by Walter Last

Almost as important as specific cancer-fighting therapies is the creation of healthy living conditions, and in particular, avoiding or minimizing the many negative and harmful influences on our health caused by modern living.

The main negative influences at present are chemical pollution, electromagnetic pollution and radiation. Not only our food and water are heavily polluted with chemicals but city air commonly is equally unhealthy. It is especially bad in industrialized areas, close to heavy traffic, and in modern houses with many synthetics and plastics.

If you live in a modern house, try to sanitize it by minimizing the use of synthetic items that release chemicals, such as formaldehyde from glue in carpets, chipboard or plywood. Avoid solvents, smelling household cleaners and disinfectants, tobacco smoke, mothballs and insect sprays. If the outside air is reasonably clean, good ventilation helps to minimize the problem.

If you live in an area with much outside air pollution, you may try to live away from home during the critical period, possibly with friends or relatives, and best in green surroundings. A health farm would be excellent but unfortunately few are geared for clients on low budgets.

Avoid or minimize wearing a bra, synthetic clothing and even heavily chemicalized wool or cotton material (e.g. permanent press). Women who used to wear a bra 24 hours a day had a 3 out of 4 chance of developing breast cancer, compared to a 1 in 168 chance for women who never or rarely wore bras.

The only good mattresses are futons that are filled with natural fibers. Most recommended is a latex mattress. A cheap alternative is straw or hay from a pesticide-free source. An innerspring mattress should only be used if it does not deflect the needle of a compass moved across it close to the surface. Commonly, only older mattresses are suitable. Do not use steel-framed beds, steel-spring frames and move the bed if there are metal beams or live wires in the wall behind the bed. Steel tends to become inappropriately magnetized and carries strong induction currents.

Furthermore, sleep in total darkness, or alternatively cover your eyes during sleep. Cancer protective melatonin is released in normal amounts only when we sleep in darkness. Profoundly blind women have up to 70% less breast cancer than women with normal sight. Profoundly blind men have less cancer of the colon, lungs, prostate, skin and stomach. However, simple vision impairment does not reduce cancer rates, only if there is no sensitivity to light at all.


Sunshine can be beneficial or harmful depending on the type, time and amount of exposure. There is a strong negative correlation between available sunlight and breast cancer death rates; living in a sunny area is associated with lower cancer rates. Even skin cancer is inhibited by regular low-level sun exposure; only sunburn is a strong skin cancer promoter. It has been suggested that approximately 30,000 U.S. cancer deaths yearly would be averted by the widespread public adoption of regular, moderate sunning.

However, too much sunlight inhibits the immune response and is also a strong inflammation promoter. Any increased inflammatory tendency leads to stimulation of tumor growth. Therefore, with cancer, any sun exposure must be so mild that afterwards there is no reddening of the skin. Except in winter, avoid sunbathing within 2 or 3 hours of midday. No glasses or sunscreen lotion should be used during this time. A recent report states that 90% of sunscreen lotions contain chemicals that kill skin cells. I prefer a solution of the nutrient PABA when sun protection is required.

Aim to be outside as much as possible, such as in a garden or on a veranda. If it is sunny remain in half-shade, or when in the full sun, cover up sufficiently. The life-force associated with sunlight penetrates our clothing and also charges the air that we breathe. As an added bonus, sunlight has a strong anti-depressant effect. A good way of catching the life-force associated with direct sunlight is by exposing drinking water or cooked or refrigerated food for a while to the sun before eating it.

Minimize electro-pollutants

Strong electromagnetic fields of about 50 to 60 cycles per second (hertz, or Hz) are harmful to us. These fields exist around power lines, power tools, electric stoves, heaters, boilers, freezers and television sets when in use, extending several feet or yards around the appliance. Stay away from them if possible.

Try to minimize electromagnetic pollution, especially while sleeping when the pineal gland is most susceptible. Switch off al power points and unplug all electric leads with 2-prong plugs in the bedroom before going to sleep, watch that there are no live electric wires inside the wall near the head, and try to sleep with the head in a northerly direction, or otherwise towards the east.

Some dowsers claim to have discovered harmful earth rays from fault lines and underground streams under the beds of most cancer victims. Try to find someone who is able to check the location of your bed for harmful underground radiation, even if you sleep on an upper floor.

