Walter Last with George Wiseman


There has recently been a lot of interest in the health benefits of molecular hydrogen (H2), and rightly so. However, this may just be the tip of the iceberg. Brown’s Gas (BG) may actually be far superior.

BG is the gas from electrolysed water, consisting mainly of two parts of molecular hydrogen or H2 and one part of molecular oxygen or O2.  Other names for it are Oxyhydrogen, HydrOxy and HHO. Conventional electrolysis separates the two gas components, H2 and O2, during production. This is called a “dual ducted system”. The ‘single-ducted' gas, (BG), in which H2 and O2 are not separated, was developed and patented by the American inventor Dr. William Rhoades in the early 1960’s.

The name BG came into use to honour the Australian Dr. Yull Brown who continued to improve and promote the single ducted system for 30 years. The main uses of BG have been as torch fuel-gas and for improving the fuel efficiency of vehicles and power plants. Dual ducted gas conforms to the known physical and chemical properties of electrolysed water, but single ducted gas has some rather unusual properties as shown in this article.

George Wiseman (G.W.) is the leading BG researcher in North America. In 1984 he founded Eagle Research, but only in recent years did he become interested in the health benefits of BG. He writes “Since 1996, my WaterTorch customers have been telling me fantastic tales about curing cancer (melanoma) and many other ailments. (I've since duplicated many of these reports). I haven't been sick (not even a sniffle) since I started drinking BG bubbled water in 2005.”

Eventually in March of 2016, he started breathing BG for several hours each day while working at the computer. After several months, he felt that he rejuvenated by one year for every month that he inhaled the gas. In 2016, here is what G.W. had to say about his BG health trip:

“I just had a very interesting thing happen to me.  I was recently pounding down a steel post with an improvised post pounder and sprained my shoulder pretty bad. I couldn't lift my arm without severe pain. Then something amazing happened. My shoulder sprain healed in three days! I've never had a sprain heal that fast!

•   I’m losing fat and gaining muscle even without dedicated exercise.

•   My eyesight has improved. I’ve worn glasses since 9 years old. I don’t wear glasses anymore except when driving.

•   My psoriasis is gone; no more thick white pealing skin on elbows, knees and feet. This actually happened within three weeks of my
    starting to breathe BG.

•   My skin is smooth and supple, with age wrinkles gradually disappearing.

•   My scars (I've had since childhood) seem to be disappearing.

•   My 'age spots' are disappearing.

•   My neuropathies are gone. I'm grateful to feel my left hand and shins again.

•   My hair continues to darken (now salt and pepper instead of straight grey).

•   My hair seems to be growing back (thickening and growing on my bald top).

•   My tinnitus is still there but barely noticeable occasionally.”

He updated this in October 2017:

•   My warts are gone (hand warts and planter’s wart)

•   My hair is definitely growing back

•   My constipation is gone

•   My arthritis is gone

•   I still haven’t been sick (not even a sniffle) since 2005 (NO drugs or flu shots)

•   I’ve lost 40 excess pounds (down to 180 from 220)

•   My heart murmur is gone.

This  patent contains a long list of diseases and conditions that have been cured or greatly improved by spraying BG on the skin. These include inflammations and pain, especially as present with the various forms of arthritis and arthralgia or joint pain (knee, wrist knuckle), muscle pain or myalgia, spinal disc problems,   headaches and migraines, wounds and microbial infections/inflammations, allergic skin reactions; pain removal or alleviation as with bone fractures, sciatica, herpes shingles, toothache, menstruation; eye problems including glaucoma and cataracts; Parkinson’s disease, myasthenia, insomnia, poor blood circulation, asthma, gastritis and ulcers, panic disorder, and diabetic peripheral neuropathy.

Electrically Expanded Water

There are countless websites making health claims to sell products based on new inventions. You may wonder what made me especially interested in BG. The main reason is what G.W. calls Electrically Expanded Water or ExW for short. In 1996  G.W. discovered that there is a previously unknown component in BG, which appears to be the cause of its extraordinary health effects.

