by Walter Last

Recently I heard an award-winning medical researcher say that steroids and immuno-suppressants as used in the treatment of autoimmune diseases have serious side effects and are not very effective (1). This reminded me of my own experiences in this area.

Initially I had only positive results. Rheumatoid arthritis, Type 1-diabetes, psoriasis, myasthenia gravis, scleroderma, lupus (SLE) and other autoimmune and chronic degenerative diseases disappeared within several weeks or months. The basis of my successful approach was to put everyone on a cleansing diet of fresh raw foods.

But later I increasingly encountered patients who did not make much headway. Gradually I realized that these resistive patients commonly had systemic Candidiasis, lots of mercury amalgam fillings or root canal treatments, and often were on corticosteroids, mainly prednisone. Frequently they also had reasons why they could not adopt a strict cleansing diet, be it because of work commitments or underweight. I tried to make up for this with other remedies and therapies, but nothing worked as well as a raw-food cleansing diet

The Nature of Autoimmune Diseases

The prevailing medical view of autoimmune diseases is that the immune system attacks healthy cells and organs for no good reason. This attack results in local or generalized inflammations which cause most of the damage.

Therefore, the usual medical treatment aims to suppress inflammations and the immune system in general. Commonly corticosteroids are being prescribed in addition to other anti-inflammatory drugs.

Natural medicine has a very different view of autoimmune diseases. Numerous researchers have shown that in autoimmune diseases certain organs and tissues are being attacked by cell-wall deficient and pleomorphic or shape-changing microbes. These range from tiny nanobacteria and cell-wall deficient mycoplasma through various bacterial forms to fungi and even large multi-cellular units.

These same microbes are also present in cancer. As an analogy we may see tumors as large multi-cellular units arising from invasive fungal forms very similar to mushrooms growing out of an extensive underground root system. The mushroom-tumors are relatively harmless; instead the invasive root system and a massive fungal presence cause most of the damage. 

One of the first researchers was the German professor of microbiology Guenther Enderlein who described in 1925 the different stages of a microbe that is normally present as tiny colloidal protein units. In various degenerative diseases, especially cancer and autoimmune diseases, these protein units grow into cocci and higher bacterial forms and finally into fungi. Before him, in the nineteenth century, the French professor Antoine Bechamp had already described similar microbes and called them microzymas. Independently, mostly without knowing of each other's work, several other researchers, including Royal Raymond Rife, Wilhelm Reich, Virginia Livingston-Wheeler, Alan Cantwell and Gaston Naessens, have described the same phenomenon (2, 3).

While orthodox microbiologists are aware of the presence of such microbes, they have the dogma that microbes do no change shape. They expect a definite microbe always to be associated with the same disease. This very much suits the drug companies.

But the shape of pleomorphic organisms depends mainly on the vitality of the affected cells. The unhealthier the cells, glands or organs, the more highly evolved and aggressive become these organisms. Therefore, researchers see different microbes at different stages of the disease and many orthodox microbiologists deny that they can have anything to do with it.

However, the Space Studies Board of the US National Academies is not restricted by the interests of drug companies and freely discusses pleomorphic organisms. A research paper says about nanobacteria, the most primitive forms of bacteria: “The environment causes drastic changes in their unit size: under unfavorable conditions they form very large multi-cellular units. Yet, they can release elementary particles, some of which are only 50 nm in size, smaller than many viruses.” Another passage reads: “Cell-wall-deficient bacteria, L-forms, show small and large forms“, and “Pseudo-organisms forming pseudo-colonies have been detected in mycoplasma culture media” (4).

Pleomorphic microbes seem to attack predominantly the cells in the weakest or most stressed organ or tissue. This weakness may be caused by the accumulation of heavy metals and cellular waste products, nutritional deficiencies, genetic weakness, or by emotional stress or a combination of these.

