by Walter Last

The following is the first in a series of energy devices channelled through Eric Priest. For obvious reasons we call it The Doorway. It allows everyone, even without previous experience, to be an energy healer. The energy-giver or healer sits with the hands relaxed on the copper hand plates; watch that the thumbs do not touch. The energy-recipient or patient stands on the copper footplate with the arms relaxed at the sides, either facing north or south. Initially try each direction and then continue facing the direction in which the most energy is felt.

This may be like tingling or warmth rising up the arms or legs, and possibly spreading through other parts of the body.

The healer, too, may feel the hands becoming warm and tingling. Whenever you can feel any manifestation of energy, focus your attention on it in a relaxed way. Terminate the session at any time when you feel energized, commonly not only the patient but the healer will feel energized as well. You can even be healer and patient by first sitting at the hand plates and charging the circuit, and then standing inside the frame and receive the amplified energy back in a way that balances or realigns your body polarity.

For a patient who is too weak to stand, you could place the doorframe on the floor. The patient can then lie on a mattress with the head either to the north or south, but with the feet touching the footplate. The position of the hand plates may be suitably adjusted. You can also make a doorframe to sit in it on a chair. In this case the upper beam should be lower so that it is about 15 to 20 cm above the head of the sitting patient. If you cannot get 6mm bare copper wire, you may buy insulated (earth) wire and strip off the insulation.

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