Brown’s gas is generated by splitting water between two electrodes. H2 and O2 bubble up in the water at their respective electrodes. This is all that one can see with conventional set- ups. However, with his improved method G.W. can see a THIRD line of gas developing in the fluid itself, exactly in the middle BETWEEN the electrode plates. The fluid is clear and one can see that there is no connection between the bubbles coming off the plates and the line of bubbles coming out of the fluid. For ExW to form, the gas from both electrodes must remain together (single ducted). ExW is a new discovery that should be of great interest to physicists. By seriously researching ExW, physics may make a quantum leap in understanding the universe.

G.W. wrote “In my personal experience, I discovered the 'heavier than air' ExW aspect/component of BG by accident. I was grinding on an ER1150 WaterTorch frame and some sparks flew over the water-fill hole, which I had covered with a cloth to prevent impurities from falling in. The hole had been open for over a day and I had no concern about igniting hydrogen, but SOMETHING went WHOOSH as sparks ignited it.

Note that it didn't go BANG like a hydrogen explosion would. It went whoosh like an instant vacuum had happened and air was rushing in to fill the area.

I  subsequently discovered that if I fill a 2 liter transparent pop bottle with BG, then leave it sit for at least 15 minutes (with the lid off), the remaining mixture is implosive. If you ignite it too soon the result is VERY explosive because the hydrogen has not had a chance to escape.

So, the ExW is heavier than air and will tend to stay in the bottle as the hydrogen escapes. If the quality/quantity of the ExW is high enough to support combustion, it will IMPLODE with no pre-explosion. It burns as a 'slow' imploding donut shaped flame as it moves down inside the bottle; quite interesting to watch.

Thus, we are left with the conclusion that Brown's Gas is more than mon-atomic and di- atomic gas, adding a component of uniquely expanded water. The ExW is combustible water in a gaseous form that is NOT steam or water vapour.”

From volume and weight measurements of the gas, G.W. concluded that single-ducted BG contains up to 30% ExW. However, there is a common problem working with BG or with hydrogen on its own: molecular hydrogen in a concentration over 4% is explosive. Therefore, appropriate safeguards are needed when working with  BG or hydrogen. Commonly, in clinical settings as in Japan, BG or hydrogen is inhaled at a maximum concentration of 4% hydrogen, and often at 2%.

Darkfield Test

G.W. had darkfield microscopy while inhaling BG through a nasal cannula (Figs.1a and 1b). The hydrogen concentration in the inhaled air/BG mixture was 8 - 9% by volume. Undiluted BG has a hydrogen concentration of 66.6%, and his generator produced 75 litres of BG. As usual, he felt great and energetic during the inhalation, but something very unusual showed up in the blood picture. There were lots of sparkling lights in the plasma, and massive rouleaux formations – red blood cells (RBCs) stacked together like rolls of coins. Within minutes after stopping the inhalation of BG the RBCs were again single. Two other subjects had the same results with this test.

Fig.1a: Blood during BG inhalation
Fig.1b: Blood 10 minutes after inhalation stopped

My explanation for these unusual darkfield results is as follows. RBCs behave like colloids. They are kept apart by a difference in the electric potential between the RBCs and the blood plasma. This difference is called the zeta potential (ZP). RBCs have a negative electric charge on the outside. This attracts positive ions which surround the RBCs and keep them apart from each other. When ZP is high, a colloidal system is stable and colloids or RBCs remain apart, but when the ZP drops, the RBCs move closer together and may coagulate.

Normally a weak ZP and the resulting rouleaux are caused by diseases and low energy conditions. However, when inhaling BG we have a high-energy condition. The whole blood, plasma and  RBCs,  becomes  super-charged  with  bioenergy.  This  greatly  increases  the electric potential of the plasma and to a lesser degree that of the RBCs. This brings their electric potentials much closer together. Now the ZP is very low, causing massive rouleaux formation. Within minutes after BG inhalation stops, the energy excess in the plasma has spread all over the body, and especially to areas of low bioenergy. With this, the ZP of the blood  increases  again,  probably  to  a  higher  level  than  before  the  inhalation ,  and  the rouleaux dissolve.

With such strong rouleaux formation one would normally expect a drop in the oxygen saturation of the blood and/or a change in blood pressure and pulse rate. So far, monitoring blood oxygen levels, blood pressure and pulse rate during BG breathing shows no significant change in any parameter. Blood oxygen may even be slightly increased.

Treatment Possibilities

G.W. found the combination of breathing BG and drinking BG infused water to be much more effective than doing either one alone.

