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Hydrazine sulphate, developed in the 1960s by Dr Joseph Gold, director of the independent Syracuse Cancer Research Institute in New York, interrupts the ability of the liver to convert lactic acid from tumours into glucose thereby helping to starve the tumours and inhibit their ability to metastasise.

Chemical Formula: There are two forms of hydrazine sulphate: N2H4.H2S04 (or N2H6.S04 or NH2.NH2.H2S04 or N2H6+2.S042) and (N2H4)2.H2S04 (or (N2H5)2.S04). The former, more common form, is referred to below as hydrazinium (+2) sulphate.

Availability: It is available in most countries as a normal chemical. In Australia it is available from Selby-Biolab, (13 2991), Crown Scientific (9602 7677) or Laboratory Supply (9550 3222) at a cost of about $57 for 100 gm or $150 for 500 gm (analytical reagent grade Catalogue No.1.04603) plus sales tax. It is in the form of a white powder. This is in the form of hydrazinium (+2) sulphate.

Usage: By 1986 over 10,000 patients had been treated with hydrazine sulphate by about 2,000 physicians.

Preparation: The solubility of hydrazinium (+2) sulphate in water at 25 degrees C is 3.4g/100 gm so 2 ml of the saturated liquid will contain 60 mg at about 20 degrees C. Thoroughly dissolve a quantity of the powder in distilled water until no more will dissolve. Then either pour off the liquid for use, leaving behind the undissolved powder, or add a bit more water until the powder is just dissolved. 2m1 (60 mg) of this saturated liquid then becomes the single dose. (The other form of hydrazine sulphate has a solubility of 202 gm/100 gm of water.)

An alternative method is to measure out sixty milligrams (60 mg) of the chemical into an empty gelatine capsule to make up a single dose. It should not be taken in powder form as this will sting the tongue. The gelatine capsule enables it to reach the stomach before release. Because of the small dose a small amount of the powder is put into an empty gelatine capsule and then weighed. When the right amount to weigh 60 mg (plus the weight of the capsule) is found this quantity can then be estimated fairly accurately by the size of the ball it makes in the end of the capsule. This might require a pharmacist's help.


The protocol for use is:

•  60 mg (1 capsule) or 2m1, once a day for the first 3 days
•  60 mg or 2ml, twice a day for the next 3 days
•  60 mg or 2m1, three times a day thereafter with the option of dropping back to twice a day if this is sufficient to retain
   appetite and no further weight loss.

Incompatibles: Barbiturates, sleeping pills, tranquillisers and alcohol all neutralise the effects of hydrazine sulphate and produce unwanted side effects so must not be used.

Side Effects: Some patients experience dry skin, dizziness or mild nausea at the recommended dosage. After long-term use at high dosage about 2% of patients experience pain or weakness which can be controlled by reducing the dose.

Quantities required: Using 180mg per day: 5.4gm per month = 65.7gm per year = $42 (if bought in 100gm pack) plus cost of empty gelatine capsules (about $5 per 100 or $45 per 1,000 - size "0") plus dispensing cost (Typical usage = 1,000 capsules per year).
Using 120mg per day: 3.6gm per month = 43.8gm per year in 750 capsules.


Most patients experience a positive response within 28 days but many experience some return of appetite within 1 week of initiating treatment.


Experiences that some of our visitors wish to share with you.

I would like to pass this story on to someone that it might help. My brother-in-law was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in Dec.1996 with 4 to 6 months to live. The tumor could not be removed. He had radiation and chemo which did reduce the tumor from the size of a grapefruit to a fifty cent piece. This was in April of 97. He had lost [weight] from 220 pounds to 160 pounds and had no appetite.

Someone found out about Hydrazine Sulfate on the Internet and told him about it. He ordered it and started taking it. His appetite came back and he gained most of his weight back. He has a catscan every 3 months and his tumor is still the same and the doctor said his cancer is fine. The doctor cannot understand it and the radiation doctor wanted to know what he had done. He told the doctor, and he wanted a copy of the papers to perhaps help someone else. It has been over 2 years since his diagnosis and he is still here and he gives the credit to the Hydrazine Sulfate. Mary

I know all of these wonderful stories are about human successes with Hydrazine Sulfate however I have one about my Golden Retriever. In June 1998 I arrived home to find my 11 year old Golden bleeding internally. I rushed him to his vet for surgery and his spleen was removed however the news was also that there was a 8mm tumor on the liver and possibly more.