As an example zinc deficiency makes the prostate gland vulnerable to attack, iodine deficiency the thyroid gland, and manganese deficiency the thymus gland. Providing the missing nutrients helps to overcome an attack on these glands and organs.

Cellular Waste Products

To overcome autoimmune diseases it is important to understand where these pleomorphic microbes come from. Several of the afore-mentioned researchers have given us an understanding of their genesis.

The body recycles cells and their components all the time. For instance it has been estimated that about 3 million red blood cells are recycled every second. Cells contain large numbers of cooperative smaller organisms or organelles, mainly the energy-producing mitochondria, in addition to the DNA and RNA from the nucleus. Normally all of these are recycled without a problem.

However, if cells and organs are unhealthy, then some of the organelles, nucleic acids and proteins are abnormal. With this they cannot be incorporated into new healthy cells, and instead they accumulate and decompose as cellular residue or sludge. But they are really tiny organisms that want to preserve their lives. Several researchers, including Wilhelm Reich found that the spark of life in these most basic life forms is indestructible. Even if heated to incandescence they would again sprout into new life-forms when given a chance (5).

It appears that viruses arise from RNA particles surrounded by a cell-wall, while mycoplasma are from DNA fragments without a proper cell-wall (6). Nanobacteria probably develop from damaged mitochondria as both have the same genetic material. Out of these primitive life forms can then arise higher bacteria and fungi. Therefore, the microbes that cause the autoimmune attack basically develop internally out of the protein sludge within cells and organs.

A large part of these cellular waste products are composed of oxidized and peroxidized or polymerized polyunsaturated fatty acids, especially trans-fatty acids, and combinations of these with degraded or wrongly folded proteins. Included are also metals, such as mercury, aluminium and iron.

Residues with oxidized fats are commonly called old age pigments or just age pigments, and more scientifically ‘lipofuscin’. It is thought that much or most of this debris comes from degraded mitochondria and defective cell walls. In the aging skin lipofuscin can be seen as yellow-brown or brown ‘age spots’ or ‘liver spots’.

Another waste product is called ‘ceroid’ and is thought to be associated with vitamin E deficiency, while ‘amyloids’ are protein residues that accumulate mainly in the brain and in nerve cells. Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) are especially affected. In Parkinson’s disease such residues accumulate mainly in the dopamine-producing region of the brain. Up to 70% of the volume of nerve cells may consist of such waste until cells are finally killed, although they would have lost most of their normal functions long before (7).

Therefore, these cellular waste products impair cellular functions and our overall health in several ways: they interfere with the movement of nutrients into the cell and metabolic wastes out of the cell, they poison the oxidative energy production or respiratory chain of the mitochondria and cause us to be low in energy, they interfere with the signaling capacity of nerve cells and the normal function of muscle cells, and they provide the raw material out of which the pleomorphic microbes arise that cause autoimmune attacks. 

An indication as to the cause of these accumulations can be seen from an experiment in which rats were given protease inhibitors, substances that block the activity of protein-digesting enzymes within cells. This caused greatly increased lipofuscin accumulations (8). Other medical research has demonstrated that removing protein debris or damaged proteins from cells keeps aging organs young and healthy (9). This shows us what we need to do in order to prevent the formation of pleomorphic organisms and overcome degenerative diseases: clean out the cells by removing the protein debris and lipofuscin from the body.

The Dental Connection

There is also the important question of what causes cells to become unhealthy and accumulate all those waste residues. Part of it is due to an oversupply of damaged protein and fat, such as damage by high heat or microwave heating, or oxidation damage because of lack of antioxidants, and removal problems because of lack of digestive enzymes. But there is another reason, and that is metabolic problems arising from mercury and other toxic metals and chemicals.

Mercury generally is the most toxic metal to which we are commonly exposed, and it is also the poison of choice that is routinely put into our mouths. DAMS (Dental Amalgam Mercury Syndrome) are a patient support group that provides a vast amount of information on mercury toxicity as well as testing and treatment options (10).