Treatment possibilities with BG are drinking bubbled water, topical application of the bubbled water or of the gas, and inhaling BG.

Drinking: To charge water with BG 50-75 l/h is streamed through a bubbler for about 10 minutes per litre of water. The bubbling is much more effective if you use a fish tank air stone to make lots of small bubbles. It is best to drink the water as soon as possible, preferably refrigerate it for keeping to the next day.

Topically applied, BG bubbled water has been used to speed up the healing of skin problems, such as wounds, infections, inflammations, rashes and skin cancers.  It is best to keep the affected area wet or moist for some time with soaked cotton cloth or taped on cotton balls. Frequently change the water of the dressing. You can also have a bath or footbath with BG bubbling through. BG bubbled water is used in Japanese spas.

The benefits of water bubbled with BG do not only apply to our health, but also to the wellbeing of plants. Plants that received BG water grew three to ten times faster (better results with hydroponics) than plants growing with untreated water, and they looked very healthy. Even fish grew two to three times faster when living in BG bubbled water.

BG gas can be directly applied on the skin. Direct gas application has been used for carpal tunnel, muscle cramps, arthritis, gout etc. Wounds heal much faster than 'normal'. Carpal tunnel syndrome was completely eliminated in one application. To treat hands one may put on a glove and feed the gas into the glove. Even plastic bags may be put over an arm or leg.

IMPORTANT: BG is an explosive mixture, you must have NO ignition sources - even static electricity can ignite BG. G.W. is aware of two explosions with bag treatment, one caused by a spark from a doorknob and the other by the static electricity in a carpet. These explosions went outwards and did not hurt these individuals. Nevertheless, I believe this is an unnecessary risk, and topically applied water is a safer option. Alternatively, use BG with a hydrogen concentration below 4% to fill the bags.

Breathing BG is the most effective treatment for general health improvement. This is usually done with a nasal cannula while sitting quietly for some time, such as when working at the computer, watching TV or reading a book. You may also bubble through a water-filled bottle with the opening close to the nose. Start with just a few minutes and gradually increase treatment time. If used in the evening it may initially interfere with sleep.

To keep the hydrogen concentration of the inhaled gas below 4% the BG volume may be adjusted to about 18 to 20 litres. That should not be necessary when inhaling from a jar or bottle. However, G.W. is still inhaling BG at 8 to 9% with a cannula for several hours on most days. The BG should be bubbled through water and the hose with the nasal cannula attached to the outlet of the bubbler. When bubbling through a jar no outlet pipe is needed. It is good to drink the bubbled water at the end of the session.

The Orient has embraced BG for health technology. In Japan one can just walk off the street into a shop or clinic to  inhale hydrogen, the same in Taiwan. Actually these people do not inhale just hydrogen but rather BG. Epoch Energy Technology in Taiwan has successfully developed a BG generator for health business. A similar BG generator for scientific research is  produced  in   Shanghai.  Increasingly,  research about  the  health  benefits  of  hydrogen inhalation is actually done with BG.

In the USA a high-quality BG generator, the AquaCure is available from  Eagle Research. In Australia see  LotusHydroCare.


BG has been used to energise drinking water long before it started to be inhaled. This is usually done by bubbling BG through water. Drinking ionised alkaline water has similar benefits as inhaling BG, but at a reduced rate as water can hold only a limited amount of gas and energy. It does so by forming relatively stable structures with hydrogen bonds. The most healthy and stable structures are hexagonal: six water molecules form a ring structure, their negatively charged oxygen atoms point towards the centre of the hexagon. Commonly there is a mineral ion at this centre holding the six negative oxygen atoms together with its positive charge. Fig.2 shows a two-dimensional image, but the hexagonal structure is really three- dimensional.

Fig.2: Hexagonal Water Structure (X)

These connections are not normal chemical bonds but much weaker and called Van der Waals forces. They can be easily broken and re-formed so that the water molecules in the hexagons can break up when strongly agitated, and then quickly re -form the hexagons. These  structures  are  also  called  ‘liquid  crystals’.  It  needs energy  to build  these  liquid crystals, but this energy can also quickly be released. Therefore, hexagonal structured water is used as an energy reservoir by biological systems. The water in healthy cells and bodily fluids is mostly hexagonal. In cells, it has been described as being like a gel rather than a liquid as in common water. Structured domains in energised water may contain thousands and possibly millions of relatively stable water hexagons.

