Cancer is so difficult to cure because it is so profitable to treat


by Walter Last

This is an overview of my recent article Cancer Therapy - A New Direction which is in the April 2013 edition of Nexus Magazine. In this I show that there is now conclusive research evidence that tumour growth can be stopped and reversed just with oral sodium bicarbonate. It is as simple as that.

There are three possible ways of dying from cancer:

•   Occasionally a tumour becomes too large and obstructs vital organ functions. This happens mainly with cancers of the brain and

•   Immune attacks and toxins released by a disintegrating tumour cause massive inflammations, causing patients to die of infections,
    heart or liver failure. This is a common side-effect of destroying tumours with conventional cancer therapies but can also happen with
    natural tumour-destroying therapies.

•   Most erythrocytes (red blood cells) are disabled by microbes in the blood and unable to carry oxygen. This leads to muscle wasting
    and extreme fatigue, called cachexia, and is the common end-stage of metastatic cancer after conventional treatment.

All of these three causes can be eliminated with sodium bicarbonate in combination with antimicrobial therapy. The present emphasis in conventional cancer therapy is to destroy tumours. However, there is little evidence that this approach actually works and benefits patients, while there is mounting evidence that it is exactly this approach that makes cancer so dangerous and causes most of the deaths from cancer. While natural tumour-destroying methods are generally more successful and less dangerous, they too can sometimes cause massive inflammations and death.

I now regard cancer cells and tumours as generally harmless, and the common therapies as the main cause of cancer deaths. I believe with the right strategy no one needs to die of cancer. Cancer cells are like war planes and tanks. By themselves they are completely harmless. What makes them dangerous are the soldiers operating them.

It is the same with cancer cells. They only become dangerous when inhabited by certain microbes. They poison the oxidative energy production of normal cell which then makes them cancer cells which produce most of their energy by converting glucose into lactic acid. When many cancer cells are bunched together in one place this is then a malignant tumour or like an invading army. The production of large amounts of lactic acid makes tumours and their surroundings overacid. This allows proteolytic enzymes released by the tumour to dissolve surrounding healthy tissue and the tumour to expand. Tumours that do not produce much lactic acid are dormant and harmless.

New research evidence now shows that tumours cannot grow or develop metastases if they are made alkaline as with sufficient oral sodium bicarbonate. Even better, tumours can be made to shrink if they are alkaline. The magical number is an acid-alkaline balance or pH of 7.2 (pH 7 is neutral), higher numbers show that it is alkaline. When one side of a tumour in this study was slightly acidic or below pH 7, and the other side pH 7.3, then a tumour would shrink at the alkaline side and grow into the acidic tissue. It would literally move around. When the mice with transplanted tumours were given a solution of 17 grams of sodium bicarbonate in water and allowed to drink as much as they liked, the tumours started shrinking, while in the untreated mice the aggressive tumours doubled in two to three weeks.

The beauty of alkalising therapy is that it also prevents inflammations. Therefore, alkalising the body sufficiently to keep the pH of the urine between pH 7 and 8 basically would not only stop pain but also remove all three causes of death from cancer: alkaline tumours cannot grow and obstruct vital body functions; inflammation is prevented or greatly reduced and does not cause death when a tumour gradually shrinks, and metastasis is prevented so that cachexia will not occur at a later time.

High alkalinity also tends to suppress the cancer microbes that caused all of these problems in the first place. However, with advanced cancer the body commonly harbours an overgrowth of these dangerous fungal-type microbes which do produce a lot of lactic acid in different places and need to be controlled in addition with suitable antimicrobial therapy which I have outlined in The Ultimate Cleanse.

An other interesting research finding is the ability of MSM and DMSO, individually and jointly, to convert cancer cells back into normal body cells. In the case of MSM this is clearly the result of oxygen supplied in a form that re-starts the oxidative energy metabolism of cancer cells. This shows that normal cells can be easily converted into cancer cells by blocking the cellular oxygen metabolism, and these can then be normalised again by re-starting the oxygen metabolism. There are indications that the DMSO-MSM pair can act as an additional oxygen delivery system to cells. This is especially important with advanced cancer and cachexia but also with chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia or muscle pain.

Several decades earlier the German cancer Researcher Dr. Gerhard Seeger had already demonstrated this same principle by blocking the oxidative energy production with chemicals, and then re-establishing it again with fresh raw food, such as beetroot. However, this worked only as long as cancer cells were not too strongly malignant. The degree of malignancy depends on the extent to which the oxidative energy metabolism has been blocked. In the MSM experiment highly malignant melanoma cells had been normalised which is particularly encouraging.  

I expect that drug companies are now trying to develop an expensive drug that can partly do the same as sodium bicarbonate, but commonly that will take ten or more years to come onto the market. Health-conscious individuals do not need to wait for that but can pay attention to their acid-alkaline balance and keep bad microbes in check. This prevents not only tumours from developing but also helps to stop other chronic diseases which are all more or less due to overacidity, inflammation and microbes.    

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