Walter Last

The following recommendations for overcoming specific health problems contain in a condensed form some important or specific ingredients of a natural approach. However, it is essential to incorporate these specific recommendations into a holistic program for improving the wellbeing of the whole person.

Most modern diseases are caused by or associated with dysbiosis – pathogenic microbes, and especially Candida, dominating in the intestines due to antibiotics and similar drugs. These damage the intestinal wall, causing Leaky Gut Syndrome which then leads to allergies, weakening of the immune system, and pathogens invading other parts of the body. This then becomes the basis of most of our chronic diseases, including autoimmune diseases, cancer, and general health deterioration. In addition, the related condition pyroluria is reaching epidemic proportions; see the entry Pyroluria in this article. If Candida and pyroluria are not corrected then other therapies may not properly work. After Intestinal Sanitation, using the systemic antimicrobial therapy (Ultimate Cleanse), a cleansing program (Fasting and Cleansing), and a High-Quality Diet (Food Groups and Diets) your disease or health problem may just disappear without any further therapies being required.

In addition to any supplements specifically mentioned for your problem, you may also need to take a vitamin B-complex, P5P (the active form of vitamin B6) and other vitamins and minerals, ascorbate/MSM, antioxidants, and other helpful nutrients, especially taurine and coconut oil. Be aware that oil-soluble vitamins and nutrients should be taken with a meal containing fats or oils or, even better, directly mixed with coconut oil. When “Microhydrin” is mentioned do not take “Microhydrin Plus” instead. Also experiment with other methods described at my website, such as reflexology, meridian, magnet or colour therapy, and guided imagery to improve diseased organs and assist healing. The more of an effort you make the better will be the result. For updates and further information, see www.health-science-spirit.com.


Focus on intestinal sanitation, pyroluria and systemic antimicrobial therapy; see the Ultimate Cleanse; also try Beck-type electronic zapper and magnetic pulser. Use a predominantly raw food diet with plenty of sprouted seeds, acidophilus ferments, root-vegetables raw as blended purees, and fresh, mainly green-leaf vegetable juices. Emotional and mind therapies. For supplements and other supportive measures see ‘Infections and Inflammations’ below.


Basic Cleanse followed by food allergy testing and a diet based on acidophilus ferments, raw root-vegetables as blended purees, and fresh, mainly green-leaf vegetable juices with added water for a temporary fluid intake of about 4 litres. Try homeopathic remedy made of the addictive substance, high-potency B-complex, glutamine, affirmations, guided imagery, outdoor activity, and group support, try emotionally bonding types of sexual activity such as Karezza. Detoxify using saunas or hot baths to induce sweating, see Hydrotherapy.


Focus on Intestinal Sanitation and controlling Candida, see the Ultimate Cleanse. Test individual foods and chemicals with an elimination diet after a 5-day water fast or Basic Cleanse. Possibly use a rotation diet and use the same food only once every five days; eat small meals and chew well. Use digestive enzymes, hydrochloric acid, vitamin B complex, high vitamin C, glutamine, and MSM. Alkalize the body with sodium bicarbonate. Avoid or minimize intake of sweet food, flour products and food additives. Make a homeopathic remedy from the offending allergens, also see Allergy Testing.

Alzheimer's disease and Dementia

Focus on intestinal sanitation, antimicrobial and anti-Candida therapy, pyroluria, raw food and liver cleansing. Gradually increase up to 5 tablespoons of coconut oil and 10 g of ascorbate and MSM, P5P in addition to B complex with high niacinamide, vitamins D3 (5000 IU) and E, borax/boron, iodine, magnesium, selenium and zinc, bromelain and hydrochloric acid with meals, alkalise. Use plenty of turmeric paste and fresh green/chlorophyll juice or blended puree, rub 50-70% DMSO on the skin, e.g. abdomen; clean blood vessels and remove waste proteins with nattokinase and serrapeptase as in Hypercoagulation. Avoid paracetamol and Problem Foods, remove aluminium and mercury, amalgam fillings and dead or root-canalled teeth.


Focus on intestinal sanitation, pyroluria and Candida. Use fresh green juices or purees, powder of cereal grasses and sprouted seeds, liver underdone or freeze-dried. Take hydrochloric acid with cooked proteins; minimize sweet food. Supplement all vitamins, B6 as P5P, also taurine and organic forms of iron (only for premenopausal women), copper, zinc, manganese, chromium, and selenium. Do a parasite cure with gum turpentine, borax, wormwood, cloves or tincture of walnut. Try red colour therapy; get mild sun exposure and outdoor activity. Treat any excessive menstrual bleeding and avoid long-term use of anti-inflammatory drugs, especially aspirin. Take sodium bicarbonate before meals not only to alkalise but to get CO2 into the body to release oxygen from haemoglobin.


Focus on intestinal sanitation, pyroluria, and antimicrobial therapy.