The Water Puzzle

The South Korean Dr Mu Shik Jhon was a highly respected scientist and the originator of hexagonal water theory. He was a Professor of Chemistry in several countries. His lifetime research has been compressed into the book “The Water Puzzle and the Hexagonal Key” with the subtitle saying it all: “Scientific Evidence for the Existence of Hexagonal Water and it’s Positive Influence on Health!”.

In nature, structured water is commonly formed in bodies of water, especially in sunlit and moving water, such as streams and the ocean. Sunlight and vortex formation by fast moving water, waterfalls and breaking waves provide the energy to structure the water, and minerals hold these structures in place. The most common structures are hexagonal and pentagonal water. Hexagonal water has the highest energy storage capacity while pentagonal water is denser but less energetic. The percentage composition of structured water changes with temperature. As the temperature goes down the water becomes more hexagonal, and is fully hexagonal in ice and snow. This increase in hexagonal structures causes ice to float and the water to expand before it freezes. The higher the temperature rises, the more the structure becomes pentagonal. However, that does not seem to fully apply to strongly energised water and water inside the body.

Water in plants, animals and humans is mostly hexagonal. Therefore, by drinking fresh plant juice we ingest mainly hexagonal water with high energy. According to Dr Jhon’s research water in a healthy body is strongly hexagonal but with a certain percentage of pentagonal water. A higher than average degree of pentagonal water in the body is associated with disease states, such as cancer and diabetes. Tumours have more pentagonal water than healthy tissue.

Dr Jhon also discovered the function of minerals in structuring water. Depending on their size and electrical charges, mineral ions can either pull the hexagons together or push them apart. Sodium pulls them moderately together, but calcium pulls ten times stronger. Therefore, these minerals help to generate more hexagonal structures and make them more stable. Magnesium and potassium, on the other hand, push the hexagons apart. The structure-breaking potential of magnesium is about twice as high as that of potassium.

We can see how this works in the body with the example of muscle contraction. When the body wants to contract a muscle, nerves create an electrical discharge, called an action potential, which then causes calcium ions to move into a muscle cell. This pulls its water closely together by forming a tight hexagonal structure. The outer water molecules are connected to the cell wall, and this causes the whole cell to contract. To relax again, magnesium moves in and that loosens up the water structure, the water expands and this causes the cell to expand and the muscle to relax.

In disease, more pentagonal water will be in cells, keeping them more contracted but with less energy. A surplus of mineral anions, as in acidic water, tends to dissolve hexagonal structures, and the metabolism becomes increasingly inefficient. This causes overacid individuals  to  be  low  in  energy  and  develop  all  kinds  of  health  problems.  To  remain functional, the blood protects its hexagonal water structure by maintaining a pH of 7.4.

Exclusion Zone Water

Professor Gerald  Pollack worked extensively on the properties of water near hydrophilic or water-friendly surfaces, such as proteins and blood vessel walls. This surface effect reached up to half a millimetre into the surrounding water, called bulk water. This is much further than expected  by  physics  theories.  The  attached  water  excluded  molecules  and  colloids, therefore the name Exclusion Zone Water or EZ Water, but it did not exclude ionic minerals.

To explain this and other effects Dr Pollack assumed a hexagonal structure of EZ water composed of H3O2 molecules with hexagonal sheets of water stacked together like honeycombs. While this surface effect is relatively short-reaching and has no direct effect on the water that we consume, it is very important for the water structure in our body, especially inside cells and as related to the blood circulation. I assume that EZ water has basically the same structure as the hexagonal water investigated by Dr Jhon.

EZ water has been claimed to be a fourth phase of water in addition to solid/ice, liquid/disordered water, and steam/vapour. If so, then I assume that this should also apply to other types of hexagonal water as investigated by Dr Jhon or as produced in water ionisers. This then leads to ExW shaping up as becoming the fifth phase of water, ExW being a ‘cold plasma’ form of water.