For more information on electromagnetic pollution and how you can protect yourself see the article Electromagnetic Pollution.

Dental problems

Individuals with cancer frequently have dead teeth with filled root canals, or inflammation inside the jawbone even after removal of teeth. These problems may not cause pain and so are difficult to detect. It is best to have dead teeth removed as soon as possible, and the remaining cavity scraped out to remove any softened parts of the jawbone. Just leave some gaps if you cannot immediately pay for replacements.

Root canal filled teeth appear to be a major contributing factor in many health problems, not only cancer, but also heart disease and auto-immune diseases. This is due to microbes multiplying in the multitude of tiny canals or tubuli in the dentine and gradually leaching out into the lymph system. The only safe solution is removal of such dead teeth, although problems might still persist from the infection having spread to the jawbone. The microbes in dead teeth and infected jawbones cannot normally be eliminated with pharmaceutical or natural antibiotics, I recommend using a magnetic pulser.

However, removal of dead teeth as well as amalgam cause a great strain on the body, and should only be done when feeling reasonably well and strong, and with suitable precautions. Before and after removing dead teeth use a strong magnetic pulser, an electronic blood purifier and other anti-microbial therapies.

Do this also if you cannot immediately remove all dead teeth; continue with this until after they have been removed.

Preferably have amalgam fillings replaced with plastic composite. The dentist should use a rubber dam and suction when removing old fillings. If you cannot pay for proper replacements, just seal affected teeth with cheap temporary filler and do not chew any hard items. Also nickel as in stainless steel can suppress the immune system. Try to find a dentist who is familiar with safe amalgam removal procedures as recommended by holistic dentists associations.

In addition to a vitamin C supplement program before and after amalgam removal, the amino acid L-cysteine as well as homeopathic mercury 1M and higher potencies are helpful in removing mercury from tissues. Professionally injections of the mercury chelator DMPS may be used. However, these may occasionally lead to complications and the oral DMSA not only is much cheaper but apparently also safer. According to promotional literature even more effective, cheaper and safer to use is P.C.A., a so-called peptide-based clathration (chelation) formula produced by Goldleaf.

The pink colour of dentures may be due to heavy metals, commonly mercury or cadmium. If you cannot get a guarantee that the coloring is free of heavy metals, it is safer to ask for clear plastic dentures made of Methyl Methacrylate, or Flexite for partial dentures. Use plastic denture teeth rather than porcelain teeth, which are based on aluminium oxide and other metals. Change metal bridges and partial dentures to clear plastic. Even gold can be a problem because to make it cheaper, it is commonly blended with 20% of the more harmful palladium. A small amount of gold as for one crown may be acceptable, but as a general rule keep your mouth free of metals, and make sure only metal-free plastics are used as replacement. Try to find a holistic dentist.

Even after removal of bad teeth, health problems can arise or continue from root or metal fragments or due to chronic infection and inflammation in the jawbone. An experienced dentist with panoramic X-rays may discover this. If you cannot do all of this to sanitize the inside of your mouth, just do the best you can and do not worry. Compensate any shortcomings here with a better diet and positive thinking.


Packs over the tumor site are helpful with pain relief or to help break down a tumour. Packs are especially effective in combination with cleansing periods. Helpful packs are freshly grated or pulped beetroot, crushed wheat grass or other grass, or black or purple grapes, 3% hydrogen peroxide, Schweitzer solution, tea tree oil, hot castor oil, garlic, honey, or even urine. Keep the pack on as much as possible, changing it several times during the day. At other times you may keep a fresh outer cabbage leaf over the tumor, cut out the lower part of the stem and make the leaf more pliable by rolling it with a bottle. Renew the leaf after several hours.

In addition stimulate the liver with a hot castor oil pack. Liberally apply castor oil to the skin over the upper abdomen, stomach and the right side of the lower rib cage. Cover with several layers of a woolen cloth and then with a hot water bottle. When it becomes too hot, add more layers of cloth or just newspaper under the hot water bottle. Later remove these again as the water cools. Keep the pack in place for 1-2 hours, the longer the better, even overnight.