DIET: Use the Basic Cleanse followed by allergy testing and a predominantly raw food diet. Use ground linseed, fish oils, coconut oil, olive oil, and plenty of grass juice and sprouted seeds. Take hydrochloric acid with protein meals, and sodium bicarbonate before breakfast. Avoid or minimize sweet, fatty food as well as wheat products, gluten, milk, cheese, commercial cooking oils, processed food, test food of the nightshade family (potato, tomato, capsicum, and eggplant).

SUPPLEMENTS: Take vitamin B6/P5P (especially with problems of the hands) and nicotinamide in addition to multivitamins, also magnesium, boron (at least 10mg/day, best as borax), zinc, and ascorbate/MSM; try topical copper salicylate solution for pain and inflammation, or, alternatively, copper colloids or copper bracelet. Also useful are digestive enzymes (bromelain) with protein meals, glucosamine, chondroitin and broth of fish heads. Nattokinase and Serrapeptase improve blood circulation and removal of protein wastes, see Hypercoagulation.

ADDITIONAL THERAPIES: Rub 70% DMSO with magnesium chloride into affected joints and at another time warm peanut oil (do not take it orally). Try blistering agents, or hot magnesium chloride packs and baths, or a hot bath followed by sweating wrapped in blankets. Use blue light therapy over painful areas and orange light on stiff, calcified joints. Try magnet therapy, deep muscle massage; remove dead teeth and mercury amalgam fillings; Keep the urine alkaline. For details see Overcoming Arthritis


The main causes are dysbiosis and infestation with Candida and pleomorphic microbes, therefore focus on intestinal sanitation and systemic antimicrobial therapy (Ultimate Cleanse). Initially avoid and later minimize sweet food, wheat, gluten and lactose as in milk products (except butter), also aspirin, vaccinations and processed food. Avoid sulphites which are used in many foods and medications as preservatives. Allergy testing is essential; use plenty of coconut oil and acidophilus ferment, also ground linseed, fish oils and extra virgin olive oil, avoid other commercial oils.

Use vitamin A in addition and not instead of beta-carotene; also vitamins D, E, C, P5P, B-complex, lysine, magnesium, manganese, MSM, selenium, and zinc are helpful. Try molybdenum with sulphite sensitivity, Take hydrochloric acid with protein meals if your fingernails are weak. Alkalise with sodium bicarbonate to keep your urine alkaline. Use foods high in antioxidants, ascorbate, bioflavonoids, and carotenoids, including green tea, grape seed extract, and purple foods.

Breathing exercises: inhale into the abdomen and exhale as slowly as possible, do this also routinely during sedentary activities. After normal exhalation continue to hold your breath for as long as possible (Buteyko Therapy), blow up balloons. Preferably live in a dry, warm climate or elevated position, avoid damp places as well as moulds and fungi in air and food. Use natural fibre mattresses or wrap foam mattresses in polythene sheeting with only a small opening at the bottom.

Some asthmatics claim to have been cured by regularly inhaling 3% hydrogen peroxide sprayed directly into the mouth from a spray bottle, while others had success with inhaling high concentrations of negative ions from a air ionizer or with spray-inhaling a 10% sodium ascorbate solution. Hydrogen peroxide probably is best against fungal infestations, and antioxidant spray with inflammations and oxidative damage. Try both but generally use antioxidants as the main approach.

Eliminate parasites with wormwood, cloves, black walnut tincture and electronic zapper. Vomiting therapy can help; try to cough up mucus after hot onion packs on the chest. Make children emotionally secure, emotional release therapy for adults. Use the Emotional Freedom Technique, see Mind Tools. For details see Overcoming Asthma.

Autism and Asperger Syndrome see Hyperactivity below.

Autoimmune Diseases

In autoimmune diseases the immune system attacks faulty body cells, probably due to infestation with microbes or their toxins. Common causes are intestinal dysbiosis with fungal overgrowth, dead teeth resulting in jawbone infections, and possibly vaccines. Autoimmune diseases include type1 diabetes, Crohn’s disease, lupus (S.L.E.), multiple sclerosis, myasthenia gravis, rheumatoid arthritis, scleroderma and thyroiditis.

The main therapies are intestinal sanitation, intensive microbial therapies, addressing pyroluria and using high ascorbate/MSM. Further, avoid gluten products (including beer) and substances to which you are allergic or sensitive, sweetened food, genetically modified or microwaved food and processed food in general. By far the best option is to adopt a diet of mainly raw food, see Food Groups and Diets. Use high amounts of antioxidants and all essential vitamins and minerals. See ‘Infections and Inflammations’ below, and also any entries for your specific autoimmune disease.

