by Walter Last

I regard strongly alkalizing as the first and most important step to stop tumour growth and possibly shrink tumours. Here I want to discuss some details and problems that may arise.

While I knew already for many years that tumours need an acidic environment to activate the enzymes to dissolve and invade surrounding connective tissue, I did not know the details until I read an experimental study showing the exact pH levels (acid-alkaline balance) at which tumours invade or shrink. I have discussed this in Cancer Therapy - A New Direction. In that article I mentioned a woman with stage 4 lung cancer who was free of tumours and cancer one year after start of therapy; I believe that this was mainly due to alkalizing.

Tullio Simoncini is or was an Italian doctor known for successfully treating cancer with sodium bicarbonate. When tumours were accessible such as in the gastro-intestinal tract or the uterus he bathed them in sodium bicarbonate solution. For internal tumours he infused the bicarbonate solution into blood vessels leading to the tumour. However after one of his patients died he lost his medical licence. 

Easier for home treatment is Vernon's Dance with Cancer. Vernon Johnston had stage 4 prostate cancer with bone metastases. It took him ten days to get rid of it all with high sodium bicarbonate therapy - up to 3 x 2 teaspoons of bicarbonate per day. On this website are also many success stories from others who used high-dose bicarbonate. There were several with prostate cancer, pancreatic cancer, advanced non-Hodgkin lymphoma, metastatic breast cancer, and advanced melanoma. One man who had a non-specified stage 4 cancer wrote: "Killing cancer was easy compared to me quitting smoking…"

However, it is not always easy. When a big tumour breaks down very fast there can be diarrhoea, fever, headaches, and feeling rotten, but the bicarbonate seems to keep problems under control, and not everyone experiences strong reactions. When a reaction starts halve your intake of alkalizers, and if necessary halve it again, but when the reaction is over, slowly increase once more towards the highest level. Commonly it is sufficient to remain at the highest level for 4 to 5 days, and then continue for a longer time with a reduced intake to maintain a urine pH of about 7.5 to prevent re-growth of tumours.

The usual instructions are to increase the pH of urine and/or saliva to a level of 8 or higher for these 4 to 5 days to kill cancer cells and shrink the tumour. This can be checked with pH paper or stix. They are not very accurate but that is not so important. There is another more confusing problem. Normally tumours produce much lactic acid and also make the urine too acidic. However, big and fast growing tumours can lose so much potassium that the urine becomes strongly alkaline while the tumour and its surrounding remain overacid. -

Therefore, it is best to check the urine pH at the start of alkalizing therapy. If it is on the acid side or only slightly alkaline you can use pH indicators in the normal way, but if the pH is already close to 8 even without taking alkalizers then you should disregard indicator papers and just use the highest amount of alkalizers that you can tolerate. You may also do this if you cannot buy suitable indicator strips.-

There is also a fluid state between normal cysts, precancerous cysts and early cancer. These conditions can easily change into each other depending on pH levels and microbial condition. In addition the use of vitamin C and MSM is important to eliminate microbes inside cells and re-establish a normal oxygen-based energy metabolism.

To reduce side-effects I normally recommend taking only a limited amount of alkalizers, such as 2 rounded tsp of sodium bicarbonate and 1 tsp of potassium citrate in addition to about 10 grams each of MSM and sodium ascorbate or buffered vitamin C (with potassium, magnesium, calcium and sodium) to convert cancer cells back to normal cells. But if that does not seem to work or if you want to do it more quickly then just use Vernon's method. To reduce problems from too much sodium with this method I would use 4 rounded tsp of sodium bicarbonate and 2 tsp of potassium citrate as the maximum dose, but this may depend on how you feel and the pH level that you can achieve. If necessary maximum level alkalizing can be repeated several times weeks or months later. Symptoms of a maximum intake have been described as tingling of the lips and oxygen euphoria in addition to less pleasant side-effects.

The most effective alkalizer, and best for advanced and fast-growing tumours, is caesium or cesium, commonly used as chloride but also as carbonate. It can have stronger side-effects than bicarbonate and is more complicated to use, see High pH Therapy for Cancer. However, medical-pharmaceutical interests have been very successful in blocking availability in the EU, Australia and NZ, while in the US it can still be bought with limitations (see Amazon). The only country in which it is cheaply and freely available is China, but it will be difficult to get through customs by mail.

A remaining question is whether to take the bicarbonate with a sweetener such as molasses, maple syrup or honey as often recommended. Some people heat sweetener and bicarbonate together while stirring, others take them together without heating. The idea is that the sweetener induces cancer cells to take up more of the sodium ions and so make them more alkaline.

I have not seen any convincing evidence that this is more effective than taking bicarbonate on its own and prefer to take bicarbonate without sweetener. However, using it with a sweetener does taste better and makes it easier to go down. For those who prefer to take it neat the best way is to get it down in one swoop, and then, before starting breathing again, drink something pleasant afterwards such as peppermint tea. In this way you may not even notice the bicarbonate. 

I believe that strongly alkalizing works so well because it does not only shrink tumours but also controls inflammations and kills or controls fungi and pleomorphic microbes in the intestinal tract and the lymph system. This then gives the immune system a chance to get back in control. While strongly alkalizing tumours is a relatively quick and easy way to get rid of them, tumours may re-grow if the lifestyle is not sufficiently improved and inflammations develop again or the body become too acidic.-

Periodic high bicarbonate therapy also appears to be beneficial for other health problems such as intestinal Candida overgrowth, inflammatory bowel conditions, allergies, and autoimmune diseases. 

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