With lung cancer use hot onion packs on chest and back, and eat plenty of onions. For the pack squash the onions after heating until soft in an oven.

The honey plaster has an excellent reputation for pain relief and destroying tumors. The honey must be raw and not heated above 45 degrees C (like most honey sold in shops). Smear a thick layer of honey over the tumor area and cover with linen. Continue renewing the honey for several weeks whenever it has dried. It is even more effective if you mix a few drops of 35% hydrogen peroxide with the honey. Gradually increase the number of drops until either the honey becomes too runny or the skin is irritated. Try to obtain honey that is not runny and possibly crystallized.

Urea is especially effective for dissolving dead and putrefying flesh, and removing bad odor from weeping or pussy areas. Good for softening hardened or scarred areas is a urine pack, for details see Urine & Urea Therapy.

If the area is open and weeping then discard the pack daily and apply a fresh one. Possibly alternate with cabbage leaf.


Substances that irritate the skin can draw the inflammation around a tumor to the surface where it can dissipate. The skin becomes red, and often tender or sore to the touch, and may even blister. Blistering is especially effective as it allows toxins to drain out. You may drain the fluid from any blister and cover with fresh cabbage leaf or honey until healed. The blister fluid may be used to make a homeopathic remedy.

As blistering agent you may use freshly crushed garlic. Put some cabbage leaf or cloth on top of it, and seal with a plastic sheet to minimize odor. Renew the garlic daily until the skin becomes too sore and irritated, and then just cover with a frequently changed cabbage leaf or honey.

Other skin irritants are a paste of cayenne, mustard, and the white sap from papaw, fig and petty spurge (Euphorbia peplus). The latter is also called cancer weed or radium weed, and can be used on skin cancers and insensitive external tumors. Also the Australian Kangaroo apple, Devil's apple or Solanum hermannii (Curaderm) is effective.

A kerosene pack around the neck is suitable for any tumors, lymph gland swellings or infections in that area, or to stimulate thyroid activity, but also good over any internal tumor where the skin is not broken or oversensitive. Moisten a cloth with kerosene and keep over the tumor until gradually increasing burning of the skin becomes unbearable. This may happen after about 30 minutes, but can also take hours if the immune system is slow to react.

The longer you can keep it on the better. The skin will be very red, and peel a few days later as after a sunburn. Repeat after a few weeks for as long as required. In between use honey packs or cabbage leaf. Skin cancers may also be destroyed by repeatedly applying a drop of 35% hydrogen peroxide, preferably protecting the surrounding skin with a barrier cream.

The acute inflammation initiated by blistering agents has a strong immune-stimulating effect and kills cancer cells. In contrast, the chronic inflammation surrounding an invasive tumour is largely due to local overacidity, which activates tissue-destroying cancer enzymes. A dormant or slow-growing tumor is largely painless because it is free of this pathogenic tumor inflammation. With advanced cancer it is often difficult to initiate an inflammatory healing reaction until the immune system has been sufficiently strengthened.


Another way to remove melanoma and tumors close to the skin, sometimes including breast tumors, is with 'Escharotics'. These are caustic remedies, commonly with zinc chloride and the herb bloodroot as main ingredients. For more detailed information on Cansema and escharotics in general see the Cansema User's Guide.

To reach a tumour under the skin, such as a breast tumor, it may be necessary to leave the paste in place for two or three days and reapply fresh paste several times as soon as any developing pus has cleared. Keep covered with a vaseline-coated pad, which may need frequent changing. Commonly there is a strong local inflammation with swelling of the breast, redness and pain for several days. The bigger the breast, and the deeper down the tumor, the more difficult it is to create a hole deep enough for the Cansema to reach it, and the more applications are required.

Colour Therapy

Blue light has several desirable effects in cancer treatment. It inhibits cell division and tumor growth, or excessive formation of white blood cells. It also reduces tumor inflammations, relaxes and relieves pain. However, except with a general infection or inflammation all over the body, and possibly leukemia and widespread lymph cancer, treat only areas of malignant activity and other sites of inflammation with blue light, as this may slow the body metabolism. Also, except for the purpose of relaxing and becoming more peaceful or sleepy, do not look for long periods into blue light, as this may reinforce any depressive tendencies.