Back Problems

Use a low allergy diet; take vitamins C, D, E, and B complex, and high doses of boron, manganese, zinc, and magnesium. Reflexology is very effective, as are magnesium chloride or Epsom salt rubs or packs and topical 70% DMSO. For shrunken disks, stretch the spine and have it rubbed with Hypericum oil; get deep muscle massage or pressure applied at tight muscles; have a spinal adjustment. Hang upside down (inversion swing) for problems in the lower back. Try stretching exercises; sleep on a firm bed, and women should avoid wearing high heels. Improve the digestive system and any diseased organ, as back pain often results from problems in inner organs. Try magnet therapy and other recommendations in Arthritis and see Spinal Therapy & Massage. Maximise walking, minimise sitting, also sit, stand and walk straight as an exercise. Try the Chi Machine.

Broken Bones

Fresh vegetable juices, broth of fish heads, and bone meal can be helpful as well as vitamins C, D3 and K2, manganese, boron, zinc, magnesium, and comfrey root. Place the north-pointing pole of a magnet above the fracture (towards the trunk) and the south-pointing pole opposite and below the fracture (towards fingers or toes); also try a pulsating magnetic field at the site of the injury. Also see Osteoporosis below.


Cancer is a degeneration of body cells into fungal-type cells due to blockage of the oxidative energy metabolism in cancer cells. Therefore, cancer responds very well to antifungal therapy. Read Is Invasive Cancer a Hyphal Fungus?, Managing the Immune System and Cancer Therapy- A New Direction. For treatment follow Overcoming Cancer. The 8 part program Overcoming Cancer on my website is no longer suitable for treatment. The following is an overview of a six step program:

1. Alkalize the Body: When the lymph fluid is alkaline tumour growth as well as inflammations and pain are inhibited. Therefore, use sufficient sodium bicarbonate to keep your urine most of the time above pH7 and best above 7.5. When the urine pH is maintained for 4 to 7 days above 8 tumours tend to shrink. In addition gradually increase sodium ascorbate and MSM to about 2 rounded teaspoons or 10 grams each spaced out during the day to kill microbes in tumours and improve their oxygen supply.

2. Eliminate Harmful Microbes: All cancers are associated with pleomorphic microbes that become more widespread and develop more malignant bacterial and fungal forms the further the cancer progresses. Some important supplements to strengthen the immune system are selenium, zinc, boron, magnesium, antioxidants, vitamin A and vitamin D3. We eliminate microbial overgrowth by sanitizing the gastro-intestinal tract and use antimicrobials as in the Ultimate Cleanse.

3. Cleanse the Body: Very effective is a long cleanse of about 6 weeks on a small amount of fresh juices or purple grapes or blended raw vegetables. This frequently allows the body to digest not only the waste products accumulated inside cells but also any tumours with a minimum of unpleasant side-effects. If your energy is not sufficient for a long cleanse, have a string of shorter ones, and at other times use a raw food diet high in vitality and enzymes.

4. High-Quality Diet: Use plenty of fresh raw foods high in enzymes and easily digestible to improve vitality and restart energy production in blocked mitochondria. In addition use special foods and nutrients such as coconut oil which strengthen the immune system and inhibit tumour growth. Important nutrients are the minerals boron, iodine, magnesium, selenium, and zinc as well as vitamins A, C, D3, E and P5P. Also good are MSM and DMSO, carotenes such as astaxanthin, beetroot and berries with purple juices.

5. Mind improvement: Your expectations and emotions are the key to overcoming cancer. Do whatever is needed to feel good about yourself and the world. Release any emotional conflict shock, and persistent negative emotions, and then focus on positive ones. Recommended mind tools are relaxation, meditation and especially guided imagery. Develop a spiritual attitude to life.

6. Prevent Metastases: Metastases are promoted by stress, toxins, inflammation, and growth stimulants, commonly starting at the time of the first medical treatment. Inflammations are the main factor and mainly due to Candida, the cancer microbe, surgery, and overacidity. A serious side-effect due to chronic inflammation is clumped blood or hypercoagulation which greatly impairs blood flow. This is due to an overproduction of fibrin which causes the blood to be sticky and promotes metastasis.


Due to the widespread and inappropriate use of antibiotics Candida-related problems have now become epidemic. Candida albicans is best known as causing the annoying itching of thrush but that is just the tip of the iceberg. More serious are gastro-intestinal problems and a wide range of diseases when it invades the body in its hyphal form. This not only weakens the immune system, but acetaldehyde and other fungal toxins increasingly block the oxidative energy metabolism. This then causes most of our chronic diseases. Some antifungal remedies are coconut oil, garlic, turmeric and the oils of cinnamon, clove, eucalyptus, mustard, oregano, tea-tree and thyme. Avoid sweet foods, yeast, moulds and, initially, fruit. For further information see ‘Candida & the Antibiotic Syndrome’ and The Ultimate Cleanse.

Cardiovascular Disease

The main cause of arteries clogging up is chronic inflammation in the arterial walls due to microbial infestation. Cholesterol and calcium is then used to patch up the damage. However, the main problem appears to be due to oxy-cholesterol. This is formed by highly heating cholesterol-containing foods with air access as with frying, and also because of chlorinated water and antioxidant deficiency.  

