by Walter Last

Dated August 15, 2009 Jim Humble released the article ‘Introducing Miracle Mineral Solution Two’ ( In it he claims to have experimented with the common pool chemical calcium hypochlorite for up to four years and found it beneficial, among others, for overcoming prostate cancer and HIV. However, there are some gaps in the information that Jim Humble has presented, and which I want to fill in with this page.

When calcium hypochlorite dissolves in water it forms hypochlorous acid. This is a stronger oxidant and more bactericidal than chlorine, and it is also produced and used by the immune system. Humble recommends using MMS2 in addition to and not as a replacement of sodium chlorite which he now calls ‘MMS1’.

The recommended dose is a small or size 0 capsule taken with one or two full or large glasses of water. For prostate cancer it has been taken four times daily for several weeks. For HIV the protocol was three activated drops of MMS1 each hour for at least 8 hours daily plus one size 0 capsule of MMS2 taken every two hours during this time. Blood tests for HIV after three weeks were supposedly negative.

There are discussions on the Internet whether to take the capsules before or after meals. This is easy to answer from a chemical perspective. Hypochlorous acid reacts immediately with hydrochloric acid to form chlorine. We definitely do not want that. Therefore the idea is to get the capsule through the stomach as quickly as possible before it dissolves. When taking a large amount of water on an empty stomach then it goes through without much delay and the capsule can dissolve in the duodenum. But after having eaten it dissolves in the stomach and you may get a burp of chlorine gas. This may not be a problem for those who have little or no stomach acid, but it is not worth taking the risk.

Therefore the most important rule:

Always take the capsule with plenty of water on an empty stomach.

Another potential problem that I can think of is that the capsule could get stuck in the esophagus and starts dissolving and irritating the inner lining. Therefore always drink sufficient additional water after swallowing the capsule, and at any sign of discomfort in the esophagus drink plenty more water.

The advantage of MMS2 is that it does have no taste effect and does not potentially cause nausea like MMS1. Furthermore, it is cheap and easy to buy. The disadvantage is that the white powder has a strong chlorine-like smell which can be a problem when filling the empty capsules. This should be done in a well ventilated area, or possibly outside. Even when not touching the powder, the skin can become irritated during filling, and it is advisable to wear plastic gloves. The calcium hypochlorite powder needs to be kept very dry as it becomes very corrosive when wet and the same applies to the filled capsules.

Calcium hypochlorite is also available as very big (200 grams) and hard tablets which need to be smashed up with a hammer and filled into capsules. In this form there is less of an offensive chlorine smell.

Because hypochlorous acid reacts so strongly with organic matter, it is unlikely that it enters the bloodstream as is the case with chlorine dioxide released from MMS1. Therefore I believe it acts mainly by killing microbes and parasites in the intestinal tract. This should be very beneficial with colon cancer, Crohn’s disease and other inflammatory bowel conditions. But it also means that it kills our beneficial intestinal microbes as well, and it will be advisable to use additional probiotics and lactic acid fermented food when taking MMS2 in a high dose and for a longer period.

However, various oxidation products may be absorbed from the intestines and enter the bloodstream where they may still have an antimicrobial effect. Being a very powerful microbicide and oxidant, I would not take MMS2 routinely just as a precaution. I would also take extra antioxidant foods or supplements when using MMS1 or 2, but of course separated by a few hours from each other.

MMS1 and 2 are great additions to the arsenal of those who prefer natural medicine and want to heal themselves of one of the many medically incurable conditions. But they are not harmless, and you cannot just follow the orders of a doctor or naturopath. Before using them you must inform yourself and be prepared to take responsibility for your actions.  

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