For instance documentation shows that mercury from amalgam is a cause or major factor in over 30 chronic health conditions, including all of the autoimmune diseases, and it documents 60,000 clinical cases of recovery or significant improvement after amalgam replacement (11).

Another document-supported statement says that most autoimmune conditions like Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Lupus (SLE) and Thyroiditis are primarily caused by mercury from dental amalgam, and replacement of dental amalgam brings about cure or significant improvement in the majority of cases (12). 

Mercury and other toxic metals cause damage in two ways: by directly interfering with metabolic processes and by forming metal-protein compounds which the immune system regards as foreign invaders and to which it reacts with a strong immune response. An organ in which these protein-metal complexes primarily accumulate will then be subjected to a so-called autoimmune attack.

It is also important that amalgam is removed according to standards developed by holistic dentists. Extraction of teeth with large fillings is the cleanest amalgam removal method. In a large German study of MS patients extraction resulted in an 85% recovery rate compared to only 16% for conventional filling replacement (13).

Also other dental metals can cause allergy and hyper-immunity problems, most frequently implicated is nickel from stainless steel. During and after amalgam replacement it is recommended to take metal chelators, such as frequent large doses of vitamin C (as sodium ascorbate or neutralized ascorbic acid), zeolites, and sulfur compounds, especially N-Acetyl Cysteine and Alpha Lipoic Acid, but even garlic, onions and raw Brassica vegetables will help. Some individuals accumulate toxic chemicals because they cannot properly use sulfur compounds. This may be corrected by adding 250 – 500 mcg of molybdenum. 

Dentists and governments in the US, GB and Australia are fond of putting the enzyme poison fluoride in public water supplies, which causes its own set of health problems (14). Conventional filters do not remove fluoride. This may be done by distilling, reverse osmosis or using the alkaline fraction of water ionizers. Alternatively catch and use rainwater. Re-mineralize soft water with colloidal minerals or magnesium chloride.

Other major problems are root-canal fillings and infected jawbone pockets, called cavitations, often remaining after conventional extraction of teeth (15). Root-canal fillings commonly generate a steady stream of highly pathogenic bacteria, in addition to creating interference pattern in the acupuncture meridians that tend to affect specific parts of the body. For proper healing these need to be removed under cover of effective antimicrobial therapy. For an overview of this whole area see Dental Problems (16).

Antimicrobial Therapy

In recent decades the prevalence of Candidiasis and other systemic fungus infections has reached epidemic proportions.  When I routinely started asking patients to do a simple test to detect fungi almost all were horrified at the strongly positive results. This is not surprising as most individuals will have taken antibiotics and similar drugs without any anti-fungal protection. While conventional medicine sees this only as a minor problem, I have no doubt that it is one of the main causes of diseases in our society (17, 18).

These drugs tend to suppress the intestinal lactobacteria in favor of fungi. The resulting fungal overgrowth damages the intestinal wall and causes only partly digested proteins to pass into the blood. This results in strongly inflammatory allergic reactions. Those with Lupus (L.E.) are especially strongly afflicted with allergies (19).

Therefore, a raw-food cleanse combined with dental sanitation will not be sufficient to overcome an autoimmune disease if there is also a systemic fungus problem or mycosis.

Patients first need to sanitize the intestines by restoring the dominance of lactobacteria, avoid foods that cause allergic reactions, and clear the blood and mucous membranes of mycoses. This can be done with a strict antimicrobial program that eliminates or greatly reduces not only fungi but also pathogenic bacteria, viruses, parasites and pleomorphic organisms, all of which may be present to some degree and complicate matters.

Sanitizing the gastro-intestinal tract involves killing harmful bacteria and fungi with a dose of a suitable microbicide, and before ingesting any carbohydrates using a high dose of probiotics, preferably as a self-made ferment of lactobacteria. Strongly acid ferments, similar to strong fruit acids, will need to be largely neutralized (e.g. with bicarbonate) to minimize inflammation and pain.