Arteries can be cleaned with raw-food fasting and cleansing, especially by using acidic fruit, lemon juice, vinegar, acidic liquid of acidophilus ferment, proteolytic enzymes such as bromelain, papain, serrapeptase and nattokinase. Clogged arteries may also be cleaned with 4 to 6 drops of a saturated solution of potassium iodide (SSKI). Take antioxidants such as vitamins C and E, astaxanthin, also MSM and DMSO. 

Frequently press into the fleshy pad below the left thumb. Pressing strongly during a heart attack can allegedly stop the attack. A similar immediate effect has been reported from rapidly drinking a glass of warm water with a teaspoon of cayenne. For further information see Cardiovascular Disease.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

The cellular oxidative energy production is blocked by endotoxins from a chronic microbial infection, commonly due to Candida, Lyme disease, mycoplasmas or pleomorphic organisms in the blood after antibiotic therapy. In addition to intestinal sanitation and strong antimicrobial therapy do allergy testing and use a predominantly raw food diet, see Food Groups and Diets. Lactic acid ferment can help; however you may need a starter culture that does not generate much D-lactate.

Use plenty of coconut oil, ascorbate/MSM, DMSO, antioxidants, and all essential vitamins and minerals. Take hydrochloric acid or vinegar with meals, also bromelain with cooked proteins. Further, avoid gluten (including beer) and substances to which you are allergic or sensitive, sweetened food, genetically modified or microwaved food and processed food in general. Minimize electromagnetic pollution - sanitize the bedroom. Replace dead teeth and amalgam fillings, remove mercury. Take sodium bicarbonate before meals, not only to alkalise but to get CO2 into the body to release oxygen from haemoglobin.


Colds are beneficial clean-outs of mucus congestions. To avoid colds, avoid mucus congestions and foods that produce them. These are mainly lactose and cows' milk products (except butter), sweet foods, moulds and mouldy foods and any foods or chemicals to which one is allergic or sensitive. Other factors are mercury amalgam fillings, root canal fillings and other foci of chronic infections as well as Candida overgrowth and intestinal dysbiosis.

Try to correct these conditions, and see Mucus Problems below for ways to ease mucus congestions. I have seen severe colds aborted within hours by using the Sugar Cure (see Instant Cure of the Common Cold). Other useful remedies are very high doses of antimicrobial remedies and vitamin C (sodium ascorbate). In addition, frequently dissolve a tablet with a small amount of zinc sulphate or better zinc acetate in the mouth. Another useful method is to dissolve one-third of a teaspoon of sodium ascorbate in two tablespoons of water and from time to time place several drops in each nostril, also put drops of 50% DMSO into the nostrils. Take sufficient sodium bicarbonate to keep the urine pH between 7.5 and 8.

Colds can also be stopped if, at the first sign of a coming cold, a few drops of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide are placed in each ear. Lie on one side while putting the drops into the opposite ear, wait a few minutes, then change sides and put the drops in the other ear. In addition, gargle frequently with diluted hydrogen peroxide and also swallow some. Also see Infections and Inflammations below.

Crohn’s Disease

Most important is cleaning out the bowels as with the Basic Cleanse or at least the second part of it: for 5 days filling them with a soft gel of psyllium hulls to dissolve hard crusts and remove putrefying matter from bowel pockets. Before or afterwards use additional measures as in Hydrotherapy under Bowel Cleansing. Follow this with the Ultimate Cleanse and use the High Quality Diet, including plenty of lactic acid fermented food, prebiotics and turmeric paste as in Intestinal Sanitation. Continue with sufficient psyllium in water before meals to ensure daily several soft bowel movements. If necessary keep a diary to spot and eliminate aggravating foods. For reflexology press the bowel area in the lower half of the sole of each foot. All of this also applies to other inflammatory bowel diseases, including bowel cancer.

Cystic Fibrosis

The main cause seems to be a weak oxidative energy metabolism, especially in the lungs, caused by fungal acetaldehyde and invasive microbes. Focus on intestinal sanitation, intensive antimicrobial treatment and Pyroluria. Frequent use of antibiotics commonly has caused widespread hyphal Candida infestation. Use all essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients, including P5P and high doses of selenium. Try high vitamin B5 to strengthen the adrenal glands, use licorice root to hold salt in the body. Spray inhalation of 7% salt solution and at other times of 3% hydrogen peroxide or colloidal silver. Avoid antibiotics but if you do use them, take a strong fungicide at the same time. Take sodium bicarbonate before meals not only to alkalise but to get CO2 into the body to release oxygen from haemoglobin. Iodine as in Lugol’s solution liquefies mucus. See Overcoming Asthma for breathing exercises and spray-inhalation. Take bromelain and digestive acids (hydrochloric acid supplements, vinegar or lemon juice) with meals, serrapeptase on empty stomach.


