by Walter Last

I believe that it is possible to overcome, heal or cure most diabetes 2 and early diabetes 1, and possibly even some cases of advanced diabetes 1, while others with advanced diabetes 1 can be greatly improved. I further believe that many or most of the serious consequences of this disease are due to side effects of drugs and poor food choices rather than to the disease process itself.

Diabetes 2 is entirely due to wrong food choices and, therefore, can be corrected with an appropriate diet as shown in Holistic Diabetes Treatment. Using instead drugs for short-term improvement can only lead to complications in the long term. Drugs may convert more sugar into fatty acids and cholesterol, leading to clogged arteries and capillaries, or they may stimulate a weak pancreas to overproduce insulin until it is exhausted. Drugs also have other side effects, and may damage liver, kidneys, eyes and heart. It is even worse if additional insulin is used to overcome insulin resistance, although insulin may be useful as a temporary measure if the insulin-producing capacity of the pancreas is exhausted.

According to Doctors W.A. Philpott and D.K. Kalita (Victory Over Diabetes, Keats, 1983) the overwhelming evidence of studies shows a shortened life expectancy and more serious complications from using diabetic drugs. The death rate actually doubled in those taking oral diabetic drugs. Most of these same drugs are still in use today.

The accepted treatment for type 1 diabetes is equally unsatisfactory. Traditional diabetes diets are too high in readily available glucose, and therefore require excessive amounts of insulin. Glucose in excess of immediate requirements for producing energy and replenishing glycogen stores is converted into fats and cholesterol by a high level of externally supplied insulin, resulting in overweight, clogged arteries and capillaries, and deterioration of most organs and body functions.

These adverse effects can be minimized with a diet that is low in glucose-yielding carbohydrates, and supplies these in a slowly released form. This is possible with a diet based on small meals or snacks of spirulina, unheated proteins and fats, sprouted legumes and apples, in addition to glucose-alternatives such as xylitol, fructose, and lemon juice.

With this only a minimum of long-acting insulin is required to keep the blood sugar level in a normal or acceptable range most of the time. If you gain more weight than is normal or desirable for your body structure, then you use too much insulin, and need to reduce the intake of glucose-yielding carbohydrates.

Presently no serious attempt is made to improve or restore pancreas functions and insulin production. However, I found that early diabetes 1 can be overcome by stopping the autoimmune attack on the pancreas. Restoring a healthy intestinal flora, eliminating any microbial infestation of the pancreas, avoiding nutritional and chemical triggers of immune attack, and using an appropriate diet and supplements, are most important in this regard.

While to my knowledge so far no one has tried, I believe there is a reasonable chance that some insulin production can be restored even with advanced diabetes 1 (several years after onset of the disease). In addition to the measures outlined so far, I see the greatest potential in working with energies and energy medicine, including guided imagery.

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