by Walter Last


In the late nineteenth century Dr W. H. Schuessler originated a therapeutic system he called biochemic medicine, based on 12 essential cell salts or tissue salts; these are homeopathic preparations of mineral salts usually present in the body. They are commonly used as 6X tablets. The main drawback of the tablets is that they are based on lactose to which many individuals are allergic or react weak with muscle testing. This weakening factor is accentuated by the common practice of keeping the tablets in the mouth until dissolved.

However, for those who should best avoid lactose the benefits of cell salts may be obtained by using cell salts as normal homeopathic tinctures. The only disadvantage is that these are not as readily available as the tablets and are stocked by fewer retailers.

The 12 cell salts and their main indications are:

I. Calc.flour. - over-relaxed abdominal wall, piles, varicose veins

2. Calc. phos. - anemia, poor circulation, cramps, rheumatism

3. Calc. sulf. boils. - catarrh, yellow pus and scabs

4. Ferr. phos. - inflammations, low fever, anemia, circulation, wounds

5. Kali. mur. - croup, catarrh and skin diseases with white discharge

6. Kali. phos. - High fever, paralysis, sepsis, neuralgia, debility

7. Kali. sulf. - catarrh, skin diseases with watery discharge

8. Mag. phos. - shooting pains, neuralgia, spasms itching

9. Nat. mur. - constipation or diarrhea, cold hands or feet, drowsiness

10. Nat. phos. - gout and rheumatism, overacidity, blackheads

11. Nat. sulf. - liver and gall-bladder diseases, dropsy, migraine

12. Silicea - boils, skin ulcers, nasal catarrh, night sweats, gout

They may be used individually or in combination. For more information see http://www.cellsalts.net .

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