The main cause is lack of brain energy from Candida and pyroluria. Use strong antimicrobial therapy and a high-quality low-allergy diet. With sensitive skin and emotional instability, use mainly slow-digesting foods, and with insensitive conditions consume plenty of fruit. Avoid foods to which you may be addicted or on which you might binge, such as chocolate, coffee, tea, and alcohol. Give yourself a special treat from time to time, but without using sweet or junk food. Use plenty of coconut oil to provide brain energy. Also helpful are fish oils and linseed oil or ground linseed.

The most important vitamins are B6 as P5P, B12, C, niacin or nicotinamide, and folic acid, and the most important minerals are zinc, magnesium, MSM and boron/borax.

Try amino acids: up to 2 g of L- (or D,L) phenylalanine and tyrosine, each before meals, or alternatively, up to 2 g of tryptophan. You can also try taking phenylalanine and tyrosine before breakfast only and tryptophan at bedtime only. Glutamine can be used as an additional brain fuel. Adrenalin and dopamine in the brain are formed from phenylalanine and tyrosine, while serotonin is made from tryptophan.

Seasonal affective disorder is due to insufficient sunlight exposure. Expose yourself to one or two hours of very bright full-spectrum electric light each day, preferably in the morning; if possible, be outside in sunlight and without sunglasses. In addition, use yellow or orange colour therapy for all forms of depression; also look into the light. Wear bright-coloured clothing. Use deep-breathing exercises; dance to lively music and shake the whole body for a minute during fast breathing.

Use prayer, affirmations, meditation, and guided imagery to uplift your feelings and solve your problems. Learn to trust in your inner or higher guidance and ask it to take care of your problems. Socialize and find a group with similar interests. Forgive yourself and others for any mistakes or misdeeds.


Type 1 Diabetes is caused by a combination of intestinal dysbiosis, Candida, Leaky Gut Syndrome, pyroluria, and an allergy to the casein in A1 milk (the commonly used milk products). This then causes a microbial infestation of the pancreas and liver which leads to an immune attack that destroys the insulin-producing cells. Type 2 Diabetes is mainly caused by a lack of muscle activity, and a diet high in sugar, flour products and heated fats, combined with hyphal Candida and dysbiosis. For treatment see Overcoming Diabetes.

Digestive Disorders

Most digestive disorders are caused by intestinal dysbiosis and Candida. Attend to these with intestinal sanitation and antimicrobial therapy. Very effective is cleansing with psyllium as detailed in Steps 3 and 4 (e.g. 5-day psyllium cleanse). Do allergy testing and have a low-allergy diet with small meals; chew slowly and well; practice correct food combining; follow a diet appropriate for your metabolic type. If you have soft fingernails, add hydrochloric acid, vinegar or lemon juice to protein meals. Take a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate before breakfast.

Take digestive enzymes such as bromelain with protein meals. Place castor-oil packs on the liver and abdomen; do reflexology or have acupuncture. Herbs to stimulate digestion are aniseed, caraway, fennel, fenugreek, mint, or peppermint; try half a cup of a bitter liver herb tea after the meal. With acute indigestion, induce vomiting; with diarrhoea try an alimentary canal flush with crushed garlic and a tablespoonful of magnesium chloride or Epsom salt. If diarrhoea continues take a teaspoon of psyllium stirred into a small glass of water.

With ulcers and inflammatory bowel diseases use a tablespoon of turmeric paste with most meals. Slippery elm powder or arrowroot before meals are soothing. Use plenty of lactic acid ferment and rub the abdomen with 70% DMSO. For stomach ulcers include raw potato in a vegetable juice, and cabbage juice with duodenal ulcer. Stomach ulcers usually cause pain after a meal, duodenal ulcers between or before meals. To reduce microbial problems in the colon try kerosene or high-level borax and other antimicrobial remedies. Try several drops of tea tree or oregano oil in liquid before breakfast; start low and gradually increase up to 6 drops for 3 days.

With constipation use plenty of vegetable salads or blended raw vegetables in addition to acidophilus ferments. Frequently take magnesium (as chloride or sulphate) in a glass of water, also one or more tablespoons of ground linseed with meals, long walks, squat for bowel movements. For bloating or excess wind avoid any sweeteners with or after vegetables or fibre-rich food; correct food combining, low allergy diet. Frequently bloating is caused by Candida. Soak beans before cooking with the addition of 1 or 2 drops of SSKI or saturated solution of potassium iodide. Replace the water before cooking. This greatly reduces intestinal gas. SSKI inactivates an enzyme inhibitor which interferes with starch digestion.

With hiatus hernia (symptoms of belching, heartburn, and indigestion), sit at one end of a massage table (or something similar), your legs outstretched on the table. A helper lies across your legs or holds them down while you lean back over the edge as far as possible. Tighten your abdominal muscles to pull yourself slowly back up to the sitting position. A second helper may assist. In most instances, this will pull the stomach back to its normal position.


