by Walter Last

Colloidal silver has a long history in medicine as a natural antibiotic. It is very effective in killing bacteria, fungi, parasites and apparently also the cancer microbe. However, viruses appear to be killed only when the size of the colloids is very small. No serious side effects from overdosing have been reported.

Colloidal silver is most effective if it comes in direct contact with the microbes. You may gargle with it for a throat or mouth infection, use it directly on skin infections, use it as a douche or in an enema or colonic, or spray-inhale it for lung infections. You may also soak a cloth in colloidal silver and keep it over any tumor that is close to the skin, such as breast tumors. But most colloidal silver, except if made with special high-voltage equipment, is actually ionic silver and forms insoluble and ineffective silver chloride in the stomach. Therefore it is not suitable for treating infections in the blood or internal organs.

Colloidal silver is commercially available. Commonly the strength of the solution is from five ppm up to 50 ppm in very concentrated remedies. However, the effectiveness depends much more on the size of the colloids than on their concentration.

You can also easily make your own colloidal silver. Colloidal silver generators are commercially available. However, it is quite easy to build your own. Commonly 27 Volt are used to produce the colloid. For this connect three 9 volt batteries in series (positive to negative pole) and solder an insulated wire to each end terminal. To the other ends of the wires solder an alligator clip each. Buy 25 cm of pure silver wire, .99 fine or purer, 1.5 to 3 mm diameter (from a precious metal dealer - see Yellow Pages), sterling silver is only .9275 fine. Cut the silver wire in half and attach to the alligator clips. It even works quite well with only one nine volt battery.

Immerse the electrodes about 10 cm deep into a glass of water. Use distilled water without the addition of any saline drops. A white mist may sometimes become visible after about 20 minutes. If you do see this fine mist near one of the electrodes, continue for 5 minutes longer. If you use only one 9 volt battery or a 6 or 9 volt DC adaptor you may have to continue for about 1 hour. However, one of the electrodes may become black in the process and may need to be cleaned occasionally by wiping with a cloth. If colloidal silver is made from normal drinking water or with the addition of a drop of saline solution then mainly ineffective silver chloride is produced. The preferred way to speed up the process is by adding a small amount of colloidal silver from a previous lot, or alternatively a drop of lemon juice or vinegar.

After each use rub the black oxidised electrode shiny clean. When making or storing the silver water keep it protected from light as this will precipitate the silver and make it ineffective. Preferably store colloidal silver in a dark glass bottle and in a dark and cool place. For more information on how to make a colloidal silver maker and how to use colloidal silver see or An excellent Australian site is However, if you do not want to buy or build anything and only use small amounts of silver as a maintenance dose you may just keep some pure silver overnight in a glass of water.

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