You may use a blue light bulb at close range to expose selected skin areas, but expose the eyes to daylight or strong yellow light to stimulate the metabolism and uplift the spirit.

However, more convenient is to use a 100-watt bulb and place two layers of dark blue cellophane over the tumor site. Over healthy areas you may place green or orange cellophane for balance or stimulation. Instead of a light bulb, you may use sunshine as a light source. With lack of energy you may use yellow or orange light on skin areas where there is no suspected malignancy or inflammation.

In addition it is helpful to project green-filtered ultraviolet light for short periods onto the spine. You may use a green filter or green cellophane over the back and either UV lamp or sunshine. Cellophane does not block ultraviolet frequencies. Green light, in combination with daylight or a normal light bulb, may be used for extended periods on all parts of the body.

Magnetic Therapies

Flat ceramic magnets and smaller but more powerful neodymium magnets have a role in cancer treatment. Commonly ferrite blocks of about 75 x 50 x 20mm and smaller magnets of about 40 x 25 x 10mm are used. Both have a strength of about 4,000 gauss, but the larger magnets also have a larger field and reach much deeper into the body.

In addition small but stronger 9,000 gauss Neodymium (a Rare Earth) magnets may be used. As dot magnets they may be taped to acupuncture points on the body or ear, while the larger discs (22 x 10 mm) or blocks (25 x 25.4 x 12.7) may be kept directly over tumors or areas of pain.

In the USA the poles of ‘bio-magnets’ are named opposite to the convention in science. In science the north-pointing pole of a suspended magnet is called the north pole, with bio-magnets it is the south pole. To avoid confusion, I prefer the terms ‘north-pointing’ or ‘south-pointing’,

Magnets are mainly used for pain relief and tumor regression by keeping the south-pointing pole of a large and strong magnet towards the skin over the painful area. The magnet may be on top of clothes and packs. For regression apply the magnet for an hour several times a day over the tumor, but for pain relief keep the magnet in place as long as required. Do not use a magnet in bed if it has an innerspring mattress or a steel frame or base. This may cause the iron parts to become magnetized as north poles, which could stimulate tumor growth.

Generally, the south-pointing pole inhibits infections, inflammations, pain and tumor growth, while the north-pointing pole may stimulate these activities as part of its general energy-giving and growth-promoting properties. To support the immune system, a small north-pointing pole may sometimes be placed on the upper end of the breastbone to stimulate the thymus gland.

Drinking water can be improved by keeping it overnight exposed to the south-pointing pole of a strong magnet. You may also expose cooked or refrigerated food for a few minutes to this pole before eating. To regenerate the body, use the north-pointing pole instead. When not in use, keep magnets away from the body and from sensitive instruments, watches, pacemakers and credit cards. Check the Yellow Pages for suppliers of magnets,

Electronic Zapper and Magnetic Pulser

There are two basic types of electronic zappers commercially available, the Hulda Clark zapper and the Robert Beck zapper, in addition to newer developments. They are supposed to eliminate parasites, bacteria, fungi and viruses, including the cancer microbe. They do this with low-voltage pulsed electric currents. The Clark zapper operates with a 9 V positive offset current at a high pulse frequency of about 30,000 Hz. The Beck zapper or blood purifier uses 27 to 36 V and a low frequency of about 4 Hz, but experimental units may have an additional frequency of 100 Hz. It appears that microbes are not outright killed by the mild electric current but rather prevented from multiplying.

With the Clark zapper you hold an electrode in each hand through which a modulated 9 V current flows. To establish a firm contact, rub your palms with salty water and hold the electrodes very firmly. Alternatively, wrap the electrodes in absorbent paper or cloth moistened with salted water. With weak grip strength the best contact results by dipping each hand or foot in a bowl of salted water, together with a partly immersed electrode, but not if any electronics are in the handle. After each treatment rinse your hands or feet under running water to remove any static electricity.

With a local infection or tumor also press the electrodes on both sides close to the problem area, or one electrode besides a problem area and the other in the opposite hand. The negative electrode, commonly attached to a black wire, tends to sting on sensitive skin.