Focus on Candida treatment, intestinal sanitation and pyroluria. Use a low-allergy diet. Initially avoid and later minimize consumption of sweet food, wheat and gluten, cows’ milk products, and food additives, especially MSG. Avoid contamination from aluminium (cooking), mercury (amalgam fillings), and lead. Take vitamin B6 as P5P, B complex, vitamin E, borax, ascorbate/MSM, zinc and magnesium (orally and transdermally),  try sucking on a tablet of magnesium orotate, alkalize with sodium bicarbonate; also useful are marijuana, especially if high in cannabidiol/CBD, lecithin, glutamine, MSM, DMSO rubs, taurine, black cohosh, and copper salicylate; explore a ketogenic diet with plenty of coconut oil. Have a chiropractic neck adjustment; do head and neck exercises; sanitize your bedroom to minimise electro-pollution; reduce your exposure to fluorescent or flickering lights, television, and computer games. Try south-pointing magnet poles placed at the temples. Avoid emotional stress.

Eye Problems

 Important are intestinal sanitation and a low-allergy diet with plenty of fresh grass and vegetable juices, salads or blended raw vegetables. Avoid or minimize dairy products, hydrogenated fats, commercial oils, and sweet foods.

For all eye conditions try high-dose vitamins B2 and A (possibly halibut-oil capsules; with suspected fat malabsorption use vitamin A emulsion) in addition to B complex, P5P, C, and grape seed extract; with wet macular degeneration use high doses of vitamin E. Carotenoids, astaxanthin and especially lutein and zeaxanthin, are important for the macula; they are found in deep-green, yellow, orange, and red fruits and vegetables, as in tomatoes, squash, corn, and spinach, but they need to be taken with oil or fat to be absorbed. Have a high intake of a wide range of bioflavonoids; use the herbs eyebright and bilberry internally and as topical eye rinse. Important minerals are magnesium, chromium, manganese, selenium, and zinc.

With myopia (near-sightedness) chromium, calcium, vitamin D3 (5000 IU), eye exposure to sunlight without glasses are important, and also a diet low in sweet food, while magnesium is needed for farsightedness. A salty diet is beneficial with glaucoma, as is sodium ascorbate up to 30 g daily (in five divided doses), to drain excess fluid from the eyes. To unblock congested capillaries and drainage channels try intensive cleansing combined with energizing or stimulating the eyes, in addition high doses of Serrapeptase and Nattokinase. Improve liver functions, e.g. pyroluria. For red eyes or conjunctivitis, rinse the eyes with a weak solution of boric acid, possibly combined with strained eyebright and chamomile herbs as tea.

For viral infections of the eyes, make up a solution of 2500 IU of vitamin A emulsion, 250 mg of sodium ascorbate per ml of water and a small amount of DMSO. Use one or two drops in each eye every three to four hours. If it stings too much, then dilute as needed. Keep refrigerated and make a fresh remedy every week. Combined with sufficient vitamin B2 (up to 100 mg three times daily); this also helps with allergy-induced eye problems.

For irritated eyes use a pack of raw grated potato in gauze, and for weak eyes warm castor-oil packs. For gradual strengthening you can also put a drop of castor oil or diluted DMSO in each eye at bedtime. Be outside as much as possible without glasses or sunglasses; look at the blue sky, avoid eyestrain. Minimize watching television, staring at computer screens, and reading by electric light. While reading, frequently interrupt your vision, look around, and cover eyes with palms. Preferably use natural daylight when reading. Press tender muscles in the back of the neck.

Cataracts have been improved with eye drops of diluted DMSO (30 to 50%), preferably add 1% of N-acetylcarnosine and also a small amount of glycerine; experiment to find a concentration that does not sting much or only for a few seconds.

Do eye exercises: look up, down, sideways, diagonally in quick succession, circle, and alternate looking at a near and a far object. Do head and neck exercises and reflexology. Sometimes palm the eyes for 10 to 20 minutes so that you see only black. Very relaxing for the eyes: move head and upper body gently from side to side and let the eyes glide over walls or scenery without fixing the gaze on anything. Frequently alternate looking at an orange or red light bulb of 25 watts and a blue light of 40 watts in a darkened room; then look for several minutes at a green 40-watt light.

Headaches & Migraines

Basic Cleanse followed by allergy testing and low allergy diet. Minimize sweet food, dairy products, wheat and other gluten products, additives, fatty food, aged cheeses, mushrooms, pickled herrings, pork and smoking. MSG often causes problem, it may be disguised as hydrolysed vegetable or soy protein, chicken or beef stock or just as natural food flavouring.

Try magnesium if blood pressure is elevated, calcium and salty food if it is low. Try a strong coffee at the onset of symptoms (if not addicted to it). The herb feverfew may help. Correct any constipation or intestinal inflammation. Head and neck exercise, pressure massage of neck and shoulder muscles and around base of big toes, possibly neck adjustment. Exercise scalp muscles, rest, fresh air, walking, and deep breathing, avoid stress. Trace gall bladder meridian. During an attack imagine and feel arms becoming warm, possibly soak in warm water. Riboflavin (vitamin B2), 4 x 100 mg, has been found to prevent 60% of migraines, use together with a B-complex; in addition improve blood circulation.