Antimicrobial treatment requires strong remedies and needs to be done at least for several weeks. My favourites are psyllium with bicarbonate in addition to high-dose iodine as Lugol’s solution or Iodoral for about 3 weeks followed by a further period on acidified sodium chlorite known as MMS (20). If MMS is not available or if it causes strong side-effects, also high doses of wormwood and extract of pau d’arco or olive leaf may be used in addition to other antimicrobial remedies.

In addition the immune system may need to be improved with specific nutrients, especially selenium, zinc, magnesium, iodine, vitamin D (sunshine) and in some cases also colostrum.

Before starting this program I suggest to make a simple Saliva Test as follows:
Immediately after rising before you eat or drink anything fill a clear glass with water at room temperature. Spit some saliva into the glass of water. Then check from time to time for up to an hour to see what happens to the spit. If fungi are present, you will see one of three things, or a combination of these.

1. There may be strings like legs extending down into the water from the saliva floating on top
2. Cloudy saliva will accumulate at the bottom of the glass
3. Cloudy bits will remain suspended in the water

The quicker and stronger the strings grow and the sooner the saliva sinks, the more Candida is in the sample. If there are no strings and the saliva is still floating after one hour, you probably do not have a systemic mycosis but may still have a localized problem in the intestines or vagina, and you may still have dysbiosis and other pathogenic microbes.

However, regardless of its outcome the first step in the quest to overcome an autoimmune disease should be intestinal sanitation and a systemic antimicrobial program.

The Problem with Anti-Inflammatory Drugs

Inflammation causes much of the discomfort with autoimmune diseases, and prednisone is a strong anti-inflammatory drug. The problem is that the immune system works by producing inflammation. By suppressing inflammation these drugs also suppress the immune system, or in other words, these drugs prevent the immune system from healing the diseased gland or organ. In addition to other side-effects they keep patients permanently diseased and gradually deteriorating.

Natural therapy is designed to activate the immune system to overcome whatever attacks the body. The immune system works by causing a “healing inflammation” in the affected area. This allows immune cells to easily move into the combat zone and kill and remove the invaders so that diseased cells can now be replaced with healthy cells. 

Therefore, prednisone and other immune-suppressant drugs work directly against the effort of natural therapy to enhance the immune system and do its duty. But the price for healing the body is a temporary increase in inflammation and discomfort. However, there is a way to avoid this problem.

Commonly pain and inflammation disappear within about 3 days on a raw-food cleanse. This cleanse is so effective because it removes the cellular waste, the very cause of the hyperactivity of the immune system.

After the antimicrobial therapy and any dental sanitation you may already gradually reduce anti-inflammatory drugs until inflammation becomes again a problem, and then you slightly increase the dose to a bearable level. After the third day on the cleanse you may start reducing the amounts of drugs still further each day until after about three weeks you have completely eliminated them. 

However, if inflammations and pain increase with this schedule then increase again to a level where the situation is bearable and after a few days start reducing at a slower rate. In addition try natural anti-inflammatory remedies, such as antioxidants, ginger and omega-3-fatty acids.

Furthermore, the more acid the body is the more inflammation and pain are generated. Therefore make every effort to alkalize the body as with spirulina, juices or powders of cereal grasses and green vegetables or alkaline ionized water. You may also neutralize fruit acids with dolomite, magnesium oxide or bicarbonate, or just take bicarbonate on its own or with magnesium chloride or with psyllium in water. Temporarily half a teaspoon of bicarbonate may be taken in a glass of water up to seven times daily on an empty stomach or 2 to 3 hours after meals. As a general rule if there is pain alkalize the body. 

It is advisable to remain on a cleansing diet or a semi-cleanse until drugs and especially prednisone have been fully eliminated. Alternatively, if this is not possible, then you may use repeated shorter cleanses. In long-standing and severe cases the whole healing process, including dental sanitation, may last for several years.

