by Walter Last

There is widespread suppression of natural cancer therapies, and persecution of successful therapists. The undisputed leader in this field is the USA, and other governments and medical authorities happily follow the US example.

The rationale for this suppression is the claim that natural cancer therapies have not been scientifically proven to be effective, and such treatment, even if harmless, would delay the more effective conventional cancer treatment. This argument would be laughable if it were not so tragic for millions of sufferers.

Nevertheless, one part of this argument is true. Natural therapies are not scientifically proven to give better results than conventional treatment. Medical authorities, of course, control all research funds and facilities, and nothing is given to natural therapists to prove their case. When conventional medical institutions investigated natural remedies, it was done in such a way that a negative outcome was guaranteed.

This happened, for instance with laetrile. Thousands of patients and various scientific studies have shown it to be effective. The official trials by the US Federal Drug Administration (FDA), which had banned laetrile even before the trials had begun, were declared negative. The initial tests actually were positive until a known therapy resistant strain of tumors was used. Even insiders charged that these tests had been rigged to make sure that they failed.

It was similar with the official vitamin C trial. Natural therapists know that high dosages must be continued more or less indefinitely and that it is extremely dangerous to stop treatment abruptly. In this decisive official trial 10g daily was given to 'terminal' patients for two months and then stopped abruptly. No patient died during treatment but the high rate of death after the treatment was stopped was seen as proof that the treatment had failed.

However, natural therapists do not rely on individual remedies. Commonly they use a holistic program, including cleansing, diet, herbal and nutritional remedies, as well as emotional and mind therapies. Conventional medical researchers are completely ignorant in this area; even if they wanted to, they would not be able to test holistic cancer therapies. Only holistic cancer therapists are qualified to do so. Yet instead of receiving any resources to proof their methods, they have been ruthlessly persecuted for the last hundred years.

The medical profession had an excellent chance to properly investigate nutritional cancer therapy when a US Senate Committee moved strongly to provide extensive funds for research of the treatment used by Dr Gerson because Senators were so impressed with his results.

However, the American Medical Association lobbied so strongly against research into nutritional cancer therapies that the move was defeated in the Senate, although by only four votes.

Albert Schweitzer wrote of the man the AMA regarded as a quack: 'I see in him (Dr Gerson) one of the most eminent geniuses in the history of medicine' and, 'A medical genius who walked among us.'

I am sure history will show eventually who the real cancer quacks were. Because of such influential support Gerson was not dragged before the courts like other successful cancer therapists, but the Gerson clinic had to be moved to Mexico to escape the pressure.

Royal Ray Rife fared even worse. He invented a powerful microscope that enabled him to see the virus form of a cancer microbe that he then succeeded in destroying with a specific electro magnetic frequency. Initially he had the support of the AMA, University departments and the prestigious Franklin Institute and Smithsonian Institution and many individual doctors reported good results.

Cancer apparently could be reliably cured. But this caused a sudden change of mind of the AMA. The Rife instruments everywhere were destroyed; Rife had to flee while an associate who had carried on after the ban spent three years in jail.

The Rife saga unfolded during the 1930's and 40's but is currently restaged with the persecution of Gaston Naessens. He, too, invented a powerful microscope to observe the effect of treatments on the cancer microbe. From this he developed a remedy, called 714X, which is injected into a lymph node. His fame for curing leukemia spread so rapidly in the 1960's that even the more tolerant French authorities felt obliged to put him on trial for practicing medicine without a license.

Naessens fled to Canada where he again became famous for his cancer cure. Despite strong support from influential circles Naessens had to face new court trials in Canada in the 80s for practicing medicine without a license (Problems for Naessens have since ceased with recognition of the central chemical preparation in his therapy - Trimethyl-bicyclo-nitraminoheptane Chloride or 714X - by Health Canada under its Canadian Drug Emergency Program). He reportedly has helped to cure more than a thousand patients with advanced cancer and AIDS.

I may add that 'practicing medicine without a license' does not mean that these people pretended to be medical doctors, but rather that curing cancer in these countries is legal only for licensed medical practitioners. Bad luck for the patients of these licensed doctors that they do not know how to do it.

However, there are some outstanding doctors who know what to do but then are not allowed to do it. Only methods approved by the conventional medical associations may be used, otherwise a doctor may lose the license to practice.

This happened to the Danish doctor Kristine Nolfi. She had cured her own cancer with a hundred percent vegetarian and organic raw food diet. Then she helped her patients in the same way. Her fame spread throughout Scandinavia. Twice she was dragged before the courts and was lucky only to lose her license.

Dr Issels was the most successful cancer therapist in Germany. He was the first to have cancer patients replace their amalgam fillings and remove dead and infected teeth. Basically he used the Gerson diet. The medical association took him to court for using unauthorized therapies and he received a suspended jail sentence.

Wilhem Reich was not so lucky. Earlier he had been a leading psychiatrist and was regarded as the heir to Sigmund Freud's position. However, he fell into disgrace when he published his sexual theories, especially when he linked suppressed sexual energies with cancer.

In trying to escape persecution he immigrated to the USA. He experimented with bio-energy collectors or orgone accumulators and also used a powerful microscope to demonstrate that cancer cells and cancer microbes were killed by this orgone energy.

Reich, like Rife and Naessens, made his observations using live tissue, while conventional microbiologists only use dead and stained specimens. Therefore, they could not see what Reich and the others saw and they denied that it existed. Reich published successful results of 15 cases of 'terminal' cancer, which alerted the FDA.