Heart Problems and High Blood Pressure

Helpful are magnesium, selenium, zinc, taurine, P5P, coconut oil, cayenne and hawthorn berries. Also see Cardiovascular Disease.

Hyperactivity (ADHD)

The main causes are Candida with intestinal dysbiosis, pyroluria and mercury toxicity from amalgam fillings or vaccinations, avoid or treat these. Do allergy testing and use a low-allergy diet. In several clinical trials, avoiding food and chemical allergens resulted in a 100 percent cure rate among test subjects. Use plenty of coconut oil and turmeric paste. Minimize or avoid sweet food, especially soft drinks, cow’s milk, cheese, pork, artificial food colouring, flavouring, excitotoxins (e.g. MSG), preservatives, chemical sprays, petrochemical fumes, detergents, strong perfumes, smoke, stimulants, and aspirin. Minimise fluorescent or flickering lights and electronic games, television, and stressful situations. Reduce electromagnetic pollution. Helpful are zinc, magnesium all vitamins, MSM, DMSO, B6/P5P. To improve attention, try ginkgo biloba.

Infections & Inflammations

Infections can be localized, for example, in the liver or throat, or generalized, as infectious diseases (including venereal diseases). They can be acute with sudden strong inflammations and fever, or they can be chronic and long lasting. Basically all of our modern diseases such as arthritis, cancer, cardiovascular and brain diseases are associated with chronic infections and inflammations. For inflammations it is most effective to strongly alkalise - take sufficient sodium bicarbonate to keep the urine alkaline, see Step 6. The main reason for getting frequent or strong infections is a weak immune system due to intestinal dysbiosis and hyphal Candida. Focus on eliminating these basic causes. With all infections do Intestinal Sanitation and intensive Systemic Antimicrobial Therapy as in The Ultimate Cleanse.

DIET: During acute conditions, only fresh-vegetable juices, possibly also vegetable broths, strained rice water and especially liquid of acidophilus ferment; if the body is not overly sensitive, fruits are good as well. Later, in addition, easily digestible, high-quality food, such as sprouts, raw egg-yolk, vegetable salads and some cooked vegetables. Plenty of coconut oil and turmeric paste at all times. Avoid gluten products as well as sweetened, processed, microwaved and genetically engineered food, also any food to which you are allergic or sensitive. With inflammations increase omega-3 fatty acids (fish oils and ground linseed), and minimize omega-6 fatty acids (polyunsaturated seed oils).

SUPPLEMENTS: Use the remedies in the In acute conditions, try bowel-tolerance doses of vitamin C with sodium ascorbate, otherwise use 1 to 10 g of vitamin C daily. Also helpful are magnesium chloride, propolis, copper salicylate, and Lactoferrin. Vitamin A is especially good with respiratory infections. Improve the immune system with pantothenic acid, folic acid, vitamin B6/P5P, manganese, selenium, chromium and acidophilus ferments.

With viral infections, use a high intake of antioxidants in addition to selenium and zinc. Take 2 g five times daily or bowel-tolerance level of sodium ascorbate; 15 to 20 mg of zinc three times daily; 200 mcg of selenium; up to 2 g of L-lysine three times daily; and up to 200 mg of alpha-lipoic acid three times daily. In addition, take other antioxidants such as grape seed extract, also Microhydrin/MegaHydrate or strong electrolytic reduced water; with hepatitis, also add the herb silymarin. For a cold or flu use zinc acetate, zinc citrate or zinc sulphate lozenges kept in the mouth. You get zinc acetate if you slowly add vinegar to zinc oxide until it dissolves.

With chest infections, in addition to the above, temporarily take 50,000 IU or more of vitamin A. Try coughing up mucus after using a hot onion pack on the chest. A saturated solution of potassium iodide (SSKI) is an all-round anti-microbial. As a precaution when travelling take about 10 drops in a small glass of water and temporarily more with an acute infection. Caution: High amounts for more than a few weeks can suppress thyroid functions. 

BLADDER INFECTIONS: Take the simple sugar D-mannose, half to one teaspoon in water every 2 to 3 hours; this eliminates 90 of infections within a few days. If it does not help then take 15 drops of SSKI (see previous paragraph) or Lugol’s solution in a lot of fluids every 3 to 4 hours for up to several days.

HERBS: pau d'arco, prickly ash, golden seal, mullein, borage, marigold, chamomile, echinacea, elder flowers, peppermint and especially wormwood. Also have a course of the Hulda Clark herbal parasite cure with wormwood, clove and green hulls of black walnut. Aromatic oils: borneol, clove, eucalyptus, lavender, lemon, mint, oregano, thyme.