The Raw-Food Cleanse

The healing effect of live or raw foods is being supported by traditional research. For instance Dr Israel Brekhman demonstrated that the endurance of animals with raw foods was 2-3 times greater than with the same foods after they had been cooked (21).

Another problem with cooked food is that it causes digestive leukocytosis. This is an increase of the number of white blood cells after eating cooked food but not after eating raw food. Leukocytes increase when the immune system senses a threat to the body, and it may well be that this response to cooked food makes the immune system hyperactive while raw food keeps it strong but relaxed (22).

Dr Edward Howell did the pioneering work to demonstrate the importance of enzymes in raw food for increasing our lifespan, for the health of our immune system, and for preventing and curing autoimmune and other degenerative diseases (23).

Studies of calorie restriction on the gene expression of animals showed a 400% increase in the activation of anti-aging genes with 40% calorie restriction. Most of these beneficial changes occurred in just a few weeks after starting a calorie-restricted diet, and the majority of age-related degenerative changes in gene expression were reversed. This led to a decrease in inflammations and stress while the liver regained the ability to detoxify drugs and other chemicals (24).

This research confirms the central role of a raw-food cleanse for overcoming autoimmune and other degenerative diseases. The immediate purpose of this cleanse is to remove protein debris, toxic metals and damaged fats from cells. Therefore the diet should be low in proteins and fats to allow protein-digesting and fat-digesting enzymes to be used for this purpose rather than for digesting additional proteins and fats from the daily food. It also helps to use additional enzymes as supplements or enzyme-rich foods, such as pawpaws.

This means the cleansing diet consists mainly of carbohydrates, and it needs to be low in calories so that no surplus is converted into fat. Therefore, instead of meals have only snacks whenever hungry. Furthermore, experience shows that cleansing food needs to be high in vitality, meaning that it should be fresh, raw and preferably organic. Also be aware that the vital energy is mainly in the liquid phase, the juice, and not in the solids or nutrients.

Individuals with autoimmune diseases have weak digestive systems. This means food needs to be easily digestible, such as fresh fruit, fresh vegetable juices, blended raw leaf vegetables, sprouted seeds, and suitable fermented food. 

All this is not easy to organize, and most individuals will need a fair amount of help and support from relatives and friends. Preferably cleanse in the warm season when there is fresh food available. Best buy or borrow a low-revolution juice extractor or try a high-speed blender. The normal cleansing duration is three weeks but you may precede this with a series of short cleanses of 2 to 7 days duration.

The energy level during cleansing tends to be rather low, and much of the time you may just rest, preferably outside on the veranda or in the garden. Commonly the second day is the worst, and after that the energy may increase again. It is common to get headaches or nausea and feel weak during the initial stages of cleansing. If necessary you may reduce or alleviate unpleasant symptoms by having a small amount of cooked food without interrupting your overall cleanse.

Keep the bowels active and clean to minimize headaches and other discomfort. It is important to have several daily bowel movements. If they do not happen with your chosen diet try one or more glassfuls of water with an added teaspoon of psyllium, or use other laxatives or enemas or colonics.

WARNING: When losing weight during a cleanse pesticides and drug residues may be released from fat storage and cause distressing symptoms. If you feel rather unwell, then go back to a normal diet, and try another cleanse at a later time.

In addition symptoms of previous diseases or health problems may suddenly flare up and cause temporary distress. This is called a healing crisis. In this case use some cooked food until you feel better again.

Cleansing Foods

Probably the most effective cleansing food is fresh grass juice as pioneered by Ann Wigmore and available in various Hippocrates Health Centers (25). You may juice wheat or barley grass or ryegrass (a grass variety), or basically any soft grass. A glassful of grass juice sipped during the day is excellent. Chlorophyll seems to have the greatest healing and cleansing effect.