Reich declined to defend himself, saying that a court was not the place to evaluate scientific research. This error of judgment landed him in Federal jail where he eventually died. All his equipment was destroyed and his books and writing officially burned - six tons of his published works, in fact. That was in 1957

Dinshah Ghadiali was the pioneer of color therapy in the USA. Despite much support from doctors and countless patients for the effectiveness of his treatment with cancer and other diseases, he received many large fines and jail sentences. His stock of spectrochrome projectors was destroyed and his books and other writings officially burned. Radionics practitioners in the US had a similar fate with equipment destroyed and Ruth Drown jailed.

In the beginning of this century a leading American doctor wrote that most cases of cancer he saw had been operated on or radiated and the cancer had returned worse than before. However, in those without previous medical treatment he claimed a cure rate of 95% by using homoeopathic remedies. Homoeopathy was speedily outlawed in the USA.

William F Koch was probably the most famous medical cancer therapist in the US and widely respected in influential circles. His homoeopathic oxidation catalyst was used worldwide but banned in the US. Six hundred doctors came to his court trial to testify on his behalf and to report the many thousands of patients that they had cured with his method. He had to be acquitted but tired of constant persecution he immigrated to Brazil immediately after the trial in 1953.

Jason Winters cured himself of cancer with various herbs that he started selling. He had to move to the Bahamas to escape the FDA but was hassled even there.

Harry Hoxsey was the most famous herbal cancer therapist in the US. He had clinics in various states, and thousands of satisfied patients attested to the effectiveness of his herbs. Despite being arrested more often than any other therapist for practicing medicine without a license, the courts confirmed the therapeutic value of his herb mixture and even the AMA reluctantly admitted that some of his remedies had merit.

Within a two-year period Harry Hoxsey was arrested about 200 times for practicing medicine without a licence. The brother of the district attorney who initiated these arrests had advanced cancer. Unbeknown to his lawyer brother, he went to Hoxsey and was cured. On learning about this, the district attorney quit his job and became the defence lawyer of Harry Hoxsey.

A federal report to Congress agreed with Hoxsey's allegations that the AMA, the FDA and the National Cancer Institute had conspired to suppress a fair investigation of his methods. Nevertheless, in 1963 he had to move his clinics to Mexico to escape the mounting pressure.

Dr Johanna Budwig was a fat researcher with the German Government. She was prevented from publishing her discovery of fatty residues from margarine in soft tumors and lost her job.

Lawrence Burton, a biochemist, developed a method to effectively stimulate the immune system of cancer patients. In 1977 he was forced to move his clinic to the Bahamas. But even there the clinic was closed because his vaccines were reportedly contaminated with the AIDS virus.

In 1985, a group of his cancer patients complained to the US Congress about the clinic closure. A subsequent congressional hearing found that these damaging reports, which originated from the National Cancer Institute and were spread by the AMA, were false.

The persecution of natural cancer therapists and clinics continues unabated into the 1990s. Commonly FDA agents raid clinics with drawn guns and confiscate remedies and equipment used in natural therapies as well as patient files and other documents. Even if therapists are not dragged before courts, many will be bankrupted by these actions or simply give up.

The Burzynski cancer clinic operated with the approval of the FDA and was rather successful using a cancer remedy derived from urine. Nevertheless the clinic was raided several times and Dr Burzynski brought before four federal grand juries. Each time he was acquitted. A committee of the US Congress is investigating the FDA on charges of abusing the grand jury process in order to harass and persecute Dr Burzynski.

Jimmy Keller had been cured himself with alternative therapies of advanced metastatic cancer. For the next thirty years he developed a non-toxic program for helping others with this disease. He had to retreat to Mexico where he was practicing legally, but in 1991 he was kidnapped by the FBI, taken to Texas for trial and put in jail. The charge was that a contact person in the United States had told patients over the phone that he had an effective cancer treatment.

Now that all successful cancer therapists have been eliminated from the USA a grave-like silence covers the cancer battlefield.

This decisive victory of the US Cancer Establishment has served to secure the position of conventional cancer therapy also in other western countries. Holistic cancer therapists everywhere must be careful to operate on a small scale and not appear to be successful to avoid being dragged before the courts if a 'terminal' patient in their care should not make it.

How scientific do you now think our official cancer treatments are? Would it not be more scientific to allow proper trials of holistic therapies rather than trying to put successful cancer therapists in jail?

However, in the dark night of this dismal cancer saga there is also a glimmer of light.

Dr Samuel Epstein, as the spokesman of a group of 65 US cancer researchers, has just gone public to declare that the 'Cancer Establishment' has hoodwinked the public into believing that progress has been made. He said cancer rates are rising and little effort has been made to prevent this cancer epidemic that is highly preventable.

Furthermore, following a directive of the US Senate, the cancer establishment has now softened its strong opposition to natural cancer therapies, although even in 1999 it still managed to get the "Father of Oxygen Therapies' Ed McCabe into jail, and Dr Hulda Clark ('The Cure of All Cancers') arrested for practicing medicine without a license. In addition, manufacturers and retailers of electrical equipment and remedies for holistic cancer treatment continue to be persecuted in most western ‘democracies’.

However, ultimately this situation is not really the fault of the vested interests because it is in their nature to be selfish. The real responsibility lies with governments, which should act in the interests of their citizens, and not for the benefit of selfish interest groups.

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