cheapest but also as the most suitable product for home oxygen therapy.

Another possibility is an ozone generator. Generators for medical or internal quality ozone can be rather expensive, while common ozone generators just ozonate room air and also produce some potentially toxic nitrogen oxides. However a Beck-type water ozonator is available for internal use at a reasonable price. If ozone comes into contact with water then it forms hydrogen peroxide. As it takes some time, about 20 minutes for all the ozone dissolved in water to be converted to hydrogen peroxide, you get a mixture of both if you drink it immediately after finishing the process. Ozone supposedly has the advantage of releasing active oxygen without requiring enzymes in biological systems, although I am not sure that this really is an advantage.

Both, ozone and hydrogen peroxide have an unstable single oxygen that tends to attach to and oxidise or peroxidise any suitable molecule. The beneficial effect in cancer therapy appears to be mainly the peroxidation of unsaturated fatty acids which then may destroy microbes and malignant cells, provided these are not protected by accumulated vitamin E. A healthy immune system routinely produces hydrogen peroxide to kill microbes.

Food grade hydrogen peroxide previously recommended is no longer available; therefore use any 35% product or the 3% (10 Volume) or 6% (20 Volume) peroxide from a supermarket or chemist. Stabilisers that may be present in some of these products are usually harmless.

Best dilute the peroxide for daily use to about 3%. Just add 1 part of the 35% peroxide to 10 parts of water. Start taking just a few drops in a glass of water. Gradually increase to 1 teaspoon or more four times daily before meals and at bedtime. If you develop an aversion against it, just decrease again to a more comfortable level. Swallow quickly instead of slowly sipping. To disguise the strong aftertaste add aloe vera gel and fruit flavours or herb tea or water flavoured with cinnamon.

You may continue this for as long as required and when the infection or cancer is under control gradually reduce the intake to only once before breakfast. In addition, use hydrogen peroxide to rinse your mouth and gargle morning and evening. It helps to prevent colds and other infections and also tooth decay and is better than most toothpaste. You may also use 35% hydrogen peroxide with a dropper; a teaspoon of 3% peroxide is equivalent to about 12 drops of 35% peroxide. Be careful handling 35% hydrogen peroxide, flush immediately with water or immerse in water any accidental spills on clothes or skin.

It is also helpful to bathe the infection or tumour site daily in 3% hydrogen peroxide or better cover it with a cloth soaked in it, preferably combined with a honey pack or mixed with aloe vera gel. Renew the pack several times daily. A pack may be on the site for most of the time or until the skin becomes red or sore and blisters. This will be good as it draw out toxins. When this happens cover with cabbage leaf instead, and wash only with peroxide. Keep the pack in place with plastic attached to the skin with tape. Have a daily body rub with 3% hydrogen peroxide, best after a bath or shower. With cervical cancer or bowel cancer douche several times daily with suitably diluted hydrogen peroxide, keeping it inside for some time, with throat infections frequently gargle with it, with an ear infection soak some cottonwool and gently put in the ear canal.

Of great benefit are peroxide retention enemas. After a normal enema to clean the bowels, insert half a litre of water or diluted vegetable or grass juice containing one tablespoon of 3% hydrogen peroxide. Try to hold it inside for 10 minutes or longer. The next day add 2 tablespoons; continue increasing the amount of peroxide on subsequent days until you find the highest concentration that you can hold for several minutes. You may also try to increase the volume of water or juice to 1 litre.

During intensive oxygen therapy for cancer temporarily avoid vitamin E supplements which tend to protect cancer cells, preferably also use additional vitamin C several hours before or after ozone or peroxide. Alternatively fresh juices will be sufficient to supply antioxidants. Healthy body cells as well as acidophilus bacteria are not normally harmed by oxygen therapy. In fact, acidophilus bacteria produce hydrogen peroxide themselves to destroy Candida and other fungi.

If you have an ozone maker, you can use it in a similar way as hydrogen peroxide. With a tube you may lead it into water, insert a tube into the rectum (with another shorter tube as outlet to prevent pressure building up inside), irradiate the skin over diseased areas with a funnel or put the body (but not the head) into a bag into which you lead ozone. However, never breathe or inhale ozone, it damages the lungs.

For more information on oxygen therapies see: http://www.oxygenhealth.com or the book Oxygen Therapies by Ed McCabe.

New Ways of using Hydrogen Peroxide

In 1928, a Dr Simmons believed to have discovered that colds and flu enter trough the ear canal and start the infection process in the middle ear. More recently it has been claimed that colds and flu can be cured within hours by putting hydrogen peroxide into the ears at the first indication of any infection. You first put a few drops of 3% hydrogen peroxide in one ear and when the bubbling stops also into the other. Repeat this a few times at about 2 hour intervals. In addition frequently gargle with hydrogen peroxide with any infections in the head and chest area.

Bill Munro (land@landrights.com) inhaled 3% hydrogen peroxide that he sprayed directly into his throat several times a day. He started at age 69 and writes: "I have found that I no longer have aching muscles, my muscles are now very flexible, bursitis, sore gums, sore throat are relieved quickly, and many other things that I haven't thought of are gone. I am 76 years old and people judge me to be 60 to 65. Since I've been using peroxide I haven't been puffing for air as I work. I have many friends who experienced great things from taking peroxide this way."

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