Also juices of other leaf vegetables are good, mixed with an equal amount of juice from sweet vegetables such as beetroot and carrot. Add to a glass of juice a teaspoon each of lecithin granules and flaxseed oil to improve the absorption of carotenes and the expulsion of gravel from the liver. In all use about 6 teaspoons of flaxseed oil daily mixed with juices or salads. Refrigerate the oil and protect it from oxidation by squeezing natural vitamin E capsules into newly opened bottles.

The fatty acids in flaxseed oil in combination with sulfur amino acids help to repair the oxidative energy production in the mitochondria. Therefore use sulfur-rich food for this as well as for the detoxification of toxic metals. 

Use some fermented food daily. My preferred ferment is based on pollen. For this you may add several teaspoons of pollen and possibly some powder of kelp, spirulina, chlorella or cereal grasses to a liter of water as well as probiotics as a starter. Keep warm for several hours and use when it starts frothing and tastes somewhat acid. Refrigerate and use up to half of the liquid as starter for the next lot.

As this may be rather acidic add sufficient dolomite powder, magnesium oxide or bicarbonate to make it acceptable. During the cleanse continue to drink a large glass of water with psyllium and bicarbonate after rising as advised for intestinal sanitation. Use water that is free of chlorine and fluoride.

You may mix some further amounts of spirulina, wheat grass, barley grass powder and freshly ground linseed into juices or ferment. At other times during the day eat some fresh raw fruit in small, spaced-out amounts, also salads with sprouted seeds, or if you cannot chew sprouted seeds then blend them. If you need to have something warm in the evening, try onion soup or occasionally a potato (26).

Outlook and Conclusion

Nobody can guarantee that this program will be fully successful in all cases of long-standing and advanced autoimmune diseases. But even then it must be better to remove the cause of the disease and have some gradual improvement rather than continued life-long deterioration. The more effort you put into it, the more success you can expect to eventuate. In addition to the dental amalgam information mentioned before, here are some additional autoimmune therapies.

Dr Johanna Budwig (a biochemist) devised a cancer therapy which was also successful for autoimmune diseases. It was based on repairing the oxidative energy metabolism in the mitochondria using fermented cottage cheese and flaxseed oil in addition to a predominantly raw-food diet (27).

The late Dr Carey Reams (a biophysicist) wrote about curing thousands of diabetics of both types with a 3-week fast on lemon juice (28), and he used the same method to cure cardiovascular disease and prevent heart attacks. He also placed great importance on eliminating cell debris which he measured as albumin in the urine.

In the 1940's and 50's Dr Emanuel Josephson developed the manganese therapy for myasthenia gravis (29). Among others he describes the interesting case of an elderly male who first developed signs of systemic lupus erythematosus, and after several years also signs of Parkinson's disease. Much later myasthenia gravis appeared in addition. Nutritional therapy including manganese soon removed the symptoms of all three diseases.

Gerald Green in the UK offers herbal cures for autoimmune diseases mainly based on wormwood and anti-inflammatory herbs to eradicate systemic Candidiasis and its devastating effects. This is combined with a diet low in sugar and yeast (30).

In addition to specific therapies it is important for success to lead a healthy lifestyle by minimizing harmful influences such as:
•  Chlorinated and fluoridated water
•  Processed food with added synthetic materials
•  Frying or cooking with microwave or in aluminium utensils
•  Exposure to microwaves from mobile/cell phones
•  Microwave stations for cordless phones and Internet access inside the home
•  Electromagnetic pollution, especially in the bedroom
•  Fluorescent lighting (use full spectrum lights)
•  Medical and recreational drugs
•  Negative thoughts and emotions (e.g. anger, resentment, worry, bitterness and fear)

Sometimes autoimmune and other degenerative diseases have disappeared by supplying deficient nutrients or eliminating allergenic foods or fungi, or removing dental amalgam and root canal fillings, or using raw food cleansing. To get consistent results and greatest health improvement I recommend to use all of these methods, preferably in a sequence that starts with intestinal sanitation and antimicrobial therapy, and ends with a 3-week cleanse followed by a greatly improved diet. 


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