The biopsies confirmed the diagnosis and my best friend was given 2 months to live. I was told that if we were very lucky he may make 4 months but it would most likely be painful. At the time, I was also in touch with a breeder for a puppy. I contacted her to give her the heart breaking news and she told me where to purchase HS. I immediately started him on the miracle cure. His energy was even higher than it had been prior to surgery. I finally told my vet about HS and she was amazed. Another ultrasound was performed and the tumor on the liver was not detected at all. Of course the vet who performed the ultrasound (not my vet) totally considered this "black magic" but as far as I am concerned, my best friend has a quality of life he would never have had without HS and he and I are able to be together a little while longer. Mary Anne - Cinti. Oh.

I am a 42 year old female diagnosed with non small cell lung cancer. On July 3rd I was told that I had one large tumor on my left lung and one tumor which was pressed against the nerve on the vocal cord. I was given 3-4 months to live. I had lost 20 lbs. I weighed 128 lbs. I was basically bedridden and was having severe pain. I heard about hydrazine sulfate through a friend. I ordered it right away. While awaiting its arrival in the mail, I was undergoing radiation treatments. When the sulfate arrived I began to take it. It has now been 4 months on November 3rd since I was told of my cancer. I am in no pain whatsoever, and on my last visit I was told that my tumors have shrunk by 50% I have regained my weight and my only problem now is sleeping at night.

Although I still sound like I have laryngitis, I am feeling great. I am convinced that the hydrazine sulfate worked for me and I continue to take it. My next visit to the cancer clinic is next week. The doctors will discuss chemo, radiation or because I am doing so well they may suggest just leaving me. I take no medication for my cancer except for the hydrazine sulfate. If I can gain a year on my life to spend with my family then its all worth it. The doctors are suggesting that I have a shot of teflon into the nerve at the vocal cord which may help to bring my voice back. Along with the hydrazine sulfate I have kept a positive attitude and I believe that half the battle is your attitude. I will keep you updated as to my progress. Louanne Rogerson

My brother was diagnosed with lung cancer in March 98, which had metastasized to his brain. After radiation and two non-responsive rounds with chemo, the cancer had spread to his liver and lymph glands. The oncologists gave him three months and promised to keep him comfortable. The pain was intense; he would often lie on the floor in a fetal position. He also had no appetite and was losing weight quickly. He had been sent HS by a relative and I read over the material and convinced him to take it about 1 month ago.

Within a week, he was up and working on the house he had purchased before his diagnosis and only takes an analgesic if needed. He eats constantly and has gained at least 10 lbs. He looks better now than he has in the last 10 months. He also swears that one of the tumors in his neck feels smaller - we are keeping our fingers crossed. HS is the best thing that has happened to my brother and I entreat anyone going through this terrible ordeal to try it.

My father was diagnosed with lung cancer in January 1996. In March 96 he had a lung removed followed by six weeks of radiation. All was well for about six months until he was having pain in his neck and shoulder.

A CT scan showed tumor in the lower part of his neck. He underwent another six weeks of radiation, which did shrink the tumor. In August 97 a CT scan showed two tumors in lymph nodes in his chest. The doctors said they were about 1 cm and would keep close watch ordering monthly CT scans looking for growth and that he should consider another dose of radiation and/or chemo. At this time a co-worker was telling me about Kathy Keeton and her story. We searched for information on hydrazine sulfate, ordered it and he started on it in September 97. We asked his doctors about HS. They said it doesn't work. He stayed on HS without his doctors knowing. By December 97 they were amazed that he had no growth and that the tumors looked smaller.

It's now been a year and he's doing just fine and the doctors are baffled and now say maybe they're not tumors and could be scar tissue. (Ha ha! We won't want them to think it was HS) I thank God for guiding my father to hydrazine sulfate. Chris K.

