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Fig.2: Funchal, Madeira - Portugal 1962
After successfully escaping East Germany together with a school friend.

Fig.3: Madeira, Hull Repair 1962

Fig.4: Bluewater departing the Cape Verde Islands near Africa
bound for the West Indies (Caribbean)
January 1963

Fig. 6: The 33 metre schooner Ramona in the West Indies 1963.

Fig.8: Martinique - Walter in the Rigging
Preparing Voyageur for delivery to Acapulco.
Here we weathered a category 4 cyclone or hurricane at anchor,
but the Bluewater was lost.

Fig.5: Marigot Bay in St Lucia West Indies
The homeport of Ramona, Le Voyageur and
temporarily for our Bluewater.

Fig.7: Le Voyageur, sister ship of the Ramona, in Marigot Bay.

Fig.9: The crew delivering Voyageur from St Lucia
to Acapulco/Mexico 1963/64

Fig.10: Storm damage near Cartagena/Columbia.

Fig.12: Walter at the helm.

Fig 14: Showering at sea.

Fig.11: Crossing the Panama Canal with a canoe to visit an animal refuge formed when Lake Gatun came into being by flooding. In the evening we flagged down the Panama Express to return to the Voyageur and were greatly relieved when it actually stopped and picked us up.

Fig.13:  Our Philipino cook prepares a just caught Bonito.

My Air Pollution Research Station in a TV Tower on
top of a Bavarian mountain 1968.

Fig.15: Voyageur in Acapulco.

Fig.16: While working at Bio-Science Laboratories in W-L.A. I lived near the beach in Santa Monica and loved it, 1964/65.
In 1965 I sailed in the schooner Panda from Bermuda to England and fractured my right ankle on the way which was then
put in plaster in the Azores.
In the meantime Ramona hit a reef in Bermuda and was lost.

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