Masaru Emoto and the Memory of Water

In 1994 Masaru Emoto had the idea to observe frozen water with a microscope. From pristine rivers and lakes he observed beautiful crystal patterns with beautiful shining hexagonal crystals. Water from the tap or from rivers and lakes near big cities yielded only confused and disordered images. He also exposed water to beautiful or ugly words, pictures or  music.  For  these  experiments  he  used  double  distilled  water.  He  always  observed beautiful crystals after using good words, prayer, harmonious music or images, but with ugly words, images or music he saw disfigured crystals. Crystals were never identical.

From people trying to replicate these experiments it emerged that only those had positive results who believed in it, others could not get results. This is relevant to the scientific controversy about the memory of water. Dr Jacques Benveniste was a leading French immunologist. He discovered that water could remember a bio-chemical used in a previous experiment even after very high homeopathic-type dilutions.

His  article  was  published  in  the  science  journal  Nature,  but  this  was  seen  as  an endorsement for homeopathy, and that was not acceptable for conventional science. Therefore, Nature dispatched a team of sceptics to the Benveniste laboratory. This included the magician James Randi who had the reputation of being able to derail all paranormal claims. The initial experiments carried out by the laboratory staff under close supervision of the sceptics confirmed Dr Benveniste’s original results, but then the sceptics got into action, and all results became negative. This was sufficient to stop his research funds and close his laboratory.

Also work carried out in other laboratories showed a similar division of results. Those with neutral or positively disposed researchers obtained positive results, but the majority were sceptical and got negative results. However, more recently a large pan-European study eliminated the possibility of bias and confirmed the memory of water. Here you can see Nobel  Prize  winner  Luc  Montagnier, virologist  and  discoverer  of  HIV,  proving  water memory in a 1-hour video.

The take-home message from this saga is that to benefit from Dr Emoto’s work it is good, but not sufficient, to write some uplifting words on your water energiser; the key is that you must also believe in it if you want to benefit. You may write something that is relevant for your own health problems, or use a general statement, such as “Divine Love” or “Perfect Health”. Recharge your statement from time to time by radiating positive feelings towards it.

Health – Aging – Rejuvenation

It appears now that the general health decline with advancing age is strongly related to dehydration of the whole body. The cells cannot hold enough water for optimal functions. When still relatively young it can help drinking the mythical six glasses of water during the day to wash out toxins and remain hydrated, but this is not a long-term solution. When drinking “normal” water the body needs to use its own store of bioenergy to energise and structure this water, while with urination and sweating it loses its energised water. This is a constant drain on our reserves of bioenergy and, as we get older, may even make us age faster the more we drink “dead” water.

We dehydrate with advancing age not because we do not drink enough water, but because we cannot keep water in the body, we are lacking in bioenergy to energise and use water efficiently to metabolise and detoxify. Infants are about 80% water by weight, but when we are 80 our water level may have dropped to below 50%. This, then, causes all kinds of health problems. The outward signs of aging indicate what is happening to our cells. The amount of water inside cells is reduced, cells shrivel up like the skin, while water outside the cells increases in percentage terms.

The solution is to routinely drink energised water and preferably inhale BG in addition. It is the experience of those who work in this area that energised water is strongly rehydrating and, with this, can reduce the inner and outer signs of aging. Fresh, raw, organic fruit and vegetables have highly energised water, but these have become rare with industrial farming, low bioenergy levels, and long transport and storage times. Presently I believe that positive thinking, in addition to long-term use of fresh raw food and energised water, can greatly delay  aging  and  even  reverse  where  we  aged  too  quickly,  but  that  real  long-term rejuvenation requires exposure to very high levels of bioenergy as with ExW or special meditation and yogic breathing techniques, best combined with periodic fasting. Other possibilities may develop from free-energy research.

Generating Energised Water

The ultimate aim is to produce energised hexagonal water in our body, and for this I know of no better way than to inhale BG. However, one needs to start with a low dose for only a few minutes at a low concentration. This is especially important for those with serious or multiple health problems because initially the body tends to detoxify, and that can be rather distressing. Gradually expand the inhaled amount of BG and also drink the water through which the gas has bubbled.