As with magnets, it can be important in which hand you hold a particular electrode; otherwise one may feel weaker after zapping. Normally hold the negative electrode on that side of the body where the tumor, pain, infection or inflammation is located, and the positive electrode with the red wire in the other hand. You may also try muscle testing to find the best electrode placement: Have someone gently press down your raised, outstretched arm while holding the electrodes one way and then the other. Use the electrodes as for the stronger test.

The normal treatment schedule is seven minutes three times daily. The second zapping follows 20 - 30 minutes after the first one and the third one after a similar interval. The first zapping is to kill unshielded parasites and microbes. Dead parasites release further bacteria, which are killed with the second zapping, and these then release viruses that are eliminated the third time. That is the theory.

Blood tests supposedly show the Beck zapper to be more effective in eliminating microbes from the blood. It appears that with the Clark zapper the current travels mostly over the skin due to its high frequency, while the Beck zapper is specifically designed to electrify and purify the blood. Perhaps the best type of zapper is a combination of both, with the stronger voltage and low frequency of the Beck zapper but the positive offset current of the Clark zapper. Furthermore, according to principles of vibrational medicine it is more beneficial to use copper, silver or gold electrodes rather than beam the nickel vibrations from stainless steel into the body.

With the Beck zapper the small electrodes are fastened directly over the arteries, where you feel a pulse, on one forearm or near the ankle of a foot. The recommendation is to use it for 2 hours daily to eliminate all harmful microbes and parasites in the blood within a month or two, including the AIDS virus. In addition, I also recommend using the electrodes on both sides of a tumor, or an area of infection or inflammation.

In addition, Dr Beck designed a magnetic pulser to treat infected lymph glands and other parts of the body with poor blood supply. With cancer also pulse your tonsils, teeth or jawbone where there may be a problem. Also use the pulser on any area with a suspected inflammation or infection. You may suspect an inflammation in an area when it is red, hot or painful or even when it is rather tender when pressing into the area. Use a strong pulser with a rating of about 30 K Gauss or more when pulsing directly on a tumor, as weak pulses may be stimulating. As for magnets, find the correct pole and generally use only the south-pointing pole for treatment.

To find out which side of the pulser paddle to use, place a small flat magnet with known polarity on top of one side and watch what happens with the next pulse. Like poles repulse each other. Therefore, if the magnet jumps off, that side of the paddle has the same polarity as the magnet placed on it with the face down. If you then turn the small magnet around, it should not jump off. Then repeat the test with the other side of the paddle. Finally mark the polarities on the paddle.

There are other types of more expensive magnetic pulsers available that may be helpful in stimulating cellular rejuvenation. However, because of their lower magnetic pulse intensity, they do not appear to inhibit microbes or parasites, and may instead stimulate their growth.

However, there is now also a magnetic pulser available with up to 10 or more pulses per second (see Resources in Australia). It creates a pulsing magnetic field rather than just single short pulses. I found it effective for treating pain and inflammation, as well as restoring weak organs and tissues. It appears to work by restoring the electric membrane potential of cells to a healthy level. This is presently my favorite.

For sources to buy a zapper and pulser see ads in alternative journals, such as Nexus. Commonly, the Beck zapper is bifunctional and may also be used as a colloidal silver maker. In addition, there are various types of Rife instruments available to destroy the cancer microbe with selected frequencies. Their success depends very much on finding the correct frequency, and I cannot comment on their effectiveness.

Meridian and Pressure Therapy

Pressure therapy may be used as acupressure, pressing specific acupuncture points, as in reflexology by pressing sensitive spots under the feet, as pressure directly into tense muscles or as shiatsu, which is similar to acupressure.

The easiest method is reflexology. Have someone press the soles of your feet or press them yourself, as against the corner of a piece of furniture or against a rock or onto a golf ball or a broom handle, wherever you find a tender area, also at the sides and top of the feet.

Press each tender spot for as long as possible either daily or several times a week. Select appropriate points from the reflexology chart in the article on Reflexology. Press especially the liver, kidneys, intestines, thyroid and the tumor area, in addition to other tender spots.

Check also the back, and especially around the neck and shoulders for tense muscles. Press straight into tense muscles with the thumb or a knuckle, or even the elbow so that it is somewhat sore but easily bearable. After the pain subsides, press somewhat harder, or start circling under pressure. This will improve the general blood, lymph and energy circulation through the body, ease pain and support cleansing. Afterwards finish with some gentle massaging or stroking.

