Be realistic - expect a miracle!

by Walter Last

If you have just been diagnosed with cancer, and want to inform yourself about this program, read first the Overview, followed by Strategies, and then relevant sections in the other parts. If you decide to follow this program, adopt the Starter Program in Strategies while you continue studying the information in these pages in more detail. If you consider using conventional medical cancer treatments, I suggest that you first read Scientific Cancer Treatment? and also Combining Natural and Conventional Cancer Therapies. Also read some of the theoretical articles, especially Cause and Prevention of Cancer to gain a better understanding of the cancer basics and what needs to be done.

Individuals have overcome advanced and medically incurable cancer with a multitude of different methods, and sometimes with no method at all. In a way, this is encouraging in that it shows that there are many ways to beat cancer, but it is also confusing as someone confronted with the disease does not know where to start and which method to choose. In the following I want to give an overview of the most important aspects to take into consideration when selecting an individual treatment program.

I have several basic assumptions on which my beliefs in regard to cancer treatment are based. These basic assumptions are:

Cancer is triggered by an emotional conflict shock, in combination with negative biological factors, such as accumulations of chemical and microbial toxins.

Conventional cancer therapies do not address these underlying conditions, and this explains why they have not been shown to be successful.

Tumors are not the cancer, only a symptom of it and relatively harmless. Instead, most cancer mortality is due to the activity of the ‘cancer microbe’.

The decisive factor influencing the ultimate outcome is our expectation.

A key aspect in the development and progression of cancer is the inability of cancer cells to produce energy aerobically by oxidizing food. Instead, glucose is anaerobically converted into lactic acid. The more cancer cells have lost the ability to use oxygen, the more malignant they are and vice versa. This gives us the opportunity to make cancer cells less malignant, and tumors dormant, or regressing them by normalizing the oxidative energy metabolism.

The three main factors causing a deterioration of aerobic energy production in specific parts of the body are food allergies, chemical toxins (e.g. pesticides and heavy metals) and endotoxins. Endotoxins are produced by pathogenic microbes, especially the so-called cancer microbe, which has been isolated from malignant tumours but is absent from benign tumors. In addition, growth hormones produced by the cancer microbe strongly stimulate cell division.

Furthermore, there is commonly a deterioration in the lipid (fat-related) composition of the cell walls that allows toxins to enter the cells, and prevents waste residue from being removed. The main cause of this deterioration is the habitual consumption of heated or oxidized fats, and a deficiency of omega-3 fatty acids as in fish oils and linseed oil.

The combination of these factors provides the biological basis for creating autoimmune diseases and malignant tumors. Which disease develops, and in which part of the body, depends on additional factors, and especially on the nature of any emotional shock, as demonstrated by Dr Hamer. The spread of malignant cancer is further promoted by a weak immune system and chronic inflammations.

A good cancer program should try to remove all of these main cancer-causing effects. There are different ways in which this may be done. Toxins, for instance, can be removed with a variety of cleansing and detoxification procedures, suitable foods and supplements help to improve the cellular energy production, and unheated fats strengthen the cell walls. A high intake of protein-digesting enzymes (proteases) helps to break down and eliminate tumors.

Microbes can be controlled with the electronic zapper or blood purifier, the magnetic pulser, with oxygen therapy, colloidal silver, raw garlic, various herbal and other remedies, and by strengthening the immune system. There is also a wide range of anti-inflammatory agents to choose from, one of the strongest of these is a raw food diet.

You can increase your vitality by living in unpolluted natural surroundings, being outside as much as possible, using high-vitality raw food, good sleep, breathing exercises, and guided imagery.

Human cancers commonly have a strong emotional component as shown in The New Medicine. In addition to experiencing the after-effects of emotional shock, cancer sufferers do not sufficiently express their emotions and may even fail to be consciously aware of their emotional needs. This greatly suppresses the life-force, especially if there is an underlying feeling of fear, helplessness or hopelessness. Without much improvement on this level, long-term survival chances are not good.