Best known and most used are water ionisers. The alkaline fraction tends to be well energised. In addition it contains dissolved hydrogen molecules and strongly antioxidant negative hydrogen. The alkalinity of the water is generally negligible. While the pH can be very high, it has no power and can usually be acidified with a few drops of lemon juice. Because hydrogen and oxygen gases are immediately separated, through-flow ionisers probably do not generate ExW but still produce high-quality energised water in other ways. Batch ionisers are cheaper; they do produce ExW but only in very small amounts. In both types, but especially in batch ionisers, the water should be low in chlorides, otherwise toxic chlorine is produced.

Also magnets can be used to energise water, preferable in combination with a vortex. For an etheric vortex machine see  Healing with Rotating Magnets. For a simpler arrangement you may attach two strong magnets at opposite sides of a funnel and let the water flow through once or several times, or hold magnets on the outside of a blender/mixer.

Sunlight is a powerful energiser. Place water in a glass/ceramic bowl or a quartz glass container. If you are generally low in energy cover with red cellophane, or  with blue if there is much pain, inflammation or infection. Use orange, yellow or green cellophane if your condition is in-between.

You may also experiment with pyramids, crystals, BioMats and other energy devices. Unfortunately it is difficult to measure objectively if one arrangement is better than another. In biodynamics some drops of the tested water is added to a copper chloride solution and the quality of the sample judged by the regularity of the crystallisation pattern of the evaporated solution. Another possibility is to try an Experimental Life-Energy Field Meter. Those who trust their psychic skills may also use a pendulum.

The best way to gain bioenergy from food is from juicing or blending and straining fresh green leaves, especially juicy grasses. Even cooking frees bioenergy from chemical bonds in fresh vegetables and may remain for a day as free energy in the cooking water. However, only a minimum of steam must be allowed to escape as this carries the energy along. This bioenergy diminishes during longer storage or when re-heating higher than 50°C.


Several years ago I read an article on water research. A highly diluted mineral solution was added to deionised water. The scientists were amazed that the added minerals did not, as expected, distribute evenly in the water, but converged into domains. This was sensational. However, it was also dangerous because it could be perceived as validating homeopathy. Therefore, this study was kept under the table. We have the same problem with clouds. According to the laws of physics the water molecules in separate clouds, especially fluffy fine weather clouds, should spread out evenly across the sky, but instead they converge to form domains.

However, there is a way in which not only these problems can be explained but also the nature of ExW, hexagonal water, and the memory of water. Starting in 1895 an amazing team of two exceptional  clairvoyants showed us the way. Here are some of the credentials of the two Theosophists Charles Leadbeater and Annie Besant: they discovered isotopes in

1907, six years before physics; they described quarks, the hypothetical building blocks of protons and neutrons, about 60 years before physics invented this concept, and they saw the recently discovered peanut shape of protons already hundred years earlier, see The Particle Zoo. They were guided by the leading British chemist and physicist Professor Sir William Crookes, who was also President of the Royal Society, and provided the clairvoyants with chemical elements for their investigations. Annie Besant had studied chemistry herself.

Theosophical concepts are mainly derived from ancient Hindu teachings and Sanskrit writings. Accordingly, physical matter is the densest phase of the etheric level or dimension, consisting  of  solids  –  E7,  liquids  –  E6,  gases –  E5,  and four  additional  sub-divisions presently unknown to science. In Fig.3 we see sub-dimensions E5 (far left) to E1 (far right).

Fig.3: Etheric decomposition of Hydrogen Atom

E5 shows the nucleus of a hydrogen atom, in physics regarded as being a proton. When L&B mentally sent energy into the nucleus, it broke up into two separate particles and moved to the E4 level where it can no longer be detected by physical instruments. With more transmitted energy it stepwise broke up into quarks (E2) and then into individual particles, the “Anu” or indivisible particles (E1). With even more energy the Anu disappeared from the etheric plane.

Fig.3 shows only the particles but not the energies. Just as the electromagnetic spectrum has a wide range of energies, so also has the etheric spectrum; actually I regard the electromagnetic  spectrum as  being  part  of  the etheric  spectrum.  I distinguish between binding energies and field energies. The most common binding energy in our daily life is the energy of the electron as it stepwise loses bioenergy by moving from a highly energetic state in food to a much lower energetic state in water and carbon dioxide. This difference is the energy that we use for living. In a similar way there are also binding energies between the subatomic particles inside the nucleus.