My husband was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer in April of 97. He received conventional chemotherapy followed by stem cell transplan,t which brought him close to death. He also received radiation at the site of the tumor and cranial radiation. In July of 98, after several clear CT scans, a mass of about 1 cm on the adrenal gland showed up. Both the CT scan report and an MRI several days later theorized that it was metastatic malignancy to the adrenal. Physicians suggested that we wait six weeks and redo the scan. If the tumor increased in size it would indicate malignancy. If it stayed the same, we would continue to watch it. They never mentioned the possibility of it disappearing. The subsequent CT scan six weeks later showed no sign of the mass. The doctors have no explanation. My husband, did however, start to take hydrazine sulphate immediately following the 1st CT scan. He took it on the premise that his days were numbered and that we wanted to maintain his weight and appetite so he would be strong for the coming battle.

When we received the report that the mass was gone, it was like being in a dream. We could not believe it. Regardless of what the "experts" may say, we believe that the hydrazine sulphate had an effect on the mass. Time will tell the final outcome but it has given us hope and quality of life.

My partner was diagnosed with prostate cancer in Feb. 1997. At the time he was still vital and feeling well in spite of two TURP procedures (Trans-Urethral Resection of the Prostate - Ed). By November, the doctors gave him one month if he was lucky. Like some testimony we read, we were fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of Kathy Keeton on some talk show. We faxed her care of Penthouse magazine for more information. Soon we tracked down the source, the history of Dr. Joseph Gold etc. and access to the drug. Within one week my partner was feeling well; his color was almost normal, his appetite was good and he was returning to little projects around the house.

The doctors wanted him to take 9 sessions of chemotherapy, but after two treatments the side effects were too unacceptable so he decided to stop. Later, a cat scan revealed that the tumor which was previously aggressive was shrinking, and the spots on the liver had not changed.

We've been most anxious to share this success story with everyone and anyone who will listen, particularly people who have an important someone in their lives who have cancer. We have made dozens of copies of the site on the net and shared it freely. We were, however, struck by the number of people suffering with some form of cancer who simply looked at the material and chose not to order the HS and stay with the more "conventional" forms of therapy. It is, to say the least, disheartening to have this happen. We think people have been "brainwashed" into thinking that only the medical establishment can help them. The [American] Cancer Society is another willing conspirator in this quest to keep proven cures out of the hands of the masses.

Yes, let's spread the message; there are huge numbers of HS success stories out there.

My father was diagnosed with Stage IV bladder cancer on Feb. 14,1997 at M.D. Anderson. Original plan was to remove bladder - approximately 18 hour surgery. Three hours later doctor came out to tell us that the cancer had spread throughout the lymph nodes. He decided not to remove the bladder and leave him alone. Given maybe six weeks to live. Within four days after the surgery, he was on hydrazine sulfate (dosage as indicated), Essiac (three times a day instead of two). Tripled the indicated dosage for: Chloro Plasma (credited for building immune system), Red Clover (credited for building the blood) and pure shark cartilage. He took the above from February 18 - May 10 (approximately 3 months) along with two series of Chemo. We returned to M.D. Anderson on May 11,1997. He had all pertinent tests run and results indicated the cancer was gone. We returned home for two more series of Chemo and returned to Houston in July. At this point they performed a surgery that scrapes the lining of the bladder. Once again, no signs. Plenty of scar tissue, but nothing else. This is such a miracle I decided to write a testimony. I do have this available for e-mailing. Prayers and faith is the main ingredient!!

My mother-in-law was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago. After undergoing a complete mastectomy, and six months of chemotherapy, we found out it had metastasized in her bones. Mom, being from the old school, thought that the 'Doctors know best', so against her families wishes went for a second round of chemotherapy. In April of 1997, I heard a radio program featuring Kathy Keeton discussing Hydrazine Sulfate. Being much impressed I searched everywhere for all the information I could get on this drug, to present to Mom.

