by Walter Last

Rotating or spinning magnets are the backbone of free energy research, and are also used as healing devices. I have been experimenting with a very simple setup that appears to be more effective for energising, balancing and healing the body than stationary magnets. Magnetic pulsers work with a different principle and may have additional useful properties. The healing effect of rotating magnets seems to be due to their ability to generate polarised etheric vortexes. In addition to the body also food and water may be energised or treated. Results were mostly obtained by working with individuals who are highly sensitive to energies.

Most diseases are associated with strong inflammation, infection, pain, and cancer. These require south-pointing (SP) magnetic poles towards the body to generate a SP vortex which sedates by withdrawing excess energy. The north-pointing (NP) poles or vortexes have the opposite effect. They give energy and therefore are useful in most low-energy conditions, including old age. A further application is for activating chakras, the vortex centres of the body. US bio-magnets are assigned the opposite polarity as compared to conventional science and it is best always to specify SP pole or NP pole rather than just north-pole or south-pole.

The Rotamag

I call my device with rotating magnets a Rotamag. Suitable magnets may be attached to a disk which replaces the blades of an electric fan. The smallest device is a small DC motor from an electronics store. This may be used very close to the body to treat small areas, such as the eyes. Progressively larger fans are a table or desk fan, a stand or room fan, and a ceiling fan. Most useful overall is a stand fan. For a small DC motor the disk may be attached to the shaft with a rubber sleeve, while for stronger fans it should be securely screwed on.

The fan blades are replaced with a plastic disk or possibly even one of plywood. For a small DC motor a computer CD (12 cm diameter) may be used, and the same, possibly as 2 disks glued together, for a desk fan. A 20 cm disk may be used for a stand fan. The preferred speed of rotation is 2,000 RPM, but possibly less for the smaller fans.

In each case 4 magnets are attached to the disks at equal distances from each other. The distance of the magnet centres from the centre of the rotating shaft may be 4 cm for the DC motor, 4 to 5 cm for the desk fan, and 7.5 cm for the stand fan. The magnets are glued with superglue into holes drilled into the disks. The details for ceiling fans have not yet been worked out. If a protective cage is used as fitted with commercial fans then it should preferably be of plastic.

In all cases Rare Earth or Neodymium disk magnets are used. The strength of the attached magnets depends on the strength of the motor and the size of the spinning disk. For a small DC motor 10 x 3 mm with a pulling strength of 1.9 kg is appropriate, while a stand-fan could handle a pulling strength of 10 to 12 kg corresponding to a 20 x 10 mm magnet (the first number is the diameter and the second one the height).

However, it is very difficult and also not safe to handle such powerful magnets with 10 kg or more pulling strength. In this case one may use weaker magnets of 4 to 5 kg strength and use them as single magnets, e.g. for desk fans, or double them up for stand fans, so that there are in all 8 magnets per disk. Magnets with a pulling strength of about 4.5 kg may have dimensions of 20 x 3 mm or 25 x 2.5 mm.  Most suitable for gluing the magnets into the holes is superglue. I have not had any magnets glued into holes with superglue come off.  

The direction of rotation is opposite in the Northern Hemisphere to that in the Southern Hemisphere, but in each case it is the same direction for north and south magnetic poles and also for treating males and females. In the Northern Hemisphere, when looking out from the motor towards the disk it should turn anticlockwise while in the Southern Hemisphere it should turn clockwise.

However, sometimes it may not be possible to obtain a fan with the correct direction of rotation. In this case one may point the back of the disk, radiating over the motor, towards the body to obtain the correct rotation. If the disk spins clockwise when looking from the motor towards the back of the disk, then it spins anticlockwise when looking towards the front of the disk with the motor behind it.

Caution: Keep strong magnets a suitable distance away from electronic equipment, credit cards and similar devices. Do not let strong magnets snap together – they may break or cause injury to a finger. If strong magnets are stacked together for storage always place a strong piece of cardboard or similar material between individual magnets. You can separate a stack of strong magnets by placing it on a cutting board so that one magnet hangs over the edge. Hold the magnets on the board with the palm of one hand and press down on the overhanging magnet with the other palm or with a piece of wood. Remove metals from the area to which the separated magnet could attach.

Suggestions for Experimental Applications

The most common use of rotating magnets is for enriching a room with beneficial (life-force) energy. This is done with the NP side of the disk towards the area to be energised, generally when people are present. The preferred distance of individuals from the disk of a stand fan is 1.7 to 2.7 m, but this depends on the strength of the magnets and the speed of rotation. Weaker magnets or slower rotation create a smaller vortex. The formed etheric vortex appears to have the shape of a spindle.

For this kind of use there is no time limitation for running the Rotamag. After switching off the appliance the etheric vortex continues to persist with gradually decreasing strength. After running for an hour it may take 2 – 3 hours for the vortex to fully decay.

