by Walter Last

'Energy healing' refers to the transfer of energy from a healer or instrument to a patient, and to the removal of congested energies from the patient. This kind of healing is also called pranic healing, magnetic healing or laying-on of hands. While almost anyone can practice energy healing from a distance, its frequent use when actually touching the patient should be restricted to those who feel in good health and with an abundant supply of energy.

Move your more sensitive hand, usually the left hand in right-handed individuals slowly a few inches high over the patient's body to try feeling any unusual energy spots. This can be done fully clothed. Over a diseased area your hand may suddenly feel warm or tingling. After completing the check you may return to the area over which you felt the strongest sensation. Now you may either give energy to strengthen an organ or the whole person or you may draw out energy as in the case of pain and inflammation.

Energy Giving

Before and after any contact healing practice some method of energy accumulation. Then direct the energy into your hands and feel them becoming warm and tingling. Place your hands on or over the body of the patient where it requires healing, especially strengthening, and feel the energy streaming out or hold in your mind the intention of being a channel for giving healing energy or just focus your attention on your crown chakra.

Continue for five to 10 minutes and repeat as required. After each session, rinse your hands in cold water and do some deep breathing. If you feel drained the following day, do more energy accumulation exercises and less energy giving in future sessions.

For general strengthening, it is often beneficial to place the right hand on the patient's navel and the left hand on the forehead. For most people, the right hand has more energy-giving qualities and the left hand predominantly energy-withdrawing qualities. However some, especially left-handed individuals and sometimes women, have the opposite polarity. Energy giving may also be performed by a group. In a health group, each one in turn may be the patient.

Another method is to place the positive or energy-giving hand over the weak body area and hold the left hand over the head with the palm facing upwards, the fingers lightly curved and the heel of the hand preferably pointing towards the north.

You may even be healer and patient at the same time that is you radiate energy from your hands into your own body. You can do this wherever you have a weakness or want to improve conditions. This is basically as explained below for Beaming. Also move your energized hands slowly from the top of your head over your face and down the sides and front of your body. Smile inwardly while doing this.

Removing Excess Energy

Excess energy may be associated with an overactive organ or a painful area of the body, but also with unreleased and 'densified' emotions in the form of stagnating 'depressed energy'. This depressed energy is often stored around the shoulders, neck and head. Commonly drawing out excess energy is more helpful than giving energy. The reason for this is that energy needs to flow to be useful and drawing out improves the energy circulation similar to walking barefoot on fresh moist grass.

Energy may be directly removed from painful or overactive areas with cupped hands and flicked into a corner. Afterwards seal the aura with smoothing, sweeping strokes downward along the body area from which the energy has been removed. At the arms or legs, make the sweeps towards the toes or fingers.

For a general energy cleansing, the patient may be seated while the healer moves the cupped hands slowly upward close to the body, starting just below the level of the seat. This should be done from all sides, lifting the excess energy off the top of the head and flicking it off into a corner, out of a window or into a sink. At the end of the cleansing, seal the aura.

The healer must have the intention and expectation of removing excess energy. With enough sensitivity, you may actually feel depressed energy as heaviness in the cupped hands. Try rapid and deep breathing during this work with the patient. These whole-body cleansings are especially effective if done by a group of healers.

Another drawing out method is as follows. Place you receptive or sensitive hand with the palm down a few inches above the painful or diseased area. Hold your positive or energy-giving hand, also with the palm down, over a bucket with fresh water. Treat for five to ten minutes or less if pain disappears sooner. Then move to another part of the body if required and treat again for five to ten minutes. The effectiveness may be increased by having the fingers of the positive hand point towards the south.

Instead of using your hands, you may draw out excess energy with a suction tube: solder approximately 150 cm of an insulated wire to one end of a 30 to 150 cm metal tube. Remove the insulation from the free end of the wire and spread the strands of wire in a large container of cold water. With the free end of the tube, trace a meridian for sedation, or place it over a painful area.

This implement produces a powerful suction for removing excess energy from an area of pain or inflammation. Repeatedly use it for five to 15 minutes. However, avoid draining energy from the hand by holding the tube when in operation. Preferably fasten it to a stand in the desired position; otherwise wrap it well with a dry cloth before holding. An even stronger suction is achieved by using a long metal pipe in a fixed position without attached wire: one end reaches into a water container, while the free end is directed against a treated body area.

Distant Healing

As a possibility for distant healing where you do not touch the patient, you may start by audibly or silently saying a prayer in which you ask that your patient be healed. You may also pray together. Then have the patient lie down or sit in a relaxed position with closed eyes, while you enter a meditative state. It will be helpful to use eight-two breathing or a similar slow-breathing technique. Then mentally concentrate on a healing symbol, radiate love and healing energy on to the patient or visualize the patient as being healed. Finish with a thanksgiving prayer and a blessing for the patient.

For absent healing, use a similar procedure: visualize the face of the patient or concentrate your healing energy on a photo of the patient.


Beaming is an excellent cooperative method for improving our health and speeding up our spiritual development. It helps us to release negative mental, emotional and etheric obstructions while activating our energy centers and circuits at the same time. Beaming can be done alone but is more effective with a friend or partner or in a group setting.

Before starting, ask your God-Presence to make you a channel for the healing light. In the channeled information revealed in the book I Will Arise (Fleur De Lys) by Paola Hugh it is suggested to "ask in the name of Jesus Christ to become a channel for the healing Light of the Father's Love". Then imagine a white spiritual light entering the top of your head and flowing down your arms. You can use the chakras in the palms of your hands like lenses to focus this healing light in concentrated form onto areas of the body in need of healing and cleansing. Have the mental attitude that this light originates from a higher source.

Generally hold the hands eight to twelve inches from the body and point the palms towards the organ to be healed. If you feel warmth or tingling in the palms, this means that there is an obstruction in the body and you continue beaming until these disappear. Then move to another area. Initially beam for ten to twenty minutes, with growing experience also longer. The further away from the body you hold the palms, the deeper does the beamed light energy penetrate and vice versa.

For overall health improvement and spiritual cleansing start with the head. Beam from all sides but mostly with one hand over the top and the other towards the base of the brain from the back. After several sessions of beaming the head move to the kidneys and the bowels as the main organs of elimination, one palm directed towards each kidney.

At another session treat the spleen with one hand and the liver with the other. The etheric spleen transforms spiritual energy into physical vitality. Jointly, spleen and liver are responsible for the purification of the blood. Do the same with the heart and the throat or the thyroid. If helping others, beam kidneys, spleen, liver and heart from the back. On yourself you may use front or back depending on your ability to beam onto your own back.

To establish inner energy circuits beam simultaneously on the heart and the back of the head, on both adrenal glands on top of the kidneys, on one adrenal and the thyroid, then on the other adrenal and the thyroid. To align the circuit between the creative and the intellectual center along the spine have a friend beaming upwards from just above the floor while you stand with legs apart straight over the palm.

Another practice is beaming light of different colors from the thumb pads into the open eyes at a distance of two inches, use about one minute for each imaginary color. Start with visualizing a cosmic violet color of transmutation streaming out of the thumb tips and through the eyes into the center of intellect at the base of the brain.

Then visualize other colors and body areas: Emerald green for the adrenals and grass green for the heart, pale blue for the reproductive organs (the pubic center) and the thyroid, light electric blue for the liver, indigo for the spleen, deep indigo blue for the ears, orange for the lymphatic system and violet for teeth and gum (this may also be beamed into the open mouth. 

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