When she took all this information to her oncologist, she was told it was not in her best interest, and not to waste her time. In November of this year we discovered that even with the chemo, her liver was almost completely eaten with cancer with only about 5% working. At this point her oncologist decided that chemo was no longer an option, and she would help keep the pain under control until she died. Mom at this point let me order the Hydrazine Sulfate, in her last effort to live.

On November 11, 1997, Mom began taking this drug. Following the diet was very difficult especially without any assistance from her medical community. From July to this point Mom had been in constant pain, with most of her time spent in bed sleeping or watching television. Her fingers were numb and ached, which we were told is a side effect of the chemo. She couldn't even crochet, one of the few things she still enjoyed. Her diet consisted of mashed potatoes, apple sauce, jello, and popsicles. On the morning of her third day on Hydrazine Sulfate, Mom got out of bed on her own, and I found her in the kitchen making pancakes. The days that followed were even more impressive, she was able to enjoy simple tasks and her pain was tolerable.

The family began to see hope. On Thanksgiving day, her liver completely shut down, and she had her last dinner with the family that evening. The 5% of her liver that was functioning was overworked and just couldn't maintain. She slipped off into a coma that night and died on December 8, 1997. I have felt much guilt for not getting the Hydrazine Sulfate earlier, or trying to give it to her even though she was comatose. I place a lot of blame on the Doctors, who I have been told since then, work for a federally funded hospitable, and are strictly forbidden to discuss this form of treatment. I have been in contact with my congressman, Hal Rogers in KY. He has asked me to gather as much positive information, and to write a letter describing the effects I witnessed of the use of Hydrazine Sulfate. He is going to take all this information to the FDA when they reconvene in February. He has promised to help us get it approved. I feel that had my mother-in-law started this in the beginning, instead of torturing her body with the chemo, she would still be with us. I believe that every person with cancer should have this option. If you have any information which would help me, or have a story to share please send it to me. My e-mail address is: murray©mis.net or send it snail mail to: Jennifer Knapp 603 W. Maple St. Nicholasville, KY 40356. My Mother-in-law was my best friend, she died way too young, and I am very determined not to let her death be in vain. Thank you.

My mother was diagnosed three years ago with breast cancer since then she has developed brain tumors and bone cancer. She has lost 30 pounds and now has seizures. She had no appetite and was failing fast so I took matters into my own hands. I started giving her hydrazine sulfate and Essiac and she has developed her appetite back, more energy and feels so much better. She has her personality back and her spirits are better. I hope she continues to do well, time shall tell.

We wish to thank you for the hydrazine sulphate capsules purchased from you a few months ago. My wife was diagnosed with cancer in April of this year (1997) from an unknown primary source following pleural effusion from a secondary in the lining of her right lung. Her progress on the capsules has been remarkable, with her doctors unable to believe how well she has been since an operation to stop the pleural effusion. It would appear that the hydrazine sulfate has stopped the cancer in its tracks. My wife has put on weight, rather than lose it as normally expected with this type of cancer, and feels and acts much fitter than she did when diagnosed in April. She gets through full days of housework with energy to spare. We can thus recommend hydrazine sulphate 60 mg capsules to all who will listen with this type of cancer, plus of course a positive attitude to getting well again.

My wife had gall bladder cancer that metastasized to the liver as an adenocarcinoma. She had her gall bladder out in April of 1996. She was told they got all of it with the operation. She was given precautionary radiation and chemotherapy for 6 weeks, then sent home and told not to come back for 6 months. In September 1996 she developed a blood clot in her left leg. The doctor did a CT scan in October and tumor marker tests that revealed increased tumor markers and the CT scan showed spots on the liver. In December we became aware of Hydrazine Sulfate and started to look for it. We found it and ordered it. In late December her doctor suggested chemotherapy again but said that it would only have a 5% chance of working. We took the chance but also got clearance from him in taking the Hydrazine Sulfate.

