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by Walter Last

Possibly my most basic assumption of existence is that it has purpose. I came to this conclusion gradually through observing, experiencing and thinking. Countless people share this view, but for most it is just a belief, commonly adopted from parents and society. In order to make it a knowing, our beliefs have to be consciously evaluated and tested.

On the other side of the fence is the orthodoxy of the scientific community with its followers, who assume that existence evolved according to inherent physical laws, and does not have a purpose. This, too, so far is just an untested belief. With this type of belief about the nature of our existence, we also regard our health problems and other problems in our life, as accidental, coincidental, or just due to biological considerations but without a deeper meaning or purpose for our life.

I, on the other hand, believe that our health and social problems are part of the purpose of our existence. Therefore, in order to overcome any health problems and be able to lead a healthy, happy and fulfilled life, we need to have a basic understanding of the purpose of our life.

It has been my healing experience, especially in serious conditions as with cancer patients, that with apparently the same amount of effort and dedication some get well while others fail. I now believe that success or failure in healing depends only partly on doing the right thing on the biological level, and to a large but varying degree on our emotional, mental and spiritual constitution. This applies even more to the degree of happiness, fulfillment and joy in our lives.

Therefore, after starting out as a nutritionist, I gradually moved towards a holistic perspective, which more and more also included the spiritual dimension. I came to the conclusion that important events in our lives, and especially life or death decisions, are never accidental. Not only do they follow the laws of cause and effect in a karmic sense, but also the dictates of our higher guidance as to whether this body is still useful for the purpose for which it was created and inhabited.

Here just a few examples to illustrate this point. One of my early lung cancer patients recovered well with only biological therapies. Soon afterwards he had surgery for an unrelated problem. The tumor had disappeared but he died anyway from the surgery.

Another patient was in a wheelchair with permanent unbearable pain after a spinal accident. We found a way to stop the pain. So he went out drinking with a mate to celebrate, and smashed his chin in a fall. This landed him back in hospital with constant pain.

These and similar cases are not scientific proof of anything, but for someone looking for an answer they are signposts to show the way. Also consider an experience related by the late great American psychic Edgar Cayce. He routinely saw colorful auras around people. Once he entered a department store lift but immediately backed out again, because he sensed that something was very wrong. The lift crashed and all were dead.

Cayce realized what had been wrong. None of the occupants had an aura. For those who know that auras exist, this can mean only one thing: it was no accident that these people died together. The guiding consciousness of every single occupant had decided beforehand to dispose of the body in this seemingly accidental way. I am convinced that if Edgar Cayce had remained in the lift, he would have been the only miraculous survivor, and without any serious injury.

The Spiritual Path

If you can follow me to this conclusion, you may ask how we can find the purpose of our lives and live accordingly. That is what spirituality is all about. This is why we need spirituality, not only to overcome serious diseases, but also to lead a meaningful, healthy and genuinely happy and fulfilled life. But what actually is spirituality? Different people have different ideas about it. I can only tell you my version as it is at present. This may change somewhat as my understanding is still growing.

In addition to an individual, more narrowly defined purpose, we all have the same general and overall purpose to become more and more complete or perfect as human beings. Normally, this is a very slow evolutionary process for the whole human race. However, if we do this consciously, then our snail-pace evolution becomes a personal revolution, and we call it 'the spiritual path'.

As I see it, our higher guidance tries to lead us towards or along this spiritual path. There are two possibilities. We may be led gently by asking and listening for this guidance, as with prayer and meditation, or just with our general attitude and conduct. The alternative is more common and painful. If we stray too far from the desired direction, we may run into a brick wall that forces us to change course. We may encounter some disease or calamity in our relationships or profession that causes us to re-evaluate our life. Many former cancer sufferers later said that cancer was the best thing that ever happened to them, because it helped them to end a spiritually meaningless life, and find instead a new meaningful, and more fulfilling spiritual life.

There are different levels of our existence, as for instance the biological, the emotional and the mental level. Following the spiritual path means that we consciously improve ourselves on each of these levels. On the biological level this means that we cleanse the body of life-long accumulations of metabolic wastes and toxins. In addition we improve our living conditions by minimizing harmful, and maximizing beneficial factors.

On the emotional level we do basically the same: we cleanse our emotional body of blocked and negative emotions, and in addition cultivate pleasant and uplifting feelings and emotions. It is similar on the mental level. We cleanse ourselves of negative thoughts and belief systems, and learn instead to generate positive and beneficial thoughts and beliefs.

After achieving a certain level of control over our body, emotions and mind, our body should now be much healthier, we will be more content, happy and increasingly joyful, and we may even experience a state of mental illumination with a flood of intuitive insights. By this time also our individual purpose for being in this body will have become clearer, and we may act accordingly.

My Views about New Technologies

I judge new technologies by a combination of two criteria: by how natural or unnatural they are, and how I perceive the motives of those promoting such technologies. To give an example, a new technology may produce B-vitamins as concentrates of suitable fermentation processes without undue heating or refining. I would regard this as much more natural than the present system of chemical synthesis of vitamins, and would not be greatly concerned if the process was developed and promoted with the aim of making a good profit for someone.

If, on the other hand, a new technology takes us further away from natural processes, then I would contemplate embracing it only if it is developed and promoted by an entity that has my full confidence of proceeding with wisdom for the highest good of humanity. In regard to medical research and technology, GM foods, microwave cooking, and others, I see these methods as leading us away from natural conditions, and being developed and promoted by entities with selfish interests, and a low level of wisdom or spiritual consciousness. In other words, I am rather suspicious of anyone who wants to get rich by selling me something.

A New World Order

Finally, I believe that humanity has reached a point where disease is no longer necessary. The key to the evolution of our civilization has been individualization through increasing ego-centricity or selfishness based on competition. This has led to great technological advances but at the price of badly diseased social, environmental and economic structures, which in turn spawned the multitude of human diseases.

Now the pendulum has begun to swing back towards greater cooperation, unselfish attitudes, and harmony. Sooner or later we will be able to replace the present system, with its power structures designed to serve the few, with a new world order for the benefit of everyone. By healing agriculture, medicine, and our social, economic and environmental relationships, we will also heal humanity as a whole and, with this, its individual members.

In the meantime, I offer this website to those who are willing to heal themselves, and raise their consciousness towards greater levels of cooperation and harmony. Let us build a Garden of Eden the size of planet Earth.


I see health clubs and healing groups springing up all over the country, like mushrooms after a warm rain. Many come forward, willing to accept self-responsibility and eager to learn. Friends meet regularly, helping each other, experimenting with new healing methods, discussing, exchanging recipes, sharing books, exercising and meditating together, studying spiritual philosophy, building pyramids and other energy devices for healing and meditation.

Many will become healers in their community, guided initially in workshops by experienced healers. City groups will rent suitable buildings to establish Healing and Meditation Centers; communal farms will produce organic food, and be used as Healing Farms and Spiritual Retreats, where visitors can share a healthy lifestyle, learn to heal themselves, and find guidance on the spiritual path.

I see the physical and spiritual rejuvenation of the Nations starting at the grass-root level of the world-wide Alternative Movement, of the young unemployed, of the sick - despairing of technological and drug medicine, and of the spiritual seekers - dissatisfied with selfish materialism. All you rejected and disillusioned individuals: Cooperate, to make the world a better place for everyone!

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