The greatest ally in overcoming cancer is the expectation of a positive outcome, especially if combined with enthusiasm. However, even more important than our conscious beliefs are our subconscious beliefs. The body always tries to manifest what we subconsciously believe. Various mind therapies may be used to imprint our positive conscious beliefs on the subconscious mind. If our subconscious mind accepts our healing, it is as good as done.

Success in overcoming cancer depends mainly on constructively using the mind to gain the support of all parts of the Self. By opening ourselves spiritually, we gain guidance and approval from the soul level in the way of intuition and inner certainty, but we also need to gain the support of our subconscious or inner self by eliminating negative feelings and beliefs and focusing on what we want to achieve.

This helps us to be in tune with our inner and higher self and make the right decisions in our selection of therapies, not based on fear, but rather on our genuine inner need. Furthermore, the support of all levels of our self helps us to get the greatest benefit from any adopted therapy.

With the great variety of natural cancer therapies available and different individual requirements, it is not possible to write a single program to suit everyone. In the following pages I have outlined my preferred cancer program, and also a variety of additional self-help possibilities. From these you may assemble your individual holistic program according to your condition, preferences and abilities.

Summary of Holistic Cancer Therapy

The main aspects of holistic cancer therapy are improving the cell walls with raw fats and oils, normalizing the metabolism with purple food, strengthening the immune system, eliminating the cancer microbe, removing accumulated toxins and waste products, repairing the emotional shock, and improving emotional conditions in general.

Start with the General Cancer Diet followed by the Basic Cleanse and possibly a Long Cleanse for about 6 weeks. Avoid ingesting fats or oils that have been heated over 40°C or 104°F. Use a vigorous anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory program at all times. Indefinitely continue with bowel cleansing. Take some alkalizers if the urine and saliva test consistently acid. If the body is insensitive or mineral-deficient (soft finger nails), take hydrochloric acid with meals (betaine hydrochloride or lemon juice and magnesium chloride). As soon as conveniently possible start with an electronic zapper or blood purifier, a strong or fast magnetic pulser, parasite cure, occasional oxygen therapy and colloidal silver.

Some useful remedies are sulfur-amino acids (L-cysteine, L-methionine and taurine), L-lysine, propolis, ground linseed, aloe vera, colloidal silver, kelp, freeze-dried liver, fish liver oil, spirulina, bee pollen, turmeric and ground linseed. Break down tumors with the help of proteolytic enzymes and, where available, mature green pawpaw/papaya or raw pawpaw leaf or juice.

Some good herbs are wormwood, green tea, pau d’arco/taheebo, Hoxsey herb mixture, Essiac, echinacea, greater celandine, graviola and red clover blossoms. Maca may be helpful to stimulate the thyroid and balance the endocrine system. Urea is beneficial with liver cancer and helps to prevent metastases; hydrazine sulfate helps to regain weight and strength. There are hundreds of more or less useful remedies available; develop your intuition and use whatever appeals to you.

The most important vitamins are niacinamide (3 x 250 mg), B2, B6, B12 (inject or dissolve under tongue), folic acid and vitamin C. The most important minerals are magnesium, selenium and zinc.

Sanitize the bedroom by minimizing electro-stress, chemical pollution as well as geopathic radiation, do not use innerspring mattresses or metal beds, and sleep in total darkness. Sanitize your teeth, especially have all dead teeth removed. Experiment with ways to increase your life force. Try strong south pole magnet and blue light therapy for pain and tumor control, even better is the south pole of a fast magnetic pulser; also use various types of packs.

Search for and neutralize the emotional shock that may have triggered your cancer. Several hours every day practice guided imagery and energy meditation; especially improve the energy center closest to the area of cancer activity. Practice positive thinking and develop faith and a joyful mind. Nothing will cure you if you do not believe in it.

Learn to feel and express your negative emotions as well as your emotional needs, become assertive. Open your heart center and send love to the diseased area. Focus on improving your health instead of fighting the cancer. Choose to live life to the fullest, have a goal for the future, and become enthusiastic about your life, follow your dream. Your attitude is the key to your success.

Caution: The information in this program has been provided in good faith according to my experience and understanding. I am not aware of any harmful effects with the described methods if used sensibly. However, I cannot guarantee results or accept responsibility for any side effects.

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