FEVER: A great help in fighting infections by killing heat intolerant germs and strengthening the immune response. Keep it up with hot baths, hot teas and sweating. High temperatures above 41ºC can be reduced with cold packs placed around the calves, and white willow bark (aspirin) or blue light on the skin.

THYMUS: This is the key gland of our immune system. Most strengthening for the thymus gland are propolis and manganese, as well as freeze-dried thymus. To strengthen the thymus, frequently tap with the fingers at the upper end of the breastbone and trace the conception meridian in the correct flow direction. Maintain a good posture and walk with long strides and swinging arms. Lemon (yellow-green) colour therapy on upper breastbone

COPPER SULPHATE (Bluestone, available as gardening supplies): This can be used as an energy treatment. Bluestone has strong antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Collect any discharge from an infected or inflamed organ or wound in a medium-strong solution of bluestone and keep it there for several days. This may be phlegm, pus, bloodstained bandage, vaginal or nasal discharge or urine (in bladder or kidney infections). This will promote healing and can also be used with an extracted tooth or any severed part of the body. This method works on the same principles as radionics and telepathy with a two-way exchange of information energy between the body and any separated part.

ADDITIONAL THERAPY: You may experiment with a Beck-type zapper with colloidal silver maker and magnetic Pulser, for more information see Electronic Zapper & Magnetic Pulser. You may also use an overheating bath (with Epsom salts or magnesium chloride) followed by sweating; hot footbaths with mustard powder or cayenne and cold packs on abdomen and around calves. For colds or 'flu', immerse hands and lower arms in hot water for 30 minutes, keep the water hot; in addition you may chill the underside of the big toes with freezer ice dipped in salt. Generally, blue lighting on site of infection, blue-radiated water, topically south-pointing pole of a strong magnet, reflexology and ear needling of the corresponding reflex point.

Try also magnesium-salt purges, sweating, induced vomiting, colonics; packs of cabbage leaves or magnesium salt placed on localized infected or inflamed areas; autosuggestion and visualization or right-brain exercises: tell your immune system to produce plenty of efficient B cells and T cells.


DIET: Have early, light evening meals, using animal protein only sparingly; minimize sweet foods, alcohol, caffeine, and other stimulants in the afternoon or evening; test for food allergies.

SUPPLEMENTS: Try magnesium, inositol, lecithin vitamins B6/P5P, C and nicotinamide at bedtime, especially if not returning to sleep after awakening. When sleepless keep a tablet of magnesium orotate in the mouth. Take L-tryptophan (an amino acid, 500 mg) or melatonin (1 to 3 mg) at bedtime. Clinical studies have shown that 3 grams of the amino acid glycine taken before bedtime improve sleep and reduce daytime drowsiness. Vitamin B12 can help to establish a normal circadian rhythm. Try the herb teas of passiflora, valerian, or thyme, or hops in a muslin bag placed on the chest or pillow; it is not recommended to use valerian on a long-term basis.

ADDITIONAL THERAPIES: Try a hot relaxing bath with magnesium chloride before bedtime, alternatively a hot magnesium chloride foot bath or a cold pack on the abdomen when trying to fall asleep. The body temperature needs to drop during sleep, therefore use relatively light covers and keep the bedroom cool (but not cold). Sleep with the head in a north or north-easterly direction; sleep in complete darkness on a natural-fibre mattress; remove drugs and chemicals from the bedroom and minimize electro--pollutants. Expose yourself to bright light soon after rising (best is sunshine), but minimize bright light, including TV and computer screen exposure, in the evening.

To facilitate sleep, use autosuggestions when going to bed and/or relaxation exercises or visualize a peaceful scene. Do eight-two breathing or inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth. Repeatedly take three deep breaths, then hold the breath as long as possible; finally continue with slow, shallow breathing to retain more carbon dioxide.

Very effective is plenty of outdoor activity, ideally without wearing glasses. Try a long slow walk in the late afternoon or early evening; alternatively, undertake other restful activities, such as listening to soft music or meditating. Do not read anything interesting or engage in absorbing mental activity or watch exciting movies in the evening, but clear up any worries. Ask your lower self (the subconscious level) for cooperation: Tell it to stop thinking of a particular problem and that you will deal with it during the daytime, and then do that. Keep pen and paper beside the bed to write down any important thoughts to deal with the next day.

If you like to experiment, try the Eeman screens: Place metal wire screens (approximately 30 by 20 cm as from a hardware store) under your head and the base of the spine. The screens can be enclosed in a pillowcase. With an electric wire, connect the head screen to a piece of metal pipe held in the left hand, and the buttock screen in the same way to the right hand. Use the screens for ten to 30 minutes at bedtime, lying on your back with the ankles crossed.

This balances our internal bioelectric potentials and is conducive to increased tranquillity, meditation, and sleep. Basically, you can balance without screens by placing the right hand under the base of the spine with the palm facing up, and the left palm under the top of the spine. Because the arm muscles are partly contracted in this position, it is not as relaxing as with the screens.