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This site by Walter Last contains a wide range of articles, essays and books that are useful to overcome specific diseases and improve health through natural, holistic, and spiritual healing methods. It also offers a spiritual philosophy of science.

Accordingly, it is divided into two parts:







provides information to improve your health or overcome a specific disease.

However, ideally it is meant to give guidance to heal not only our body

but also our emotions and our mind as part of our spiritual growth.



demonstrates in two articles, 'The Science of Spirituality' and 'Energy and Matter in Five Dimensions', that we can understand the principles of astrophysics and particle physics with the same set of simple basic assumptions that help us to understand spiritual principles and life in general.


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Latest Book Updates

Towards Radiant Health - the 2016 e-book or print book edition of the Health Improvement Program

Overcoming Arthritis - last book update January 2016

Overcoming Asthma - last book update January 2015

Overcoming Cancer 8th revised edition March 2016

Overcoming Candida - latest book update January 2016

Overcoming Diabetes  last update February 2016

Overcoming Weight Problems - latest book update September 2016

HEAL YOURSELF The Natural Way - The 'Big Book' updated 2017, originally The Natural Way to Heal by Hampton Roads

Timeless Living : The Rejuvenation Program - free download of e-book on spiritually-based healing with sexual energy


New Article Series about the nature of our existence

Life and the Universe according to Jehovah


Part 1: The Universe

Part 2: Our History and Future

Part 3: The Path of the Soul

Part 4: Our Energy Structure

Part 5: The Law of the Universe


Recent Articles and Updates

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Instant Cure of the Common Cold and many other mucus-related health problems

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Why Cancer Surgery is not a Good Choice - Introduction to Proof that Cancer Surgery increases Mortality

Proof that Cancer Surgery increases Mortality - a must read, but scientific medicine is not deterred by facts

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Magnesium Oil – transdermal application of concentrated magnesium chloride solution

Copper Salicylate - A Potent Inflammation Fighter and Rejuvenator

The Saint and his Virgin - Sacred Sexuality in Early Christianity and the Inner Teachings of Jesus

Karezza – The Art of Making Real Lovewith Marnia Robinson: What Is Karezza

How to Overcome Chronic and Autoimmune Diseases – a blueprint for all chronic diseases

The Holistic Cancer Solution – a new understanding of the cause and cure of cancer

Are Most Diseases Caused by the Medical System?

Healing with Sexual Energy6-part overview article as in Nexus Magazine

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See also the book review in Nexus Magazine.

Interview for the February 2012 Stride into Health Newsletter


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I do not have the time to answer emails about health questions and details in my articles.

Instead, I urge everyone to address your health problems holistically and within the framework of the Health Improvement Program contained in "Towards Radiant Health" (available as e-Book or in print). For an introduction to this program see About the Health Improvement Program. Unfortunately many of my older articles are no longer up-to-date and I recommend using in addition information from more recent articles as shown above. I recommend Managing the Immune System as a base for treating all chronic diseases.

Walter Last




~ Overcome Diseases & Create Superior Health ~

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This is an updated PDF E-Book version of
the now out-of-print

"The Natural Way To Heal"
65 Ways to Create Superior Health

In recent months used paper copies have sold on Amazon from $190.00 to almost $1000 each!

This amazing 489 page book covers all aspects of health care in 65 informative steps. Originally published 2004 by Hampton Roads Publishing in Virginia/U.S.A.,

 now available as E-book




TOWARDS RADIANT HEALTH with the Health Improvement Program is intended to be used together with each book for a specific disease as it contains essential information that is not repeated in these other books. Further available are OVERCOMING ARTHRITIS and Rheumatism, OVERCOMING ASTHMA and other Lung Diseases, OVERCOMING CANDIDA and other Fungal Problems, OVERCOMING CANCER, OVERCOMING DIABETES, and OVERCOMING WEIGHT PROBLEMS.

For details see



This section shows how we can create and maintain health by adopting a natural lifestyle and holistic ways of healing. In addition, you may find information on natural ways to overcome specific diseases, as well as selected articles and books on various health and spiritual topics. I intend to keep this site growing so continue checking for new additions and alterations.

I have no doubt that we can indeed live a healthy and fulfilled live, regardless of age, and that this is actually our natural birthright. We just need to avoid, or remove, the artificial living conditions that prevent us from being who we really are. A main problem for genuine health and spiritual seekers is the great flood of advice available in these areas. Much of it is either contradictory, or alternatively, there are so many different methods to choose from that it seems almost hopeless to find the right one.

I have sifted through much of this information and experimented with many different healing methods in more than thirty years as a natural therapist, with the aim of finding out what works for whom and in which conditions. Even more important for me was my spiritual quest to find the meaning of life in general, and the purpose of my own life in particular.

Here I want to share my experiences as a life-long health and spiritual seeker.

Professionally, I started as a biochemist, research chemist and forensic chemist in medical university departments. Later, I progressed to become a natural therapist and health writer.

My books HEAL YOURSELF and HEALING FOODS were published by Penguin Australia but are now out of print. I was the main contributor to THE SELF-HELP CANCER CURE BOOK (Soil & Health Association of N.Z.), and more recently THE NATURAL WAY TO HEAL (Hampton Roads Publishing).

In addition to an INTRODUCTION into MY BASIC PHILOSOPHY in regard to health and spirituality, this section is broadly divided into seven categories. These are:









Of course, all of these areas overlap to some degree and hopefully, by studying this site you will end up integrating all of these into a unified understanding. If you hope to find a magic bullet for your health problem Read This First


The Rainbow Serpent creating the World

Painted by Susanna Ashworth

under the guidance of Aboriginal Spirit Elders

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This five-dimensional vortex theory allows us to use the same set of basic principles to come to a logical understanding of quantum physics, astrophysics, biology, psychic phenomena as well as religion and spirituality. With this, we have a 'Theory of Everything', which is capable of unifying all aspects of our lives, including the perceived opposites of science and God, or science and religion.

This theory is presented in two articles:


shows that a unified and logical understanding of quantum physics and astrophysics is only possible within the framework of a five-dimensional vortex theory. This theory also predicts that each galaxy, and probably each star and solar system contains equal amounts of matter and antimatter.



is a technical outline of a spiritual philosophy of life and existence. It demonstrates the scientific or objective reality of our life as a spiritual journey. The birth of an atom, a thought or idea, a human baby or a star, all follow the same hidden energy pattern.

In addition, there is an ABSTRACT of the theory and a GLOSSARY.


The Particle Zoo - A Spiritual Theory of Matter


Life and the Universe according to Jehovah


Part 1: The Universe

Part 2: Our History and Future

Part 3: The Path of the Soul

Part 4: Our Energy Structure

Part 5: The Law of the Universe