Another type of energy are etheric fields that hold different structures together. We may say that the field of an atom or molecule is like a higher level polar blueprint of its internal structure. Wherever it requires a negative charge to go it has a positive one in the blueprint and vice versa. These charges can be electrical, magnetic, male-female, or generally yin and yang. Etheric fields can be separated from their physical bodies by high energy inputs that cause excessive vibrations of their  internal components. Fields of  molecules  have bodies composed of atoms while atomic fields have bodies of atomic particles, etc. I expect disembodied molecular fields to carry the disputed memory of water and homeopathy.

Biochemicals, such as enzymes, are often very large with thousands of atoms in highly complicated structures. In physics and chemistry it is assumed that these are assembled by DNA. I do not believe that all the possible structures of millions of biomolecules are embedded in DNA and also which biomolecule needs to be constructed. For me it is much more plausible that cells synthesise according to a blueprint inherent in the proposed molecular etheric fields which in turn are created at a higher level by mental fields or thought-forms.

ExW and Structured Water

We can now understand hexagonal water and the formation of ExW as follows. At the electrodes H2 and O2 are released as gases. The etheric fields of the decomposed water molecules flow together to form domains of etheric energy in the bulk water. These domains use their free energy to build themselves bodies by binding water molecules in a hexagonal form as structured water. This process is also very similar when the energy is provided by magnets, vortexes, crystals and so forth. In nature it comes mostly from sunshine. In all of these cases excess bioenergy accumulates in the water which then forms energy domains containing structured water. When drinking this structured water we get a supply of easily available or free energy as compared to the more tightly bound energy in food.

While this formation of energy domains also takes place when generating BG, there is an additional process which provides its high bioenergy potential. H2 and O2 molecules from the electrodes diffuse in the water and initially meet each other in the middle between both electrodes. Free etheric water fields can use this as another opportunity to build themselves physical bodies. Because the building blocks are only available as molecules, two water fields need to merge to bind two H2 and one O2. There is a high energy level within this field, and the bound molecules disintegrate further into an E4 or higher etheric state as shown in Fig.3.

Being basically two water molecules in a “plasma” state, this explains why ExW is heavier than the rest of BG. It also lets us understand that a spark does not cause an ex plosion but rather an implosion as it provides the reaction energy for each ExW to re-form into two water molecules. The same happens when ExW is inhaled; this can also set off implosions visible as multiple sparks in darkfield blood microscopy. These implosions release a large amount of bioenergy which the body can now use to improve the structuring of its water, and with this rejuvenate its cells and functions.

Conclusion and Outlook

To keep our body healthy and young we need both, the right biological building blocks as well as the bioenergy to use them efficiently. Presently most of us are overloaded with building blocks without having enough energy to use them appropriately. With this , they just add to an overload of toxins and metabolic waste already stored in the body. Fasting is a good way to remove this waste, but it needs a lot of energy. It does not work well if we are low  in  energy.  Therefore,  it  is  best  to  combine  periodic  fasting  with  a  high  supply  of bioenergy as from structured water and ExW from BG. I expect that this combination will be the greatest rejuvenating factor for those with degenerative diseases and for the elderly.

I regard ExW as a concentrated form of ”life-force” that has the potential of becoming THE universal healing agent of the future. Because ExW is fairly stable and not explosive, it may be stored, either at normal pressure and temperature or compressed or frozen or with other biological material as stabiliser. Note: as this information is now in the public domain  it cannot be patented.

Electrolyser Information

The market for small BG or HHO generators for home health treatment is only just emerging. Eagle Research offers the extremely safe and practical  AquaCure, but safety and reliability come at a cost, as they have extensively upgraded and optimized the  H160 from China. The H160 is designed to fuel a small welding torch for jewellery and acrylics. Buying the H160 directly from China is much cheaper but may also be dangerous without  safety modifications for health application.

However, there is the possibility of a low-cost and safe generator. Hundreds of people have used the simple plans in G.W.’s Browns Gas Book 2 (and its Resources) combined with the ER50 Resources to build small, highly efficient and practical BG generators. Building it yourself uses local parts and avoids high freight costs from America. Hobbyists in other countries can build simple versions and offer them for sale, like this man. Another possibility is to buy the ER50 as a Kit. In Australia see  LotusHydroCare for a BG generator (H160) that has been adapted for home health care.

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