Massage in the area of the tumor(s) can help ease pain and improve lymph circulation. Do not disturb the tumor itself, but rather try to soften any tense muscles in the area, and gently push the lymph fluid towards the collarbone. This is especially important if any lymph glands have been removed in that area. If lymph glands have been removed in the groin or armpit, then raise the arm or leg while press-massaging it from the foot or hand towards the collarbone. Furthermore, problems in internal organs and the breast often cause chronic muscle spasms in related parts of the back with much pain and discomfort. Find and ease these spasms or tense muscles with pressing or kneading, and also press the related foot reflexes. In addition, give a gentle and relaxing body massage.

If you can get an acupuncture map you may also press points related to the tumor area, and to the organs indicated before, or you may treat these with an electro-acupuncture or laser instrument. Ear acupuncture is quite easy and effective. Also have a look at meridian therapy. Here you trace along the course of an acupuncture meridian with one or more fingers or with a magnet. For details see Meridian Therapy.

Energy Therapy

Wilhelm Reich wrote in his book 'The Cancer Biopathy' that he could destroy malignant tumors by charging the red blood cells with bio-energy (orgone energy). He could actually see under the dark-field microscope at 2000-to 4000-x magnification how the blue energy charge of the red blood cells killed the cancer cells. While this also eliminated the anemia and cachexia (wasting) of his 'terminal' patients, and greatly increased their survival time, it did not automatically lead to a cure. As he did not use any cleansing measures, he found that most patients or animals still died from congestion of the organs of elimination. Interestingly, he also observed that sometimes tumors became enlarged due to their interior being filled with blood.

Wilhelm Reich used his invention, the orgone accumulator to charge his patients and experimental animals with bio-energy. There are various possibilities of charging the body. A relatively easy and effective way to achieve this at home is by frequently drinking the fresh juice of young grasses. For further information on energy therapy see Bio-Energies.


The main aims of exercise in cancer therapy are the increase of blood and lymph circulation, and the improvement in oxygen supply and uptake. Most suited for this are slow jogging and light rebounding. It is essential to breathe as deep and fast as possible without getting out of breath, which would cause oxygen deficiency and aid the cancer.

If you have enough energy to jog, and can do so in a relatively unpolluted area, then start with just a few minutes, and gradually over the weeks, work up to 30 minutes a day. Jog as slowly as possible but breathe as hard as you can. Pay attention to your lower rib cage and abdomen expanding during inhalation. You may, of course, just jog on the spot at your veranda or even inside at an open window.

Even better, especially for those low in energy, is a rebounder. Some expensive models, called lymphasizers, are more effective, but even cheap rebounders are good to use, you may even bounce on top of one or two innerspring mattresses.

While it is all right to bounce higher for a while, during the basic exercise you remain with both feet firmly on the mat. Bounce only very gently up and down, start with just a few minutes, gradually increase up to 10 or 15 minutes 3 or 4 times daily, best before meals and bedtime, the more the better.

Keep your hands touching body areas in need of healing, such as the tumor area and the liver, or wherever you feel discomfort. With each upward bounce take a sniff until your lungs are filled after 10-20 sniffs, and then exhale again in sniffs. Always try to fill and empty your lungs as completely as possible. If you do it right, you should feel energized after the exercise.

Lymphazising is especially important with cancers of the lymph system, after removal of any lymph glands, and also with any kind of fluid accumulation. If the patient is too weak to stand, he or she may sit on the mat and a helper may do the bouncing. In addition, activate the lymph drainage by circling with light thumb pressure just below the clavicles and press on top of the feet at the bottom of the toes.

Breathing exercises can be used to influence our acid-alkaline balance. If we breathe deeper and faster than normally, then more carbon dioxide is expelled, and the body becomes more alkaline, while with shallower and slower breathing it becomes more acid.

If you are bedridden, frequently inhale fully while tensing all muscles, hold for a few seconds, then exhale slowly and relax at the same time. Do this as often as possible. Balance your energies with alternating breathing: inhale through the right nostril, exhale through the left, inhale through the left, exhale through the right nostril, and so forth for a minute or two.

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