To improve a condition with weak or low energy you may expose the part of the body needing more energy to the NP vortex at a distance of about 40 cm for about 40 minutes a day. This applies to most health problems, including arthritis, digestive problems, eye problems, mental-emotional problems, problems related to old age or increasing age, wound healing, and similar problems. This may temporarily lead to an aggravation of symptoms by activating the immune system, but at the same time can lead to real healing.

Most chronic diseases are associated with chronic inflammations, mainly because the immune system does not have the energy to clean the affected part of the body of microbes and toxins. Providing more energy strengthens the immune system and so temporarily increases the inflammation, but in this way it can properly heal. It tends to become stuck in a chronic condition because of lack of energy. Decreasing the chronic inflammation by withdrawing energy with the SP pole may make it feel better, but the problem will remain and tends to flare up again later. However, if inflammation causes much pain and discomfort then it is preferable to use the SP disk at close range until conditions sufficiently improve and then slowly start giving energy.

There are also other conditions that need to be treated with SP poles to reduce energy and prevent them from spreading. This applies especially for malignant cancers and acute infections. For these you may treat with SP energy for 40 minutes a day at 40 cm distance. An additional possibility is to greatly reduce the energy available to cancers and acute infections within a short time. For this one may treat advanced cancers for 5 hours a day for one week, and for more harmless cancers for 3 hour for one week. For diabetes one may try treating the pancreas for 5 hours for one week. This treatment does not normally need to be repeated.

To energise food or water you may use the NP vortex at a distance of about 90 cm with no time limit.

Caution: These treatment suggestions are for experimental use, they have not yet been confirmed in clinical applications.

Karl von Reichenbach

Karl von Reichenbach was a distinguished scientist in the 19th century. He also had a great interest in the scientific exploration of psychic and life-force energies (1, 2). In his experiments with sensitives or psychics he discovered that the NP magnetic pole emits a cool blue psychic energy, just like the right hand or the point of a crystal, while the SP pole, the left hand and the base of a crystal emit a warmish orange energy. He called this energy Od or odic flame. Basically all of the right side of the body shows bluish Od to psychic vision and the left side orange. Cancers and areas of inflammation or pain generally appear orange/red in Od as well as in normal vision regardless on which body side they are.

Treatment should normally be with opposite odic colours even if it is on the "wrong" side of the body. He found that sensitives feel uncomfortable when exposed to same-colour odic flames and instead feel exposure to the opposite energy colour pleasant. But there is a catch with magnets.

It is clear from the research of von Reichenbach that the energy emitted by magnetic poles is a composite energy, just like sunlight. Both are composed of dense etheric energy, commonly called Chi, Ki or Qi, and less dense energy or life-force generally called Prana, Orgone by Wilhelm Reich, or Od by von Reichenbach. The denser Chi energy has a much stronger effect on the body than the Od that is attached to it. Therefore, the orange Od of magnets is attached to the pain and inflammation relieving SP pole magnetic energy. Because the sedating effect of the stronger Chi from the magnetic SP pole overrides the stimulating effect of its orange Od, it is more effective to expose the orange Od of inflammations to the orange magnetic pole. 

I believe that von Reichenbach studied the purest manifestation of life-force energy and has demonstrated the composite nature of magnetic energy by switching the odic flames of magnets without changing the polarities of their magnetic poles. According to psychic observations there are actually four ethers of different densities emitted by the sun and used by us, but Chi and Od are the densest and have the greatest impact on body energies.

Von Reichenbach also observed that the odic flames always turn upwards. This points to an anti-gravitation nature of Od while Chi seems to have a pro-gravitation effect. From this I conclude that Chi is the dark matter of astrophysics which holds galaxies together, while Od is associated with the dark energy that drives them apart from each other or what causes the effect of levitation.

I am not in a position to research the optimal settings and conditions of this device for the purpose of energising, balancing and healing. Therefore I suggest that interested individuals build similar devices to experiment on themselves and with friends, and in time establish a website forum where results and theories can be put forward and discussed. Body responses can be evaluated psychically, with muscle testing/kinesiology, by any effect on heart rate, blood pressure, or on blood as observed with dark-field microscopy, or any other function of the body and mind, or simply by how one feels.

Finally, treatment results can be greatly enhanced by using positive expectation and guided imagery, especially guided feeling, when projecting the vortex. It is most helpful to imagine seeing and feeling the vortex energy entering the treated organ or chakra and improving the condition. Healing energy can be distributed to other parts of the body by focused breathing. To store energy for later use it is commonly accumulated in the abdomen behind the navel. You may not notice anything immediately or directly, but after some time you may feel more energetic, or you may have a cleansing reaction and are much improved afterwards.


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