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Most women do not seem to be aware that the greatest risk factor for developing breast cancer is the habitual wearing of a bra. Singer and Grismaijer investigated the bra-wearing behavior of about 5000 women. Women who used to wear a bra 24 hours a day had a 3 out of 4 chance of developing breast cancer compared to a 1 in 168 chance for women who never or rarely wore bras. The latter is about the same breast cancer risk as for men. Women who wore a bra more than 12 hours daily had a 1 in 7 risk, with less than 12 hours the risk dropped to 1 out of 152.

However, even more common is fibrocystic breast disease, which is often a forerunner of breast cancer. This painful condition can be cured simply by not wearing a bra. Singer and Grismaijer published their findings in the book 'Dressed to Kill' (Avery Press 1995). For more details on the Internet see

The main reason for this harmful effect of bras is the constriction of the lymphatic circulation of the breasts. Similar to rubbish accumulating in a stagnating part of a river, so pesticides and other fat-soluble chemicals accumulate in the breasts. However, it is not necessary to leave heavy breasts completely unsupported. The main rule is to use a lose support that does not constrict the lymph flow. In order for lymph to flow it needs muscle movement, alternating contraction and relaxation of muscles. This can be provided in the breasts by keeping the support loose enough so that they can gently bounce while walking. Most women will not need a support when at home. In addition frequently do some exercises to improve lymph flow in the breast area such as with circling your arms.

If you have been diagnosed with breast cancer, be aware that there is no honest evidence that any of the conventional medical therapies prolongs your life (see Scientific Cancer Treatment?). A recommended technique for all breast problems, but especially breast cancer, is to press strongly into the hollow on each side of the breastbone where it meets the collarbone. Press for a long time (or have someone else do it for you). Also sometimes change the direction of the pressure and frequently repeat this until these points are no longer tender or the problem has disappeared. In addition also press downwards along both sides of the breastbone into the hollows between the ribs.

If you are concerned that without a bra your breasts may start sagging too much, you may try a predominantly raw-food diet as recommended in Healing Foods. This can be expected to keep your skin and your breasts much more elastic than a conventional diet. Other nutrients that have been shown to be important for keeping healthy breasts are selenium as seleno-methionine, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D (cod liver oil or sunshine) and generally minimizing exposure to pesticides and other non-biological chemicals and drugs.

To reduce your risk of developing breast cancer still further you may consider avoiding milk products except butter. I understand that the rate of death from breast cancer in China is one in 10,000 compared to about one in 10 in most Western countries. Professor Jane Plant realized that unlike western and westernized women the Chinese do not use animal milk or related products. At this stage she had the fifth recurrence of her breast cancer and had been given up to die. As soon as she avoided all milk products her tumor disappeared and for 13 years she is now free of cancer (Your Life in Your Hands by Jane Plant, published Virgin, UK).

All animal milk is high in insulin growth factor, IGF-1, which stimulates breast tissue to grow during puberty and pregnancy. IGF-1 is also present in the meat of dairy cows and apparently also stimulates other hormone-related cancers, including prostate cancer.

If you are interested increasing the size of your breasts, you may try the following herbs. They have been advertised to increase bust by 1 to 3 sizes within 30 to 60 days, see Use internally as well as topically.

Saw Palmetto Extract - (Serenoa Repens) (Leaf) - a nutritive tonic for glandular tissue.

Fennel Seed - (Foeniculum Vulgare) (Fruit) - increases estrogen in the breast.

Don Quai - (Leaf)

Damiana - (Tumera Diffusa) (Leaf)

Blessed Thistle - (Cnicus Benedictus) (Leaf)

Dandelion - (Taraxaci Herba) (Root)

Watercress - (Nasturtium Officinale) (Leaf)

Black Cohosh - is an alternative hormonal precursor.

Wild Yam - (Dioscorea Villosa) (Root)

How to Deliver a Healthy Baby

Unfortunately, modern obstetrics has become very dangerous for the health of babies. The main problem is early cord-cutting as practiced especially in the United States and copied by many other Western countries, including Australia. This deprives the baby of much of its normal supply of blood and ensures that many babies develop anemia, respiratory distress syndrome and learning difficulties or even mental retardation. Most at risk are premature babies. For a more detailed account of problems due to early cord clamping see

The correct way is to wait until the cord has stopped pulsating and hold the baby low until then. Also look at other ways of a more natural childbirth. Try to obtain the help of a midwife rather than relying on an obstetrician or try to find an obstetrician who uses natural methods. A caesarean section should be considered only as a last resort. Normally the baby is inoculated with the bacteria for the normal intestinal flora when going through the birth canal and also later with the breast milk. If the mother is known to have Candida or after a caesarean birth and especially with following bottle-feeding, the baby needs to be given a range of the normal lactobacteria through supplements.

Recent medical research indicates that all babies who died of cot/crib death had toxins from coli bacteria in their blood. This was regarded as the main cause for their untimely death. There is now research underway to find the cause and a preventive drug. In the meantime you can give your baby some high-potency acidophilus capsules and this should eliminate the problem.

Other helpful measures are frequently talking to the baby during pregnancy, trying to establish psychic communication during meditation, often listening to uplifting music and be exposed to beauty in nature and art. Before and during labor press the foot reflexes for the uterus (see Reflexology), trace the conception meridian with a finger or the mind (see Meridian Therapy) and use guided imagery.

Preeclampsia may be avoided or controlled with intestinal sanitation, raw food, magnesium and omega-3 fatty acids, especially cod liver oil. Supply folic acid through supplements or plenty of green foods throughout the pregnancy to avoid birth defects. Preferably do this already before conception. Fish oils and vitamin B6 (in addition to a multivitamin-mineral tablet) also tend to prevent or cure post-natal depression.

It you have difficulty conceiving, try PABA, a B-vitamin-like nutrient. In a published trial, 16 women who had been infertile for over five years took 100 mg of PABA four times daily for three to seven months. Twelve of these became pregnant.

Try to resist the medical pressure for vaccinations, especially for babies under 1 year of age. In Japan cot/crib death reportedly was eliminated by doing just that, waiting with vaccinations until after the first birthday. Parents report that babies dying shortly after vaccinations were, without investigation, recorded to have died of cot or crib death.

Autism has become an epidemic in recent years, presumably due to the high content of mercury in many vaccines. Only now is it being admitted that polio vaccines are related to half of all the cases of non-Hodgkin lymphoma in the USA and possibly also other countries. There is little doubt that the AIDS epidemic in Africa was originally spread by smallpox vaccinations. Vaccines may have caused also hemorrhage in the brain and retina, commonly attributed to ‘shaken baby syndrome’. A vaccine expert wrote: "Ever since the mass vaccinations of infants began, reports of serious brain, cardiovascular, metabolic and other injuries started filling pages of medical journals".

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