On January 3,1997 she began chemotherapy and also started Hydrazine Sulfate. On January 28, 1997 the doctor took her off heparin due to nose bleeding and she developed massive clots around a vena cava filter, which caused her to gain 40 pounds of water weight. She was now not able to care for herself. She felt that something was working with the Hydrazine Sulfate. The doctor did another tumor marker test and found that both CEA and CA-125 markers had fallen by 50% in just 3 weeks. He noted this in her medical records with surprise. The chemotherapy with its 5% chance was not what made her markers fall. The HS was the more likely miracle drug not the FU-5 Chemo. We will never know now. She also had another CT scan but was instructed not to drink the barium sulfate since it had caused sbo in November of 1996. The radiologist insisted that she had to drink it. She fell to his pressures and did. She developed sbo and never recovered from February to March 23, 1997 when she died due to starvation, not cancer. She was unable to eat for 6 weeks.

The Hydrazine Sulfate was working in just 3 weeks. From January 28th to March 23rd she never was able to take any more Hydrazine Sulfate. Please let people know that this drug can work. If it wasn't for a couple of doctors poor decisions, my wife would be here with us now. She told the doctors that she never had time to deal with the cancer.. it was always something else that they did that caused the problems and her eventual death.

The package arrived in Venezuela today. Thank you so much for your promptness. My wife left yesterday for Venezuela since she got word that her mom took a turn for the worse. When the hydrazine sulfate arrived they gave her mom the beginning dosage, and a few hours later she was up and eating, something she has not done in a long time. It may just be a coincidence, but we are hopeful. We will keep you posted, and hope to be able to write some wonderful news of her recovery. She has cancer in one lung and they found another in her liver. Mario

My aunt had a very large ovarian tumor which grew back after an operation to remove it was 97% successful. Her weight dropped from 130 lbs to 941bs. She was nauseous constantly and was repulsed by food. She began chemo-therapy and had alternating periods of nausea and well-being in between treatments. She stopped losing weight but her life was pretty miserable. Then I heard about hydrazine sulfate. I immediately ordered it for her. When she discussed it with her doctor, he claimed he had used it previously without success and talked her out of using it. I sensed that he wasn't being honest but she believed in him so I backed off.

A month later the doctor told her the tumor had begun to grow again, she was again losing weight, and he didn't know what else to do for her. Her tumor level was up to 11.9 and it was clear-cell carcinoma, the worst type of tumor. He effectively said there was no hope. She again brought up the hydrazine to him and this time she insisted on using it. "Do what you have to do." was his reply. She began the recommended course of treatment in addition to the chemo. Her appetite immediately improved to the point where she began eating double portions. Three weeks after she started the hydrazine, her checkup showed a big turnaround. Her tumor level was down to 1.4 and she had gained 15 lbs!

The doctor couldn't believe the results of the exam. He said he was happy for her but couldn't understand what had happened. "Well, I know what has happened!" she replied. She is continuing to improve and is continuing the hydrazine dosage. Her spirits are great once again. She is up to 129 lbs! I am spreading the news of this wonderful treatment by word of mouth because her doctor still refuses to believe. It's just an anomaly to him.

It's a shame but the medical profession has some of the most closed minds in the world. I'm sure some of his other patients would benefit from this treatment, but they will never hear about it from him. How typical of today's medical "professionals". Gary.

Thank you very much for your efforts to despatch the shipment as quickly as possible. As you are aware, it arrived last Tuesday, and since then we have seen a significant improvement in Nick's condition. His quality of life is much better; he is eating, up and dressed, receiving lots of visitors, and is generally much, much better than he was as a bedridden patient, seemingly on his last legs, only a week or so ago. The effect of the hydrazine sulfate has provided a real morale boost to us all. It has also impressed the local medical profession, who were initially quite dismissive. I have received a number of requests for more information, and (if they have Net access) am referring people to your Web site. David

My husband was told he had small cell lung cancer in Feb. we were told that with both radiation and chemo he had a good chance to beat it. Then after 2 months of treatment they did a bone scan and discovered the cancer was throughout the body in the bones. I found where I could get some hydrazine sulfate and he started it after the Dr. said there was nothing more he could do for him. He has just finished his first seven weeks of hydrazine. The Dr. did another bone scan, all of the small spots of cancer have gone, there are three large spots on the left side so we are going to try chemo again for a couple of months and then go back on the hydrazine.

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